Life goes on and GETS BETTER without #ABSCBN news and entertainment


Filipinos should get a grip. It is actually possible to live without ABS-CBN. It’s been proven. Many chi chi Ateneans and other private school kids who form part of ABS-CBN executive management very likely lead entire lives not watching a single one of the “entertainment” products their own company subjects Filipinos to. Indeed, an interesting question one could ask ABS-CBN president Carlo Katigbak who is a graduate of chi chi Xavier School and the Ateneo de Manila University is whether he subjects his own kids to the trashy programmes ABS-CBN airs.

All this makes interesting the notion that ABS-CBN is as essential to Filipino lives as rice. Could it be that ABS-CBN programming is the pagpag of the media industry in this regard?

Perhaps so. Business taipans who themselves don’t eat the food their businesses serve to their customers are in a class of their own. Much like the way that other Yellowtard business Ligo Sardines sells canned fish to poor Filipinos, ABS-CBN sells canned laughter and drama to the same market. The difference between the two is that while most people can tell that a slab of grilled salmon tastes way better than the oily muck that slips out of a can of Ligo, what makes Parasite way better than one of those Angelica Panganiban movies very likely flies above the average Filipino film buff’s head. In that sense, ABS-CBN is worse than Ligo Sardines. Poverty and substandard education ensures Filipinos cannot tell just how bad ABS-CBN products are. The company rakes in enormous profits off that dishonest trade on the back of mass ignorance.

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That’s not to say, of course, that depriving Filipinos of Pinoy Big Brother will turn them into big fans of the Discovery Channel anytime soon. There’s a bigger shift in culture and thinking that goes into changing that and, beyond ABS-CBN, there are other possibly even more powerful agents of intellectual degeneration that remain deeply-entrenched in Philippine society. There’s the GMA Network and its Eat Bulaga fandom and, yes, the Roman Catholic Church and its Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) Gestapo among others. Those two big agents of kaboboan are not about to be wiped off the face of the planet anytime soon so, back to the matter of ABS-CBN blinking out, there still is room for important perspective.

No less than Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates himself attests to the massive productivity and self-improvement boost abstaining from watching TV delivers

I stopped listening to music and watching TV in my 20s. It sounds extreme, but I did it because I thought they would just distract me from thinking about software.

That’s just TV in general. Imagine then if people are cut off from trashy TV. This is the gift that the ABS-CBN shutdown will keep giving Filipinos henceforth. Filipinos are not going to turn into software innovators overnight but the removal of a media organisation that shovels crap into everyone’s living rooms and devices and earns buckets of money off that dishonest business is, indeed, a development they should welcome with a lot of fanfare.

The fact is, there is an elite minority of Filipinos who lead entire lives not consuming a single ABS-CBN product. These are people who, more often than not, lead richer more productive lives and are likely to breed offspring who carry on their productivity and wealth. There is certainly nothing wrong with that and there’s everything right about the demise of ABS-CBN.

43 Replies to “Life goes on and GETS BETTER without #ABSCBN news and entertainment”

    1. The end of the despicable endless going-around story of Cardio Dalisay (aka Province cop), hahaha.

      Go Korean K-dramas, make Erik Matti continually gnash his teeth (or false ones, lols) in anger, hahaha.

      Death to stupid Filipino tv stations that never improved their shows and making people dumber each year!

  1. You clearly haven’t seen the quality shows of ABS CBN:
    1. Bagani = better than Game of Thrones
    2. La Luna Sangre = better than Twilight or the Vampire Diaries
    3. Ang Probinsyano = nothing to compare this awesome show too because its just so brilliant
    4. Tito Boy Abunda = Oprah and Dr. Phil combined in one show!
    5. GGV (Vice Ganda) = Sonny and Cher combined in one person!
    6. Karen Davila = the best journalist in Asia (probably top 3 in the world)
    7. TV Patrol = the most fair and balanced news show in the country
    8. Showtime = What Eat Bulaga aspires to be

    1. Well sorry but I only watch Fox News America and Donald Trump, período. Also, Jesus is the only other true news while the rest are full of b******* hehehe.

