Martial Law is a hopeless he-said-she-said “issue” that only wastes our time

I just have to agree with what Kay Rivera wrote in her Inquirer column today…

It frustrates me that we must continue to turn martial law into a he-said-she-said game of history of Marcos vs Aquino camps, a game of fallacies where condemning one must be tantamount to glorifying the other.

As she asserts and titles her piece, there is supposedly plenty of proof. Rivera asserts that “claims of human rights abuses exist, often supported by documentation” in reference to the default position her camp takes on the matter of the “injustices” allegedly perpetrated in those “Martial Law years”. Rightly so, perhaps. The trouble, it seems, is that all this “proof” and the process and institutions these have been pulled through suffer crises of credibility. At the core of this is the perception that the “dilawans” control and, as such, are seen by the broader public to have bent — even perverted — the process to suit their agendas and, most notorious of all, have conscripted the Philippines’ top Big Corporate Media enterprise to their dishonest “cause”.

Rivera then goes on to issue that all-too-familiar lament that she is, herself, tired of the topic and “weary of being falsely called ‘dilawan'”. The term dilawan refers to members of the Yellowtard bloc that claims to lead today’s Philippine Opposition. Members of this bloc are partisans rabidly-loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan whose narrative of “heroes”, necropolitics, and Victim Card playing dominated Philippine political rhetoric since the 1986 EDSA “people power revolution”. It is hardly surprising that Filipinos think the entire system is rigged in favour of the Yellowtards seeing that no less than Chito Gascon the chairman of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) is a known Yellowtard who served as the campaign manager of the Yellowtard presidential candidate Mar Roxas in the lead up to the 2016 presidential elections. It also did not help their cause that the two biggest media conglomerates ABS-CBN and the Inquirer Group were both direct beneficiaries of the corporate looting that followed the “revolutionary” victory of the Yellowtards in 1986.

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The “issue” Rivera gets all crybaby about, therefore, is a political one. Facts don’t matter in democratic politics as recent history has revealed. Popularity and public opinion does. This is why, back in 2012, no less than the Second Aquino Administration under former president Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III used the political tool of impeachment under a Philippine Senate “court” to crush the late former Chief Justice Renato Corona. In a political institution such as the Senate, Aquino’s prosecution team enjoyed vastly more latitude to pervert the “facts” surrounding the case and bend public opinion using the speculative “reporting” of newly-incorporated “social news network” Rappler, a “media” company many Filipinos believe was created specifically in aid of Aquino’s nefarious mission.

Herein lies the hopelessness of resolving the truth about the Martial Law “regime” of former President Ferdinand Marcos. The preferred story was told and the “facts” evaluated by the erstwhile victors of the so-called 1986 “revolution”. This preferred story was then propagated using Yellowtard-written school books, Yellowtard-chaired “human rights” commissions, communist-infiltrated student councils, communists in the editorial boards of campus newspapers, etc. It was three decades of institutionalised insults being thrown at Filipinos’ intellectual faculties perpetrated by a Communist-Yellowtard Axis.

Small wonder that this abuse actually laid the groundwork for the rise to power of the popular populist government of Rodrigo Duterte. Filipinos simply had enough of Aquino and communist BS.

The solution to this intractable state of affairs in Philippine politics is to bury the “Martial Law” rhetoric once and for all and for Filipinos to move on and embrace the possibilities of the future with fresh minds liberated from Yellowtard and communist ideology. Evidently, Inquirer columnist Kay Rivera embodies the sort of archetype that needs to be purged from the Philippine National “Debate” — the sorts of bozos that keep the conversation stuck in Martial Law Crybabyism.

As to resolving the “injustices” Rivera alleges? Well, think a moment and consider the fact that no less than the two Yellowtard presidencies of Cory and Noynoy Aquino all but failed to solve the murder of “national hero” Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. This highlights just how non-serious even the Yellowtards are about resolving the very Martial Law “injustices” people like Rivera wail about. Just give it up, kiddo. “Martial Law” is now just a quaint historical curiosity debated by “thought leaders” who have nothing better to do with their time. Meanwhile, success in the business of embracing the future will be what ultimately separate the men from the little girls.

5 Replies to “Martial Law is a hopeless he-said-she-said “issue” that only wastes our time”

  1. “Martial Law” is used by the : commies; the oligarchs; the Roman Catholic liberation theology minded clergy; the Aquino Cojuangco political axis; and all kinds of political opportunists; as a “Bogeyman” , to frighten the stupid and ignorant Filipinos, to always elect YellowTard candidates.

    This they do, as they are in power: they steal our taxpayers’ money; they use all sorts of scams; and their oligarch cahoots, used this power to enrich themselves, at the expense of the suffering Filipino people…

    This is the reason, we have the: PhilHealth Mafia; the Lopez Mafia; the Aquino Cojuangco Mafia; the MERALCO Mafia; the MWWS Source Mafia (our water source); and other kinds of scammers, thieves and criminal elements…the Aquinos are the Godfathers, of these criminal elements…

    The more , we forget Martial Law; the better…It was only the commies; the crooks; and the subversives who suffered during Martial Law years. There was peace and progress of the country.

    So, let us put that ” Martial Law Bogeyman” into the “inodoro”, and we all Move On !

    1. What about Marcos loyalists who adored, worshipped and glorified Ferdinand E. Marcos during Martial Law?

      1. They’re loyalists for a reason, I suppose… Ninoy could not match in actual achievements and performance.

  2. I didn’t witness that part of history, but taking some effort to learn more about it makes the picture somehow clearer. But if someone’s just passively absorbing what’s in the news it can really be misleading and confusing. When it comes to disinformation, it’s pretty obvious which side is taking the active role.

  3. Marcos loyalists convince that martial law under Marcos was peaceful and it was paradise, a wonderful period. There was discipline, progress and New Society.

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