Racist Yellowtards flipping over Mandarin-language Chinese News TV (CNTV) airing on ABS-CBN

Today’s Yellowtard outrage fad surrounds an agreement between the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) and the firm Horizon of the Sun Communications, Incorporated which produces the iconic lifestyle show Chinatown TV to broadcast Chinese News TV (CNTV). CNTV has been airing nightly with news content delivered in Mandarin since 2017 and its audience traditionally consists of the local Filipino-Chinese community. The deal with ANC is expected to expand CNTV’s reach and expand its audience base.

As expected, members of the Opposition who’ve made anti-Chinese sentiment a cornerstone of their campaign against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte (who is cozy with China) are up in arms. Fresh in their small minds is a previous outrage fad following a provocative stunt pulled by “reporter” Chiara Zambrano in the South China Sea in aid of scoop “journalism”. Zambrano seemingly succeeded in baiting a Chinese missile ship to “give chase” to her news crew and provide fodder for a good story. It was successful in the sense of further fuelling anti-Chinese sentiment amongst the Yellowtards (the bloc within the Opposition rabidly loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan), the ironically-Maoist Communist Party of the Philippines, and their circle of “thought leaders” and “activists”. The shrill anti-China rhetoric of the Yellowtards and how this now extends to the ANC-CNTV project is encapsulated in this tweet issued by Yellowtard Chief Economist JC Punongbayan…

What the hell ANC??? Falling for this overt propaganda effort?! #ChinaLayas #AtinAngPinas

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It seems ABS-CBN have become victims of the conflicted ideology of the very woke Yellowtard community who, just a blink ago, rabidly rallied to their ultimately futile “cause” to have their broadcast license renewed. Unfortunately for the broader Opposition, this new outrage fad is likely to alienate influential Filipino-Chinese both within the Yellowtard and communist cliques as well as the swing vote within the broader partisan landscape — not a good prospect considering the unity the Opposition desperately need in the coming 2022 elections to pose a credible challenge to the enormous popularity of the incumbent Duterte camp. ABS-CBN News chief Ging Reyes has since come up with a statement presumably hoping to diffuse this shrill “debate” within the ranks in a tweet thread she issued last night.

I understand the concerns on Chinese incursions in the West Ph sea & many other issues related to the country’s relations with China. ABS-CBN News has vigorously covered these issues, in our pursuit of truth and public enlightenment. But we resist discrimination against any race or ethnicity.

The airing on ANC of Chinatown News should not be equated with the intrusions in the West Ph Sea. Chinatown News is produced by fellow Filipinos who belong to the Filipino-Chinese community. They are part of Philippine society. Rather than belittle their attempt to provide a service to their local community, it’s time we considered embracing the diversity of this land we all call home. We have editorial control over their content, provide national news stories & ensure accuracy of the translation from Mandarin to English subtitles.

Indeed, the whole trouble with the Yellowtards is the retarded emotionalism that they apply to their political rhetoric and obsolete “activism”. Racism is an emotional response to perceived threats that are likely ill-understood. Emotional Yellowtards are evidently unable to distinguish the Filipino-Chinese community from Chinese nationals and even Chinese nationals from their communist government. They latch on to the lazy approach which is to lump “Chinese people” together into a notion that fits their dishonest narrative. That’s pretty much Racism 101 and the Yellowtards are caught red-handed (pardon the pun) guilty of it in this instance. This disturbing character of the Yellowtard-led Opposition likely emanates from their presumptive “leader”, current “vice president” Leni Robredo who, herself, has contributed to anti-Chinese sentiment in the Philippines.

From a business standpoint, it does make sense for a profit-oriented media company like ABS-CBN to cater to the affluent Filipino-Chinese community and the fast-growing base of ethnic Chinese consumers. Ad-slot-for-ad-slot, an affluent audience, after all, attracts better ad revenue. The fact is, the Filipino-Chinese community and the growing community of expat ethnic Chinese and Chinese nationals making a home in the Philippines is a market that ABS-CBN cannot afford to ignore. ABS-CBN CEO Carlo Katigbak is under pressure to make up for his botched handling of the political circus that resulted in his company’s loss of its broadcast license and very likely made his shareholders hopping mad. A strong ethnic Chinese audience pound-for-pound delivers more to the bottom line than the impoverished audience that laps up Vice Ganda and It’s Showtime content and Katigbak has probably come around and embraced that fact.

As for the Yellowtards, it is best that ABS-CBN and the Chinese community dismiss these crybabies as an irrelevant political force. Their brand has become a reverse-Midas-Touch to politicians hoping to win in 2022 and distancing themselves from this bloc, its Sino-phobic leader “vice president” Leni Robredo, and the dysfunctional Liberal and Communist Parties that prop up its overused narrative makes perfect strategic sense. The aim is to move forward, embrace change, and welcome diversity and not be held back by one’s childhood fears and the old bogeymen that populate the old-wive’s tales the Yellowtards and commies stubbornly subscribe to.

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  1. Political Zarzuela , at its worse in the Philippines. The lead woman is , the brainless Vice President, Lugaw Robredo…

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