Marcos Day represents the Filipino people’s moving on from a manufactured past

When a small minority of “activists” continue to encourage Filipinos to latch on to the past and sustain a pathological anxiety about the future, you know there is something wrong. Even more wrong is when these shills conspire with Big Corporate Media to propagate their sick “cause”. Today’s Inquirer editorial, for example, cites, interestingly enough, two communists to try to convince its readers that a “bill declaring a holiday in the province of Ilocos Norte to commemorate the birth of former president and ousted dictator Ferdinand Marcos” constitutes a “desecration” of history.

Actually, to lend some ascendancy to that pompous statement and title of his piece, the Inquirer Editor makes it clear that he merely echoes the words of the communist and Bayan Muna “representative” Eufemia Cullamat whose precise words were that the move was a “big desecration of our history”. And perhaps to score additional Woke Bingo points, all this, the Inquirer Editor shrieks, is but the “latest repugnant attempt at historical revisionism”.

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Next, the Inquirer Editor cites Etta Rosales who is “chair emerita of the party list Akbayan and former chair of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR)” as someone who “knows whereof she speaks”. But of course. Rosales was, after all, a “political detainee during the martial law years”. As expected, anyone who was in prison during those years is automatically a “hero” and some sort of revered authority figure on all things to do with “human rights” which, we Filipinos have been indoctrinated into believing, is anathema to anything to do with Marcos.

The national butthurt these Martial Law Crybabies want to keep all Filipinos mired in goes to such extent that it does not occur to the Inquirer Editor himself that the words of a bunch of communists do not, in any way, represent the broader opinion of the Filipino public. Indeed, this latest fluff piece that panders to the obsolete howls of these crybabies is yet another case of minority opinions being cherry-picked to further a dishonest agenda. This is the very sort of behaviour that contributes to the now-observed progressive loss of trust in the credibility of Big Corporate Media “journalism” by the public.

Filipinos would serve themselves well by stepping out of the clunker that is the communists’ butthurt over “The Martial Law Years” and look to a future of possibilities. Rather than be trapped in a sick Cold War era rhetoric that continuously drums in what Filipinos should not be, we should start creating and embracing thinking around what we could be. Enough already of this perverse Martial Law Crybabyism the communists would like us all to be forever stuck in!

15 Replies to “Marcos Day represents the Filipino people’s moving on from a manufactured past”

  1. Marcos Day must be a national holiday…remove the Ninoy Aquino Day, and replace it with Marcos Day…Ninoy Aquino is a False Hero…he founded the New Peoples’ Army and was the worst political opportunist.

    The “Fake News” during the Martial Law days, became the “Fake History”, that are written in our textbooks, and spread in our fake news media.

    The Aquino Cojuangco political axis; the commies; the Oligarchs; the Roman Catholic Church liberation theology minded clergy; the YellowTards; and all kinds of Political opportunists…conspired to deceive the Filipino people about the late , Pres. Marcos, and the Martial Law days…

    Now the truth is slowly coming out…they call this: “Historical Revisionism” !

  2. this article will make the yellow dynasty really really mad where they see their fall and defeat comes slowly but surely.

  3. As an outsider looking in: The Politicians in the Philippines ARE ALL CRIMINALS, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM.
    If Filipino’s pick Marcos they get a thief/criminal. If Filipino’s pick Aquino they get a Thief/Criminal and a Martyr to boot !
    AND, if Filipino’s pick anyone that is not an Auino or a Mrcos but someone entirely different, the will get a Thief/Criminal and most likely a future Martyr.

    THERE IS NO HOPE FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE FAIL-IPPINES, it is a hopeles mess of a failed state that is run by criminals backed by the U.S. Dept. of State. Anyone who crosses these people will end up dead, disenfranchised or worse.

    SO, Anyone with half a brain would realize this and leave the country and NEVER GO BACK !

    TO ALL FILIPINO’s: YOU HAVE NO FUTURE IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY FOR IT WAS STOLEN A LONG FUCKIN TIME AGO. To try to argue other-wise or, even more idiotically, to change anything is a WATE OF TIME THAT WILL COME TO NO GOOD END !

    1. @Jerry Garcia:

      Politicians behave the same or worse, in any country in the world…it is not only in the

  4. I’ve just read a Thesis, titled, Ferdinand Marcos: “Apotheosis” of the Philippine Historical Political Tradition (May 2009) authored by Nicole CuUnjieng Aboitiz from the University of Pennsylvania which I find interesting. Although it visibly projects the tone coming from someone who appears to be a bit not so Marcos-friendly, still, it carry personal interviews from both sides of the political fences. I find the entry of confessions from these two gentlemen below quite revealing and mind-opening. Hmm… I have never encountered these two personalities telling something like it in this perspective in any interviews elsewhere.

    1- Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, the architect of martial law and Marcos’s Secretary of Defense.