    2. @bongsky If you think that those shows you’d posted it here are way better than other shows from GMA Network & even to other foreign shows, well I would like to tell you a story & since I was born at the time of Martial Law era in our country in the 70s & around in the 80s & 90s, it was the golden age of Philippine Television especially to ABS-CBN & even GMA Network than what we’ve seen today on those 2 giant networks & there’s a good reason on it. At that time, there are many Hollywood TV shows that was shown on Philippine televisions both on GMA Network, IBC-13 & RPN & later ABS-CBN & TV5 after the 1986 EDSA-I Revolution like The A-Team, Knight Rider, Falcon Crest, Dynasty, Magnum PI, Macgyver, Dallas, CHiPs (California Highway Patrols), The Simpsons, The X Files, Beverley Hills 90210, Sienfeld, E.R., Frasier, Quantum Leap, Twilight Zone, Star Trek, The X-Men, Batman: The Animated Series, etc., etc., etc. And also the Pinoy shows during that time are mostly showing sitcoms like John en Marsha, T.O.D.A.S., Iskul Bukol, Buddy & Sol, Mixed Nuts, Home Along da Riles, Palibhasa Lalake, Chika Chika Hits, Duplex, Plaza 1899, TVJ, etc., etc. even there are some educational shows that was shown at that era like Sesame Street, The Electric Co., Bayani, Sineskuela, Hirayamarawari (I hope I’d pronounce it right & it was the best show of ABS-CBN, imho) & Batibot which it was the Pinoy version of Sesame Street unlike today’s Pinoy TV shows which are mostly copycats, unoriginal, sometimes immoral & didn’t give a good values to the Filipino TV viewers. Damn, I’d missed those eras! Now those good quality shows are we could only see mostly on Cable TV channels, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. but not on today’s Philippine TV!

      Now not only ABias-CBEnd but also GMA Network & TV5 that should also suffer their demise because of showing on very shallow, immoral & unoriginal local telenovelas, Tagalized Hollywood movies which is very corny & biased news reporting on evening news programs from TV Patrol & 24 Oras on their network everyday! And another reason for it is also the evolution of technology that we use today as what I’d posted it on above on how the social media & streaming media apps could kill them. The internet is the new TV, and you know what I mean, @bongsky! RIP mainstream media:

      1. And BTW, @bongsky if you think that ABias-CBEnd is a good TV network & they have good intentions to the Filipino people for the past 65 years, then watch this interview video of a veteran journalist, Jay Sonza who’d worked at that company before and he’d witnessed the immorality of the Lopez clans & other executives of ABS-CBN & he’d also comment on their former employees or also known as “talents” of that company for their unethical labor practices:

    3. Good comment but I’m sad that the sarcasm in this will fly over for some GRP readers’ heads.

  2. entire civilizations rose and fell without consuming grp content. doesn’t mean you should be shut down. what a stupid argument.

      1. And the winner is… GRP! So sorry for the fans of ABS-CBN like greengrin.

        Shucks, here, we have some collection of videos here of Carlo Dalisay gyrating for greengrin’s pleasure binge watching.

        1. you pretend abscbn shows and viewers are too lowbrow and inferior for you and yet you memorized the characters names hehehehehehehe

        2. you pretend abscbn shows and viewers are too lowbrow and inferior for you and yet you memorized the characters names hehehehehehehe

          I never watched “Ang Probinsyano” but c’mon, it’s all over the place, even the internet. Ever heard of the word ‘familiarity’?

          Nice grasping on straws right there.

  3. Lol.

    Seeing Gamma Male extraordinaire benign0 laud the main architect of the Coronu plandemic is very fucking rich.

    Goes to show how much of a grabbled shill he, and this damn website, is.

    1. What part about what I say do you disagree with though? You need to be a bit more specific (if you really have anything specific to say, that is).

    2. Says the actual grabbled shill who thinks that we should blame on an authority figure for causing this plandemic. Am I correct?

  4. ABS thinks it’s too big to fail. This is what happens in an economy that inevitably concentrates wealth to the few. How is this compatible with the institutions and law supposed to be for the common good.

  5. Funny benign0 how you included the Roman Catholic Church and labelled it as the leading “kaboboan” and “intellectual degeneration.” Maybe you are ignorant of the facts or you refused to recognize the many contributions of the Catholic Church not just in the Philippines but also around the world. Just research on google and you will find out that Catholic Church was one of the pioneers in establishing oldest continually functioning universities in the world starting out in Europe century ago, one of the massive contributors of education thru universities and colleges around the world and particularly in the Philippines, one of the providers of early scientific facts and theories thru the middles ages catholic scientists, one of the leading health care providers thru hospitals and clinics in the world, and one of the leading providers of charitable organizations in the Philippines and the rest of the world. Catholic Church is more than just teaching morality and virtue. They put it into deeds regardless of the controversies of its people. You can have your biased opinion but you cannot deny the facts. Surely the Catholic Church is not the leading kaboboan and degeneration as you said but rather it has contributed a lot to human development and human advancement in the modern world more than you can imagine.

