Another Mar Roxas video exposes more evidence that he is not fit to be in a position of power

If the saying is true that pictures don’t lie, then it must also be true that the people caught on video do not have to take a lie detector test. This is precisely the reason why there should be no more debate about what Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas said to Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez during a meeting at the height of the disaster caused by Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).

You would cry too if it happened to you: Mayor Alfred Romualdez

You would cry too if it happened to you: Mayor Alfred Romualdez

The video footage of Roxas expressing conditions to be applied before providing help to Tacloban City was very clear. He arrogantly told Romualdez that before the national government could step in to help in the search and rescue operation in the most badly-hit part of the region, an ordinance was needed to legalize the fact that the local government unit cannot perform its function anymore. No wonder Romualdez ended up in tears when he tried to recall the moment Roxas said “You are a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino” during a senate hearing.

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I’m sure anyone of us would cry too if we had no choice but to suck up to someone like Roxas especially during a life-or-death situation. What the heck where they doing having a meeting to begin with? They should have been out at the disaster zone physically helping out checking for signs of life underneath the debris. And since he insisted on having a meeting, he should have asked someone to take the minutes of the meeting. It would have been easy to check the facts from fiction then.

Despite the video evidence of the DILG secretary’s self-important behavior being passed around the Net, Roxas still insists that Romualdez’s claim that the national government refused to provide help initially is not true. Roxas was even willing to take a lie detector test to prove he is not lying. As if that was going to change people’s impression of him as a liar.

A lot of people will not forget the video footage of Roxas arguing with CNN foreign correspondent Andrew Stevens about the uncollected dead bodies on the road five days after the typhoon struck. While Stevens believed they were the same bodies, Roxas insisted they were not even after Stevens said he has been passing the same road everyday for the last five days and same bodies remained on the same spot.

Most people think that after watching the video footage of Roxas berating Romualdez, one cannot help but realize that Roxas is such a loser for acting like some kind of an asshole in the meeting. While the video shows Roxas adamantly demanding for a letter request for help from Romualdez and telling the latter “bahala na kayo sa buhay niyo” or loosely translated in English as “You can all go to hell for all I care”, Roxas didn’t have a choice in the end but to eventually provide assistance even without the letter or ordinance officially “legalizing” his agency’s support during the crisis.

If one were to point out who was better at sticking to his guns during the showdown, one would say it was Romualdez. For while Roxas thought he had the power to twist the Mayor’s arm into submission during a crisis meeting, the criticism the Philippine government was getting from all corners of the globe forced Roxas to give his support to a “Romualdez” even when the President is an “Aquino”.

It is quite baffling why Roxas would bring up old wounds during a crisis meeting while lives were still at risk outside of the meeting room. It’s as if the Aquino allies have not moved on from the Marcos years even when they are already in power. It seems Roxas takes things very personal. This is a sign that he is a vindictive person. It is a sign that he is not of sound mind to be in any government position.

What’s in a name anyway? To Roxas, it is everything. He was just short of saying that it was tough luck for the people of Tacloban City that their Mayor is associated with the Marcoses, and that any other name would have received immediate support from the government and not needed a letter.

Vindictive: DILG Secretary Mar Roxas

Vindictive: DILG Secretary Mar Roxas

It is undeniable that all that Roxas wanted was for Romualdez to put in writing that he was unable to function as the Mayor. He wanted it for the record. Speaking of records, Romualdez noted that he thought it was “hurtful” that President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino said that Tacloban City was the least prepared. While it is true that the local government units could have taken extra precautions before the crisis like mandatory evacuation of coastal residents, the record shows as per Romualdez that the Secretary of National Defense and the Secretary of Department of Interior and Local Government were there before the typhoon struck:

“I pointed this out because parang lumalabas na Tacloban City did not do anything. But you know, we have to remember that the chief of the DND and the chief of the DILG were there before, during and after.”

In fact, a tweet from Roxas on the 7th of November, the night before the super typhoon arrived confirmed that they were prepared contrary to their claims that they were not:

#YolandaPH – landfall ETA 9-10am tmrw. Just finished local DRRMC review. Mukang nagawa naman na ang lahat. Crossing fingers. God bless everyone.


So to recap, Roxas was in Tacloban City before the typhoon. He even said they have done everything. Therefore, he has no reason to pick a fight with the Mayor of Tacloban City and its people other than to deflect attention from his own incompetence.

God forbid that Roxas ends up being the only person left who can pull you up while you are dangling on the edge of a cliff. He might demand a letter from you to “legalize” it before helping you. He will likely quibble on the details even at your deathbed.

[Photo of Alfred Romualdez courtesy]

248 Replies to “Another Mar Roxas video exposes more evidence that he is not fit to be in a position of power”

  1. And you know what’s worse? Seemingly intelligent people who are still sticking up for this man. The well educated and intelligent individuals of this country pretend to be blind and continue to act dumb. That’s the main reason why there is no hope for the Philippines. Yung mga inaasahan mong may utak nagtatangatangahan o wala naman pala talagang mga utak to begin with.

    1. sana naman iniwan muna pamulitika dahil kalamidad ang pinag usapan dito kung may plano sya na para sa kandidatura niya ngayon 2016 he will set aside for that for the sake sa ating kababayan forget muna yung mga grudges .

      1. Yeah, I do agree with you, and to add up something because most of those highly educated fine people are elites, he he he he and sa level ko naman which is sa poverty level mga uto uto ang karamihan kaya nanjan pla rin ang mga elitista

    2. lumabas ang tunay na kulay ni roxas ang pagiging mayabang at arrogante, kitang kita sa kanyang pagsasalita sana dalawin ka ni sec JMR,sec jesse robredo at sampal sampain ka para matauhan ka! hinda ka bagay sa posisyong ng isang magaling na bicolano! mahiya ka naman!

      1. He is not a bicolano. He is Capizeno came from ROXAS CITY CAPIZ. but even though he is. wla pa din tulong na ntatanggap from him that much kahit na ang lugar namin ay isa sa mga nasalanta ng typhoon yolanda, he always says that its only partially damage. but he didnt know. the town is also 80% damage by the typhoon.

      2. I Agree ….. sa mukha pa lng ni Mar Roxas nakikita ko na at ramdam ko … sya ang nagsinungaling delikado ganyan klaseng mga tao ang maupo sa gobyerno at lalo na sa DILG pa sya …. sana nga dalawin sya ng mga pumanaw na mabubuting tao na nsa gobyerno tulad ni Robledo. Hindi tlaga kayo bagay na mamuno at pti na si Noy2x. Di kayo karapat-dapat …. kkgigil lng ….biruin mo wla silang pki-dhil d nla feel ang lugar na yon(sigh!)

    3. You know? They all stick together, those who are “up there” with Boknoy, who are only seated in office because they bought their way in. The are the ones who has deep pockets = zero brains! nada! awan! Walking around malacanang tweedling their thumbs asking each other what to do, pathetic people. And yet, they are the president, and high government officials, what a JOKE!!!

  2. The idiot Roxas had the nerve to say that the video between him and Romualdez was “doctored” and “malicious.”

    To the idiots who still want to vote for this person if he wants to be the next president…”bahala na kayo sa buhay ninyo.”

    1. Fillipino people are not stupid like you.Although some are bobotante and binay-aran, majority can still recognize what is right from wrong. It is exactly right to eliminate and put to jail corrupt politicians. And if you prefer corrupt leader OVER REAL PUBLIC SERVANT then you better go to HELL MORON .

  3. The people in Tacloban are not Romualdez Thousand of Victims were not Romualdez… Sorry People of Tacloban we can’t help you bec. your mayor is Romualdez… WTF!!! THIS gov’t it’s like college council… or yet the college council its better than our Gov’t.

