No bastard ever won a war by dying for her country

The New People’s Army (NPA) “warrior” Jevilyn Cullamat is now dead. Her grieving mother, Bayan Muna Representative Eufemia Cullamat, described her as a “martyr” too perhaps hoping that some meaning could be harvested from the utter senselessness of her passing at the age of 22. Sadly it is unlikely that any meaning in hers and the “martyrdom” of other dead combatants of the NPA will ever be forthcoming. “Fighting” — much less dying — for an obsolete cause, after all, is not exactly the best pathway to lasting historical significance nor, at the very least, a “glorious” death (whatever that might mean).

The eminent World War II general George S. Patton was said to have stated it far more succinctly and to the point…

No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making some other poor dumb bastard die for his country.”

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…in the process highlighting (1) the lameness in the necropolitics of the Communist-Yellowtard Axis of what is today’s Philippine Opposition and (2) the whole point of war that evidently flies over the heads of their “thought leaders”.

The Philippines, not exactly renowned for its martial tradition (not to be confused with its proud tradition of Martial Law Crybabyism), would do best to learn what it really means to wage war. War is all about killing the enemy. In more technical terms, it is all about destroying your enemy’s capability to inflict casualties on your side. And, yes, in war there are sides. Neither one is necessarily the good or the “evil” as the tards of the Opposition like labelling political camps. There are only groups of fighters out to kill the other — which is neither good nor bad but just is.

In a war, we all want to be on the side that is set up to win — the one with the best weapons, the one with the best warriors, and the one with enough thirst for its enemy’s blood to use those resources effectively and without hesitation. When one side makes itsef out to be a “victim” in a war, this is the best time for the other to attack. This is why the idea of choosing to be a victim — which the communists and the Yellowtards have turned into their preferred strategy nowadays — is ridiculous. The smell of fear coming from your enemy is your cue to go for the kill.

Victims get victimised even more when they advertise their victimhood.

So when one dies in a battle in a war one chose to fight in, let’s all be good sports and not be big sissies about it. Soldiers are expected to fight well and die well — not be crybabies about any form of victimhood their leaders should actually be concealing from enemy spies. To that, perhaps we owe some credit to Rep. Cullamat who made no apologies about her daughter “Ka Rep” dying in the “war” being waged by the NPA against the Philippine government. But shame on her “woke” comrades who dishonour Jevilyn by making her out to be a “victim”.

7 Replies to “No bastard ever won a war by dying for her country”

  1. U.S. Gen. George Patton, is one of my favorite General in World War II. The man was a legend. He was the only American General, that the German Nazis, were afraid of fighting in a real battle.

    Gen. Patton was a good strategist and a good commander. His bad fault is his bad temper…

    So, if you die in battle : you are just a casualty of the “other damn bastard”…

    Crybabies, are not for warriors…if you go to war, you are ready to sacrifice your life !!!

    1. The mother allowed her to join the commies, because she is also a commie. Our valiant soldiers have the
      duties of hunt, fight and kill these commies…Cullamat is just one of those casualties and statistics of these fights against these commies.

      This, Marxist, Engel, Maoist commie ideology is a failed ideology. It was tested in the Soviet Union, communist China and other Eastern European countries….it did not work.

      Look at North Korea…it is an “hermit kingdom”, ruled by the Kim family. No election, because, it is a dictatorship by the Kim Family rulers. The country is more of a monarchy…. Kim family members, become the rulers…nobody else… Every human need is rationed, and there were famines in the land, because of crop failures…People died, while their rulers eat the best food and become “fat as pigs”…No Freedom of the Press, Speech, and Movement. They control everything, including your thinking…You can easily , be arrested by the secret police, and end up in jail, for any cause. And rot in jail, without even any trial..while in jail, they torture jailed people…

      Same as in Cuba, or any commie country.

      Eastern European countries were freed from communism, by the end of the Soviet Union. Look at these countries now…they are progressive, and their people are happy…. Look at Russia now, it is now progressive.

      So, think a hundred times, Young People, before you join the commie cause. Those commie recruiters , are now interested in your welfare. They just want you to be a “fodder” of their failed ideology. This commie ideology is a “Utopian Ideology” …it just work in the “figments of your imagination”, that will soon become your nightmare…

      Jo Ma Sison, is there in Amsterdam, Holland; enjoying his luxurious life. And, this “dirty old man commie”, has a good taste of young women, expensive foods and parties…and other forms of luxuries…

      These people are liars and are just using you…Wake Up Idiots !!!

  2. Your personal utopia is thinking you are free just because you have the purchasing power in a place where the rest are very limited. Suit yourself hydentoro. Perhaps you can just keep killing the other bastard.

    1. @Hmmler:

      In commie world, they sell their ideology as , “utopian ideology”. These young people , who are as ignorant, as they can be, are attracted to their mantra: …”Pantay pantay tayong lahat”…My Ass….Kim Jung Un, the ruler of North Korea, is as “fat as a pig”, and he can order anybody to be executed without even any trial…

      Just look at those commie recruiters; they recruit young people to die for their cause; but they don’t go to battle to fight and die…they have good life, as politician; receiving salaries and Pork Barrel Funds…. and they are “fat as pigs”…like Kim Jung Un…

  3. Filipinos seem so hung up about wanting to be heroes. That’s probably one reason they do a lot of selfies, why they take souvenir shots of the Bus Hostage Crisis in 2010 or carve their names on bamboo plants in a garden park. They seem afraid of being forgotten. So they desperately to be remembered. Problem is, they fail to face the reality that they themselves will never feel how it is to be remembered because they’re dead. I’m sure Rizal, Bonifacio, Aguinaldo or anyone called “heroes” will never know how some people venerate them because they’re dead. So what’s the use of pursuing “hero-hood?” Cullamat, no matter what she did, will never know the effect of whatever she did or attempted. Most likely, she will be remembered as a belligerent wannabe usurper and disruptor of a stable society, not a warrior.

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