Dishonest Philippine Opposition are desperately politicising typhoon #RollyPH!

Just when you thought the Opposition led by the Yellowtards (the partisan bloc rabidly loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan) could not plumb even lower depths in their desperate quest for power, here they are now seizing every opportunity to turn the imminent visit of super-typhoon Goni (code-named “Rolly” in the Philippines) into political gain. As of this writing, Rolly is expected to tear through Metro Manila, the Philippines’ premiere and most populous metropolis after first hitting the country’s East coast Sunday morning.

“Violent winds and intense rainfall” are expected that could trigger floods and landslides in an area of more than 20 million people, the weather service said.

There was a “high risk” of storm surges of more than three metres (10 feet) high along parts of the coast, it added.

At a time when Filipinos need to work together and look out for one another, Yellowtard “thought leaders” are priming the Filipino public to expect atrocious government response to the crisis. This, of course, is a classic political tactic meant to set themselves up for a blame barrage against the government they will likely launch once Rolly does the job they hope it will do.

In this respect, the Opposition play into an easy space. Poverty has rendered millions of Filipinos helplessly vulnerable to nature’s vicissitudes. Many of the tens of thousands of the victims of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) and Typhoon Washi (Sendong) which struck the Philippine cities of Tacloban and Cagayan de Oro in 2013 and 2011 respectively were impoverished city residents that had settled (many of them illegally) along coastal plains prone to storm surges. Back in 2006, a landslide struck and buried Barangay Guinsaugon in the municipality of St. Bernard in Leyte killing close to 2,000 people. This disaster followed a record 571.2mm of rainfall over five days — three months worth of average rainfall for that region. Fifteen years before that in the city of Ormoc in the same province, 5,000 souls perished in flashflooding and landslides also following heavy rainfall in 1991.

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None of these facts seem to bother the Yellowtards. They even insert the plight of their pet mega-rich media conglomerate ABS-CBN into the narrative insisting that the cancellation of its franchise to broadcast this year is certain to spell disaster for the Philippines.

you know what would be handy now that there's a strong typhoon incoming? ABSCBN

It is also interesting to observe the same partisans sitting around complaining about a lack of any word from the president. This considering that any word issued by the president will, in any case, be met by derision coming from these very same people.

It is plainly evident that members of the Philippine Opposition, most specially that Yellowtard clique that presumes to lead it, are not really looking out for the public good. They are only out to seize any opportunity to paint the Philippine government under a bad light and capitalise on any angle to bolster their quest for power.

6 Replies to “Dishonest Philippine Opposition are desperately politicising typhoon #RollyPH!”

  1. These opposition idiots, are political opportunists. During the Typhoon Yolanda crisis; Aquino and Mar Roxas, withheld and hid the Typhoon Yolanda relief goods in warehouses, and let them rot. They did not distribute these relief goods, to the Typhoon Yolanda victims. Aquino and Mar Roxas, even stole the Typhoon Yolanda funds, mostly contributed by foreign donors.

    This is how these people, who are criticizing now, behaved during the typhoon crisis. They play the : “Blame Game”, as a political tool , to attack their political opponents. However, they cover and hide, their own incompetence and evil works, during the time, they were in power.

    Their political trolls, are now busy, tweeting the ” Blame game” , in all social media outlets.

    We cannot all depend on the government, in all matters…we have to help each other, as we face the possible damage done by this Typhoon. We don’t know how the damage will be…

    It is no use shouting: “The sky is falling !!! The sky is falling!!!”, as these Aquino Cojuangco social media trolls do …These people are alarmist, and forebode: “gloom and doom”.

    What an idiotic and useless opposition , we have !

  2. You, meanwhile, have created an advance excuse whatever happens in the next days that the president is excused because people are stupid for living in risky areas. Thats a nice cafeteria to be shopping at. no matter what happens and no matter how many die the president is still perfect for you.

    This is very much like the dds modus on twitter that filipinos are undsciplined so we shouldnt expect much from the president in preventing covid deaths even if one million of our countrymen died the president already has builtin excuse of undisciplined pinoys so hes still the perfect president.

    1. #NasaanAngPangulo bears true during Noynoy admin because most people feel like the department heads need some kind of order from the President for guidance, or whatever. In my opinion, that’s quite a low standard, because they’re like a chicken with its head cut off.

      It may be hard to compare with what is happening right now, if you ask me, because the department heads and, most importantly, local government units were given the mandate to take the initiative on what is happening in their coverage area. Duterte doesn’t need to show up, because the job is already being done.

  3. Filipinos have bigger things to worry about than a minority that’s trying to impose an alternative reality. Nasaan daw ang pangulo. What’s that going to accomplish. They probably want him to take a jetski into the storm just so he is visible.

  4. They need to discern beyond words and publicity if they really want things to get done. What’s the use of the president’s words and presence if the men on the ground are inutile. But perhaps that’s quite a long way from where we are now, but it has to start somehow.

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