  4. This is a disaster the country may not recover easily for many years if not put to a stop. What I mean is the athmosphere of vendetta being enforced by the powers that be on political adversaries, even choosing when to strike, as in the case of Tacloban, before and after the storm. The DILG chief acted as the demolition man out to demolish Mayor Romualdez “under cover of the storm” but Romualdez sensed their motive thus he defied. That is very clear in the video of the meeting. The video of the enterview of Roxas with the CNN and then the interview of Korina by a foreign reporter only demolished the demolishman.

  5. Just a thought, if those were indeed “not the same bodies”, wouldn’t that mean that people are dying here and there as the days pass? That’s much worse :-/

  6. this is sickening. he is sickening. every words he said didnt make any sense. he may really think the majority of pinoys are stupid for him to cling in this level of reasoning. all i want to hear at this moment is his resignation.

    1. I’m sorry to say but majority of pinoys ARE STUPID. and majority of those who aren’t stupid just don’t care. If majority of Filipinos used their heads and actually gave a sh*t about their country people like noynoy aquino and mar roxas would never be elected in the first place.

        1. Most filipinos are stupid, that is why we are in this deep shit. Open your eyes and try to make difference instead of living in dreamland.

        2. @Nina = yes Jessamine is right 80% ng mga Filipinos ay below poverty ano ini expect mo? dba nasusuhulan sila at di iniicip kong ano ang magiging kinabukasan nila basta maka tanggap lng ng bayad sa boto nila? accept it kya gnito nangyayari sa bansa natin ito uulitin ko majority of pinoys ARE STUPID.

        3. Really? “not most pinoys are stupid”? [sic] if that’s true, pano mananalo ng landslide ang mga tulad nina Erap, Noynoy, at kungsinu sino pang mga unggoy sa ating gobyerno? mas nakakalungkot naman yun kung matatalino ang majority ng pinoys tapos yang mga ganyan pa ang laging nananalo tueing eleksyon.

        1. A guy was in los angeles airport when a filipino came up to him.
          ‘ could you lend me a dollar.
          I’m short, and need to buy a ticket home to philippines’

          ‘ sure short-ass. Here’s 10 dollars. Take 9 of your countrymen with you’

  7. Roxas should ask himself, if he were the ordinary citizen, devastated by the typhoon, everything lost, with dead family members, what kind of attitude would he expect from a high level govt official? What disgusts me is when he mentioned the surnames. C’mon, man. It would actually made people feel better if they were actually helping each other despite their differences for the sake of the people. What is a public servant? Maawa naman kayo. If you can’t be a public servant, please do not get the way of people who lost everything.

  8. I think, Pres. Aquino must get out in the shadow of Mar Roxas for him to fullfill all his plans.. and elevate the estate of pinoys.. sya lang ang sumisira.

    1. I don’t think noynoy has plans, he is nothing without his inner circle snd that includes roxas. His inner circle is the one functioning hence the delay of responses to the calamity.

    2. baka sya talaga adviser ni pinoy kay ano nangyari sa pinas ngayon di tayo mga tanga na di natin ma observe anona talaga nangyari sa ating bansa….ako hinding hindi talaga boboto sa kanya atno wonder di sya nanalo sa mismong bayan nya noong kumandidato sya pagka bise presidente i still remember the comment of one commentator, sabayan nya talo sya? its because maybe of his manner to them same feather flock together u know what i mean

  9. Ok, let me get this straight. So, practically every nation of the world except our own didn’t care whether it was legal or not for them to help our brothers and sisters in Tacloban?

    This reminds me of the New Testament. Jesus would forgive the worst of confessed sinners, but he saved his worst condemnation to those legalists, called the Pharisees, who put legality over morality.

    There also goes the parable of the good Samaritan who did not let hostility between their ‘tribes’ get in the way of him helping a fellow human being. The Pharisee even avoided this poor beaten-up guy even though he was a fellow Jew.

  10. All of this can not be surprise to anyone.

    If it is not clear to every single Filipino, as the rest of the world already knows, that the scumbags that run their government do not give one half of one good shit about anyone but themselves. Why any of this surprises anyone is beyond the beyond. If the tables were turned, would Romualdez have been any different? Doubt it! but so what?

    N e way, it is OBVIOUS what needs to be done. It is happening right NOW, in THAILAND (the Ukraine and Bulgaria too!)! The people have surrounded the Parliament and other strategic gov’t. office bldgs. and are DEMANDING resignations (or else!)… and they are getting them. Parliament has been dissolved and a real change may be on the way….

    Meanwhile Filipino’s do nothing but accept the status-quo and continue to bitch about that which is not going to magically change by itself. SO, AGAIN:


    Please do not tell me it has to be spelled out for all of you!

    1. I wouldn’t say the anti-government demonstrators in Thailand are angels, either. May mga kurupt din sa grupo nila. Gusto lang nilang ipatalsik ang kapatid ni Thaksin, para sila naman ang magproprofit.

      1. The word ‘Angels’ does not appear in the guys comment. If you want angels you’ll have to die first, and that is not being suggested.

        but if Filipino’s are sick of their gov’t., and how they could not be is un-imaginable at this point, they are going to have to demand it. Decade after decade of institutionalized corruption has cast millinos into permanent poverty. The people in the countries the guy mentioned are getting changes, and that is the important part. Not letting officials that have proven themselves to be corrupt participate in the new government is one good way to clean things up as well. In the Fail-ippines it seems that the same convicted plundering scam artisits keep getting off the hook and getting back into public office.

        You seem as if you would rather have rampant corruption than to go after the only chance for a genuine change. That is what the Filipino keeps doing, and suffers for it.

  11. Such drastic steps on demolition job against the opposition for the upcoming presidential elections.People are suffering and yet Mr. Roxas still play politics to the hilt.I hope that you Mr. Aquino and the whole of Liberal party will stop playing politics at the expense of Filipino people.

    1. Mar has nothing to deny or twist his word he said.It was the foreign media testified that no national govt are seen in tacloban,no help from the national govt.As a president he has the power to say,bad it is sad that 6days after the typhoon the people are starving,dead bodies on the street.I can’t just imagine ,why this kind of president hinayaang magutom ang mga Tao.Nakakahiya kapal ng mukha ni Mar at ni noy to too lng pinu pulitika nila si romualdez.shame on you also DSWD .

  12. Roxas used to be an exemplary lawmaker (as far as I know, but I could be wrong), but he may have been eaten up by his ambition to become president. Tragic. This incident and the many others before it involving Roxas, Aquino, Abad, and many others from the Liberal Party shows that the ruling party is not really after the good of this country but just wants to hold on to power even beyond 2016. Pathetic.

  13. Mar roxas symbolizes the real attitude of the government we had right now,,,,kung gusto nyo tumulong kht ndi isama ang pangalan ng pnoy na yan dapt tumulong kau,,,,ano ang ibig mong sbihin roxas ndi tutulong ang presedente s leyte kc romualdes ang namumuno,,,,shit!!! Ka,,,,kung anong meron issue s pamilya aquino at romualdes wag mong idamay ang taong bayan ng leyte,,,,mag resign ka nlng,,,,,

    1. I highly doubt it, considering da Pinoy’s collective ADHD and short-term memory. Come 2016, with enough time and effort for the usual evil spinsters to act, this video boo-boo, along with other atrocities the current admin has done over the past 3 years (and the ones they are going to commit for the next 3) will be conveniently forgotten by the majority of da Bobong Juan.

  14. sana tumulong na rin si madame imelda, bongbong, imee at mga kaanak nila para makabangon na agad ang tacloban city. kahit 1/10 lang ng ninakaw ng pamilyang marcos-romualdez, malaking impact na yun. at malapit na rin ang pasko. merry christmas po, madame meldy and family!

    1. Sinequester na ang mga ari-arian ng mga Marcos nuong panahon pa ni Cory Aquino. Marami nang nadekwat sila Tingting Cojuangco and family. Dapat sila Cojuangco at Aquino ang mag donate ng limpak-limpak sa mga nasalanta.

      No excuse for Mar and abNoynoy to punish Tacloban locals due to yellow vindictiveness.

    2. Dekada na ang nakaraan, yung ninakaw pa rin ni Macoy? Jusko po, e mahihiya nga si Macoy sa laki ng pork ng presidente mo e.