    Enrile eventually broke with Marcos immediately prior to the EDSA revolution, Enrile states that he did so “as a matter of self-protection, self-preservation.”(26) Enrile explains that he feared an attempt on his life should a military junta successfully overthrow Marcos, who was gravely ill at the time and unable to defend his position.(27) Despite his ultimate defection, it is evident that Marcos remains a hero to Senator Enrile.

    26 Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, Personal Interview, 6 Aug. 2008.
    27 Ibid.

    2- Congressman Teodoro “Teddy Boy” Locsin, Jr.— staunchly anti-Marcos, descendant of a long active political family, a former journalist, a personal student of President Marcos and a speechwriter for several presidents.

    “We later found out that he never actually touched the national treasury, although we overthrew him on that condition—that he was stealing from the government.”(36)

    36 Cong. Teodoro Locsin Jr., Personal Interview, 14 Aug. 2008.

    1. A good article to digest, but I cannot agree with how she came to suggest that President Marcos was the ‘apotheosis of Philippine traditional politics.’ If somebody can skillfully maneuver his way around ‘traditional politics’ to achieve a certain end, that doesn’t automatically make him the top advocate of that system. He didn’t seem to be in it for self-preservation, as what a true trapo would do-at whatever cost.

    2. Great find there Zen. In spite of the obvious bias in the author’s appreciation of points presented fron both camps, as well as with her own, in the process, she may have inadvertently revealed more than what was intended.

      Enrile just gave another angle in his story about the 1986 EDSA revolution.

      Locsin said “we”, so it’s safe to presume that the whole Yellow camp must also have known about it for such a long time. And to think that people from the opposition camp are always talking about their imagined Marcos historical-revisionism, whereas, in reality, they’re are ones just wasting their effort and time and the people’s money in their pursuit with zero results, zero conviction for more than thirty years… only perpetuating their lies about the so-called ill-gotten wealth for their own selfish political ends.

      That adage that it is the victors in a political or military conflict who write history in this case is so true. But, these revealing confessions coming from both personalities who are active players during those times and still living up to today, added new light to the continuing story of the Marcos historical saga.

  5. The Aboitiz family is one of the Oligarchs families , that are the “puppeteers” of the politicians. So, I never believed whatever, it is from any media , about the Marcos Martial Law. I was as young student, during Martial Law; and was working in a good job, during the Cory Aquino era.

    Cory Aquino’s reign was like, during the Hitler’s reign in Nazi Germany. She has the “propaganda Machine”, in the form of ABS CBN; the newspapers; ant the radio broadcasts.

    She has Master Propagandists, in the form of the Lopez family. She built, statues for Ninoy Aquino; renamed buildings; international airport; and other public edifices for Ninoy Aquino…,

    Many of the Marcos crooks , like Enrile and Ramos, turned loyalties to Cory Aquino, for political opportunism..

    Cory Aquino released Jo Ma Sison, and exiled him to Amsterdam, Neatherland…Kumander Dante was released also, and all New Peoples’ Army soldiers , who were jailed…Cory Aquino, created the Partylist political system, and the commies, became member in the Legislative Branch of the government. This
    allowed them, to get funds from, the Pork Barrel Funds, to finance their fight to overthrow the government…What a stupid thing to do…you give funds to people who want to overthrow you…

    Cory Aquino was an Ol;igarch; a puppet of the Oligarchs, and crooked and corrupt politicians. She was a crook herself !

  6. There was a “phenomena” during election, called: “Cory’s Magic…where the candidates of Cory Aquino win the elections overwhelmingly…

    Now , we learn that the “Cory’s Magic”, was just the “COMELEC’S HOCOS PCOS”…

    Cory Aquino was not only a crook, a scammer, but an election cheater…

    The Aquinos are greedy of power !

  7. Would love to see how the dumbfounded faces of these communists twist and squirm in agony to find NAIA being renamed to Marcos International Airpot. They will probably be peeing all over the lobby to desecrate the site.

  8. Why do the Marcoses still involve themselves in politics after what happened to their family? They’re filthy rich anyway. They can live abroad without a care for Philippine politics. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be for the top percent rich?

    1. You’re clueless about the fact that There are GLOBAL FREEZE orders on all assets of the Marcoses acquired prior to 1986 and as of now, those orders are NOT yet lifted.

      And you need to look at what they did in Ilocos Norte, where it became the 1st province in the Philippines that gained an ISO 9001 certification. And it happened during Imee’s tenure as governor.

  9. I hope the presidency will not be threatened the same way by a self-serving minority. The possibility is ever present. People like Locsin and Enrile will only look out for their own interest. It is understandable in a way, but they shouldn’t be in positions of leadership if that’s the case.

    1. This is the reason we have to inform each other, and be vigilant, against those that deceive us….

      The Aquinos are deceivers and political opportunists…Ninoy Aquino founded the New Peoples’ Army that is now trying to overthrow the government.

      Cory Aquino, released all the commies; and made them “Legislators”…getting Pork Barrel funds…giving money to these people, who wanted to overthrow the government…Ther Aquinos were oligarchs, and puppets of the U.S./C.I.A.; oligarchs and commies…

      Be ever vigilant !

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