Terrorist vs terrorist: Catfight between the communist Teddy Casino and convicted putschist Sonny Trillanes draws laughs

Looking at the recent tiff between former “senator” and convicted coup leader Antonio Trillanes and the communist Teddy Casino, one need not dig deeper into the matter to get any further insight. The short of it is that both bozos are basically arguing on who made sumbong to the so-called “International Criminal Court” first.

The two little boys, however, miss the bigger point — that they both basically contradict just about every principle they claim to stand for.

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Trillanes, for his part, claims to be a “democrat” — presumably one who upholds due process seen through within the legal and institutional frame of the Philippines’ democracy enshrined in its Constitution. As if it weren’t enough how, back in the mid-2000s, he sought to bulldoze over all that using illegally commandeered military resources (in the process endangering thousands of Filipino lives), he now admits to seeking the intervention of a “criminal court” organised by former imperialist powers to usurp the authority of the Philippines’ judiciary in what is clearly a domestic matter. No surprise then that Trillanes was exposed as fake democracy advocate by BBC journalist Stephen Sackur some time back.

The communist Teddy Casino, however, is the even bigger hypocrite. As a communist, Casino presumably lives by the standard communist ululation that all Philippine governments are “puppets” of the “American imperialists” that, together with the former colonial master, rule Filipinos as a “dictatorship”. Thus it is quite hilarious how Casino now rails against Trillanes’s “red-tagging” (aren’t communists Red, after all?) and how he, funny enough, also gleefully supports the prospect of the Western imperialist “International Criminal Court” parachuting into the Philippines to save the day.

Stepping back even further, it is heartwarming to see key “thought leaders” of the Philippine Opposition at each others’ throats even as the very important 2022 national elections loom in the horizon. It seems the Yellowtards and the Communists still fail to grasp just how popular a political force they need to go up against to seize power legally. Then again, considering the two morons in this episode — a convicted putschist and an endorser of a terrorist “revolution”, it is likely that achieving ends legally is not part of any brain-dead agendas here. As such, this is best regarded as the latest circus for those of us with more level heads to gloat over. Enjoy the show!

3 Replies to “Terrorist vs terrorist: Catfight between the communist Teddy Casino and convicted putschist Sonny Trillanes draws laughs”

  1. Trillanes could use all that energy and spunk going after the drug lords. His foreign backers can even provide him “intel” if they want to compete with Duterte on the drug war??

  2. The International Criminal Court (ICC), is a “Useless Court”. It has no Police Power , to implement its decision, to arrest any “criminal leader”, in any place in the world. It is being used, by the communists, like the idiot : Casino; and the other moron, like : Trililing Trillanes, for political purposes.

    The International Criminal Court has no Legal Jurisdiction on any country. It is not even recognized, by most countries.

    If they come to arrest Duterte, for his , “criminal conduct”, as stated by these two clowns, like: the commie, Casino and the Trililing Trillanes. ..Pres. Duterte, can just order, the “Full Forces” of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, to meet and deal with them. Who would enforce the ICC verdict ? I think, the U.S. would never do it; same as Putin of Russia, would not do it… How about some European powers ? Would they want to start a war with the Philippines, just to arrest Pres. Duterte ? Unless, they are as IDIOTIC, as these two clowns: the commie, Casino, and Trililing Trillanes…they could dare, to enforce such idiotic ruling. No head of state, in any country, would any waste time and resources, to enforce such useless ruling by the useless court: the ICC…and start a war with any country…

    How about arresting , Kim Jung Un of North Korea, for “human rights abuses ? The ICC, would do it for human rights sake ? How about arresting those ISIS, for cutting the heads of infidels ? Or arresting, Xi Jing Pin of China, for human rights abuses ?

    I think, the ICC verdict, stinks to high heavens…and is very much politically motivated, to remove Duterte from power….

    So these two clowns: commie Casino , and Trilliling Trillanes, can just rejoice in their own stupidities..
    I have never seen such stupid and somewhat insane people, as these two blockheads !!!

  3. Hah… internet troll versus internet troll…

    ICC would not do that with XI Jinping and Kim Jong Un. Because they want to bully them.

    Casino and Trollanes.

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