Will the 30th Sea GAMES Scores in the Philippines Be Written in Chalk?


The 30th SEA Games that will be held here in the Philippine beginning November 30, which is about three weeks from this posting, SHOULD be a golden opportunity to put global focus on the CHANGE that the Duterte administration has made to happen.

It would IMMENSELY help the Duterte administration’s efforts to combat the widely spread disinformation that its anti-illegal drugs program has killed 30,000 people, that the administration has KILLED freedom of the press, and that the administration IS MORE CORRUPT than the previous one.

SHOWING will be light years better than just TELLING, as when the administration spent thousands of dollars sending some of its top officials around the world to meet with foreign press organizations to give them data-backed information regarding the war on illegal drugs and the status of press freedom.

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Thousands of journalists and sports enthusiasts along with their family as well as friends coming over to the Philippines to watch the games will experience and see for themselves how the Philippines is.

Ideally, the foreign tourists coming to the Philippines because of the SEA Games and the millions who will be watching on TV should be talking about how no one is getting killed by cops on the street over a trumped up illegal drugs rap and how not one of them got bilked by a corrupt Customs/Immigrations official.

Most of all, we should expect that the Philippines has changed enormously over the past three years and that it is now a great place to visit as well as do business in. Or even better, a great country to locate their businesses and invest in.

But all of these expectation are now being threatened by some gliche in the preparations for the 30th SEA Games which experts warn will end up with PEOPLE HAVING TO READ SCORES WITH CHALK.

Imagine what a MONUMENTAL WASTE of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS  the entire FIASCO would be!

Recently, a report from ABS-CBN revealed that components of the IT system that would track the performances and display the scores of SEA Games athletes was far from ready.

Arnold Labadan has been “very worried” the last two weeks. The businessman from Butuan was recently appointed the “authorized representative” of a Filipino-Malaysian joint venture that was awarded a P388-million contract on October 11 to supply the Southeast Asian Games Information System or SEAGIS.


Labadan has put together an army of Information Technology (IT) specialists from the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia to achieve in record time what usually takes a year to prepare. Time is short. The 30th Southeast Asian Games are set to open formally on November 30.


Lawyer Jarie Osias, spokesman of the Philippine SEA Games Organizing Committee (PHISGOC), described the SEAGIS as a “one-stop shop” for scores, medal tally, player statistics, and other important data.


In addition, Labadan said, it is the job of his team to interface their software with timing and scoring equipment so that results can be delivered in real-time to anyone watching the Games live on television, on the web, or at competition venues.


This part of the project worries Labadan. “I know we are ready. We have the software. We can do our part. But what about the others?” he said.


“There is no network infrastructure, no connectivity, no cloud (at competition venues),” Labadan said. “The contract for that has not yet been awarded to anyone. Without connectivity, we can’t interface our software with the timing and scoring equipment.”

Labadan also lamented that many competition venues are not ready and some sports equipment have not arrived.


Janette Obiena, competition manager of the Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association or PATAFA, said one of her biggest concerns right now is that the software that will enable results to be “seen” by audiences in real-time has not been “connected” to the actual timing and scoring equipment that will be used in the Games.


“Imagine watching the 100-meter (sprint),” said Obiena. “Typically, when the race is finished, you should see the results immediately on the scoreboard or on TV. But if the software and the equipment aren’t working together, you would not see the results right away. That could be a problem. People watching from all over the world will want to see the results immediately,” she said.


“Timing and scoring have to be delivered in real time. If not, that would be a disaster. We would lose face,” Labadan said.


Without the SEAGIS, the games would have to be scored the way it was done agesago, using chalk and blackboards, said a Philippine SEA Games Organizing Committee (PHISGOC) official.


Another report suggests that the emerging SEA Games crisis could be traced to a Temporary Restraining Order being contemplated by an IT Firm against SEA Games organizers.

Information technology company Atos filed for a temporary restraining order against the Philippine SEA Games Organizing Committee (PHISGOC), Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) and the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) over a controversial bidding on the Games’ information system management.