      And please note, that FM has offered your St Cory 90% of his assets, regardless if stolen or not, just so he can come home and die in the Philippines.

    3. Buti ka pa alam mong may mga ninakaw ang Marcoses. Ang pagkakaalam ko walang napatunayan na may nangyaring nakawan during their time. Kaya nga di sila makasuhan di ba?

    1. No, at this point there is only one thing needing to be done…it is happening right now in Bangkok and it should have happened on the streets on Manila/Cebu/CDO since GMA proved she could not handle the Amputuans.

  15. You’re just like your idol, Mar Roxas, john c. jacinto: cruel and unfeeling! If you experienced what Mayor Romualdez experienced, you might’ve also cried. Keep out of this discussion if you don’t have a heart!

    1. Matigas ulo ng mayor kaya pati sya naging biktima ng bagyo.hirap sa pinoy ngayon di nila makita na kasalanan ni romualdez kung bakit madami namatay.di kasi ngforce evacuate.pati sya mismo ayae lumikas.tapos ngayon mgddrama.

      1. Eh nakita mo namang malakas pa sa Hurricane Katrina yung bagyo, US nga walang magawa eh kahit anong paghahanda mo ipa evacuate mo p yung tao sa tabing dagat eh mahahagip din sila.. sino b nagsabing prepared cla? Dba sa NDRRMC at si mar roxas ang vice chairperson dun.. anu ba gusto mong pag hahanda,? lumikas lahat ng taclobanon sa city nila para di mahagip ng storm surge? Esep esep din my time

      2. Wag niyong ibahin ang usapan. Ang pinag-uusapan yung sinabi ni Mar Roxas kay Romualdez. Period. Kung gusto niyong sisihin si Romualdez, wag dito dahil di yun ang pinag-uusapan dito.

      3. ikaw may alam ka pa bang evac center lahat ng school puno na yung astrodome puno na,pero alam mo bang ang evac center ay nasira din, o nagbubulag bulagan ka lang para kung ikaw kaya doon sa evac center na nasira at naipit yung ulo mong walang laman ok lang

      4. wala kang alam, sa tingin mo ba this is the time sa sisihan?? or bobo ka lang talaga? ganyan ka lang ngayon kasi u weren’t in leyte so you better shut your mouth.

      5. Sagot ni Mar Roxas sa comment mo Putang ina mo demonyo na yellow. ang pinaguusapan dito ay quick response dahil buhay ang nakataya at saka na ang formality.Si Mar Roxas ay mabuting tao kaya lang ay kailangang kumapit sa patalim na parang bagang ibang politiko na balimbing. Ang problema sa mga pinoy katulad mo,kung deboto sa partido kahit palpak ay ibinoboto pa rin parang sa karera ng kabayo na kahit di mananalo ay pumupusta pa rin. Sa 2016 ang iboto mo ay ang mga artista ng ABS CBN, katwiran nating ng pinoy dahil sikat kahit palpak at idolo.masuwerte ang mga pinoy na wala na sa pinas atnawalay na sila sa mga bobong pinoy na magaling kumopya,walang orihinal.Ang mas bagong line up para sa LP gusto kong mangyari ay Korina for president at si Mar ang first Lady

    2. WAKE UP SWEETHEART! these POS do not deserve the benefit of the doubt, they are thieves! one and all, they have no heart and you shouldn’t either… when it comes to politics!

      ACTING as if you are an administrator of this blog by tellin peeps to ‘stay out…’ will just make you look dumber than you already look, child! after YOU wake up, grow up and realize that the creeps masquerading as ‘public officials’ are all in on the same thievery, and that they are all the same. Yes, there are some petty rivalries but they are all about getting at the prize…which is, in case you need it spelled out for you, the national treasury! DUH-MEE!

      BTW, I would not cry, I’d punch the prick in in his ugly face!

  16. A failure of a politician like Mar Roxas + A failure of a journalist like Korina Sanchez…and there are people who want this couple to be the next President and First Lady of the Philippines…

    I wish our country the best of luck when that happens.

      1. Iboto natin si Korina at si Vice Ganda ang vice, May tsismis sa FB na matapobre at galit sa mahihirap si koring. Pag siya ang naupo,lahat ng mahihrap ay magiging mayaman at wala na siyang dahilan para maging matapobre sa mga pinoy .Si pareng Mar ang first lady este gentleman pala
        Mabuhay ang Pilipinas

    1. Ganito lng yan come 2016
      Mar – stupid
      Binay – more stupid
      Revilla – stupider
      Pero kung may nanalo sa knila 3…
      Pilipino people – stupidest

      1. tama ka, to repeat what the then Sec. Reyes said “dont blame me, blame God,for all these are beyond our comprehension. what is obvious is how these persons acted on times of this kind and the words that came out of their mouth only shows their true character. an noble person is cautious of his words, even in the midst of attack. so in conclusion what is obvious became obvious. I remember when Mar Roxas P.I. Gloria Arroyo in public in one his sorties in Ayala. Arroyo calmly commented “just a bit of caution, dont P.I. in public, it will ruin your image as a public servant.”

      2. i am just wondering why Pres. Aquino has full trust in Mr.Roxas, wala na ba siya ibang tauhan na mas qualified mag solve situations like this? when a person is incapable he too doesnt know who is capable. Those incidents like the Atimonan issue, the Serendra issue (the dog cannot identify the bomb,which Mar Roxas insisted that it was not a bomb, the dog was trained abroad)i wont include the Luneta incident because Mar Roxas was not there when it happened. Bangon Adm. Pinoy with just 2 or more years left. but most importantly Bangon Tacloban.

        1. Siya lang ang qualified na maging asshole.Iyong iba siguro iyong ibang smart alec dahil mas mautak, ayaw ma involved sa vindictive corporation ni Pnoy at siguro alam nila na magiging suicide mission ito at and the end of political career.Pagkakamali ni pareng Mar, kala niya ay mabango pa rin ang mga Aquino sa taong bayan ay kahit palpak ay oo lang oo ang madlang pinoy,Wag maniniwala sa mga taong nagkakalat ng mga balita na hindi sikat.(Ito ang orihinal sa mga pilipino na wala sa amerika, ang naniniwala lang sa sikat)
          Maniwala sa Inquirer, ABS CBN at GMA na totoo ang mga ibinabalita. Pweee

    2. kawawang mga nagbulagbulagang mga botante nadamay sa kastigo sa mga matagumpay na kurap at kawatang politikong mga marcos at romualdez!!

      1. Eh bkit sino ba pinagmamalaki mo? Yung gagong si Mar Roxas Dakilang alalay ni AbNoy? Magsama sama kayo sa impyerno.. haha

  17. What a shame for Mr.Roxas….he is so insecure thats why he is acting like that …instead of leading his office to help the people in Tacloban he is making a mountain out of molehill…

  18. How about the other mayors of the other affected towns? Did Mar Roxas also ask them for a written letter to legalize their aid?

  19. sabi ng mga DRRMC umalis lahat ng nakatira malapit sa dagat. hmmm sino ba nakita natin on national tv na nasa beach house nila di ba si mayor romualdez? hmmmm sinong nag upload sa 18sec edited na video? di ba tatay ni Kringkring Gonzales? hmmmm sinong isa sa mga nagtanong kay mayor romualdez during sa investigation di ba si bong marcos???? hhhmmmmmmmmmmm…paki-explain.

    1. Eh sino ba daw kasing tanga dapat nag check during NDRRMC na nag sabing prepared daw sila, diba si Mar Roxas? Hmmmmm Sino ba yung nag mukhang gago sa maraming tao dahil sa pinagsasabi nya tungkol sa video, diba si Mar Roxas? Hmmmm Sino din kasing hindi sumipot nung nagkaroon ng investigation at sa media nag paliwanag ng mga ka bobohang dahilan, dba si Mar Roxas? At sino ba unang pumiyok sa mga banat ni Anderson Cooper tungkol sa kahinaan nang namumuno sa operations sa tacloban, si Korina b? Hhhhmmm paki explain?

