Petition for Duterte to “resign” proves just how LAZY the Philippine Opposition is!

A Change.ORG petition supposedly “signed by 500 medical frontliners, educators, youth leaders, religious, lawyers, civic leaders and concerned citizens” is currently making the rounds — shared and re-shared by no less than the top chi chi “thought leaders” and “influencers” of the Philippines’ wokedom. The petition given the title “Save the Nation! Duterte Resign!” asserts…

We deserve and demand better. Our country is on the brink of disaster. At the time the nation needs him most, Duterte is a total failure as a leader. He must step down.

We need a competent leadership that can finally ramp up free mass testing, expand contact tracing, and build the isolation and treatment facilities we so badly need towards strengthening the entire health care system.

Don’t we all, right?

But, see, in a democracy, leades are chosen through a process called elections. It so happens that there will be one such election on May 2022 — just 12 months away. The question is, what are the Opposition doing in the lead up to that election? You’d think they’d have some semblance of a campaign strategy by now or, at the very least, some candidates they’d be evaluating or testing for “winnability”. So far it seems that they have none of the above.

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What they do have, however, is this idiotic petition. The question is, if even a million people “sign” the petition, the obvious question would then be, And then what?

Then again as of this writing, 18 hours after the petition was posted and even after a who’s who of Yellowtard (partisans rabidly loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco clan) and communist “influencers” and “thought leaders” shared a link to it and enjoined all to support the petition, just 800 have signed. One wonders why these bozos keep doing this to themselves. It’s been proven already that consistently bagging thousands of retweets, shares, and “likes” on social media does not translate to converted real voters. An online petition is an even sketchier form of online “activism”. These stunts merely insult both Filipinos’ intelligence and their fledgling democracy.

What have the Opposition been doing all this time? What do they plan to do over the next 12 months?

If there is anyone who needs to be fired here for dereliction of duty it is the lot of the Philippine Opposition. The Opposition have one job — to pose a credible challenge to the incumbent. So far they have done nothing of the sort.

Filipinos deserve better than this lazy Opposition. They deserve an Opposition that strategises instead of sit around whining about an “enemy” who does not resign on their command. The real public demand here is on the Philippine Opposition — come up with an alternative to the Duterte Way, develop a platform that will serve as a foundation for an intelligent campaign, and present the people with a strategy to deliver on those campaign promises. The Opposition are called on to do their job and stop being such crybabies.

5 Replies to “Petition for Duterte to “resign” proves just how LAZY the Philippine Opposition is!”

  1. The only one who should resign benign0…. is YOU!

    Our useless AUSTRALIAN comedian commentator of Philippine affairs.

    1. Seems you are running out of arguments. Is your style of thinking representative of the “Opposition”? If so, good luck in 2022. You’re kind will certainly need it. Meanwhile, there’s lots more of the above from where they came from. Stay tuned.

    2. Says our dysfunctional, useless, mentally ill Yellowtard leftist comedian/troll.

      You’re already in a losing battle here, because any argument isn’t won by hurling labels and insults.

  2. The opposition should be pointing out the blatant fraud/scam in Philhealth/hospitals. Giving 43,000 pesos per Covid patient is absolute fraud that these hospitals are cashing in on…. yet, it is the yellows who are probably the ones cashing in…. as they have set up this ridiculous system for the past 40 years…

    Duterte has learned how ingrained the the corrupt system is and I think he may have given up. Too bad the opposition is the real problem and they are still deeply entrenched in such schemes.

    It is sad how a country so close (Taiwan) can have the best public healthcare system in the world, yet, the Philippines has somehow created a public healthcare system with blatant corruption where the rich just take money from the average taxpayer and the average taxpayer receives no benefit from Philhealth.

  3. A good opposition is not the one that ask for signatures for petitions, to make a President resign. Why not give us a better alternative program ? Instead of collecting signatures. Signatures can also be fraudulent. You don’t know who those persons whose signatures are in the petitions.

    They are hoping, for another EDSA ; so that that “brainless Lugaw Robredo”, can become President.

    Presidents are elected thru national elections; not by petitions of brainless,and stupid people…

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