Jevilyn Cullamat: victim of “murder”, or casualty of WAR?

Was Jevilyn Cullamat a member of the Communist Party of the Philippines’ terrorist arm, the New People’s Army (NPA)? According to a statement from the the Philippine military quoted in this Inquirer report, yes.

…the Philippine Army said Jevilyn Campos Cullamat, or “Ka Rep,” who allegedly serves as a medic for the NPA, was killed in an encounter with the Philippine Army’s 3rd Special Forces Battalion (3SFBn) last November 28.

Cullamat’s grieving mother, Bayan Muna Representative Eufemia Cullamat in a tweet described her daughter as a “martyr” and a “warrior”, and (over a set of several other tweets) expressed her pride that her daughter died as such in the service of her people. No less than Jevilyn’s mother made it crystal clear that Jevilyn Cullamat died fighting the Philippine Government.

It seems, however, that the different factions within the Politburo need to get their messaging sorted out. According to a group called Bahaghari, a “national democratic organization of militant & anti-imperialist members of the LGBTQ+ in the Philippines”, Jevilyn was “murdered” by the Armed Forces of the Philippines. That does not seem to be in line with her mother’s assertion though. So what really did happen to Jevilyn? Was she an innocent girl “murdered” by the Army? Or was she a “warrior” who died in battle as her mother stated?

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It is interesting to note that Congresswoman Cullamat is an official of the Philippine government and, rightly so, will not go on record to directly support the actions of her daughter as a member of a terrorist organisation. This is the deep underlying dishonesty that the fragmented members (“front organisations” supposedly) of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) share despite their incoherent messaging. Are they out to destroy the Philippine Government or are they participants in it? Do they advocate violent “revolution” or are they participants in the Filipino people’s democracy?

It seems, the communists want to have their cake and eat it too. They want “warriors” running around killing Filipino soldiers but, at the same time, scrounge around for “victims” to serve as fodder for their crooked propaganda operations.

The only people who are disrespecting the death of Jevilyn Cullamat are those who spin dishonest tales around her memory to absolve those who are really responsible for what happened to her. If the communists want their “revolution” and their “fight” to be taken seriously, they should learn to appreciate the consequences of battle and wear their embrace of violent means to an end with a bit more pride. When you choose to join a war, make it clear that you don’t want be remembered as a “victim” if you die in battle. Be remembered as a soldier.

2 Replies to “Jevilyn Cullamat: victim of “murder”, or casualty of WAR?”

  1. “Na Cullamat na si Jevilyn Cullamat, tepok ang commie”…
    It is absurd that we spend our tax money, on her mother, who is a commie also, and a government official. She has no shame on glorifying her daughter, who died as a commie soldier…This woman is bent on destroying our ways of life, and our government. We must “kick her out” , in the government; and haul her to jail. Bring back the death penalty…to give it to these commies…

    Are we a “bunch of idiots”, who subsidize these people, who are really serious in destroying us all ?

  2. I don’t think death deters people inclined to join revolutionary movements. They don’t have a third option. Unless realistic solutions are offered, they’re going to keep fighting for their cause. Spectators can only take the easy way.

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