What to expect from Duterte’s 2020 State of the Nation Address

But of course the usual mob of Opposition “activists” will defy the ban on “street protests” on Monday the 27th July 2020. But are they going to exhibit or demonstrate anything new? Quite unlikely. They will be as predictable as they’ve always been — with their “oust” rhetoric, their “human rights” blah blah, and their “looming tyranny” fear mongering among other activist clichés. By definition, newsworthiness is information that is novel or unexpected in nature. So news media outlets that deem these “protest rallies” newsworthy would be doing their viewers the usual dishonest news “reporting” on what is essentially non-news. There is nothing newsworthy about the protests expected to erupt on Monday because they will be the old same ol’.

On the other hand, the speech to be delivered by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will be the news of the day on Monday. Despite wokedom’s insistence that Duterte is the most disgusting man since Stalin, they will be hanging on to every word he utters, addicted to the high they get signalling their virtue tweeting about how disgusting every word they strain their ears to capture comes across to them. Monday’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) will be a big event indeed.

Advertisers who manage to get slots in the SONA telecast will have a field day. Wokedom after all are the iPhone-tapping, latte-sipping Starbucks barnacles whose cash flows — and, therefore, collective purchasing power — remain immune to the COVID-19-induced economic crisis that bears down on most ordinary schmoes in the Philippines. This is thanks to the old reliable Bank of Mommy and Daddy chi chi Filipino wokedom lean on to keep their extension credit cards positive-balanced and their handed-on-silver-platter jobs that lend well to working from home (home being places that are equipped with the best Internet Daddy can buy).

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What is Duterte planning to share with the public on Monday? Well it depends on what sort of Filipino you are. If you are a forward-looking Filipino, you will take on board things from the SONA that inform the nature of opportunities that change brings. If you are the trapped-in-the-past sorts that the Philippine Opposition would like most Filipinos to remain as, you will see nothing but badness in what the president has to say.

At the most fundamental level, Duterte is a product of Philippine democracy — the winner of an election, overwhelmingly popular, and, as such, impervious to any legal means to removing him from office mid-term. What then do the Opposition “activists” who plan to riot on Manila’s streets on Monday want? The thing they need to ask themselves is if the antics they plan to put on exhibit on Monday will take them on a pathway to winning the coming 2022 national elections — the only true means to replace the regime with anything that resembles the leadership (and representation in Congress) that the Opposition want. They should ask themselves if Filipinos really give a rat’s ass about the nebulous notions of “human rights”, “press freedom”, and US “imperialism” that they articulate in the woefully unoriginal placards they will be brandishing on their steet parties.

Even the foremost “thought leaders” of the Opposition will be hard-pressed to stammer out an even vaguely-coherent sales pitch for their “cause” of the sort that could win them an election. Indeed, with less than two years to go and less than a year to prepare a viable campaign, this Opposition is not stepping up to the role of a competent challenge to the incumbent — one that deserves the respect of a people who aspire to become a true modern democratic people. They lack a winnable leader, lack a coherent platform, and are a hopelessly-fragmented motley lot.

If this is the Philippine Opposition we will be seeing in Manila’s streets on Monday, they will be an absolute national embarrassment. To the communists, Yellowtards, Martial Law Crybabies and the starstruck fandom of Kapamilya‘s starlets, at least try not to smile before the cameras to show you are even half serious about the joke of a “movement” you will be exhibiting.

President Duterte’s SONA will be delivered to the Filipino people on Monday, the 27th July 2020. Deal with that.

One Reply to “What to expect from Duterte’s 2020 State of the Nation Address”

  1. Pres. Duterte has accomplished much in his term as President; inspite of his opponents trying to remove him by all means, and replace him with the “dumb woman”, the fake Vice President Lugaw Robredo.

    I thanks and appreciate Pres. Duterte for these accomplishments. This is the reason, of his high approval ratings from the Filipinos…his detractors can just whine , complain and shout.

    The coming SONA , will be the opportunity for all kinds of political opportunists, to vent their delusions on the public…the professional rallyists will make a lot of money; with their “hakot demonstrators” doing the work…. the commies will come out, together with their “commie legal fronts”, shouting to the top of their lungs, against all kinds of “ism” : U.S. imperialism; feudalism;capitalism, human rights violations; etc…while their boss, JoMa Sison, enjoys his “rich and famous” life in Amsterdam, Netherland….

    The Roman Catholic Church liberation theology clergy, will come out with their “holier than thou” nuns demonstrating against all kinds of issues , and against Duterte…

    The YellowTard opposition, will “paint a grim picture” on the “dismal condition” of the Philippines; and will try to convince us all , that they are the “solutions of the problems”…they are the problems themselves…

    All kinds of oppositions will come out from wherever they came from, to shake the fists, and shout their rage to demonize Duterte !

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