Why is the Philippines always BEGGING for stuff?

The Philippines begs just like a scorpion stings. That’s just what the Philippines does. It begs. It begs for “foreign investment”. It begs for foreign “aid”. Begs for loans. Begs for military support. Begs for military equipment. Begs for International Criminal Court intervention. Begs for foreign employment. Begs for rice. Begs for tourists. Begs for vaccines. Begs for ayuda.

Beg. Beg. Beg.

Why does the Philippines beg? Because the Philippines is poor. How did it end up poor? Because this is how the Philippines operates:

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The Philippines habitually enters into commitments it is inherently incapable of honouring.

The above is the very definition of poverty. The Philippines is the definition of poverty.

It is a country that lacks any means of standing on its own two feet. It is proud of an “independence” it did not win in 1898 and is too proud to accept an independence the United States actually granted it in 1946.

The Philippines does not possess the capability to grow its own food nor distribute what little it grows efficiently. It does not possess the capability to develop and manufacture important medicines, does not possess sufficient means to dispense these and the essential health services to dispense these competently via an adequate public health infrastructure. Neither does the Philippines have the capability to nurture the intellectual growth of its people and, as a result, unleashes legions of unqualified voters into its “democracy” every year.

And yet, the country grew its population to the embarrassingly enormous size we behold today. It is a country of 110 million people and this population continues to grow at an alarming clip. But this is a country that cannot — nor seems collectively inclined — to defend its territory or feed or educate its people. It is a peacetime humanitarian disaster — a petridish where a virus that is a menace to all of humanity continues to replicate and, with each unchecked replication, is given the chance to mutate to ever more virulent strains. We’re not talking about the coronavirus though. We’re talking about an entire generation of Filipinos who would likely be raised on substandard public education, in ill health, and very likely be bearing their third child by the time they are 22.

The begging will continue. Money that could have been spent on infrastructure will likely be diverted to ayuda thanks to politicians both nurturing and preying on their constituents’ ever-inflating victim mentalities.

When will the Philippines stop begging?

Who knows, right? Habitually entering into commitments one is inherently incapable of honouring is a hard habit to break. The Philippines will only stop begging when it stops being poor and stops throwing money at initiatives that contribute to its poverty.

20 Replies to “Why is the Philippines always BEGGING for stuff?”

  1. Hmmm…begs (pardon the facetious pun) the question

    Maybe we Filipinos shall break the cycle of begging once you come back to the country you have abandoned for a sun-kissed life of comfort Down Under. That is when you shall utilise all that knowledge, intuition and good ol’ dogged smarts accumulated from your Antipodean exile to create a ROCK-SOLID platform to launch your presidency, the LONG-RANGE VISION missing in most Filipinos in general.

    1. @PETER ALOYSIUS says:
      Wow… what a paragraph. Hope your mouth and knees didn’t get too tired pleasuring benign0

      1. @benign0 the CLOWN

        Its hard to be “long-range” when you are dying of starvation dickhead.

        The white-people you love and fellate so much, resort to CANIBALISM in the same situation. FILIPINOS ARE A STRONG AND RESILIENT PEOPLE!

    2. Why are you even telling him to go back to Philippines?


      In this article, you called him a traitor for migrating and I asked you this. Does migrating to another country for better lifestyle cause enough harm to the home country for you to call emigrants traitors? Can you even give a solid legal basic to say that Filipinos who migrate to other countries are traitors? Can you tell me which Philippine law says that Filipinos who migrate to other countries is treason?

  2. @benign0 the CLOWN

    “The Philippines will only stop begging when it stops being poor and stops throwing money at initiatives that contribute to its poverty”

    This is your solution to poverty benign0? You live in AUSTRALIA and obviously know nothing. A foreigner begging in a different country. Such a hypocrite…

    Philippines should just STOP BEING POOR…. Like you know being poor sucks… So Philippines should just STOP BEING POOR chi chi chi.

    Wow oh wow. Paris Hilton level genius advice right here from benign0 the clown. What’s next a sex tape with Hyden Toro toro and PETER ALOYSIUS?

