Noynoy Aquino is NOT Jesus Christ

Whoever tweeted the phrase “whenever the Philippines is in trouble, an Aquino dies” should be commended. In a single sentence, that one tweet encapsulated the dishonest agenda of several decades of Yellowtard narrative.

The death of Noynoy Aquino is being perverted beyond all recognition by the Philippine Opposition. The Second Aquino Administration is practically being touted as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The most shocking thing of it all is that the top “thought leaders” and “influencers” of Yellowtardom expect Filipinos to believe that!

The parallels to Christian narrative cannot be ignored. The Son was sent to the chosen people who then preached the Good Word and then died to rejoin His parents in heaven from which they will then look down upon their “saved” people for all eternity. A cartoon drawn by comic book artist Jojo Hilario illustrates this insidious payload in the messaging being broadcasts by the choirs of Opposition trumpeteers…

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The speed with which merchandising opportunities were seized also speaks to the reality of the timing of Aquino’s death — an important election year for the Yellowtards.

(Photo source: @marortoll)

The Opposition are basically pointing out to Filipinos that they owe the Aquinos — for the ultimate “sacrifice” of Ninoy in 1983, for the stepping up of Cory in 1986 to lead a movement to “rescue” Filipinos from a “tyrant”, and for the summoning of The Son to messianic greatness in 2009. No less than veneration is expected. That call to worship is not only being sounded today. It began even before the dust settled following the great 1986 Yellowtard coup d’état when Aquino monuments, shrines, and statues sprung up all over the Philippines to which Filipinos were expected to tingala to by the powers-that-be.

The Jesus Christ narrative is a powerful one and it worked wonders on the Filipino people — a people who take pride in being one of the biggest (by headcount) Catholic devotees on the planet. The Yellowtards have capitalised this national character and built vast fortunes off it in partnership with their overlords in Rome. Their fear is that Noynoy is the last political Aquino that they could milk.

Then again, think again.

There is another.

* * *

Filipinos should remain vigilant. Politicians aspiring for a piece of the 2022 vote must take heed. This is a new era. The Yellow brand is no longer the colour of political and moral ascendancy it once was. And, no, Noynoy Aquino is not Jesus Christ.

6 Replies to “Noynoy Aquino is NOT Jesus Christ”

  1. Aquino fandom seem so taken by and propagate the idea that there are just some “special magical” people who are silver bullets. For example, some are spouting the “Cory Magic,” not remembering that there’s the Mendiola Massacre under her record. Makes one wonder if these people think at all.

  2. Their fear is that Noynoy is the last political Aquino that they could milk.

    Then again, think again.

    There is another.


    I have no problem with President Joshua Aquino. Upgrade on his tito.


  3. Ferdinand E. Marcos is a hero, he will be considered a national hero by his Marcos Loyalists. He is the most decorated war hero with 32 real medals, despite being disputed by the USA to be “fake”.

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