Atos questioned the validity of the public bidding held last August 2019 for the event’s technical services – claiming that the Southeast Asian Games Information Systems (SEAGIS) project had already been awarded to the company as the winning bidder on January 16, 2019.

The company, a global business unit of the Atos Group, has handled the information system service of major sporting events, including the Olympics, the Asian Games, and the 2015 SEA Games in Singapore.


What this suggests is that the world will be seeing  the scores of SEA Games athletes in chalk JUST BECAUSE SOME MONUMENTAL ARSE DECIDED TO ILLEGALLY AWARD its IT requirements to his or her CRONY.

MEANWHILE, JUST BEFORE THE TRAIN WRECK HAPPENS all that House Speaker and Philippine Southeast Asian Games Organizing Committee (PHISGOC) Alan Peter Cayetano has to say is “The technical aspect and the solution are there, except the cost is also there. But just last night, I talked to Chairman Butch, and he said whatever the SEA Games needs, we can rely on the PSC to sort it out.

So, it seems Cayetano has PREEMPTIVELY SIDE STEPPED the potential internationally viewable FIASCO by passing it off to the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC).


5 Replies to “Will the 30th Sea GAMES Scores in the Philippines Be Written in Chalk?”

  1. Apart from possible problems displaying the results, my research indicates there might be difficulties getting any spectators.

    As I will be in Manila and Subic while the Games are taking place, I went online to find more details about where and when any sports I might be interested in will happen. So far, the only official notification seems to be on Facebook. This is a grid showing the name of the venue, and the dates on which the events will occur. Other than the cluster ( Manila ,Subic etc. ) no information about where the venue is, how to get there , at what time, or how to get tickets in advance. Hardly encouraging for either the semi-casual or overseas potential attendee.

    As it appeared on page 1 of my search, I went to the website of tokyo2020.org – the organising body for next years Olympics. Full screen grid showing dates for each sport and whether qualification or medal. Click on a date for a sport and find times and venues. Follow links to the individual venues and find maps showing maps, info about getting there or a page showing what is taking place on any given day. There is also a link specifically for overseas visitors with info about tickets, planning a trip, general tourism in Japan etc. Well worth checking out to see what a professional organization produces.

    If I were the Japanese basketball authorities, I would already be preparing a plan to present to FIBA to become the prime for next year’s FIBA World Cup ,replacing the Philippines who are showing every indication of being unable to organise the proverbial piss-up in a brewery. Especially following what ,from reports in England, appears to have been an extremely successful Rugby World Cup.

  2. Cayetano is a crook, incompetent and a political opportunist … What has this Buffoon do in managing a SouthEast Asian Games ?

    As usual, they politicize everything in our country…from the war on drugs to natural calamities to the SouthEast Asian Games. If you mix politics, with anything, and put political appointees and political cahoots in completing a task or a project: it will be a disaster….

    The Aquino Cojuangco political axis, are the ones destroying the image of our country abroad. They resort to asking foreign organization; foreign politicians, etc…to bring down Duterte, and replace him with the Fake VP Robredo. This was their tactic, when they brought down the late Pres. Marco Sr.

    They have their minions, like the Fake News implementor, Maria Reesa, giving Fake and biased information and fake News to foreign news agencies. It is a concerted effort to bring down Duterte, and replace him with the fake VP Lugaw Robredo.

    So time is running out, and we are not yet ready for the SouthEast Asian Games…Blame Game will follow after the SouthEast Asian games are concluded !

  3. Cayetano likes to show off but can’t even manage to do this right. He’s only proving himself to be a “real ally” of Duterte govt. And nobody else more competent is monitoring the progress of the work?

  4. I can only hope next year we do get a new speaker of the house who won’t be beholden to some twisted form of “delicadeza” and can unearth all the “stink” of Cayetano and put him in his place.

    I am hoping Duterte really kicks him out of his circle but even Mideldea is still there so I am doubtful.

    But I really think the SEA Games this november will make us a laughing stock with all the “soon to be completed” or “on the way/almost complete” works and projects for use of the event.

    Heck, I wouldn’t even put it as impossible to see a lot of those cooling fans that run on ice water because for “reasons” the airconditioning isn’t working.

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