    1. I wrote this sometime back

      The CBCP and the broader Roman Catholic mafia to which it belongs isn’t exactly renowned for bodies of work open to scrutiny and challenge. In fact, much of what it purports to be “true” about the world was the starting point for a vast “knowledgebase” of backward-engineered “theology”. The Catholic Church’s most revered “thought leader”, medieval philosopher and theologian St. Thomas Aquinas (the father of “theology”), wrote out volumes of convoluted reasoning that he attempted to shoehorn through the narrow channel of orthodoxy that Christendom allows of the “thinkers” it endorses. Tragic. Countless Filipino parents likely took out second mortgages to have their kids educated on this so-called “theology” at chi-chi private Catholic schools like the Ateneo de Manila University.

      Read the rest of the article here.

      1. benign0,

        Your suggested article doesn’t really get the relevant connection between the Catholic Church and Science. You tend to separate the two when it isn’t. The Church believes in the creation of natural things by God as a whole while science is a tool used to explain that creation in an explicit, specific and procedural ways understandable by finite human minds, and it’s a gradual process. Although some scientific discoveries may get in conflict with church understanding but it doesn’t negate the fact that Catholic Church still supports, respects and loves science as a whole. Hence, the ultimate reason why that Church has been building universities and hospitals around the world since the past millennium with scientific ingredients designed to educate, heal and cater human beings. In the Philippines, we have prominent schools founded by Catholic Church: the University of Sto. Tomas, Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, San Beda Univeristy and St. Louis University. Many graduates of these Universities are now the leading Doctors, Scientists, Engineers, Architects, Lawyers and Nurses in the Philippines. The country also have many hospitals and clinics founded by the Catholic Church.

        The morality based Bible issue that the Church is espousing will remain as it is but it is primarily used to foster discipline and virtue in the spiritual aspect of catholics but in no way the Church is hindering Filipinos to be ambitious and reach their full potential, rather, it helps them to be professionals and successful in their own ways. Otherwise, this church would not take part in nation building. Thus, your kaboboan and intellectual degeneration of that Church has no iota of truth in it.

        1. why does the church oppose contraception for women which is the only proven solution to poverty?

        2. greengrin,

          It is against Catholic Church teaching on natural law. The law that God commands. The main reason is that it sees sex as an important tool for procreation and love that binds married men and women only. Outside of that is lust, undisciplined and selfishness which are considered sins in the Catholic religion. Calendar method is the only birth control endorses by the Church.

          But we can see that even it is against Church teaching, contraceptives are widely used by the Filipino people. They are available anywhere in the pharmacy or barangay healthcare and they are considered as the new normal. It is a choice that they made just like ABS-CBN is a choice for one’s viewer.

      2. I don’t think so. The Church had long been an agent in the suppression of science and alternative approaches to thinking often demonising people who dared explore these, accusing them of heresy, excommunicating them, and even hunting them down as “witches”.


        It is worth noting that the Catholic Church fought tooth and nail to protect its reputation as a source of truth to the point that it mounted horrific massacres and demonisation campaigns against people and communities who threatened that reputation. The label used at the time was “evil”.

        An entrenched traditional source of truth — mainstream news media (the Establishment) — now find themselves in the same position the Catholic Church found itself in when Copernicus and Galileo started to propose alternative theories to explain how celestial bodies moved in space relative to one another.

        Full article here.

        1. benign0,

          Ah, that famous Copernicus and Galileo heliocentricism opposed by the Catholic Church. Looks like you just went to pick the ripe part of that issue as a weapon against the Church. I’m not really concern to who is right between them but what I’m only concern about here is the proof that the Church is not the epitome of Kaboboan and degeneration as i’ve shown already how they established plenty of universities and hospitals in the world and in the Philippines since the last millennium that promoted modern thinking but let me argue with you about heliocentrism issue.