    1. Yuck!!! Wag kayong magpaloko kay Lacson at Escudero. Dun na tayo sa sigurado. Hintayin natin kung sino ang tatakbo sa 2016.

    2. Naku, patay na! Lalong magiging bobo mga tao. Ayaw ni Escudero ng math sa iskuls! Mamamatay-tao pa yang si Lacson.

      Ako, ayaw ko na makikita pang mga pagmumukha ng mga TRAPO na yan!

      Fresh faces please for 2016. Lacson-Escudero are rotten as rotten can be!

  20. totoo lahat puro drama yung hinayupak na romualdez na yan pati yung tatay nung starlet na walang ginawa sa congress kundi manuntok tapos eto yung ugok na manugang turo ng bugok na pinsan na si bong2 ano gusto nila bumalik uli at pahirapan na naman ang pinas ay naku bayan magisip kayo mabuti

    1. excuse me sa tingin mu ba hindi naghirapa ang pilipinas during cory time,ramos,erap at gloria at ngayon lalo sa panahon ng pungulo mung panot?

    2. Ikaw ang mag-isip, victor. Hindi yan ang pinag-uusapan. Wag niyong guluhin ang issue. Ang pinag-uusapan yung sinabi ni Mar Roxas. Period. Kung kayo ang naguguluhan, wag na lang kayong mag-comment.

    3. Vistor ssurvivor k ba at nasabi mo ang mga iyan…namatayan ako ng 6..naranasann o b at saabihing kadramahan?…paki explain nga..

    4. @victor.. tanga ka ba o nagtatanga tangahan lang? Tingin mo nag ddrama si mayor romualdez after ma wipe out ng bagyo yung siudad mo at walang agaran ginawa ang gobyerno mo ng solusyon dhil yung gagong Roxas eh gusto pa legalize bago tutulong kasi nga daw romualdez cya at aquino kayo… Dont change the subject here.. nagmumukha ka lang tanga

    5. The issue around here is about Mar Roxas stupidity. Mas mahalaga ba ang apelyido kesa sa pagtulong? Sheesh, wala kang alam kundi ‘LOL Marcos is a crook’ since you’re a mindless Yellow Zombie.

      IKAW ang dapat mag-isip mabuti. I know you won’t reply because what I’ve said is totally 100% TRUE. 😀

    1. sa lahat ng nabasa ko dito, ito nagustuhan ko.di na dapat pa s aposisyon nya si failed the expectation of the taclobanon and the entire people of archipelago.shame on you should resign now if you have a delicadeza….and dont even try to run the election in 2016 bec even you run for barangay position you will fail to win…

  21. Even when I watched the whole video it still leave a bad taste in the mouth what Roxas said with his sarcastic smile and mannerism. Why does he have to even mention you are a Romualdez and so on and so forth during a critical time? Did he also ask all the mayors of the towns affected to provide a letter to legalize the ndr to come in and help? Even if roxas reiterated in his press conference that it’s not a condition then why ask? In my opinion it is to intimidate the tacloban mayor when he is in his weakess state because we have to remember the mayor, his family and the whole lgu’s of tacloban and their families as well are victims of yolanda itself so we have to give them a little bit of leeway here.

  22. The problem with mar roxas is no managerial or leadership experience.

    His time in banking was as assistant vice president in a firm of 50 employees which meant he was one rung above the secretaries, and a gofer for the high achievers. US firms like to give meaningless titles in an attempt to seem more important to the customer but we all know you do not deal with anyone who has assistant in their title if you want decisions/to get anything done. Roxas just proves the point.

    Officer levels in business administration
    1. President/chairman/CEO
    2. Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP): Deputy
    3. Executive Vice President (EVP)
    4. Senior Vice President (SVP)
    5. Corporate Vice President or Vice President or First
    Vice President (CVP/VP/FVP)
    6. Assistant Vice President or Associate Vice President

    1. eh sino ba me mga managerial skill na nakaupo sa ma tauhan ni Pinoy. ang kailangan lang kahit di ka masteral or tapos ng kung ano ano. eh common sense at totoong sincerity sa mga kapwa tao. ang ordinaryong tao nga tumutulong sa mga ordinaryong sakuna. dahil yun ang common sense. hindi kailangan marami Q & A. teka nga pala, eh di ba talaga naman itong administration eh puro alam lang ay paninisi. si Pinoy ang original nyan. hanggang ngayon di maka moved on sa galit pa rin k GMA. so what else is new. mabuti na lang ang Yolanda hindi sinisi k GMA. talagang karamihang sa mga nakaupo dyan eh walang leadership puro kasi pang showbizz. heheeh

    2. Only in the Philippines
      Mga sikat example Paquiao or Lito lapid puwedeng presidente,kasi ay magha hired lang sila ng mga mauutak na magpapatakbo ng gobyerno,kahit na sila ay lokohin o utakan .bale wala basta makuha ang hidden agenda at mga nagastos sa election.
      Kahit na siguro tulo laway basta sikat at bata ng MEDIA ay mananalo.Walang batas na nagbabawal sa isang pilipino kahit sira ulo pa tumakbo sa 2016. Advantage nga ito dahil pag natapos ang palpak niyang term ay di siya makakasuhan dahil nga sira ulo (Mas sira ulo ang mga bumoto sa sikat na yon)
      Talking about MEDIA ,ang isang demoyo ay puwede nilang gawing SAINT.(Amin yata ang TV ,news at radio)At walang pilipinong makikinig sa taong hindi sikat kahit kukulo ulit ang tiyan..period

  23. Anong resign Roxas? Terminate dapat yan sa pwesto at wag na bigyan ng iba pang pwesto sa gobyerno! Ganyang ugali ng pagkatao mga future na mapupunta sa mtaas na posisyon ng bansa natin?. Isama mo na rin si AbNoy.. ite-terminate na kayo ng mga Boss nyo!

  24. I found these online:

    The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan 2011 to 2028

    Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act 10121

    Can anyone, maybe lawyers, explain what these plans, rules and regulations, and republic act mean?

    And why Mar Roxas said that there’s a need to “legalize” the help of the national government?

  25. pamahalaang Aquino ay puro pamulitika,,puro isyu ang inatupag,,,sa isang pinuno ng bansa ay dapat nakatingin sa pangkalahatan,,,kong may problema sa nakaraan hanapan ng sulosyon baguhin ang systema,,,hindi puro tsismis,,,walang mangyari sa 6 na taon nyang panunungkulang,,si roxas ay mayabang,,,period

  26. I think I will have the choice of kicking Roxas’ Ass , or strungling him on the throat. We are outraged by the behaviors af Mr. Aquino and Mr. Roxas. We are all Fipinos.
    Not Liberal Party or Nacionalista Party. Aquinos or Romualdezes. It is sad that our country has leaders like these ones. They are fit to be in their positions.
    Create a movement to throw these wicked leaders out of power. They are too wicked. That in the time of calamity. They do not move, but politicalize the tragedy. Mar Roxas is a DAMN LIAR. He is not even ashame to lie in international media.

    1. It should be :”they are NOT fit to be in their positions”. I’ll be more careful the next time…late in class…in a hurry!!!

  27. Wala ng Pag asa ang pilipinas dahil sa mga epal na katulad ni Mar roxas. Umalis ka na sa pulitika dahil Wla kang silbi sa taong Bayan

  28. Kaya pla ang bagal ng responde ng tulong dahil balwarte ng mga romualdez ang leyte. Masakit sabihin pero halos lahat ng mga pulitiko ay wala ng kunsiensya. Tang ina nila!

