Debunking the Yellowtard fantasy that “God takes an Aquino whenever the Philippines is in trouble”

The eminent political sociologist Randy David weighs in on former President Noynoy Aquino’s death and, predictably, he also employs gaslighting. In his Inquirer piece “The outside of politics”, David all but plants a halo upon the head of Aquino. Incorruptible, honest and decent are the adjectives used. It’s as if the average Filipino didn’t suffer during the Aquino administration.

The economy was doing fine but what of its effect on the populace in terms of expanding metropolitan areas carrying the burden of an influx of migrants from the poorer regions in their search for employment? What of the politics of vengeance when it was floated that a truth commission be established to look into the corruption during the administration of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA)? Then there are the costs associated to the canceled awarded infrastructure projects. Northrail and the Laguna Lake Dike and Circumferential Road were two of the biggest. The cost to the Filipino people was north of P1 billion for each.

David is careful not to sound like he is exploiting the death of Noynoy. But he is. The mantra is God sacrifices an Aquino whenever the country is in danger. He writes that he hopes it would “fuel a powerful drive for the return of decency, dignity, and diligence in government.” It’s as if they have a direct line to the good lord. Maybe this is why the Church is always on their side. But the other elephant in the room maxim with religious basis, also applies to them; why do bad things happen to good people?

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Juan Ponce Enrile and Imelda Marcos have outlived all the Aquinos. Is it safe to say they’ve cut a deal with the devil and sold their souls in exchange for longevity? It is not really up to us to judge who should die or live. It is extremely bothersome that those who are supposed to be good Catholics are actually the one who wish their political enemies dead. The term for this dysfunction is religious narcissism. Those who are without sin should cast the first stone and thou shalt not worship other gods, listen to false prophets and engage in idolatry are the tenets violated. The messaging is uniform. An Aquino has been sacrificed at the altar of Philippine politics.

It is time for the Filipino to wake up from his stupor of worship for the poon that is President Rodrigo Duterte and go back to the fold of decency and righteousness. This is the parable of the prodigal son. In the Netflix series Lucifer, the banished angel starts out as evil but turns out to be a real angel deep inside such that he is considering replacing his father who wants to retire. Duterte was obviously ailing since 2018 but since last year, he’s made a recovery. The Yellowidiots constantly speculate about his health and any prolonged absence in public has them speculating if he’s dead. They publicly wish him dead. But here he is still alive.

Duterte does not mince words in speaking to and of his political enemies. He is not anything like an Aquino or a Mar Roxas. To the Yellowidiots, he is Lucifer personified. But why is it he’s still alive? If there is a god, why hasn’t he taken evil out by making him dead? Duterte’s record is there for all to see. But the main difference is he doesn’t make false claims about his achievements. Corruption is still present. Drugs has been minimized. Infrastructure projects have been completed. People feel safer in the streets.

I’m no Duterte apologist but I’m sure as hell not going to be gaslighted by Yellowidiots. We all lived through six years of the Aquino administration. We couldn’t wait for it to end but wasn’t excited at the prospect of a Roxas or Jejomar Binay Presidency. What the Yellowidiots are too proud to admit is maybe god had a hand in making Duterte President. To his credit, David engaged a bit of reflection close to that effect…

Listening to the outpouring of grief, lamentation, and praise for this quiet and self-effacing president on his death, one cannot help but ask if the electorate in 2016 saw things differently, so much that they threw all caution to the wind and picked someone who was his antithesis to succeed him. What was it they were looking for at that time which they thought had been lacking in Noynoy Aquino?

In their book, however, any suggestion that God had a hand in Duterte’s ascent to power is blasphemy because God wouldn’t do that to them. Up to the very end, the Yellowidiots remain self-righteous and very, very much entitled. In case they forgot, Duterte’s formative years were also spent with the Jesuits at the Ateneo de Davao. But it goes without saying that he had long been excommunicated because he didn’t fit the mold. Then again, neither did Noynoy because he had always been an average student at best.

It’s a fact of life that if you’re not part of the Establishment you don’t get anywhere in this country. Duterte broke that mold. We have had two Aquino presidents in our history and both turned in sub-par performances as leaders of the country. We know better than to fall for this canard being peddled again. We should be emphatic on May 2022 when we put the final nail on their symbolic coffin.

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  1. Filipinos love to speak for God when they do a poor job of listening to God. I know Filipinos not by what they say but what they do. There are very few real followers of Christ in the yellow camp but they will produce photo ops with nuns and statues of the Virgin Mary and Sto Nino. All in advancement of their yellow goals. Before 2019 , I never thought I would see a practicing Muslim at Sunday mass all in the effort to gain votes. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Hello Yellows.

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