“Red tagging” does NOT cause death

If one were to believe the foremost communist “thought leaders”, one would think that simply tagging a person as “red” is a magical curse that dooms that person to a violent death. Perhaps it is a modern-day version of the Filipino tradition of believing in kulam, or the form of witchcraft practiced by pagan indigenous Filipinos. A mangkukulam (sorcerer) is believed, for example, to have the power to put a curse on a person and see that person suffer all sorts of physical and mental maladies (sometimes leading to death) following that.

The key to the influence exerted by these ancient Filipino sorcerers is the power of suggestion coupled with human predisposition to confirmation bias. When a mangkukulam curses a person out loud in public, such is the power of his or her personal brand as a wielder of powerful black magic that the cursed and, often, her friends and family actually believe the curse will stick and do the job in the coming days. And by some luck, the mental stress caused by the belief she is “cursed”, or even the social fallout (shunning by friends and family) it causes on the cursed, she succumbs to disease, mental illness, or death, that event will go on to further confirm the bias of her surviving friends and family to the belief that the sorcerer who instigated the curse does actually wield such fearsome power.

The key, therefore, to the power of mangkukulams and other sorts of shamans is ignorance. It is, after all, ignorant people who propagate their confirmation bias towards this nonsensical “power” they swear to being witness to. Consider then this dishonest tweet fielded by the eminent “human rights lawyer” Sol Taule.

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This is Dr. Mary Rose Sancelan, City Health Officer in Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental and the ONLY doctor there. She was RED TAGGED and was SHOT DEAD w/ her husband yesterday. RED TAGGING  IS REAL AND ENDANGERS ONE'S LIFE. TAMA NA!!!

Oh, she was “red tagged” and then was “shot dead”, therefore “red tagging” caused her death!

One can easily see straightaway how Taule wields magical powers on the ignorant not too different from that of a sorcerer. She’d like to make people believe that “red tagging” is a curse that leads to the deaths of those accursed. In effect, she is insulting the intelligence of Filipinos. Thing is, it seems that many Filipinos are happy to be routinely insulted that way.

Even more disturbing is how a “lawyer” like Taule uses what is, in essence, a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy (the logical error of concluding that an event that precedes another causes the latter) as basis to prosecute people. Indeed, in another crooked tweet, Taule follows through on this primitive thinking and condemns Philippine President Rodrige Duterte, Presidential Communications Operations Office Undersecretary Lorraine Badoy, and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Southern Luzon Command (SOLCOM) chief Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr. to be “thrown in the flames” for causing death by “red tagging”.

Those who red tag individuals should be held liable for these deaths. They killed a Doctor and her husband. They vilified her and shot her in broad daylight. Duterte, Badoy, Parlade and their ilks must be thrown in the flames.

You wonder then how a “human rights lawyer” such as Sol Taule who presumes to “defend” the hapless “victims” of the imagined “tyranny” that supposedly blankets Philippine society conducts herself in a Philippine court. For her sake, one would hope she does not use sorcery and witchcraft as the foundations for the arguments she tables before a Filipino judge. Insulting a judge in his own court, after all, are grounds to be held in contempt. Perhaps Filipinos who lap up all that Taule says on public record should also consider the same.

6 Replies to ““Red tagging” does NOT cause death”

  1. why are you so happy that a doctor was murdered? There are fanatics who dehumanize those they disagree with and justify murder. google “bodo league massacre” and educate yourself. that’s why red tagging is dangerous.

  2. Just remove the “LUL” from Lawyer Maria Sol Taule’s name and you are already introduced to how stinky or contemptible/corrupt her ideas/beliefs/judgement are!

  3. Are we still in the “Middle Ages”, where people believed in , “sorcery” , witchcraft, and all kinds of evilness, done by some people who are friends of the “Devil”…People in the Middle Ages, burned “witches”, on stakes….I think, it is a good idea: to burn all these “commies” on the stakes, as was in the Middle Ages…

    In the U.S., there were people, accused of being witches, by some people in the olden days, and they were charged in Special Witches Courts.

    It is also a “good idea”, to have a “Special Court”, to try these commies that are “red tagged”…burning them on stakes, is an option of the the President…

    “Red tagging” is not the same as “tagging” people as witches. If some people are active members of the Communist Party of the Philippines; and are active soldiers of the the New Peoples’ Army…they must be identified as such “rebel people”. Surrender, and come back to the fold of the government, and be law abiding people, and you will not be , “red tagged”…

    It was the order of the late , Pres. Cory Aquino, who was a known , communist supporter and sympathizer; who made the communist party, a “de-facto ” legal” organization”. Ninoy Aquino, was the founder of the New Peoples’ Army. And he was “wacked”, at the airport, on the order of Jose Maria Sison, the commie boss, who has now become a commie Mafia Godfather. Sison is now involved, in “high stakes” protection racket, as all Mafia Bosses do. He is also enjoying sex, with younger women, in Amsterdam….it is fun to be a commie boss…you get he best of life…

    Cory Aquino, let these “commies” run around in the country, with impunity . She even let them participate in the Congress and Senate …

    And, we are paying these Commie Legislators, with our tax money…they are even given the right to get “Pork Barrel Funds”, of which they used the Pork Barrel Fund to finance their insurgency…how STUPID , can we all get ?

    Sison encouraged his “commies” to form some fake , political block organizations, that have political candidates, and they were/are voted to public offices. So, as stupid people, as we all are : we are electing them…

    The Aquinos are known supporters of the Communist Party of the Philippines. These commies will not stop their insurgency, until they grab power, by hook or by crook or by/from the “barrel of the gun” , as the late Chinese commie , Mao Tse Tung , had wrote in his “little red book”…

    So, let us just call a “spade, as spade”… or, we can call it also , “a dirty shovel” …

    “Bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan , ay huwag magagalit” !

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