The Philippines needs a strong police and army more than ever

Terrorists are getting bolder as it becomes ever more pointedly evident that the Opposition (specifically its leading blocs, the communists and the Yellowtards) regard demonisation of the police and the military as cornerstones of their sick ideologies. Indeed, Filipinos have long suspected strong links between the Yellowtards (the bloc of rabid partisans loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan) and the communists seeing how, back in the 1980s, the late former President Cory Aquino upon grabbing power made it one of her top priorities to release key communist leaders from prison. Both camps habitually push for extra-constitutional — basically criminal — approaches to changes in leadership as well as paint Filipinos as chronic victims of circumstances that are, in actual fact, of their own making.

This habitual painting of the army and police under a bad light by the current Opposition traces its roots to the “Martial Law” rhetoric that bred an entire generation of Martial Law Crybabies and three decades of the ensuing crybabyism dominating the national political narrative. It did not seem to occur to these partisans that a strong nation that lives by the rule of law is made possible by a strong military and a world-class police force. Now, nobody is saying that the Philippines’ military and police are perfect, but demonising them never was a solution to those gaps. The key lay in recommending solutions and charting a pathway forward to achieving a desired outcome. Sadly the Yellowtards chose a destructive approach instead, anchoring their thinking on the past and launching their demonisation campaign. Both this fixation on the past and this repeated slander of the police and military have since become their trademark position. The only real beneficiaries of such a shortsighted campaign were the communists and other organisations that rely on terrorism as a pillar of their strategic agendas.

We now see the results of decades of withering assault on the country’s state forces mounted by the Yellowtards and communists. The Philippines’ military and police forces are weak and underdeveloped, routinely disrespected, and woefully underfunded. The fact that the country’s elite cocoon themselves within fortified gated communities and that private security is a billion-peso industry in the Philippines are testaments to the flaccid state of the country’s police and armed forces. The Yellowtards together with the communists in cahoots with the Philippines’ mass media industry (including virtually all of university campus “journalism”) have effectively created an environment that not only breeds but coddles terrorists. It has also created a sissy culture where victimisation is a key criterion to being regarded as a “hero”, where dead relatives are made platforms upon which dishonest political careers are launched, and where being a sissy is regarded as a “woke” virtue.

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Filipinos need to put an end to the sissy culture being propagated by the Yellowtards and the communists. Look at all the world’s greatest nations. They are nations built by the sword and have blood-soaked histories of conquest and warfare. That the Philippines has no history of ever having won a war and, for that matter, altogether lacks any semblance of a martial tradition says a lot about its national character. Clearly, the Yellowtards and the communists are roadblocks to greatness. It’s time the Filipinos take decisive action against these cultural and political cancers that seek to embed defeatist mindsets and breed sheep-like people.

11 Replies to “The Philippines needs a strong police and army more than ever”

  1. Agree on the last statement. The greatest nations have their own strong military and had the capability to defend their borders. Israel is a small country, but it is one of best military forces in the world.

    The Philippines had the potential to strengthen its military and police force. Those Yellowtards and communists who demonise our military and police due to their ‘Martial law crybabyism’ are the same sissies who want to go to war against China yet clueless about how and why a strong military is important in defending our borders.

  2. We need Law and Order, in order to progress…we need a strong and efficient Police force; and a capable Military, to defend our country…We have to be able to defend ourselves, from any threat against us.

    The Aquino YellowTard era, had almost destroyed the military, and the Police Force. A communist insurgency was going on in our country…What did that incompetent housewife, Cory Aquino did ? She released all communists in prison, and allowed them to participate in the government…she ordered the “kid glove” treatments of these communist insurgents. The Aquino Cojuangco political axis; the YellowTards; the Oligarchs; the Roman Catholic Church liberation theology minded clergy; and other opposition groups were the supporters of this communist insurgency; just to remove the late Pres. Marcos, and put themselves into power.

    The communist Supremo, Jo Ma Sison was exiled in Amsterdam, Holland, where he lives a “rich and famous life”, while he was directing his NPA insurgents in our country…Many communist fronts , were formed as “activists”….in truth; they were “communist agitators”…Up to now , they are addicted to rallies…Many became, ” professional rallyist”…like the “Bayad Muna”, before, they rally.

