The KADAMAY mentality of ABS-CBN

Despite many Filipinos including former contracted talent moving on with their lives, ABS-CBN continue a melodramatic emotional blackmail campaign to remind the public how “dependent” they are on the network “family” which they market as the brand Kapamilya. Instead of recognising that survival and prosperity as a private enterprise is something one’s management and shareholders are personally accountable for, what their “supporters” are doing is externalising the reasons for their “beloved” corporation’s failure to secure a renewal of their franchise to broadcast. Worse, they are now on a demonisation campaign against former employees and contracted starlets who refuse to join their “cause”.

Former ABS-CBN talent Aljur Abrenica, one of the stars who had already moved on and focused on the future of his career, put it quite well

“How I see this scenario is the opportunity talaga to cleanse, and the opportunity to get better as a network…”

Patuloy niya, “Every case naman na ganito, may opportunity to make everything better. Yun na lang ang tinitingnan ko.

What ABS-CBN and its supporters are doing, in essence, is no different to how a jilted lover would attempt to split the conjugal network of friends she once shared with her partner into camps. In Tagalog, it is a case of naghahanap ng kadamay. It is good that there are personalities like Abrenica who have a good head on their shoulders and are able to see right through this dishonest game ABS-CBN wants them to play.

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Indeed, ABS-CBN insults the talent of these performers by suggesting that they owe their success to the network and not to their inherent abilities as artists and to the work ethic they applied to bulding their careers. Those who have moved on are very likely those who are confident enough in these abilities to seek their fortunes elsewhere. Those who continue to rabidly owe loyalty to the ABS-CBN “family” are as insecure as the losers who fear leaving their mothers’ comfy nest.

The stand Angel Locsin, newly-crowned celebrity “hero” of the ABS-CBN “cause”, on the other hand, encapsulates the toxicity of the network’s vilification campaign

The “Darna” star decried the silence of her fellow celebrities who are said to be just trying to “look cute on Instagram,” while the network that paved the way for their successful careers is gone.

Locsin’s fans then took this opportunity to bully actress Jane De Leon who happened to be reprising the role of Darna in its television reboot, some of them going as far as suggesting that her career is dead as a result of the stand she takes on joining protest rallies in support of Locsin’s “cause”.

De Leon had earlier “appealed to others to stop being ‘judgmental’ and to quit ‘imposing what others should do according to [their] personal standards and beliefs’.”

We see here the cancerous nature of ABS-CBN’s influence on the values of Filipinos. The network and its rabid supporters contradict the ethic of personal accountability that is vital to the creation of capital through self-reliance and hard work. They are against personal choice and prefer to see their Kapamilya mob toeing the line. Worst of all, they fail to see that their failure was an internal failure — a result of the incompetence and irresponsibility of their executive management team.

4 Replies to “The KADAMAY mentality of ABS-CBN”

  1. Angel Locsin, the “Darna” or “superwoman”, is too fat already, for her role as “Darna”…She cannot “fly” anymore…she cannot “fight” anymore for her cause….she is suffering from all kinds of ailments, due to being overweight…

    So, she has an “standing order”, from her Boss Lopez, the big time scammer to do a “Darna role” in saving his tax evading and his squatter company: ABS CBN….Angel Locsin is a commie and a YellowTard, and her “true color” came out as a “leftist activist” and political opportunist…in this franchise issue…

    The “fallen Darna” cannot convince her fellow “artistas” to join her cause in “demonizing” all people, who are the causes of the demise of the “disenteng squatter” : ABS CBN.

    Lopez, thinks , he is above the law…and he thinks, the Aquino era has not yet ended. He thinks, he can blackmail and bully anybody, who do not comply to his demands; using his ABS CBN TV network; a bunch of his political propagandists; and a group of his “idiotic artistic”, who are deluded that Filipinos, who are addicted to their telenovelas, cannot live without them…

    Kick all these Bastards out, until they are awakened from their delusions !

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