Tricia and Aika Robredo are a couple of spoilt brats

Have Tricia and Aika, daughters of “vice president” Leni Robredo, owned up to the now-infamous tweet conversation that started a fire? It seems not, seeing that no less than the Inquirer Editor himself insults his readers’ intelligence by playing dumb and insisting that said tweets “make no mention of the President, that particular hashtag [#NasaanAngPangulo], or any word of criticism” against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

To refresh our memories, here are the offending tweets again. Make your own inferences on who the two girls were referring to considering the time these tweets were fielded.

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(Source tweet here)

The sisters exhibited grace neither then when, at the time Typhoon Ulysses was wreaking havoc and first responders scrambled to deliver their vital services to a nation that needed to work together in those critical days, nor today in the midst of the fallout following their shameful behaviour when they ought to be taking personal accountability for their actions. Instead, rather than face the music, they now hide behind the skirt of their mother, the Inquirer, and their dishonest supporters and play dumb.

Worse, they are now being put up as “victims” of “bullying” allegedly by Netizens labelled “trolls” by Opposition “thought leaders”. Robredo herself went on record to decry the “bullying of her daughters over tweets seemingly directed at President Rodrigo Duterte”. What flies over the heads of Robredo and her fandom is in her insisting that “We have trained them to stand up for themselves and what they believe in”. Funny that. As of this writing, neither daughters Aika nor Tricia have issued any statements themselves on the matter to categorically clarify who or what those tweets were really referring to. Perhaps it is too much to ask two “adult” spoilt brats to set the record straight themselves and not have to rely on the Inquirer Editor or their mother to do that for them.

The fact is, the Robredo sisters are public figures and ones directly associated with the Office of the Vice President (assuming for a moment that Leni Robredo is the duly-elected one). They have actively associate themselves with the OVP, assert support for the “vice president”, and amplify her PR stunts on their respective social media accounts. Aika and Tricia cannot simply shoot and run. They are holding a smoking gun and need to own up to the shots they fire.

The President of the Philippines is the highest office of the land. Robredo insists she is the “vice president” and owes deference to the office at least in public. If she also insists that her daughters can hold their own as individuals and as adults, Robredo should demonstrate consistency to that position by not using her office to defend them as she does today. Let Aika and Tricia Robredo man up and tell the Filipino public exactly what they meant by those tweets.

Otherwise, they should be the good vice presidential daughters they fancy themselves as and behave as children of any self-respecting public official should. You can’t have your cake and eat it. If Aika and Tricia want to speak their minds as individuals, they should do so not as Leni Robredo’s daughters but as Aika and Tricia — two grown women who can be expected to explain themselves to their followers when called to do so.

21 Replies to “Tricia and Aika Robredo are a couple of spoilt brats”

  1. I still hold the Marcos Children in high esteem…they soberly holds themselves even if they are under fire from the yellows and those from the leaf and even the clergy. They approach these negative remarks and insulst with great humility…we can clearly distinguish the learned from the pretenders.

  2. I thought you did not believe in being “offended” by mere words?

    Werent you the one who said we should all be more thick skinned?

  3. Kris Aquino for all her transgressions percieved or imagined during the Cory regime can sure hold a candle to these two girls you call “spoiled brat”.

  4. The sisters and their mother should be interviewed by media other than the ones aligned with them. It’s easy for the mama to say such things but could not even answer issues objectively.

  5. These Lugaw Robredo’s daughters have bad upbringings, by their father and mother. The mother is a very dishonest woman; the father is a hypocrite and a political opportunist. So, what can you expect from a dysfunctional family.

    Maybe, they were even encouraged by their mother, Lugaw Robredo, to do such tweets…Lugaw Robredo is a fake Vice President, who won the 2016 election, with the help of the infamous SMARTMATIC machine, and with the help of the crook, Andres Bautista, who did a HOCUS PCOS in the 2016 VP election.

    The Robredo family is a very dysfunctional family. The mother is an amoral woman; the daughters are amoral women. They have no regard to honesty and civility !

    1. If you say hocus pcos then are you saying that president duterte is fake president? because the same machines counted votes for the two. you understand that right?

      1. @greengrin:

        The SMARTMATIC machine can work properly, and can be manipulated by the HOCUS PCOS machine operator. You can put the DOMINION software, that can COUNT the votes of Bong Bong Marcos, Jr., to Lugaw Robredo. This was the reason, all the votes in Provinces, that Marcos was popular, got almost Zero votes. This is impossible…

        This happened again in the recent U.S. election; the votes for Trump, went to Biden…the DOMINION software did all of this cheating, with the HOCUS PCOS machine operator. Now, they found voting irregularities in many U.S. states, already. Many will go to jail…

        Na SMARTSWITIK at HOCUS PCOS din si sila at si Trump !

        1. so the yellow camp were able to manipulate the software but instead of making mar roxas the winner they chose duterte then paired him with robredo?

    1. Dysfunctional? Look at yourself first, they are well raised and educated. Baka mamaya ikaw tong palamunin na nga patay gutom pa sa pamilya. Before you say anyhting to a person make sure na may napatunayan ka bukod sa pagiging bakla at sumubo lang alam. Try to find work and use your own money to feed yourself first bakla.

  6. Personally, I don’t think the children of Robredo should even be “talked about”.

    I think it is what “elevated” Kris Aquino, to a degree, in her younger days and she reveled in it. But of course, she took the opportunity to be in the limelight and earn from it.

    The children of Robredo should be seen for what they are, just one of the many users of twitter. They are not important in the actual discourse nor do they really have any sway in the course of events.

    Maybe keep it that way?

    Unless of course they decide to run for local or national positions in government, then maybe there is merit to discussing their behavior.

    As it stands, it shouldn’t be bothered with for me.

      1. I would agree that it was Inquirer that made the editorial first.

        But I would also wonder why Roque had to bring their tweets up. I really wish the admin’s spokesperson just ignored it and not do so.

        I think the proper discussion here could have been why inquirer or some mainstream outlets may choose to bring the names of Robredo’s daughters up now after this incident when they are not relevant in any way.

        For the time being, this incident basically counts as “1 mention”.

        In the next succeeding issues, I do hope mainstream media doesn’t go to them to ask them about “what their position is on the matter” as they hold no weight or say to whatever major issue it is.

        If they do that, then we can see it as media grooming them already for the “bigger” limelight.

  7. The Robredo daughters’ comments have made the news more than once. Corporate media still direct most of public discourse even if we think their influence has waned. Even if we don’t want them in our minds, the political tools will have a way of injecting them- because they’re still the source of “verifiable” news.

      1. >implying the likes of Rigoberto Tiglao, Alex Magno, Bobit Avila, etc. are the same level as Mocha and banatby and then Maria Ressa, Pia Ranada, and Karen Davilla are more legit

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