    Some of the legislators who were voted in power, were actually , leaders of the communist insurgents…
    The NPA, that was founded by Ninoy Aquino, became stronger and stronger, with huge financial funds, earned thru: extortion; protection racket scams; Pork Barrel scams; funds from the oligarchy; funds from the Aquino Cojuangco political axis and funds from the Roman Catholic Church liberation theology clergy…be careful to know, where your money go, before you give contribution to your church….

    The tactics and the strategy of the communists are the same…they show their “legitimacy”, while they are bent to destroy our country, and to grab power !

  3. I don’t understand the point between the title of this article, and the article itself. It’s not the job of the police nor the army to control people’s opinions. I know it sucks but there is a communist party that makes rallies. Just get over it. It’s a poor country where most people are not educated so yes, these people go where they’re accepted and listened. If this must be the communist party then they join the communist party.

    Now about cops in the Philippines, I think they’re super lame. How people are supposed to trust them? There’s not a single type of crime Filipino police officers don’t commit. When you vote and support a stupid and incompetent dictator who talks about killing people with no trial for this and that and giving more power to the cops when fully knowing how crooked they are, it’s the exact kind of result you must to expect. You guys have voted for corruption. EJK is the biggest sign of corruption a country can possibly has. It’s lawlessness. Just deal with it and stop complaining.

  4. Citizens should be able to defend themselves.. They shouldn’t be dependent on the police and armed forces. at least at the local level.

  5. @Tommy Wiseau:

    The Communist , or commies are political nuisance…we should not ignore them. They have now changed into a “Mafia Crime Family”, dealing with: extortion; protection rackets; scams ; contract murders; government funds thievery; etc…being poor is not an excuse, of not being informed by their fellow Filipinos…

    The Police must be trained properly; and unacceptable conducts must be dealt with proper disciplinary actions…

    We blame the Aquinos for supporting and empowering these commies, who are bent on sowing chaos and troubles. Unfortunately, they are being used by evil politicians, oligarchs, and some of the Roman Catholic “liberation theology minded” clergy, to promote their personal and political agendas…

    The “EJK issue” against Duterte is a political issue…remember, the opposition cheated in the 2016 VP election, thru the HOCUS PCOS and SMARTSWITIK of the former COMELEC Chief, Andres Bautista, who is now a TNT in America, enjoying his bribes given by the oligarchs to put Lugaw Robredo on the VP position, to replace Duterte…

    Until now, they want to replace Duterte , with that “clueless” VP Lugaw Robredo, who will become a “Willing Puppet” of the oligarchs, where they can scam and plunder our financial resources…

    We are not all naive !

    1. You’re certainly naive to think that everything you don’t like is “left-wing.”

      The Philippine Catholic Church prefers not to change from being the only country in the world where you can’t divorce (and annulment depends on how much it offends their feelings.) That’s reactionary as fuck.

      And speaking of reactionary, I’d like to think the “Communists” are more of a boogeyman fostered by the Yellows to scare people into accepting and maintaining the existing feudalist order, and any change leads to “communism.” This is the same Yellows that turned against PGMA for even thinking about doing something about their feudalist Hacienda Luisita, after all.

      1. @Frank:

        Not all we don’t like are leftists or left wing; but in our country most of the oppositions are radical lefts…

        The communist threat in our country is Real…there is a well armed , well funded and well supported communist insurgency, of the New Peoples’ Army.

        The feudal oligarchs, the oligarchs, Roman Catholic Church “liberation theology minded” clergy , and some political opportunists used the communist insurgency, as opposition front; to put themselves into power.

        The “Feudal Hacienderos”, and other rich people are forced to pay , “revolutionary taxes” from the communists…it is some form of “protection racket and extortion” done by the Mafia…

        This is the reason, I have stated that the NPA, has changed into a Mafiosi…we have many Mafias in our country. There is the PhilHealth Mafia; the SSS Mafia; the BIR Mafia; the Liberal Party Mafia; the Political opportunists Mafia; the COMELEC Mafia; the Oligarchs Mafia; the MERALCO Mafia; etc…

        We are not all that ignorant and naive !

  6. The commies are a criminal organization, headed by Jose Maria Sison , , the titular head of the CPP/NPA criminal organization…he is a “power player ” in the Philippine political scene…

    The 1986 EDSA coup d’ etat by Cory Aquino, Enrile, Fidel Ramos, the Oligarchs, the Roman Catholic Church and the U.S. /C.I.A. , made this CPP/NPA a stronger criminal organization…getting funds from the government and the business sectors, as well as wealthy individuals…

    This is the truth !

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