A @nytimes “report” on the ABS-CBN shutdown written by Jason Gutierrez is full of LIES

Somebody needs to “fact check” the report published by the New York Times claiming that “Duterte’s Shutdown of TV Network Leaves Void Amid Coronavirus Crisis”. Its author, Jason Gutierrez, would like his readers to believe that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is behind the shutdown and that said “shutdown” aims to silence “dissent” and echoes the claim of the broader Philippine Opposition that this is all part of a conspiracy to mount an “assault on press freedom”.

The “report”, however, starts off with a flatout lie. Gutierrez writes, “the newscasters and reporters of the TV Patrol news program had been silenced”. That’s a lie. TV Patrol is now being streamed over the Internet and, as such, remains accessible to the public.

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Gutierrez then goes on to feature a specific on-the-ground story that is evidently cherry-picked to fit his preferred narrative.

“Now, we don’t know what’s happening,” [“slum dweller” Fe Repalde] said, as a gaggle of ducks deposited droppings on the floor of her dilapidated shack, which she shares with her husband and four children.

“We can’t turn to TV news to tell us what to do,” she added.

Not true. The fact is, ABS-CBN operates but one of several television networks that broadcast free-to-air “news” over public frequencies. Ms Repalde is at full liberty to tune in to any of these alternatives at any time. Furthermore, it is global best practice to keep conventional transistor radios ready and on hand as part of standard preparations for natural calamities. These are very affordable devices that most Filipinos already own.

For that matter, whatever else Gutierrez writes in this dishonest New York Times “report” is invalidated wholesale by the overall lie that blankets it, to begin with. This overarching lie is encapsulated in this snippet…

ABS-CBN is the first television network to be silenced by Mr. Duterte…

Not true. ABS-CBN was not “silenced” by anyone. Gutierrez is a liar. The New York Times devalues its brand everytime it gives a platform to dishonest Filipino “journalists” like Jason Gutierrez who contribute to the crisis of credibility his profession now suffers worldwide.

9 Replies to “A @nytimes “report” on the ABS-CBN shutdown written by Jason Gutierrez is full of LIES”

  1. the bigger picture and general point is accurate though in that congress did not act to satisfy the president’s personal vendetta. if cayetano had time for the kobe exhibit he had time to decide on the franchise. i wish they had the guts to deny the franchise instead of passing the buck to the ntc. cowards

  2. New York Times is a fake news and a biased media newspaper. .. The dude, Gutierrez is trying to ask for help from the U.S. to remove Duterte, as they removed the late Pres. Marcos Sr., and install the fake VP, Lugaw Robredo as President…to become a puppet of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis and the oligarchs, like the Lopezes…

    Times have changed , idiot Gutierrez…U.S. Pres, Donald Trump is very busy with the corona virus pandemic; is very busy with his re-election; and is very busy with his problems with China. He has no time for regime change in the Philippines. Besides, the Philippines has already modern arsenal of weapons. And, there are no U.S. bases in the Philippines. No U.S. interest to protect.

    To think that the U.S. will sacrifice lives for so called : “press freedom” of ABS CBN, that was a “gift reward” of the crook: Cory Aquino, to the oligarchs, Lopezes, is just plain stupidity and insanity.

    You are just wasting your time…Pres. Trump has many problems…he is smart enough not to add another problem !

    1. the new york times had won 130 pulitzer prizes for journalism.

      hyden belo has won 130 pats on the back from benigno and vicky. i let you choose who to believe hehe

      1. @greengrin:

        Winning does not erase its being a fake news source and being a biased media….Fake Vice President Lugaw Robredo, allegedly won the 2016 Vice Presidential position. It was thru HOCUS PCOS and SMARTSWITIK, with the complicity of the COMELEC crook, Andres Bautista; who is now a TNT in America, enjoying his loot…

        Winning does not mean anything…Pnoy Aquino won many awards, but he is still dumb and incompetent. Same as some of our leaders and politicians. The same as Pnoy Aquino’s mother, Cory Aquino, who is being hailed as a saint…

        How about Ninoy Aquino, Jr. ? He is looked upon as a hero and a martyr. Many monuments, the International airport are named after him; the Rizal Memorial Stadium, also…Yet, he founded the New People’s Army, that killed many Filipinos. He is also a crook and a political opportunist.

        Maybe, the Inquirer newspaper , the ABS CBN , and some YellowTard media also won many awards !

        1. is the aquinos also a stakeholder with abs? how much shares? won’t just give it like that to the lopez’s without a cut.

      2. All those prizes can be erased by one dishonest article from a Filipino contributor just as corporate “journalism”‘s hundred-year domination of mass information dissemination can easily come to an end as what is happening today.

        1. journalism has indeed been infected by hedge funds prioritizing profit above everything. but you do need money to pay for the competent journalists. oh well, somebody smarter than us will find a solution

      3. Those prizes are, well, prizes. Nothing else.

        You’re clueless about the fact that the New York Times is left-leaning liberal trash.

  3. Journalism is dead and buried in our times. Most newspapers became sources of fake news, and most of the journalists write biased opinions. ..TV networks are politicized, “prostituted” by political parties.

    I had seen Maria Reesa , received many journalistic awards. However, she is the “Queen of Fake News”…
    It is hard to believe now what are written on most of the major newspapers. We become confused, what comes out of most of the TV networks…whether they are biased opinions or not.

    It will take many years for us, to trust these newspapers and TV networks again. They destroyed their credibilities by being paid media propagandists of crooked politicians and political parties !

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