The Philippines’ lame duck Opposition

This is why the Philippine Opposition, led by the old bloc of partisans loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) lose. Rather than pause for a bit of introspection in light of the recent Pulse Asia survey that revealed the record 91 percent approval rating Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte enjoys and the dismal 57 percent rating “vice president” Leni Robredo suffers, Opposition partisans remain adamant about their blessedness.

It is evident that they are not doing anything right. Under the leadership of the Liberal Party, they suffered a catastrophic loss in the 2019 congressional elections with all eight members of their main coalition failing to win a seat in the Philippine Senate. Throughout Duterte’s term since winning the presidency in 2016, the Yellowtards’ top “thought leaders” assured one another that public confidence in Duterte’s leadership will wane. They embraced the COVID-19 pandemic as their saving grace, counting on this disaster to crush Filipinos’ spirits enough to turn them away from their president and pave the way for another illegal “people power” revolution.

Despite all that, despite the incessantly lame political stunts and media circuses mounted by Robredo, their presumptive “leader”, Duterte’s popularity bulged rather than dented.

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The Opposition in its current form don’t measure up as the political counter-force to the incumbent that Filipinos deserve. As such, they are a disservice to the public and Philippine democracy. After all, a healthy democracy is one where healthy tension between incumbent and opposition parties result in an intelligent national debate where the best arguments emerge victorious. We see none of that because the top Yellowtard “thought leaders” merely react to the latest “trending” flypaper issue while their communist sidekicks chant their obsolete Cold War era “anti imperialist” slogans. Not a very inspiring lot.

If we were to point out the one thing that would best symbolise the state of the Philippine Opposition, all fingers will likely be directed to “vice president” Leni Robredo. Unintelligent, uncharismatic, inarticulate, and, worst of all, inauthentic, Robredo is the curse that keeps the Philippine Opposition inutile. If the Opposition were a truly professional organisation focused on results, they would have by now put Robredo’s head on the chopping block. Political leaders in a democracy, after all, are expected to convert voters — by being persuasive in their firey speeches, by being the role models that people will find honour in following, and by being true to who they really are and not a pathetic chameleon that frantically tests different colours in a futile on-going effort to please everyone.

It is ironic that the words “Laban” (fight) and “Hold the line!” came to be associated with the Yellowtards. They are anything but the force of fighting men and women who do those words justice. All they will ever be if they continue to subject themselves to lame leaders like Robredo and two-bit aging campus “activists” is the quaint curiosity that they are today. No amount of flashing Hunger Games salutes, waving red flags emblazoned with hammers and sickles, and scare mongering over the prospect of a “return to tyranny” will pump substance back into the deflated political capital of the Yellowtard-led Opposition. The only way the Opposition could save themselves and put up a worthy challenge to the incumbent is to stop acting like Yellowtards. The first step is easy. Ditch “vice president” Leni Robredo as their leader and find someone who could actually lead. The hard part is, of course, coming up with an intelligent platform to match that leadership. For that you also need an intelligent leader. The solutions are obvious. The Opposition only need to get real.

3 Replies to “The Philippines’ lame duck Opposition”

  1. Lugaw Robredo, is the “Queen of Flunkers”…she flunked her Law Bar Exams , many times; now she flunked her performance rating ….she did not deserved that 50% rating , it is too high for her performance. It should be 5% performance rating only. Because , she works only with her : “nonsense loudmouth”…

    Other pertinent issue, is : the way she won the Vice President position…she won it , by cheating in the 2016 Vice Presidential election, with the evil manipulation of the former COMELEC Chief, Andres Bautista, who is now a TNT in America. Bautista manipulated the HOCUS PCOS and SMARTSWITIK machines, to make , Lugaw Robredo win the VP position…. Bautista was found with multiple bank accounts, by his wife amounting to multi million pesos, given by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis and the oligarchs…Then, he fled to America to hide, and enjoy his bribes…

    Regarding Lugaw Robredo low trust rating…I say it: “50% is too high for her…” How can you trust an election cheater and a congenital liar ? How can you trust the Aquino Cojuangco political axis; the commies and the oligarchs ? These are her supporters…

    These are the issues that Lugaw Robredo and her supporters, must take into consideration…the Filipino people demands an answer …and we are thinking and observant people !!!

  2. Other than her uncanny ability to state the obvious, Leni can actually complete a full sentence in pure unadulterated English!!! … to hear is to believe at 2.45
    Leni Speech

    The Yellowtard Opposition is indeed suffering from an acute case of over-optimism to think they will get anywhere in the next elections with such a figurehead. Bright yellow light must truly be blinding if gazed at for long periods of time. Pretty much like someone with BO or BB, everyone else around can smell and notice it except the person himself/herself.

  3. I think Lugaw Robredo is reading her speech on a “teleprompter”….I believe she cannot speak, even a straight sentence of English…

    She must explain to us, why she cheated in the 2016 VP election…and why her accomplish in the 2016 VP cheating ; the crook: Andres Bautista, was found by his wife, with multiple bank accounts, amounting to multi million pesos…after which, the crook: Bautista, fled to the U. S. , to become a TNT, enjoying his bribes. Who gave Bautista the money ? And why ?

    This crook: Bautista; did not want to be investigated, on who gave him the money…and that, why there was cheating in the 2016 election…

    Lugaw Robredo is a consummate hypocrite, and a very dishonest woman …she is the worst political opportunist , I have ever seen !

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