    I’m guessing poor people should just eat CAKE am I right Marie Anntonette benign0?!?! Wish the poor away. Good job proving a solid argument backed by DATA… Lol so sad

    You should stop blogging

        1. Perhaps you should stop making empty threats and set your priorities for once, dickhead.

          You’ve been doing this for over 3 years and you’re still spamming emotion-fueled yet empty statements.

    1. Darth M the wise, why are you even angry? Don’t take this personally, this is a civil debate and blogging. Be civilized and watch your manners.

  3. Once again, I guess Benign0 doesn’t get it, and here’s something that CoRRECT Movement is right about him in this article: BENIGN0 OF GRP DOES NOT UNDERSTAND FDI AT ALL

    Sure, Benign0 mentions he’s not really against FDI but his notion that the Philippines must first learn to be business-savvy (or to self-industrialize) before it accepts FDI is dumb. He lives in Australia but what does he do? He doesn’t seem to get how Australia got it. Did he even read From Third World to First by the late Lee Kwan Yew? If he did then he probably never saw Lee accepted FDI as a means to help improve Singapore’s domestic production.

    But as said, what’s the best solution not to be poor according to Benign0? How can Filipinos be not poor IF there are very FEW job opportunities thanks to the 60-40 policy?

    Also, what’s worse is that Benign0 here would rather feed the trolls than talk about solutions. My advice is Benign0 should stop entertaining trolls.

    1. Nah. The solution to joblessness is to create jobs — not beg for them. If a people aren’t able nor have shown any historic aptitude to capitalise on what is available domestically, then what hope do they have of running with foreign capital?

      The source of Filipino poverty is Filipinos themselves. They committed to an enormous population even if they inherently lack the capability to honour that commitment — i.e. possess the capability of independently sustaining their lot to a standard they consider satisfactory.

      1. You did mention you’re not against FDI. What the government really needs is to remove the excessive restrictions such as 60-40. It’s more than time to seize the opportunity to move certain businesses from China to the Philippines. That would be one of the ways to help create jobs instead of relying on handouts.

        “The source of Filipino poverty is Filipinos themselves. They committed to an enormous population even if they inherently lack the capability to honour that commitment — i.e. possess the capability of independently sustaining their lot to a standard they consider satisfactory.”

        The problem of poverty is with the longtime “Filipino First’ policy of Carlos P. Garcia or economic protectionism. Are there really much opportunities than just flying abroad?

        Also, you’re better off ignoring Darth Moron the Wuss. He will just waste your time. Maybe you should start moderating comments.

        1. I agree that protectionism is just causing problems for Philippines and its people, especially the 60-40 rule in the Philippine constitution. The protectionist policy of the Philippines is the reason why the customers always lose. Now, they added the safeguard duties for certain imported cars, the reason for that is to boost local production which is a stupid idea because customers should not be burdened for the local companies’ incompetence. Why do they need to give the customers a huge burden just to help the local companies or local production? If local companies can’t compete with foreign companies, then they should just leave instead of passing the burden to the customers. Saying that Philippines is a capitalist country is a big lie because Philippines has a very large degree of protectionism which makes it a protectionist country. I don’t really care about the local companies so companies and the gov’t should not pass the burden to me just to help them.

      2. But FDI helps in any case. I’ve seen a country rise up from near nothing, having no 60-40 or other nonsense hindering. It was a highly efficient way to attract capital, thus learning from the companies and setting up local competitors based on learned information.

        Truth is, 60-40 only exists to serve the current Filipino business elite. They are swimming in money due to it. Crappy service and no competition – imagine if you had Aldi, Walmart and Tesco building shopping venues here. They’d gladly come but not with some 60-40 where you have no decision power.

  4. I’ve seen comments in youtube about people saying that Russia is a true friend because they donate new military equipment to the Philippines unlike the US which only donates 2nd hand or refurbished military equipment. Some people get even mad at the US because they donate 2nd hand or refurbished military equipment, they’re demanding the US to donate brand new equipment. Those people’s mindset shows that they’re not true friends either, they’re just parasites who beg for donations and get angry when the entity or country refuses to give them the donations they’re asking for. Since Philippines is just begging for aid and donations so that country has no right to get angry if a rich or powerful country refuses to give them any aid or donations. They can’t use the “utang na loob” card to get donations, if they even dare.

