All bark and no bite: Will Leni Robredo REALLY stand up to Duterte as his EQUAL?

That remains to be seen. Then again, on second thought, hasn’t Leni Robredo always been on a campaign against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte?

From Day One, “vice president” Leni Robredo remained on campaign mode against her own government long after the elections had been concluded and well into her (disputed) term as VP. She was supposedly elected to be vice president to Duterte. Instead, she continues to feed off an umbilical cord into which the Yellowtards (the bloc within the the Opposition rabidly-loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan) continue to pump a cocktail of destructive and often seditious messaging into her pointed head.

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One wonders then where Robredo finds the gall to claim she is being dishonoured by the president and then claim that she now finds the resolve to “fight back”

“Kapag binastos ako, lalaban ako. Kapag binastos mo ako lalaban ako kasi kailangan kong maging halimbawa, eh. Kailangan ko maging halimbawa sa ibang mga kababaihan na nababastos din,” Robredo said.

(Translated to proper English: “When I am treated rudely, I will fight back. When you are rude to me, I will fight because I need to be an example. I need to be an example to women who are also treated rudely.”)

Overlooking the triple-redundancy in her statement above, one could see that Robredo is invoking a familiar tactic to dishonestly elicit a shrill emotional reaction from her fandom: playing the Woman Card.

Why is it suddenly about women? Well, it is because women are habitually regarded as the “victims” in just about any “fight” partisans and “activists” of wokedom get into. Thus it is the easy pathway they habitually take to make a public appeal. Robredo, in doing so, does a disservice to womankind by propagating the notion that they are perenial “victims” in the ironic fights she tries to incite to fuel her dishonest campaign against her own government.

If women truly aspire to hold their own in the jungle that is national politics, they need to demonstrate that they are able to face their adversaries not as women but as true gender-neutral fighters. There are no women or men in politics — only people and parties competing for attention and, ultimately (this being a democracy), the votes needed to acquire political power.

Does Robredo want to be known to be a leader who acquired power because she is a woman? Or does she want to be known as a leader who acquired power because she is categorically better than the competition? Only when Leni Robredo and her clique of titas are able to answer “no” to the earlier and “yes” to the latter, can they claim to fight an honest fight in Philippine democratic politics. Until then, Robredo runs on a Victim Platform — the worst kind and the kind that keeps the Philippines’ political culture backward. This is the last thing Filipinos need. Filipinos need to make a conscious decision to stop being victims and modernise the thinking they apply to their young democracy. The sort of Woman Card the Yellowtards keep playing works against that aspiration. Enough is enough!