          Heliocentrism of Copernicus and Galileo was the scientific proposal that the earth revolves around the sun and that the sun is the center of the solar system and the universe. Copernicus was not the first who came up with the idea of heliocentrism but it was Aristarchus of Samos in 200 BCE. But Copernicus was the one who revived it and made an explicit elaboration and calculation to solve the mystery of heliocentrism in 15th CE as opposed to geocentrism and later strengthened by Galileo with the helped of the invention of the telescope. Sure, the early Catholic Church was against the idea, even the protestantism of Martin Luther was also against it but the reason behind is that geocentrism belief was the most widely accepted and popular scientific truth during the time of Copernicus and Galileo popularized since Aristotle and Ptolemy in BCE. Other famous astronomers during Galileo’s time also believed in the geocentrism principle and was highly favored and used by the Church. The Church did not easily believe the idea of Copernicus and Galileo because as I said, majority of astronomers and geophysicists likely to believe that geocentrism is the truth. The Church had good relationship with Copernicus. The latter even studied theology. But Galielo insisted heliocentrism as the truth. The Church wanted him to treat that as a theory but he pushed farther to cause tension with the Church which causes Galileo later to have house arrest. In the next 300 years, the Church accepted heliocentrism as the truth though only in the part that the planet earth and other planets revolved around the sun. It was later found out in modern science that Copernicus and Galileo’s heliocentrism was not at all absolutely true. The sun is not the center of the solar system but only approximately because it is the focus of elliptical orbit in the solar system, nor it is the center of the universe because the universe continues to expand and that the center of it will not hold to that position eternally.

          Hence, the Church may had been stubborn in accepting heliocentrism at first but the good thing is that it changes its position later on. This means it is open to the scientific position and evidence. This proves also that, contrary to popular belief, the Church is not anti-scientific but is open to discoveries. Why would the Church continuously promotes education, research and healthcare all over the world up to this day if it wanted to remain the people to be backward? I will reiterate my position above that the Church respects, supports and loves science. And it sees science as a partner for human development. But the spiritual focus of the Church will remain unchanged.

        2. “But the spiritual focus of the Church will remain unchanged.”

          That one statement alone makes science and the Church incompatible — because all scientific theories are not exempt from challenge. The Church, on the other hand, as you yourself point out, has an entire body of tenets that it considers exempt from critical challenge.

        3. Scientific theories are always prone to challenges when there’s new findings that explain them better just as what happened to heliocentrism from ancient ages to modern era. The Church spiritual focus remains unchanged because science did not disprove 100 percent so far that spiritual nature doesn’t exist so it remains to be there. The Catholic religion and other religions, on the other hand, have declared to be true the miracles happened from ordinary people since that religion’s inception, not only they come from the Bible’s but from real experiences, and that so many people around the world claimed to have spiritual experiences that science thus far cannot able to explain, so it only strengthened their faith to be true.

          Nonetheless, the Church wanted to help people develop their full potential holistically by helping them thru its educational system they established and that includes science curriculum, which involves a lot of critical thinking different from religion. That scenario is visible in the Philippine Catholic schools. It proves that Catholic religion did not impede science progress and it gives freedom to people they helped to decide on their own on what they think is better for them. The Roman Catholic Religion, in this respect, has proven its worth for many centuries already as part of nation-building. It did not see science as a threat. In fact, by the universities and colleges it established in the Philippines, it produces many scientists and engineers that could somehow threaten its Church faith but it did not choose to stop them but instead continues to provide quality education and healthcare in this country for centuries and counting.

        4. The sciences would have to be evolving alongside the spirituality aspect. Isn’t there a common drive for each of them? A foundation where they can converge and be reconciled?

        5. “The Church spiritual focus remains unchanged because science did not disprove 100 percent so far that spiritual nature doesn’t exist so it remains to be there.”

          The Church didn’t prove its dogma scientifically or even at least logically. This is why it is a DISHONEST organisation. It challenges scientists to disprove its treachings yet REFUSES to subject its own teachings to systematic scientific scrutiny.

          This is why it fails and why it is losing followers. People are getting smarter and more educated but its dogma is not keeping up with that trend and continues to insult the intelligence of people.

        6. benign0,

          Simple, the Catholic Church has claimed to have a teaching and tradition some 2000 years already. It also has the Bible as the guidance of its belief. Some of books in the bible were written as early as 4000 years, and they have been used until this modern age. The most important one is that there are many people who believe in this teaching, tradition and belief system since its establishment until now. Hence, the Church already established its reputation, it gained billions of followers and counting, and it has survived that long enough to withstand against different scrutiny and ridicule, whereas, the modern revolution and modern age only came at a later age starting out in the middle ages up to this 21st century, thus science has the most burden of proof to disprove the claims of the Church. In history, the Church has received countless of criticisms and ridiculed from different sectors of the world whether written or unwritten but the Church still stands today. You cannot say it is a dishonest one because many followers of the Church claimed to have received spiritual connection with God, claimed to have gained better perspective in their lives when they seek and found God. They are personal notes to several personal experiences of people around the world. Until this feeling of emotion are disrupted or disproved by science so I say it again: it will remain unchanged.

          True that many people in the world now have chosen to have no religion, the number is billions already and it means they made a choice and that proves the Church gives free choice. Either it is insulting to one’s intelligence is subjective. It depends on someone who look at it. Some people look at it as a product of man’s own intuition beyond what lies ahead after life. Maybe if someone can create immortality then that’s the time they will consider to abandon religion. Until then, religion like Catholic will remain.