    1. oo nga..kaya pala ganun napansin ni a.cooper na walang tulong sa dumadating sa tacloban eh ganun nangyari between roxas and romualde…grabe just because it’s a romualdez who leads the place..hindi na sila (govt) magextend ng help just bcause the pres is an aquino?…OMG…

  29. What the fuck….? Are these the kind of gov’t officials we have now? Mar Roxas is full of B*shit, he is nothing but Martard like his president Noytard. Our corrupt gov’t officials have stolen billions of money from our gov’t and they ignored those victims of typhoon Yolanda, crying, dying begging something to eat, asking for shelter etc. I wish corrupt Noytard, Martard, and other corrupt gov’t officials will be hit by next powerful typhoon and they can experience how the feelings of those victims. Wake up, and it is time to help each other to remove them from our gov’t if not we will be eaten by these cruel crocodiles, alive…

    1. I keep thinking that if a really strong typhoon did hit Manila and caused as much damage as it did in the Visayas, they’d turn tail and run away to another country while the people look for someone to help them.

  30. President Aquino, now you know how INCOMPETENT MAR ROXAS is, bakit walang kang ginagawa para sa mga BOSS mo. Ipakita mo kung anong kaya mo gawin kahit sa kasama mo sa politico, kung mali mali, bigyan ng karampatang kaparusahan. Suspension, tell him to resign or kick his ass. Him and his wife is not helping you. They are crabs of your life, dahil they are pulling you down ….PAGING PRESIDENT, your BOSSES is waiting for your response !!!

    1. Anong si Mar lang incompetent? Pati si AbNoy incompetent din! A real leader must not a vindictive person. Di ko nga malaman panong naging pres. si AbNoy bukod lng dhil sa magulang nya na nagpalakas sa kanya. Bukod dun, ano ba nagawa nyan nung senator pa yan. Esep esep din pag may time pag election!

        1. sa totoo lang wal naman tayong mga bobong botante ngayon kc nag oobserve ako tuwing election yong mga vote buying sa mga lalawigan nakita ko na ang biniboto lang nila kapalit ang pera ay yong mga loca opisyal lang ang sa tas ayaw na nilang magpabayad dahil sarili na nilang disisyon at sarili na nilang gustong iboto mula senador , vice president at presidente. kaya ang bantayan natin ang pandaraya ng nakaupo sa gobyerno gamit ang comelec sa pamamagitan ng smartmatic sa kanilang pcos machine ang hucos pcos na sinasabi ng ating mamamayan. ito ang bantayan dapat ng mamamayan dahil ayon sa balita naka program na c roxas marimar ang papanalunin ng smartmatic sa 2016 election. kaya dapat bumalik tayo sa manual election. bayan magbantay tayo yong ating magagaling na hacker kailangan mabantayan ng mga hacker ang gagawin ang gagawing pandaraya ng gobyernong dilawan gamit ang salapi ng bayan para ipanbayad sa smartmatic para papanalunin nila c mar roxas

  31. ang dapat sisihin d2 ay mga relihiyon lalo na ang iglesia ni kristo sila ang nagpanalo sa mga pulitikong ito kung hindi sa pakikialam nila sa mga botante sana nakapamili ng matino mga gago kayong lahat sana mag civil war na rin ang pilipinas para magkaalaman.para mabago na. pagdanak ng dugo baga magbago na ang pilipino patayin ang mga pulitikong sakim ubusin ang lahi nila.

        1. @juan dela cruz: Hahaha, ikaw ang dakilang tanga. Anong masama sa sinabi kong marami ang bumoto kay Roxas kahit ano pa ang relihiyon nila? Defensive-mode ka bigla kahit nagsabi na ako ng totoo…bagay na bagay sa iyo yung pangalan, a typical trait of a “Juan Dela Cruz.”

          Butthurt ka masyado…for sure ikaw din yung bumoto kay Roxas.

        2. @juan dela cruz: Bakit ka nga pala nag-assume na si Roxas ang binoto ko? Paki-explain nga ng mabuti muna bago ka ma-butthurt ulit sa sinasabi mo?

    1. punta sa lugar na may gyera ogok gusto mo pala gyera e, e baka magkagyera unanguna ka pang nagtatago dyan ugok, d mo alamn ang sinasabi mo.

  32. How can we mend on Helping the victims if this is the kind of existing systems of politics full of corrupt minds not only money,because mostly in the senate are being moved only because of money and they found the congressional seat and senatorial seat as a milking pot in the Philippines and not to help people religiously and dedications.Whole hardheartedly.The last time we were admire by other countries was the time of late president Ferdinand Marcos that economy was so strong the ratio of dollar was 1$:1.5Peso!
    and sorrounding asian countries were amazed in the strong leadership of MARCOS even China,Indonesiabefore.That time we were the one exporting rice and also they came to learn to our country on how to plant rice and now we are buying from them.What is this backward or reversedworld!!!.

    1. Ferdinand Marcos would have been really great in the eyes of many Filipinos had he not succumbed to greed.

      Cory Aquino unfortunately was incompetent but was the only alternative at that time because she was the wife of a martyr. Noynoy is even worse…I think all of you know why.

      That so-called “legal help” only pushes the fact that these politicians want the opportunity to make money in this time of need. Instead of helping the victims, they want them to suffer more.

      1. Ninoy Aquino, Jr. was not a MARTYR. He was killed because, he rode on the NPA Tiger. He was used by both the NPA and the Oligarchy…see his statue, is infront of the Ayala Building? The Oligarchy made him a Hero, their Hero, not my Hero. Martyrdom of Aquino was promoted by the ABS – CBN Media. An Aquino propaganda tool. It resulted to the present situations to our country. The Aquinos are not Heroes. They were Japanese colaborators, during World War II. After the war, they collaborated with the HUKBALAHAP, then with the NPA. The fight for land in Central Luzon, is The Aquinos own making; since they grabbed to own 70% of the land area in Tarlac. they are opportunists and greedy people.

    2. Stop posting LIES and propaganda! None of the “facts” you posted is even remotely true.

      By the end of Marcos’ second term as president, the exchange rate dropped from PhP4.00 to PhP6.00 per US Dollar. Under the “New Society” it dropped to PhP8.00 and PhP11.00 to the dollar. Largely due to the pursuit of failed economic policies which incurred huge amounts of debt. Following the assassination of Ninoy Aquino, the exchange rate plummeted to around PhP20.00 to the dollar. That means our currency LOST up to 500% of its value under the Marcoses.

  33. If Mar Roxas says the video footage was “doctored”, then he should show the “real” video footage then.

    But, all this is pointless, thousands have already died because of incompetence of Roxas and also BS Aquino for, first appointing him to that position without any skills evident at managing such crisis and Aquino himself fro taking on presidnecy knowing he does not really have the capacity to manage a nation.

    In the end, the filipino people are the real losers for letting people like Aquino and Roxas handle matters related to the interest of the filipino people.

    1. Problem is, where’s that “real” footage then?

      Now, we’re just wasting time blaming a lot of people instead of doing something for the victims.

      I wonder what will happen to the next 2 years of PNoy’s presidency? His future is like a foggy road and full of perils.

      1. ” His future is like a foggy road and full of perils.”

        And the Philippines’ future too. With not much time for his term left, I doubt seeing any groundbreaking, news breaking, milestones will be seen or heard, aside from highlighting false accomplishments reinforced by the family media. And all the filipino idiots say “yes ang galing ni Pnoy!”

        “Look at the shoes you’re filling
        Look at the blood we’re spilling
        Look at the world we’re killing
        The way we’ve always done before

        Look in the doubt we’ve wallowed
        Look at the leaders we’ve followed
        Look at the lies we’ve swallowed
        And I don’t want to hear no more

        My hands are tied
        For all I’ve seen has changed my mind
        But still the wars go on and the years go by
        With no love of God or human rights”

        Guns ‘N Roses – Civil War

  34. Mar Roxas must be stuck in middle school, maneuvering government operations like how a member of a student council does it.