  5. I have some filipino neighbors who I don’t even know personally. Having them as neighbors has made me hate all filipinos!!. They seem to have the attitude that people (even ones they don’t even know) are obligated to feed them!!. Every time I come from doing my food shopping these non humans, start knocking on walls, dragging furniture, and knocking on my bathroom wall which is across from my kitchen area, when they hear me putting my groceries away. The old perverted male always run to the bathroom when he hears me in mine, just a wall apart, he also uses his hearing aid to hear when I go into my bedroom or any other place in my apt, so they can make noise to let me know they are home, like I care. I knew something was strange when I would cough or sneeze in my living room, and they would make a noise right after, I can’t hear them sneezing or coughing in their living room, but they can hear me???. These old ridiculous demons are sneaky and evil!!. They also have a rat/mouse problem, and I have had to have my apt radiators sealed up because their rodents scratch from their apt to mine. I actually woke up to one of their baby rats that scratched from their apt to mine, in the bed with me, that’s when my hate for them went through the roof!!. I have yelled to them angrily calling them beggars, telling them how much I HATE them, and other curse words to them. Yet they continue. This is the most sick in the head crap that I have ever encountered in what are suppose to be people!!. This has been going on for over 6 years now. If they put this much energy into getting a job to take care of themselves like they do begging to others, maybe they would get somewhere. These non humans seem to be of some sort of freaks of nature from the planet inconsiderate evil. I have never in my life encountered any person who expects me to share my food or anything with them, these beggars don’t even know me, they want to, but they never will, why would I want to know them. I HATE beggars and harassers!!. I have worked hard my whole life since I was 9, painting animals, landscapes and comics on peoples children’s walls, then at 13 with summer jobs, then full time work, for everything I have, and I am not going to exert myself helping a race of people who would expect for me to feed them everyday! I am to the point that I truly have a extremely deep hatred for all filipinos now!!. I can spot one as soon as I see one, they all have a certain ugliness in their face that can’t be denied. I feel these things have to be the rodents of the human race, they are human mice, the are just like those annoying rodents, who are always looking for something to eat, just like the ones next door to me. What I don’t get is these rodent filipinos are 84 years old, and they have kids. I have been living in my apt in my damn country 6 years 2 months, and there has not been one day when these rodent filipinos aren’t trying to beg for something. Actually I think rodents are smarter than the filipinos. I wish they were all dead, they are good for nothing pathetic beggars. I have no sympathy for anyone who has been harassing me daily with their I’m home noise, and waking me out of my sleep just about everyday, like the first thing I’m going to do when I wake up is feed them!! Filipinos are absolutely the stupidest creatures who should have never been made. Its a true shame when a newborn baby is smarter than a stupid old filipino!!. Even a child knows that if another child doesn’t like them that they are not going to be friends!! These filidemons should not want anything from me, if they don’t stop this food begging, they may actually get something food like that will make them end up in hell with their daddy satan where they belong… then I will have some damn peace!!

  6. I wholly agree with benign0’s writing here.

    I understood the rationale behind blaming Filipinos themselves, because Filipinos are poor at finding the root cause of their suffering. A simple litmus test here is to ask any ordinary Pinoy what makes them poor and they will say a lot of things: Corrupt politicians, the Catholic Church, Foreign Investors, Rich people dominated by Chinese, foreign nationalities… Filipinos can blame everyone but themselves.

    It’s like being angry at something that does not exist when they themselves have done it. No, EDSA did not usher good governance when Cory replaced the constitution with a then-pacifist and now-loopholed Constipation- I mean Constitution. The very promise of not having that particular president again just shows the complete hypocrisy of the Filipinos.

    Nasa backwater state na ang Pinoy na hindi na nirerespeto ang sariling lahi. When will Filipinos learn to not rely and blame external forces when they can harness it themselves?

    I mean, I have spent a good early career phase in this sad country where even my research works and contributions just. simply. go. unnoticed. Well boys, I better pack my bags and leave this rotten country!

  7. Mirror, mirror, time to self reflect. Self reflection, introspection.
    However, Can Pinoys do this?
    Or are they too busy boot licking their USAian overlords?

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