New Year’s resolution for Yellowtards and Reds: Stop HATING Duterte supporters

The year 2021 is an important year. This is because the campaign for the 2022 national elections will transpire over the greater part of this year. As such, an important resolution needs to be made by the Philippine Opposition if they truly aspire to legally seize power in 2022. They must stop hating their enemies and start understanding how they think.

The biggest challenge of the broader Philippine Opposition lies in the character of their “leaders”. The Yellowtards (the leading opposition bloc loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan) and the communists (the terrorist bloc within it gunning for violent ouster of any Philippine government) dominate the discourse of the Opposition. As a result, the collective discourse most associated with the Opposition has come to be characterised by hate, prejudice, and fundamentalism.

It is hateful because the only thing that “unifies” the Opposition at the moment is an irrational contempt for Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and his supporters. Unfortunately for the Opposition, it is this very hate that is clouding the judgement of their foremost “thought leaders” and blinding them to any opportunity to anticipate the movements of the forces they seek to defeat. Indeed, there is much to learn from intelligence gathered from behind enemy lines than from any of the shrill powow “rallies” populated by like-minded inbred amigas. However much of the Opposition “leadership” recoil from rather than apply healthy curiousity to their regard for the forces they need to beat. That’s a recipe for failure in any “fight” they see themselves engaging in.

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The Opposition rhetoric is also prejudiced against people who think differently. This is ironic because liberals are supposedly advocates of inclusiveness, openness, and diversity. The Yellowtards and communists are anything but. Former president Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III, for example, King of the Yellowtards, rather than stand by the national colours, wore the yellow ribbon throughout his term. The communists, for their part, flew the Hammer and Sickle and bathed their ideological brand in bright red to set their crooked “revolutionary” lot apart from all the rest. In this behaviour, it becomes evident that their intent is to exclude rather than include.

One wonders then what it is exactly that the Yellowtards and communists share in the way of agendas. That makes the overall “leadership” of the Opposition they presume to take jointly suspect. Neither one of these two blocs are known to have ever been inclined to share the spoils of their respective “revolutions”. They’d just as soon slit one another’s throats the minute their shared enemy disappears from the scene.

And then there is the abject fundamentalism in the disturbing Yellowtard and communist character of the Philippine Opposition. The Opposition have a virtual Thought Police force on patrol day in and day out launching one Outrage Fad or another against anyone or anything seen to be heretical to their sacred “liberal” dogmas. They had all but conscripted much of Big Corporate Media to this cancel culture and enjoy the vast resources of this dishonest alliance to mount campaigns to marginalise any challenge to their prescribed schools of thought.

What the Yellowtards and communists seem unable to grasp, however, is how incoherent their axis is and how obsolete their infrastructure of deception had become. Firstly, Yellow and Red, mixed together, form the colour orange which is an apt colour that suits them the most where they are best situated. Yellowtards insist they are “pro democracy” while communists are violently opposed to it. Both worship throwback Cold War ideologies that are no longer relevant in an age where the ability to synthesise diverse thought is so technologically-enabled and effectively democratised that traditional monopolists of information — mainstream corporate media — now find themselves in an acute crisis of relevance. Therein that latter reality is evident the abject obsolescence of the Yellowtards’ infrastructure of disinformation. While the Yellowtards control Big Corporate Media and the communists control traditional university campus “journalism”, the reality of the rapid decline in their influence in the face of competition in the free market of ideas is inescapable.

Thus if the Opposition are really serious about winning back Filipinos, they need to reinvent themselves and ditch the baggage of Yellowtardism and communism that weigh them down. The most viable Opposition leader that needs to emerge in 2021 is one who is not stained by yellow or red and one who comes across as original and authentic. Both these virtues cannot be ascribed to the Yellowtards nor the communists as both are sad and smelly regurgitations of what have now been revealed to be dishonest and nonsensical narratives.

The Opposition in the crucial year that is 2021 need to resolve to get real. Filipinos deserve a real Opposition that can exhibit intelligent leadership. It is high time that the insult to their intelligence that is the Yellowtard- and communist-led one they merely put up with today is junked.

3 Replies to “New Year’s resolution for Yellowtards and Reds: Stop HATING Duterte supporters”

    1. A “true” Opposition is more on alternatives and ideas. With how you wrote, you just went EMO instead.

      There’s a reason why the Opposition lost the 2019 Elections last year: even my brother noticed that they don’t have any alternatives and ideas but all ad hominem and the perception that “we are right and everyone who disagree with us are wrong.”

      But that is what happens when you try to shut people down or silence them.

  1. The YellowTards, are the followers of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, still with 1986 EDSA mindsets; they want to overthrow: Duterte in a Marcos Sr. coup d’ etat style, with the aid of the U.S. /C.I.A., or any other foreign power…

    The commies are led by the Mafia commie Godfather, who is exiled in Amsterdam, Holland, and is a sex addict, with several young girls , as his sex partners. Sison is thriving on protection racket, like a Mafia Don…

    There is a need for these opposition people, to look at themselves, and think why their “tactics” are no longer working…

    It is now the “Age of Social Media”, Idiots. Most Filipinos participate in “thought provoking” , “mind informing” : blogging, texting, and other kinds of social media outlets.

    Monopolizing the mainstream media, like in the Aquino era, no longer work. Rallying and shouting political slogans , no longer work.

    We would like the opposition, to present to us, “voters”; better alternatives, than we have today, in governance, in the way they conduct themselves, and in their politics !!!

    Happy New Year to all !!!

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