Philippine Opposition bent on POLITICISING the Jonel Nuezca shooting incident

As expected, the Opposition led by the Yellowtards (the block within it loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco clan) and the communists are seizing the opportunity to politicise the shooting incident that left Sonya and Frank Anthony Gregorio dead. The dishonest logic that underpins this politicisation campaign is all-too-familiar: (1) put up this isolated incident as sufficient sampling to make conclusions about the entire Philippine police force and (2) use this “indictment” to conclude that it is the fault of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte that (2a) the Gregorio shooting happened and (2b) the Philippine police are “a bunch of killers”.

Deconstructed this way, it becomes quite evident how the Opposition are bent on propagating dishonest reasoning to further pre-determined political agendas. The pre-set agenda here, of course, is to make Duterte look bad (as a pretext to “oust” him illegally) and to make the police force look bad as a foundation for the victim porn that is the foundation of their crooked “activism”.

The reality is that there is no strong evidence that the perpetrator in this shooting, police officer Jonel Nuezca acted in a way that is necessarily representative of the character of the Philippine police. For one thing, the incident did not involve an actual police operation. Nuezca was not in uniform and no police procedures were evident in what transpired. The incident was seemingly an outcome of an altercation between two families possibly going back many months. Indeed, one of the people on the scene was also appealing to everyone that all keep calm until Barangay authorities arrive — indicating that Nuezca, despite being a police officer, was not regarded as the highest authority at the scene and was not working in collaboration with any police personnel.

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In short, this is just another criminal case where the alleged perpetrator just happens to be a police officer.

Of course, understanding these simple bits of logic (or the specific circumstances of the incident where the logic of screeching Yellowtards and communists simply break down) will not easily assuage the shrill “activism” that the Opposition are engineering around it. Applying reason, after all, involves the use of a less inflammatory cognitive faculty than emotionalism. Unfortunately for everyone, however, the very “activism” of the Yellowtards and communists while pretending in intent to be cries for “justice”, will only degrade any opportunity to learn important lessons from this tragedy that will have contributed to sustainable rule of justice in the Philippines.

The fact is, the Gregorio shooting is a microcosm of Philippine society — a confluence of circumstances involving a bunch of morons coming together at the wrong time in the wrong place and everyone of these morons failing to know enough when to shut up.

If there really is a problem with the Philippine police, then, by all means, investigate that problem properly and act on the results of that investigation where appropriate. The shooting of Sonya and Frank Anthony Gregorio is a crime that also deserves to be investigated properly and, following that investigation, put through the criminal justice system. To politicise it subtracts from the justice the Gregorios deserve. It seems that the Yellowtards and communists would rather see their dishonest agendas furthered first as a matter of priority — exploiting this most recent tragedy to achieve a crooked political end even at the expense of the justice due the Gregorios.

6 Replies to “Philippine Opposition bent on POLITICISING the Jonel Nuezca shooting incident”

  1. Problem is people are now focusing on the behavior of the daughter as if she’s guilty too. It’ll be like the “Amalayer” incident, the daughter like the ranting woman at MRT will be the subject of uncalled for bullying. They should just focus on the father. The daughter just acted the way a family member would, kampi sa pamilya.

  2. Oppositions are really desperate for power. They will use every dead person as propaganda in their political agendas. How sad it is

    1. Yep, only death can breathe life back into Yellow pus-powered brain cells and their undying hope of a political resurrection. Every victim-porn death they can ascribe to Duterte represents yet another stepping stone for Leni’s grand delusion of fame and glory in the upcoming May 9, 2022 presidential elections.

      Did everyone get the news recently?…Smartmatic wins Comelec bidding! Looks like there’s a yellow light at the end of their dark tunnel. Let’s not underestimate the resolve of the Yellow camp’s rabid lust for power. Worst case scenario is – they’ll guillotine PNoy’s neck for one last adrenaline shot up the Yellow monster’s spine, esp. now that he’s outlived his usefulness alive.

  3. The yellowtards and communists will weaponize everything to achieve their goals including natural disasters and an alleged “victim” of police brutality. What would they weaponize next? Austism?

  4. Why are the lawmakers calling out this impunity as if they’re not part of the government they ought to be fixing? They can’t even show a unified effort in making elections credible. Wtf is their problem. People aren’t dumb. They’re just busy surviving. This impunity issue is further down the list when they have to deal with hunger. And Duterte basically ran promising a vigilante type of justice. He won.

  5. It is a tragedy, of two neighbors, who are not in good terms , with each other. It can happen, in any neighborhood, where there is a “bad blood, between the two …

    I cannot find any reason , that politics is involved, in the shooting incident. The Policeman, acted beyond his call pf duty. No reason for him to shoot, two people…

    He lost his temper, had a gun, and used it, to satisfy his ego, as a policeman !

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