  35. putang ina mo mar roxas, may mga kamag anak kaming hindi pa nakikita as of now dahil katarantaduhang ginawa mo at lahat na lang ng pagpapalapad ng papel ang inuuna mo,. mas hahangarin mo pang unahin ang kapakanan mo kesa sa mga buhay ng mga taong nasalanta ng bagyo. wala kayong ipagkaiba ng amo mong bakla kaya kung maaari lang lumayas ka na sa pwesto mo!!!! birat ka nim iroy

  36. to all bloggersam sorry for this rude comment, i dont want to hurt or cursed anyone but in our case, my cousins and their families have not been found since the day yolanda struck tacloban. my families were grateful to see that my uncle survived but still we bother to hear this kind of bullshit from the so called public servants.

    1. We sympathize with you, as bloggers. I know your patience on these leaders, you voted (I did’nt vote any of them) is near breaking point. It hurts really, since they are Playing Politics, disregarding the lives of people, who are victims in the Typhoon.
      Our leaders are like children, who have not grown up…

  37. dapat makulong yan si Mar siya ang pumatay sa maraming biktima sa leyte maraming buhay pagkatapus nang bagyo pero ano ang inuna niya yong pagiging politika at EPAL niya, kung nag rescue operation agad sila sana maraming buhay ang makikita…MR. President, nasaan na ba ang sinasabi mo na “KAYO ANG BOSS KO” kailangan namin yon ngayon tuparin mo ang pinangako mp sa mga mamamayan, sabi mo pa “TUNGO SA MATUWID NA DAAN” na saan na ang daan na matuwid na yon… diyos por santo Mr. President, patid kong alam mo ang mga pangyayari ngayon..gawin mo naman ang nararapat… salamat po

    1. Yeah! You are right, Martard should not only end up in jail but he should be persecuted by hanging his idiot head. He killed a lot of survivals after the typhoon by ignoring them. People at Tacloban, Leyte, Samar etc. was crying asking for the gov’t help but they were abandoned. This is the worse administration ever. We should not let them to stay longer in our gov’t positions. We need to help each other to kick their ass immediately. Don’t wait until 2016 bec, the right moment is today for tomorrow will be too late. This abnoy administration is full of CORRUPT and B*LLSHIT officials……..who are stolen billions pesos in our gov’t money…

  38. Mar Roxas has no place in any capacity, super epal, sinungaling and incompetent. Mr Robredo died in plane crash and roxas was the DOTC secretary kung may taste , di sya dapat mag jump sa DILG kasi nasasakop nya ang resposibilidad ng sanhi ng kamatayan ni Mr Robredo, pero dahil sa pangarap pakapalan na lang ng panot aquino sa lahat ng kalamidad ng pinas in his time he was totally failure. he deserved being the president of the “yellow cults” but not as philippine president. Tacloban is part of the Phils but why mr president? we erred in electing you but do not push having us another inept, incompetent and impotent president in the person of Mar Roxas in 2016.. maawa kayo sa pilipino at bumaba ka narin sa pwesto kung wala kang magawa na tama ,tinago mo pa si Napoles para di magsalita.

  39. Nakita na natin kung saan patungo ang “Tuwid na daan”. Sa lahat ng kapalpakan ng administrasyon na ito, tataas pa rin ang Trust rating ni Pnoy sa survey ng SWS/Pulse Asia. Asahan natin ang pagtaas ng presyo ng mga bilihin sa pagpasok ng bagong taon dahil sa taas ng gasolina, kuryente, pamasahe at iba pa. Pero tumataas daw ang GDP.Ibig sabihin lumalaki ang kita ng mga malalaking namumuhunan habang naghihirap ang taong bayan.

    1. Well, Meralco already led the way…. electric rates hike, that is your christmas present for being a loyal customer…oh wait, hahaha, you have no choice but Meralco.

      1. Pati ninanakaw na kuryente ipinapasa sa honest na customer, System Loss. Hindi nila ibigay ang problema sa autoridad ?

    1. Ang masakit pa, sa pag-ho-hoard ng DSWD ng mga relief goods e unti-unting nabubulok ang mga iyan kaya kahit DSWD hindi makikinabang sa mga bulok na relief goods.

  40. Hindi na ako bomoto after Snap Election noong 1986. Sa panahon ni Cory sinimulan ang Oil Deregulation law na hindi nabantayan ang pagtaas ng presyo ng gasolina. Pagtaas ng tuition fee na dati na pinapayagan lamang na hindi hihigit sa 10% per year. Sa panahong ito ni PNoy pag assumed nya as Pres tumaas agad ang toll fees ng SLEX/NLEX na dahilan ng pagtaas ng bilihin. Bakit pa ako boboto lalo na ngayong mukhang PCOS na ang bomoto para sa akin.

    1. Ang masakit pa, yung may mga malawak ang isip at may kayang bumoto ng “matinong” pinuno e nawawalan ng pag-asa pagdating sa eleksyon.

      Bakit ka nga naman boboto kung dadayain lang din nila yung resulta sa huli?

  41. Nakakatawa pero Mar Roxas struggled to win votes last election as VP in Roxas City his acclaimed city – proof that people cannot be fooled anymore.. MAR ROXAS is such a TRAPO.

  42. Mar Roxas is an Araneta (mother niya)..and during martial law years they are with the Marcoses (of course so with the Romualdezes), I think that’s why the mayor cried causde he could not believe the treachery that this man is doing to their family..remember one of Imelda’s daughter is married to an Araneta (Imee Romualdez Marcos Araneta married to Greggy Araneta). Number one balembeng just to get power = Mar Araneta Roxas.

      1. To Dodong sorry to say also that Araneta allowed their son to marry Irene Marcos at that time because
        the Aranetas is in the brink of bankruptcy so to save their face they grabbed the opportunity..

  43. Yeah! You are right, Martard should not only end up in jail but he should be persecuted by hanging his idiot head. He killed a lot of survivals after the typhoon by ignoring them. People at Tacloban, Leyte, Samar etc. was crying asking for the gov’t help but they were abandoned. This is the worse administration ever. We should not let them to stay longer in our gov’t positions. We need to help each other to kick their ass immediately. Don’t wait until 2016 bec, the right moment is today for tomorrow will be too late. This abnoy administration is full of CORRUPT and B*LLSHIT officials……..who are stolen billions pesos in our gov’t money…

  44. So the Araneta’s are playing it safe kung in case bumalik ang mga Marcoses in power then they will use Irene Marcos Araneta otherwise si Mar na iyon..

    Kawawang Pilipinas pinaikot ang mundo ng mga Pilipino sa iilang pamilya lang..

    1. It is political family dynasty, at work. They play the: “Shell Game” on gullible Filipino voters. They shuffle the glasses , with shells, inside them. Whatever you choose…their shell is always be in any of the glasses. You choose, with no other choice…we lose, they win always…

  45. how i wish pilipinos will work hand in hand not to elect these salot sa bayan politician like mar roxas, it is obvious pres Aquino would do anything by using government resources to put this guy after him. the president is thinking that most pinoys are not considering him as corrupt and he is free to do whatever even its not constitutional. MALI KA! Mr. PDAF and Ms DAP

  46. what if Romualdez? what if Marcos? there are quarters who believed that Marcos was far better in governance and as a leader. it does not have to take to be a roxas or an aquino to be a leader, its a quality, its not inheritance, and these two has none of these. they are just “fake” i would rather have slow growth for phils like the time of Marcos but “goods” were very affordable that even the poorest can have it rather than bloated growth with sky rocketing prices of basic necessities. even this growth that this administration is boasting is the result of economic strategy of GMA, see, a perceived corrupt president like GMA is better than the present because atleast GMA knows something rather than walang alam at nagmamalinis pa. by the way thanks mr president thank you sa “mamahaling gift” mo sa mamayang boss mo. mahal na kuryente, tubig, gasolina, at mga pangunahing bilihin at iba pa. Thank you ang bait nyo sa mayayaman, sana kayo ni Mar kunin na ni Lord.

  47. Mr. Palengke, Mr teka teka , Mr. Legalize and Mr. Korina Sanchez!!! Don’t vote for this pitiful mama’s boy if you still love this country! Have mercy on the Philippines!

