Making sense of Jonel Nuezca’s senseless killing of Sonya and Frank Anthony Gregorio

It is easy to watch a viral video of the most recent police “killing” then jump into a “conclusion” that the Philippine police are “evil” and then go off to launch a whole media circus around it and propagate the latest outrage fad. The incident that left Sonya Gregorio and her son Frank Anthony Gregorio dead is a tragedy, but not necessarily one that allows anyone to soundly arrive at the conclusion that the Philippine National Police is an “evil” institution. But that’s exactly what the Philippine Opposition are fooling the Filipino people into believing.

This common sense regard for the crime perpetrated by police officer Jonel Nuezca did not stop the Philippine Opposition from politicising this incident beyond recognition. For the Yellowtards (the leading bloc within the Opposition loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan) and the communists, any position that is short of broadly painting the Philippine police as “evil” constitutes a “downplaying” of the public outrage this issue is entitled to. According to their “thought leaders”, people who attempt to point out the logical unsoundness of the notion that a duly-elected Philippine president deserves to be “ousted” as a result of these crimes deserves to be ridiculed as someone who is walang pakisama — a person who refuses to conform to a sentiment that is regarded to be right on the dubious merit of popular opinion alone.

The trouble with the Yellowtards and the communists lies in their overused partisan tradition. Both camps are renowned primarily for their “ouster” rhetoric — a tradition of using “mass action” and dishonestly packaging these as “revolutions” to further political agendas. As such, they are now known for their utterly devalued political modus operandi, forever scrounging around for isolated incidents as fodder for the outrage fads they are always looking to spark. Complementing this tactic is their blanket campaign to demonise state forces — the police and military — who are, in actual fact, the only forces capable of thwarting violent terrorist acts (in the case of the communist intent) or swinging an ouster campaign towards or away from success (in the case of the Yellowtard intent). If the top “thought leaders” of the Opposition could only be bothered to reflect on their tired approach to “change”, they will find that their style is succumbing to the law of diminishing returns — more is delivering incrementally less and less.

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No surprise then that no critical gaps, dysfunctions, or opportunities in administration and governance are intelligently addressed in the Philippines in a sustainable manner. The problems that are at the centres of the Yellowtards’ and communists’ phony and pretentious rages are all problemns that transcend many governments. Police brutality, corruption, election cheating, nepotism, etcetera — all endemic with no one government addressing them at the systemic level. Yet here, yet again, we see the same tired old partisan camps armed with their obsolete ideologies and rhetoric packaging these as issues “unique” to the incumbent government they are railing against. One can only hope that these crooks can get away with this strategic insult to the intelligence of the Filipino people for only so long. Indeed, it is beginning to look like Filipinos have had enough of heated and re-heated inadobong Yellowtardism and communism year in and year out, president in and president out.

The brain-dead pattern is now quite readily recognisable. Crooked partisan groups like the Yellowtards and communists are always hovering around like vultures ready to feast on and regurgitate into their bankrupt political rhetoric any incident or idea that could be used as a tool for mass emotional blackmail. It leads one to question whether these people are genuinely looking for solutions, because it is quite evident that they only seek to escalate emotionalism at the expense of systematic thinking in order to cultivate fertile ground for “revolution”.

The sense in the killing of the Gregorios does not go beyond the criminal case and the hopeful resolution following due process via the criminal justice system ensrhined within the frame of the Consititution. If we are to mature as a society, this case-to-case address of acute incidents and their resolution within institutional measures should be made a habit — because measures that enforce systematic approaches to resolving issues are designed to ensure sound conclusions are reached upon which appropriate actions are taken. When deliberate action is always taken to escalate emotional responses around every incident, there will be no sound resolution and no incentive to focus on clear thinking. This is why, for example, the jeepney remains the social cancer that it is today in the Philippines. The contraption represents a triumph of haphazard emotion over engineered solutions. As long as Filipinos are encouraged by cancerous political blocs like the Yellowtards and communists to habitually apply emotional responses to problems that can routinely be solved by clear thinking (a discipline that any mature criminal justice system enforces), they will not progress.

