Imagine for a moment if Harry Roque was made to wait in a tent for COVID treatment…

Would the Opposition “thought leaders” currently screeching “UNFAIR!” be happy under such a scenario? Is a senior member of the Cabinet subject to the same prioritisation that ordinary Filipinos are? Think of it for a moment. If senior national government officials are to be placed in tents outside of hospitals come the time that they will be requiring treatment for COVID, what would that say about the Philippines as a society?

It seems the Opposition — particularly the Yellowtards (partisans rabidly loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco clan) who presume to “lead” them — don’t really know what they are talking about in turning presidential spokesman Harry Roque’s admission into hospital (supposedly jumping the queue for COVID-19-related admissions) into this week’s outrage fad. Then again, this is, after all, a partisan bloc enamored to the idea of top politicians and government officials directing traffic in the rain, proclaiming the dumb notion that “the people” are their “boss”, and walking around in tsinelas. What they seem to conveniently forget is top government officials by the very nature of their responsibilities and duties need to be given priority medical care.

If critics are going to demand “fairness” then they should demand that presidents live in squatter shacks, top officials not work in airconditioned offices and be chauffeured around in nice cars, that they eat pagpag, and take public transport to work everyday. They should also demand that every one of them queue for medical care in their respective barangay health clinics. Fair, right? Communists would certainly agree in theory although their practice of said theory has been revealed by history to be severely wanting.

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One wonders then how the Yellowtards would position themselves if their idol “vice president” Leni Robredo got sick and required intensive medical care. Would they be happy to see her queued up for hospital care in a tent in the same way they demand of Roque? One wonders whether shills who are all shrill because the subject of their screeching is Roque would be as shrill, judgmental, and vindictive if it was Robredo who finds herself partaking of what a “vice president” is entitled in the scheme of medical attention priorities.

It is likely that the powers-that-be who have connections in the health care industry will likely scramble all over one another to offer dispensations to Robredo in such an event. It is also likely that the Yellowtards will gush over the “generosity” of these would-be gentlemen coming to the aid of a top damsel in distress and probably get the thousands of retweets and “likes” they covet when expressing this gushing on their social media timelines.

The question then extends to those who will likely offer a chi chi hospital bed and suite to Robredo in such a scenario. That would effectively take some of the accountability for jumping the queue off Robredo’s person and office. But it would also highlight how the same power in the private sector to broker favours with the Yellowtards by giving her that hypothetical hospital bed very much also comes at a cost to ordinary Filipinos queued for the same service.

See, there is no sidestepping the fact that top government officials will get preferred treatment and higher priority over ordinary citizens — much the same way as any other VIP will, specially in Philippine society. This will happen whether they like it or not (and they will be damned whether they partake or decline). For their part, Filipinos should reflect on how the treatment of a top official reflects on the sort of society they constitute. Filipinos are a people, after all, who see no qualms about treating their clergy like royalty (considering these are people who took vows of poverty and humility). They should, at least, be consistent about what they wax “outrage” over.

12 Replies to “Imagine for a moment if Harry Roque was made to wait in a tent for COVID treatment…”

  1. I don’t need to imagine. It’s like the script writes itself.

    Opposition Politicians will say “See how Duterte Admin is mishandling COVID. Even his own spokesperson can’t get a hospital room.”

    If say Roque even “tries” to say he is going through the “normal” process than use any allocation for the executive level officers in government, opposition will simply brush his statements aside as a “cover up statement” to try and shield the Duterte Admin.

    Now, I agree there are things I wish the administration did better, but I am not going to go out there and say they aren’t doing anything correctly. They are doing some things right, but the ones being “replayed” and pump primed in mass media are the faults, which is par for the course in their business.

    I still wish he replaces Duque with someone who could be more competent but that’s how the dice has rolled currently in this and he still has Duterte’s trust/confidence.

    We all have faults in how COVID has played out, publicly or personally giving excuses for what we think we are “able” to do or “should be able” to do.

    So no one is blameless for why infection rates had risen. But there are some with more blame than others.

  2. Same thoughts here. They risk not making sense just so they could “beat” the administration. Even if they’re able to give better input they will choose to be offensive so they can smear Duterte and his men. This is the same with the PSG vaccination issue. Has anyone tried to sort it out or would they rather be hypocrites than make things more efficient?

    1. “PSG vaccination issue”

      I’m sorry, why aren’t WE allowed to smuggle in our own vaccines then?!

      Rules for THEEEE but not FOR MEE!!!

      Typical benign0 level, brain dead thinking. The real virus in the philippines is benign0 and the FAKE news social media apparatus.

      1. “I’m sorry, why aren’t WE allowed to smuggle in our own vaccines then?!”

        ‘Allowed to smuggle’ — Do you hear yourself? What’s the point of smuggling you *****. If the world had its priorities straight no one would have to smuggle or say “unChristian” things.

  3. Look @benign0 THE FOOL trying to spin this for his masters. SPIN SPIN SPIN benign0 the idiot.
    Dance monkey Dance!

    The point was Roque did NOT have a severe condition. In fact he was so spry , he bragged about working from a hospital! As you know, in cases where care is limited a Triange system is in place to prioritize those with SEVERE conditions. Mild cases are suppose to quarantine at home.

    Roque is MAARTE and a whiny BRAT. Just like you benign0, whining about a country you dont live in anymore like a chi chi baby.

    You guys deserve each other

      1. @benign0

        That’s cause paid hypocrite hacks have no brains!

        Why don’t you write about AUSTRALIA benign0?!

        1. Why you don’t make your own blog instead of whining like a 5-year old in this website.

          Seriously, you’ve shown how mentally ill you are with those emotionally-charged yet empty words coming from your mouth. Well, I guess this is how people from Left-leaning groups act.

    1. Mild cases should have been mass quarantined when the numbers were still low. There’s no “quarantine” if you have to live like packed sardines in your home.

      1. You mean ROQUE couldn’t quarantine in his mansion. Taking up space in a hospital and possibly KILLING someone!?!

        1. Because it’s easy to self-monitor and intervene when your symptoms suddenly escalate in your mansion! Simple!

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