#ABSCBN is wasting its time and its brand relying on “people power” and celebrity “fandom”


The clock is ticking for ABS-CBN. With every day that the gigantic corporation bets its fate on the “support” of the Opposition, particularly its most rabid partisans loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) and the shrill “fandom” of its congress of talentless starlets, its once-ascendant brand equity is diminished several notches.

For one thing, the Yellowtards are a vastly-reduced political force. In the last three years they had lost two important elections. In 2016 their fall from grace over 30 years of dishonest domination of Philippine politics culminated and set the stage for the ascent to power of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The last one in 2019 — one that was crucial for much-needed Yellowtard control of Congress — was a complete catastrophe that saw the total evisceration at the polls of an eight-strong Yellowtard coalition. It is therefore astounding that ABS-CBN now rely on the same lot of failed “activists” and “thought leaders” to save their hide.

Kathryn ‘Kiss my Effing Legs’ Bernardo of ‘KathNiel’ fame

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Most baffling is the way they now deploy their top “talent” to the frontlines to marshal their respective “fandoms” to do their crooked PR work. The biggest casualties of this failed campaign were the crown jewels of the Kapamilya “talent” pool — reality TV product Kim Chiu, manufactured face Coco Martin, and the test tube “love team” pair of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla (a.k.a. the monumental national cringe known as “KathNiel”). Chiu ended up apologising for her awkward incoherence, Martin had his lavish and decadent lifestyle laid bare to critical scrutiny, and Bernardo was reduced to inviting people to “kiss [her] f*cking legs”.

All the while one wonders what tangible actions the chi chi Atenistas and other Catholic private school “istas” that inhabit the executive suites of Big Corporate ABS-CBN are actually doing. One would think the ABS-CBN Board will by now have grown impatient with the astounding incompetence of the executive team they had entrusted their fortunes to. Then again, there is such a tiny number of such chi chi private schools and exclusive residential enclaves that the inbred nature Metro Manila’s corporate high society makes such taking to task in the Philippines’ corporate world virtually impossible.

All that taken together, it seems we are witnessing a slow corporate collapse the likes of which mirror the 30-year-long running aground of the Yellowtard narrative that once dominated Filipino headspace. ABS-CBN got to where it is today through dishonest, barely-legal means propped up by a dishonest, barely-coherent political narrative. Fitting that they would rest their entire strategy on a failed partisan force and a brain-dead celebrity clique.

One would say a corporation with the sorts of brains ABS-CBN had at the helm would have long perished in the Darwinian landscape of a true and competitive free market. This, however, is the Philippines where propping up lameness and wrong thinking is big business. ABS-CBN is big business operating on that premise and perhaps its day of reckoning has arrived. Then again who knows how deep its stash of “miracles” is. It may still manage to somehow pull a rabbit out of a hat to save its day.

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

2 Replies to “#ABSCBN is wasting its time and its brand relying on “people power” and celebrity “fandom””

  1. Since the 1986 EDSA coup d’ etat; these YellowTard people think that they can just violate any law, and are above the law , by rallying on the streets, to get what they want.

    ABS CBN was given by Cory Aquino, to the Lopezes as a reward, in ousting the late Pres. Marcos Sr., with the help of the U..S./C.I.A. ABS CBN is also in debt, and has not paid its debt….it is due and demandable, and is due for foreclosure. The Lopezes used their influence on some politicians, to prevent the foreclosure, and to renew their franchise. They don’t want to pay their debts.

    The idiot, Cayetano is one of their running dogs of the Lopezes, who has legislated to renew their franchise. Porky Drilon, the crook swine, is also one of their servant swine. Some of the politicians are their willing running dogs, to legislate to renew their franchise.

    ABS CBN had violated the Law, and it is up to the Court of Law, to determine, if their franchise is renewable or not….

    They are using also some , idiot “artistas”, to help them in their renewal of the franchise. The ABS CBN management thinks, they can just violate any law, and can get away with it, because they have powerful politician friends, who can help them, to be above the law….

    The Court of Law will be the one to determine this issue; not the Legislative Branch of the government.
    We all must follow the law; and must not be above the law !

    1. you are exactly right. how could the spin doctors, the politicians themselves, twist the rule of law? their honcho alone isn’t 100% pilipino. he is a 50-50 american-pilipino and is actually a natural born american.

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