Time to take back ACTIVISM from the communists and Yellowtards!

The last couple of weeks has provided us lots of insight into the dismal state of Philippine “activism”. Particularly revealing is the whole circus surrounding “red-tagging” where we’ve been audience to the baffling antics of a community of “activist” organisations that had time and again proudly flown red flags in practically all of their protest rallies now raising a shrill stink about “red-tagging”. What’s up with that, right?

Perhaps these “activists” once had noble intentions championing the “plights” of the oppressed and needy and calling out injustice perpetrated by the “powerful” and “more fortunate”. And all that jazz. To their credit, those causes remain worthy things to fight for. Much of the dysfunction that allow these inequalities and injustices to persist are so entrenched in Philippine society that these require competent activists to maintain awareness in a public that, in a democracy, has the power to influence politics.

Unfortunately, the Philippines’ communists and the Yellowtards (the bloc of partisans rabidly-loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan) had been successful at only one thing — propagating the wrong perception that they hold a monopoly on “activism”. In a recent tweet, communist “thought leader” Teddy Casino asserted that “Without organizations, activists are just rabble rousing individuals.” Evidently, Casino holds communist organisations in such high regard as to actually believe that real activists cannot exist outside of his dishonest community of terrorist-coddling organisations.

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Parlade says ok lang maging activist pero huwag kayong sasali sa activist organizations kasi baka maging NPA kayo. Duh. Without organizations, activists are just rabble rousing individuals.

In truth, whether it is the mighty communist “women’s issues” organisation GABRIELA or a less media-connected Facebook group of women exchanging tips on parenthood and juggling work and motherhood, there are, believe it or not, cause-oriented communities outside of Joma Sison’s radar that have pertinent voices that need to be heard. And then there are organisations like GABRIELA that are backed by the chi chi likes of Liza Soberano and her mega-rich corporate employer ABS-CBN. Who do Filipinos choose to believe? People are led to believe by bozos like Teddy Casino that flying a red flag makes one’s “activism” valid. This, coming from the very same camps and their “thought leaders” who, when challenged or confronted about their real agendas, cry bloody “red-tagging” — a position that is dishonest to the point of being criminal in nature.

Filipinos need to rid their politics of these vermin. What are noble causes and important advocacies are corrupted by dishonest “thought leaders” who use these issues of national consequence to disguise an insidious mission to destroy democracy through violent “revolution”. Perhaps they may seem not as threatening as they once were — their “fighters” are more snowflake than guerrilla in appearance and their weapons more Apple than AK-47. If for anything, Filipinos should at least get rid of them because they insult Philippine democracy by suggesting that, despite the hard work of people who work within the legal frame, it is hopelessly broken. Philippine democracy is anything but broken. This is a fact that can be further re-enforced once Filipinos put their collective feet down and take back real activism from the communists and their “woke” Yellowtard allies.

One Reply to “Time to take back ACTIVISM from the communists and Yellowtards!”

  1. Casino, is a commie, who is a professional rally organizer…he earns his living by organizing rallies, against any cause that is against any administration.

    Lugaw Robredo’s term, the fake VP, who won the 2016 VP election, is nearing to its end. So, the commies; the Liberal Party; the Aquino Cojuangco political axis; the oligarchs ; and other political opportunists…keep rallying , hoping that foreign powers, like the U.S., with the U.S./C.I.A., will join their cause and remove Duterte from power…

    These people are hoping for another “EDSA miracle”, to materialize , and put them in power. They cannot win in any fair and honest election. So, they cheat in elections, to be in power; or they grab power, with the help of a foreign power…

    The last election, in which their “otso diretso” candidates, went directly to the “inodoro” proves this…MarRoxas and Bam Aquino, did not even win any Senate seat.

    So, we expect the rallies will continue, and the “vermin Casino”, will continue to fill his bank accounts, with money, earned by organizing rallies !

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