  48. Ang asawa ni Bongbong Marcos ay si dating Louise Cacho Araneta, isa sa partner ng Marcos Ochoa Serapio Tan(MOST) Law Firm. Sa law firm na ito ay kasama niya si Executive Paquito Ochoa, Jr.
    Si dating First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo ay anak ng isa din Araneta na si Jesusa Araneta de Arroyo. Nang murahin ni Mar Roxas si dating Presidente Gloria Macapagal ay hindi niya isinaalang-alang na asawa ito ng kanyang kamag-anak. At maari din si Mar Roxas at Bongbong Marcos ay nagkikita din sa Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Si Bongbong ay naggraduate sa Wharton ng Master’s degree in Business Administration. Ewan ko lang kung si Mar Roxas ay nakagraduate.

    1. Our country is ruled by Family Oligarchy. Most of the politicians are related to each other; or outright family members.
      They appear fighting against each other, during the election. In truth, they just wanted your VOTE.
      Family dynasty is the political fad of today. Kamag-Anak Inc. , made it very interesting. Whochever you vote for. Opposition = Family member or relatives. Party in power = Relatives or Family member. It’s a win-lose situation. They win, we lose.

  49. Mar Roxas at Jejomar Binay sa 2016 Diyos ko pano nalang ang pinas parehong pa epal itong dalawa sana si Santiago tumakbo at vice President si Duterte. si binay walang ginawa kundi magpa pogi points lang si roxas wala din ginawa kundi maging kiss ass kay Pnoy LORD maawa ka sana sa aming mga pilipino baguhin mo pagiisip ni santiago at ni duterte para di maka upo ang sina roxas at binay

        1. I agreed…. I hope Miriam Santiago and Duterte will run for presidency . Our country will be respected by other country. Shot the criminal no more propaganda and lots of chichiburiching hearing. We should make sample “bitay” first for the corrupt politician not only poor citizen, then we’ll see sino pang tatakbo na politician or mangungu-rupt.

  50. Sec Mar Roxas was up to something when he asked Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez to write a letter for the national government to take over the city because the local government unit could no longer function.what a viper, does he really think that people will not be able to read his motives? Is it not obvious that they have not given up the idea of replacing the head of the city with their people? while the people of Tacloban were suffering from the ravage of super typhoon Yolanda, people in the national government were busy politicking. what a shame!!!!!

  51. I feel very sad of Mr. Roxas. I voted him but now I did not regret he lost in his quest for vice president…May the souls of the dead give you peace of mind and their agonizing pains felt during the storm dwell in your heart so long as you live…

  52. It’s really a shame in such time of calamity doon ka mamumulitika? Wala naman hindi naapektuhan ng bagyo sa Tacloban e meron ba? Kung tao ka…. ang instinct mo makatulong agad… hindi mamulitika at mang-girya dahil lang sa natalo ka. These people the Romualdez’ and the Marcoses are well loved by their constituents kahit paulit ulit tumakbo yan hanggang sa kaapu-apohan mananalo… alam mo ba Mar Roxas kung bakit? Meron sila na wala ka… PAGKATAO… just my 2 cent 😛



  54. Mayor Romualdez is crying but not lying
    Sec Mar is arrogantly laughing then lying
    Who gonna detect if lie detector is favorably telling a lie?


  56. Pinagsabay ng gobyerno ang Pasko at Mahal na Araw. December, 2013 tumaas ang singil sa koryente, tumaas ang presyo ng LPG at gasolina. Pagsapit ng Bagong Taon, Jan. 2014 tataas naman ang bayad sa SSS/Philhealth, pamasahe sa MRT/LRT. Sasabay tiyak ang presyo ng bilihin sa pagtaas. Tayo raw ang Boss, pero binubusabos.

  57. An outright liar, he should be out from government service, had no compassion for the devastated victims.He is not fit to serve our nation!

    1. I doubt it, we Filipinos just repeat our mistakes. Look at Joseph Estrada – he was ousted during his presidency then became the Mayor of Manila in the present.

      The point is that, when it comes to elections, the people just tend to base their votes based on popularity of the candidate instead of his/her platform for uplifting the nation.

      1. Silly voters they were! Imagine whom they voted for? Mr. Joseph Estrada was considered number 10 then among the most corrupt of the world’s presidents.

  58. Just focus on getting the answers on why letter is more important than creating a sense of urgency to move faster because the Yolanda typhoon is on its way to murder a lot of people if we will not do anything right away to save all of the innocent people in that area? And why National govt did not send help right away even right after the typhoon?

  59. Why am I not surprised with Mar Roxas’ performance?

    Look at Roxas City and Capiz – his bailwick funded by public funds? Disorganized! Lahat nakapangalan sa mga Roxas simula sa lolo hanggang sa kakamatay lang.

    Look at Araneta Center funded by private funds plus allegedly “master planned” 50 years ago. Kung hindi pa dahil sa regulatory capture nila hindi maco-connect ang LRT at MRT walang tao. Bulok, walang sistema, traffic, walang kwenta.

    Attraction? dilapidated Araneta Coliseum. Not saying na hindi ito napakinabangan my point here is simple. You can see how Mar Roxas and his Family as an executive and master planner from a place funded by public and private funds both FAILURE!

    Sana huminto na sa pag sali sa pulitika. Sayang lang ang upoan sa senado at baka manalo pa.

    1. Put them in a hell-bound train with senators, congressmen, customs officials, military officers and other corrupt officials, elected and appointed.

  60. All that matters to Mar Roxas is political mileage NOT Disaster Response. His demand for a letter or an ordinance is idiotic. How can he expect any such form of communication from an LGU Executive when he himself knows for a fact that the whole region is devastated, NOT only Tacloban City. It is a DRRM standard operating procedure that in such a case, the National Government should automatically mobilize to provide much needed assistance. By definition, what happened in the Visayas is already a DISASTER that justifies external assistance THEREFORE NOT needing an ordinance. If the whole world scrambled to come to our rescue, why not our very own NATIONAL GOVERNMENT?

  61. Hello Ilda, I read your article by chance while googling for latest news on Yolanda Rehab. I am a former staff of DILG Mar Roxas. Being around him for some time, I have personal knowledge of the issues. Though it is one year ago and I already quit my job, I still feel compelled to rebut two points in your article.

    “You are a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino”
    -This quote is spliced and taken out of context. The video where the quote came from is taken — maliciously and without permission by the Romualdez camp — and relezsed with the primary purpose of making DILG Secretary appear as an unsympathetic leader.

    One can easily detect the not-good motives by the people who fabricated the video upon reading and comparing the original and fabricated version — the verified information is that this spliced version is uploaded by Josemari Gonzalez, father-in-law of Mayor Alfred Romualdez — provided below:

    *FABRICATED VERSION (the 18 secs video with caption): “You have to understand you are a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino so so we just want to legalize if not legalized well ok you are in charge we can’t help you bahala na kayo sa buhay niyo.”

    *ORIGINAL VERSION (the 42 minutes video uploaded by cito): “You have to understand. You are a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino. He is being very careful in just taking over because he does not want anything to be misconstrued… If it is not legalized, then okay you are in charge and we will help you and then that’s it. Bahala kayo sa buhay ninyo, ha,”

    I think that the mere mention of rival political names – which is already a well-known and established facts, in fact the Marcoses/Romualdezes are oposition members – in a conciliatory tone and manner and without any malice and ill-will is not a very evil thing that deserves condemnation. DILG Secretary is poor in choosing his words, but he has good intentions. He just wanted to make everything black and white and insulate the matter from politics.

    Ilda, I think you are mistaken when you insinuated in your article that DILG SECRETARY disregarded the people by requiring the authorization letter before helping. This insinuation is belied by the fact that NDDRMC, headed by Mar, is already in Tacloban to coordinate with the LGU and other concerned goverment entities days before the storm hit. Further, the infamous conference took place six days after Yolanda, and by that time, relief, rescue, retrieval, cleanup, and initial efforts to bring the situation back to normal were already conducted by the National Government in cooperation with the LGU and other entities concerned.