      3. The faiths speak using “visceral” language. The sciences had to be built and “discovered” by man, not necessarily in a linear manner. The sectors have their own faults, but each can be used as reference to each other. Can you really limit yourself to just one domain? How will that go in terms of knowledge building?

      4. No one can really say what science has or hasn’t proven at this point. If you have context and an open mind , it ‘s probably in a form or description seen from a particular perspective.
        There’s no ultimate particle because the idea is self contradicting. So the method is probably what’s off.

  6. Mr Jason; regarding what you say here…

    Simple, the Catholic Church has claimed to have a teaching and tradition some 2000 years already. It also has the Bible as the guidance of its belief. Some of books in the bible were written as early as 4000 years, and they have been used until this modern age. The most important one is that there are many people who believe in this teaching, tradition and belief system since its establishment until now. Hence, the Church already established its reputation, it gained billions of followers and counting, and it has survived that long enough to withstand against different scrutiny and ridicule, whereas, the modern revolution and modern age only came at a later age starting out in the middle ages up to this 21st century, thus science has the most burden of proof to disprove the claims of the Church. […etc.]

    All of what you said above (in this comment) is just a long verbose way of saying, the Church is right and does not have to prove itself because it said so FIRST. That’s not the way science works. The age and popularity of an idea does not necessarily make an idea valid or right. I don’t think you really understand how science works.

    You’re right though. The burden of proof is on science — but it owes no proof to the Church or to anyone who exercises blind belief in Church teachings just because they were commanded to do so.

    1. Even catholic religion does not make an idea valid or right in you own opinion so long as it continues to hold on to its belief and many people are clinging to that belief it will not cease to exist. Science and technology and the modern age we have now can possibly distract people’s attention to religion but to eliminate it completely the question remains how and when? In the Philippines, for instance, religion is a big part of every Filipino plus the contribution of the catholic’s universities, hospitals and charitable institutions make it harder to vanish Catholic religion anytime.

      FYI, scientists, archaeologists and historians combined as a team to search for truth about the texts in the bible and the particular events that took place. Curiosity may have strike them the most. Later in their findings, they found proof of the historicity of some events in the bible. I guess this is not just a fictional book. Atheists and agnostics may really have a hard time rejecting completely the bible and the Christianity.

    2. In religious discussions, it’s better to separate organized religion from the Gospel itself. Although the ‘Church’ as an organization can be deemed sometimes as DISHONEST in its interpretation, what’s written in the Bible speaks for itself and will stand on its own.

      How can the scientific community challenge something like this:

      “For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Romans 14:17).

      This only means the kingdom of God is not a matter of religious practices but is lived in righteousness, peace and joy through the presence of the Holy Spirit in the believer.

      If smart, educated people can believe in a claim that there is an opportunity for our minds to persist beyond the death of our brain that is underpinned by a bit of amateur science it is even more difficult to ignore or leave out something like the DNA and the Bible and its genetic link. It’s an insult to the intelligence of smarter people.

      The astounding complexity of the DNA code was the main reason Sir Antony Flew, the late world-famous philosopher who had been the leading atheist in England, renounced his atheism a few years back and accepted the existence of a divine intelligence behind it all.

      1. Yes, the DNA is one of the leading evidence that tells people there is an intelligent designer who is God capable of fine-tuning complex matters into unity and coherence in a single form. It’s a brilliant thing Antony Flew changed his mind because he favors the truth.

        But his faith is only limited to deism in Aristotle’s model rather than theism. Theism is more of personal connection between God and people and is able to reach people vividly in the guidance of God thru the revelation of Jesus Christ.

        On the question of whether this God exist or not, i will refer you to the work of Dr. William Lane Craig who enthusiastically revived and defended the “Kalam Cosmological Argument” in favor of the intelligent designer by purely using scientific cosmological argument sans the Bible. Many people think that the Bible is the sole basis of argument of the Christians on the existence of God, but Craig’s kalam’s argument will surely pinpoint you to the existence of God without biblical reference. Craig even had a heated public debate with several known leaders of atheism/agnosticism in the world and all of them were somehow didn’t have a compelling argument against Craig’s. One of these good debates is William Lane Craig vs. Christopher Hitchens. You can watch that in youtube.

        1. It makes more sense to go about life doing things responsibly. Knowing which you can control and which ones you can’t. But of course one’s involvement and participation is crucial to directing not just one’s fate but the collective.

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