Battle of the Heroes: NAIA name change vs. Ferdinand Marcos Day

Whether you refer to heroes here as with or without the quotation marks, “heroes” in the Philippines appear to be defined by how well you can get history to side on you. And what better way to do that than name recall? So for anyone wanting to be remembered as a hero, naming roads and public buildings, erecting statues and commemorating special days are just about the most effective techniques in the country. But why is this important? Well, just ask the descendants of these heroes who are out to benefit during election day.

It looks like the tide is turning these days with Ninoy increasingly being portrayed as a fake hero, traitor and terrorist (dying only in pursuit of his political agenda), while Macoy is steadily gaining ground in cementing his legacy as the genuine contributor to the country’s development and progress as World War II veteran, distinguished legislator, and former president.

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No less than presidential son Paolo Duterte (along with 2 other Congressmen) is authoring the bill in Congress to rename NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) into anything but after the Yellow Icon. House Bill 7031 seeks to change the airport’s name to the Paliparang Pandaigdig ng Pilipinas.

This move has been met with mixed reactions across the spectrum of minds: Filipinos who have snapped out of the Yellow spell welcome this with a resounding Amen, with a sigh of relief that their clamor for this is finally being heard.

One netizen, Jun Dx2, had these kind words to say…

I don’t care what they rename NAIA with but just remove the name of that fake hero, yellowshit patriarch and co-founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines out!

But as to the timing of doing this in the midst of a pandemic, Senator Risa Hontiveros reacted:

branding the proposal as “ill-timed and insensitive” would be an “understatement.”

Meanwhile Top Yellow Honcho of the Land, Leni Robredo, had a clanging tricycle-load of Taglish to unleash:

“Nasa gitna tayo ng pandemya, ito pa talaga ang maiisip natin?”
“Where is our sense of history?”
“Ngayon pa talaga kung kailan dapat all hands on deck tayo na nagtutulong-tulong para masugpo ‘yung pandemya, ngayon pa ‘yan iisipin?”

Did they ever consider that re-branding the former winner of “Worst Airport of the Year” Awards towards a positive image at a time when our tourism is at its bleakest is actually good timing and a great marketing opportunity in anticipation of our reopening to the world?

On the other side of the court, the House had just stamped their approval on a bill declaring Sept. 11 ‘President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos Day’ in Ilocos Norte, which makes it a special nonworking holiday in the North to commemorate the birth anniversary of the former president.

Senator Sotto affirmed he would not object to the measure:

former President Marcos was a son of Ilocos Norte and he remains, to this day, a hero not only to the people of Ilocos Norte but also to most Ilocanos all over the world.

He expects the bill such as this with local application to breeze through the Senate.

Apparently at the end of the day a person will be measured by his/her accomplishments and achievements, and not by how many people one has duped into following his “the Filipino is worth dying for” Cult.

Considering the steep fall from the heyday of Yellow euphoria to the sheer shame of getting labelled a Dilawan or Yellowtard these days, all Ninoy and Cory can probably say at this point is “It was good while it lasted!”


6 Replies to “Battle of the Heroes: NAIA name change vs. Ferdinand Marcos Day”

  1. Just rename it the The Thriller in Manila International Airport and be done with it!! Everyone can relate to the name and time!!

  2. The good question here is : What did Ninoy Aquino did for the country while he was a Senator ? What did Cory Aquino did for the country, while she was in power ?

    I still think, they did nothing, except to promote their political agendas; block the Land Reform Program; to protect their “Hacienda Luisita”… their “mentally challenged” son, Pnoy Aquyino, was elected President; and all the crooks and corrupt people, took advantage of his being “mentally challenged”, to enriched themselves.

    Ninoy Aquino did not even deserve any statue, or any name of any public structure. He is a traitor and a political opportunist. He is the founder of the New Peoples’ Army; and ardent financial and material supporter of the Communist Party of the Philippines…

    The Aquinos are the puppets of the : commies; the greedy oligarchs; the liberation theology minded, Roman Catholic Church clergy; and all kinds of opportunists. These the Aquinos did; just to promote their personal political agendas, and be in power,,,

    We all have to be vigilant on these amoral people !

    1. i think he died for hacienda luisita. and taking down all his landmarks, just leave the one at makati soldiers arresting him at least something is left for history.

    2. Indeed. One of the biggest perpetual headaches of the country is the NPA – which is the brainchild of Ninoy Aquino. Salamat Ninoy… sa NPA, the No.1 killer of our men in uniform.

      I’m sure renaming Jolo Airport to Janjalani Airport (after the founder of the Abu Sayyaf) will not sit well with our lawmakers. Yet every day that passes with NAIA as the name of our international gateway, we glorify the “hero” of the communist revolution.

  3. Regarding Ferdinand Marcos Day, when I saw the headlines online, I wondered why they would push a new National Holiday, especially at this time. But then, when I read the details, it was actually a local/regional holiday it seems. So, I think the way the major local news tried to frame their headline was wrong to me. They should have emphasized in the title that it was a local/regional holiday bill only.

    But, I honestly wish congress stop creating new holidays. I find it too much already the way we have it in our country. Honestly, a part of me wishes the government just consolidate the holidays in 2 specific months. 2 weeks during the Holy Week, and 1 week during Xmas-New Year stretch. I feel that makes it easier on operations for business, maximizes holidays with family and/or friends.

    For NAIA, just bring it back to MIA as it really was named and meant to be known as. I also find congress wastes time and our taxes when they “deliberate” renaming structures, places and/or streets after a peer or for brownie points with voters. This should stop. We already have multiple streets just in MMla known by 2 names because of this practice. It should be automatic that they can only “name” new roads that have been built, not repaved, repaired or just extended for their own arrogance.

  4. Comment in FB for this article, by Kenshin Fermin:
    I remember when I was still working in Dubai a few years ago, I worked with an old Taiwanese person named William. One time he asked me what happened to the Philippines. I asked him what he meant. He said he remembered when he was still young which was DURING MARCOS TIMES, everytime someone from his village came back from the Philippines after working or trading in some goods, he always heard great stories about our country and in his mind, the Philippines was a very rich place. He said now he’s surprised that over the past years a lot of Filipinos are coming to his country to work in factories and as maids. I swear this is true. Very sad that his country became more prosperous while the Philippines starting from Cory and after 2 Aquino terms became poorer… for the sake of our future, I hope no one from the Liberal Party makes it to any important government position again…

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