    However, the swiftness and efficiency of such help is another story. The government — with its limited resources and lack of experience in dealing with this kind of strong typhoon — did not intend to deliberately delay the relief operations. Note that even first world countries is having difficulties responding to strong calamities.

    The reason for the authorization letter isthe LAW. It is mandated by the Constitution which mandates delegation of authority and grants to the LGUs local autonomy that must be respected by the National Government. Also, it is pursuant to a standard protocol during disasters and other calamities in order to avoid conflict in leadership and usurpation of authorities. Laws and Protocols are created and established precisely to prevent disorders, confusions, chaos and maintain order. The DILG SECRETARY is duty bound to enforce and implement it, otherwise if it is removed or disobeyed – disorder and inefficiency might soon ensue.

    You ended your letter with this: God forbid that Roxas ends up being the only person left who can pull you up while you are dangling on the edge of a cliff. He might demand a letter from you to “legalize” it before helping you. He will likely quibble on the details even at your deathbed. That is some sort of a metaphor expressing this idea: if a person is in grave danger, is permission necessary and required to help? and your obvious answer is that help must be extended right away and put any questions and legalities for later. The government did just that; help came in even without the request letter.

    Another point, “Bahala na kayo sa buhay ninyo.” is an exasperation commonly expressed by elders or leaders to hard-headed people who insist on doing matters the wrong way. It can be translated in English as: You are on your own; Your Head is not mine; and, Whatever. Whatever, what is obvious here is your unfair effort to manipulate Mar’s statement and put it out of context by deliberately splicing and excluding the pertinent portions just to favor your point. Only by including the pertinent portions, you omitted, will the true context and spirit of that conversation be revealed.

    1. @Jonathan Uy

      The only thing missing from the first version is: “He is being very careful in just taking over because he does not want anything to be misconstrued…”

      Unfortunately, including that sentence doesn’t really make a difference. Mar’s damning words are still in both versions. There was no point reminding the Tacloban City Mayor that he is a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino. Mar was simply putting politics over the welfare of the victims.

      Yes, DILG Secretary Mar Roxas used poor choice of words. It proves that he is not a real statesman. He lacks diplomacy. He loses his cool during crisis situations. Therefore, he shouldn’t become the head of state.

      You said it is understandable that he got exasperated with hard-headed people but what he was asking for was irrational. You only think that the Tacloban city people were being hard-headed because you are biased against them. It seems Mar just wanted the Mayor to surrender his authority to the national government. That’s not what I consider someone with good intentions.

      There was no “unfair effort to manipulate Mar’s statement”. I did not splice anything. Mar brought disgrace upon himself by acting like a jerk during the height of the disaster.

      1. Amen to you Ms. Ilda! People who did not experience the storm first hand nor was a family of the victims, will never understand the situation. They will only rely on what they see on the news, and what is written on the book. They only consider what is lawfully right rather than what is humanly right.

        1. I agree with Ms. Ilda. Action with condition is not a genuine act of service. Roxas is really an example of a plastic, idiot and traditional politician who is only after of his power(?).

      2. @Ilda
        1. Sorry, but you are mistaken. Please re-read both versions in POINT 1 of my earlier post. Not only that there is an omission, there is also fraudulent alteration.

        2. On a neutral perspective, said omission/alteration makes a big discrepancy for it twisted the truth contained in the original version. That Mar prioritize politics over survivors’ welfare is a mere bias & unfounded opinion — no basis & supporting argument, except for the garbage ‘Spliced-Romualdez-Aquino-Quotation.’ Nothing evil nor malicious politicking in stating a well-known fact.

        3. That’s your opinion, and I respect that as other concerned citizens and key officials who opine otherwise. But what’s unfair and objectionable is your article’s malicious insinuation that Mar required the authorization letter as key to government aid; I’ve stressed this under POINT 2 of my previous post.

        4. You, since you are portraying yourself as an adept citizen, ought to know that the said authorization letter is not irrational for it is required by law as what I emphasized under POINT 2. Compliance with the same is not even an issue in other LGUs, only in Tacloban (as Lacson, I wonder…). How can I be partial when what I’m stating are facts, true and unaltered. These are real facts: (1) Mayor Alfred asked for a take over; and (2)Mar acted pursuant to law. Such being the case, to claim that Mar maliciously wanted to usurp authority is bereft of merit, both in law and in fact, except to an irrational mind.

        5. Let your malicious article speaks for itself. Undeniably, you wrote: “Roxas telling… ‘bahala na kayo sa buhay niyo’ or loosely translated in English as ‘You can all go to hell for all I care'” Clearly, you spliced the portion where Mar said: “…you are in charge and we will help you and then that’s it…” Plus, you unduly embed inaccurate & self-serving meaning to that spliced quotation. That’s simply not fair.

        P.S. Your reply fails to convincingly negate, only flimsily, POINT 1: THE ROMUALDEZ-AQUINO QUOTE IS TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT, and evades POINT 2:THE AUTHORIZATION LETTER HAS NEVER BEEN A CONDITION TO GOVERNMENT AID, as respectively substantiated, in my first post.

        1. @Jonathan Uy

          The article has been shared 10,000 times. It has been retweeted 75 times. So far, only one person is rabidly defending Mar Roxas and that person claims to be a former staff of the DILG secretary. Why am I not surprised?

          Unfortunately, a lot of people heard what he said on the video and think he was being arrogant and self-righteous for mentioning the Aquino-Romualdez bit of information. Like I said earlier, there was no need for him to mention it. There is no justification for reminding people about the family feud especially during a crisis.

          Mar was the one who insisted on the authorisation letter, not me. So blame him for the people’s negative perception of him. Since it wasn’t his territory, he should have simply asked the Mayor what they needed.

          The article is not malicious. You only think so because you are too biased against rational views.

          I’m afraid you have failed again in your efforts to convince us of Mar’s intentions. He damaged his own reputation using his own words.

        2. @Jonathan Uy

          The video of your former boss definitely wasn’t edited. He was caught red handed with his insensitive words.
          Besides, one rabid mar-tard like you can’t convince people here that your boss didn’t say those words.

  62. Ilda, I have to agree, your header made me curious to read your article. Towards the middle though, it started to become boring. Let’s be honest it’s either you love or hate Binay or Roxas, thats why we have these articles poppin out of nowhere.. but seriously?? Binay Fan??


    1. LOL…another lame attempt at discrediting the writer. Saying the article is “boring” doesn’t justify Mar’s appalling behaviour.

      I wrote this article in 2013 at the height of super typhoon Yolanda. So your logic that I am for Binay just because I was critical of Mar’s behaviour during a life or death situation is dumb.

  63. Politics…politics…politics…. To stay in politics, you must make sure that the person besides you is your political buddy, rather than an opposition and to do that, do everything to eliminate them… ahhaaaayyyyy…..

  64. Pnoy also did the same in Cotabato City during the flooding.. and when the our mayor an UNA PARTY MEMBER was verbally attacked in the same manner by PNOY HIMSELF. Don’t bother asking PNOY for help if you’re not a LIBERAL PARTY MEMBER!!


  66. You want the Philippines Government to be for the people and by the people??? Simple steps.
    1- Lay down martial law
    2- By hook or by crook put all politician to Jail
    3- Shut down the stupid no good television and movie stars who dont give a flying fuck about the poor. Its diverting the attention of the people. Filipinos are so caught up with showbiz rather than what the Government are doing.
    4- Educate the people about there Government infrastructure from the inside out so the people will know the jobs of appointed government.
    5- Only elect educational people.
    6- Empower and build back the Militarys infrastructure.

  67. There is a video of MAR, a press conference at camp crame or elsewhere, holding a paper re what was talked abt duting the meeting with Mayor Romualdez. You know it was days after the meeting & what i know is that every after meetings attendees signs sa minutes…cya lang may hawak puede may iniba cla sa minutes & showed it to d media u know his codigo. Half truth truth, half lie…is still lie.


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