12 Replies to “Making sense of Jonel Nuezca’s senseless killing of Sonya and Frank Anthony Gregorio”

  1. Even the devil will invoke the Bible and due process when you have him cornered. Systematic approaches work when circumstances are ideal. Clear thinking must be so much more.

  2. The incident is only one demonstration of the third-worldness of the Philippines. I think the wokes haven’t seen how people handle family disputes in the country. It’ll put the Hatfield-McCoy feud of the US to shame. Here, threatening, cajoling, insulting and wanting to kill the other party (and actually killing) is likely more common than we think. It so happens that in Tarlac, one guy was a policeman and had a gun.

    But has anyone recalled the killing of a Tondo resident in 2016, the one that was caught on CCTV? People are all up in arms when it’s police or government, but what about when ordinary people murder? Shouldn’t that elicit the same response?

  3. The YellowTards; the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, and the commies; are addicted to EDSAs.
    They still are using the old Aquino/commies tactics of EDSA mass action, to remove, whoever is in power, and put themselves in power.

    The 1986 EDSA “people power”, was not really a “peoples’ power”. It was a U.S./C.I.A. coup d’ etat, that put that ” brainless housewife”: Cory Aquino , to power. That political opportunist, Ramos; and his fellow political opportunist, Enrile…facilitated that U.S./C.I.A. coup d’ etat.

    During that time, the Philippines, cannot fight back because of the presence of U.S. bases in the country. Besides, the Philippines, had only a few obsolete World War II, military equipment, that were destined for scrapyards, given by the U.S.

    It is different situation now, the U.S. bases are not here; and we have modern and very effective military equipment. We can fight back any nation, that interferes in our internal affairs…we have good alliance with Russia…

    Besides, we are now a non- aligned country. So, those opposition longing for another EDSA, is out of touch, with the present situation.

    The opposition cannot win a fair and honest election; so, they try to use another EDSA, to put themselves into power. They can win elections, thru cheating in the SMARTMATIC voting machine; and using , the Dominion Software (“Lugaw Robredo style”), to cheat in order to win. Their “otso diretso” candidates went directly to the “inodoro”, in the last election. Surely, their candidates will end up again, in the “inodoro”, in the next election…

    The are politically bankrupt, in thinking and in giving us, solutions to the problems of the country. What they want is to enrich themselves, while they are in power !!!

  4. I wish all of the readers of GRP, a very Merry Christmas…May you all participate in the discussions, for the good of the country…and for our own good…

      1. @Benigno:

        Merry Christmas, also to you and to your staff; to the commenters and GRP readers…I thank you for allowing me to comment on GRP…my comments, come from my heart, to help and enlighten my fellow Filipinos…I will do the best, I can; and I will contribute what I can…this is a promise…

  5. All is well and matuwid under the yellowtard rule. There’s total impunity for those on the narcolist. Aling Leni has the nerve to speak of an “architecture” of impunity at the expense of the life and sacrifices of the good policemen. Senseless indeed.

    1. @MC:

      You are another YellowTard, politicizing the war on drugs. Drug or Shabu problem is a complicated issue/problem. To blame it on Duterte is stupid, as any YellowTard can think of…

      Lugaw Robredo, is a brainless woman, who was put there in the Vice President position by Aquino, Mar Roxas, Porky Drilon and the YellowTards; thru the SMARTMATIC voting machine, and the Dominion Software; that counted the votes for Marcos, to Lugaw Robredo’s votes. Lugaw Robredo, opens her mouth, as she opens her legs, to Bolet Banal…

      To feature her as a “brave woman” is idiocy. I thought this is just another joke by a brainless YellowTard, like you.

      I am tired of YellowTard comments, here in GRP. Can YellowTard idiots , like you, grow some brain, to make you and all YellowTards, comment sensibly ?

      1. How do you expect me to comment sensibly when I’m a yellowtard? We don’t need brains because Smartmatic will get us elected. You’ll have to see more yellowtard comments because they own the news and social media!

        1. MC:

          Your being a brainless YellowTard is your own problem , not mine…

          If you make a fool of yourself, in this GRP website…that is also your problem…

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