The Opposition are desperately using the Taal volcano eruption to make Duterte look bad

In the midst of the aftermath of the recent eruption of Taal Volcano, the Opposition still haven’t gotten over desperately trying to prove that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte doesn’t care about the people. They have a habit of looking for him as soon as an adverse event happens and then ridicule him as soon as he shows up. What’s up with that??

They tried to copy the success of the hashtag #NasaanAngPangulo which originally went viral in early 2015 when the public were outraged over the absence of then President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III during the arrival of the bodies of the slain members of Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police. Recall that this was a tragedy — the Mamasapano Massacre — that was due to Aquino’s negligence and recklessness in his overseeing the covert operation to capture a terrorist leader in Mindanao.

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The hashtag, in the incapable hands of the Opposition today, failed to be effective against Duterte this time, however. This is because the volcanic eruption wasn’t Duterte’s fault and it was evident that the Opposition had a dishonest agenda in calling out for his presence on the first day of the eruption even when the situation hadn’t at the time been properly assessed nor the extent of damage estimated as yet.

Even more amazing, they were quick to slap the “tragedy” label even before verifiable information on casualties had come in. This is so they could emotionally blackmail Duterte’s supporters and paint the government under a negative light. Supporters of the Opposition who have a strong following on social media are always quick to jump the gun and paint the current government as “uncaring” and slow to act.

For that matter, why would a volcanic eruption, which is a natural occurrence, make the government look incompetent? Critics were just too quick to criticise. They were already looking for a reason to hit Duterte on the very first day the volcano erupted.

The fact is, things turn “tragic” only when people get caught up in it. In this instance, the people were evacuated in a timely manner. A lot of the animals were evacuated too. Yes, there was damage and impacted lives. Yes, there are major inconveniences. However, all these are risks inherent to people who opt to live near a live volcano — risks that have now materialised and impacted their lives.

These obstructionists in today’s Opposition forget that local government units are responsible for responding first in the event of a calamity or disaster before the national government takes over. Indeed, former yellow leader Mar Roxas himself knew that. That’s what he was trying to insist as then Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary in that infamous video showing him bullying Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez during a meeting at the height of the disaster caused by Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in 2013. Roxas back then was forcing Romualdez to admit he was incapable of handling the situation and to explicitly request in writing that the national government take over. Remember, Roxas famously said, “You’re a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino”.

When we criticised BS Aquino in 2013 in the aftermath of the Haiyan supertyphoon disaster, it was after the fact. It was after their incompetence, their lack of preparation against natural calamities, and their slow response to an emergency had become evident. Proof of this is in that infamous video of Roxas. The callousness of Roxas was on exhibit and in the spotlight. Thousands of bodies were already littered around town but he was still being pedantic. He didn’t care. No wonder he lost the Presidential election in 2016 and lost the senatorial election in 2019. The voters did not forget his arrogance in the midst of an enormous crisis.

Even in the midst of the Haiyan disaster in 2013, politics was top of mind for Mar Roxas.

The Opposition are probably secretly disappointed that things turned out to be under control and their attempts at putting Duterte down had failed once again.

6 Replies to “The Opposition are desperately using the Taal volcano eruption to make Duterte look bad”

  1. This is what happen, when they Politicize natural calamities…politicians use it to further their political agendas, and gain political points; while people suffer, and are used as “political pawns”…

    In the case of the Typhoon Yolanda natural calamity; the conscienceless Roxas, and the clueless Aquino, withheld the foreign material aids to the Typhoon Yolanda victims…They stole the Typhoon Yolanda Fund that were for the typhoon victims.

    In this recent Taal volcano eruption; the press con addict Lugaw Robredo, used the natural calamity as her base for her press con addiction, and as “landscape” for her photo opportunities…She was there distributing, five pieces of small “pan de sals” and a bottle of water…while her photographers were busy taking pictures of her “good works’ , for political consumption…

    In times of natural calamities, politics must be put at the back…people are suffering, people lost their homes and livelihoods, people have nowhere to turn to, except to their caring fellowmen !

  2. Oh dear, miss blogger! You complain about politicizing the volcanic eruption but all you do here is exactly the same thing. You could have written something that makes more sense.

    1. @Pareholgkayo:

      You sound like a YellowTard Troll…You are wasting your time here. People have already awakened…

      1. 897Hyden63Toro9999,

        I couldn’t agree with you more about the people being awakened. When President Duterte made a strategic move to shut ABS-CBN down for a few months, its viewers turned to You Tube and Facebook to get their source of Philippine news and entertainment, where vloggers/bloggers created programs to fill their channels and pages of the truth about the Yellow Party’s influence in the country for the past 36 years.

        Now, the Filipino people are waking up from the Yellow Party’s brainwashing lies and deceit through its media allies (ABS-CBN and GMA), that simultaneously entertain with mind-numbing “telebasura” programs as it subtly propagandized their political agendas, and kept everyone in the dark about what has been taking place in the Philippines for more than 3 decades.


    2. Pareholangkayo,

      Oh, you mean write an article that parallels the same mind-numbing “telebasura” movies and television shows, including beauty pageants, you enjoy watching on Yellow-Tard’s ABS-CBN and GMA channels; where imported “mestizo” celebrities are always portrayed leading the aristocratic lifestyle, that makes the majority of the Filipino people feel inadequate about their “kayumanggi” ethnicity and economic status? Sure, why not? The Yellow Party oligarchs have been taking away the people’s rights to their own country and sources of livelihood for more than 3 decades with their brainwashing media propaganda. Why not take away their pride and unity, too?


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