Robredo should set “human rights” guy Phelim Kine straight re his “recommendation” to ARREST Duterte


Following news that Philippine “vice president” Leni Robredo had been appointed to lead the government’s War on Drugs, a certain Phelim Kine, who, according to his Twitter bio, is “Director of Research and Investigation at Physicians for Human Rights” is calling for the “arrest” of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Dear VP @lenirobredo – my bags are packed and I’m ready to come to the #Philippines to help advise how to end this murderous “drug war.” Meanwhile here is my Recommendation No. 1: Arrest #Duterte and his henchmen for inciting & instigating mass murder

Ironic that Kine, a “human rights” guy, would call for the summary arrest of a sitting duly-elected head of government. Last I recall, “human rights” people are big on due process. Arrests cannot be made in the Philippines unless backed by a warrant issued by a Philippine court.

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It’s hardly surprising then that Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr reportedly plans to deny Kine entry into the Philippines.

“Her retarded retinue. Don’t worry; [Kine] can’t get into the country,” Locsin said on Twitter.

“We have to spare Leni the moral moronism of those who use her,” he tweeted.

Interestingly, Robredo has not commented on the matter — neither on Kine’s tweet nor Locsin’s statements. A prominent foreigner making such a statement in reference to the directive given by no less than the President to a top government official demands some sort of response. Robredo should take some measure of personal accountability for attracting such audacity coming from a foreign national. At the very least she should advise Kine that such statements made out to be associated with her office are inappropriate at best.

As an official of the Philippine Government, Robredo should stand by her Chief Executive and be in solidarity with the Filipino people who are citizens of an independent nation. Partisan politics are an internal affair and no foreigner should be allowed to exploit partisan division to undermine the authority of any administration. Filipinos may differ amongst themselves with regard to partisan loyalties, but those differences are none of a foreigner’s business to refer to when offering their services.

Kine presumes to be part of Filipinos’ domestic partisanism. But he is not a voter nor is he a participant in Philippine democratic processes. People like him, perhaps having acquired a sense of entitlement owing to their some sort of “human rights” honcho should be reminded of their place.

6 Replies to “Robredo should set “human rights” guy Phelim Kine straight re his “recommendation” to ARREST Duterte”

  1. He’s a hypocritical propagandist, seeing as the HRW and Amnesty International, and dozens of so-called “Human Rights” organizations are funded and used by the West as a bludgeon against anyone they deem a “Soft Target” or used by the West as a PR machine to discredit countries they don’t like, it was the moment they can declare a “Human Rights Crisis” on a whim while begging for International Intervention that they lost any acknowledgement and respect I’ve had on them, they don’t care about sovereignty or the geopolitical consequence when their priority is their “Eternal Crusade” to stroke their egos and be enshrined in history as a “Saint”, their hypocrisy extends to their personal politics and hot garbage hot takes like this.

    I can still remember these hypocrites supporting removing dictators they deem as committed “Crimes Against Humanity”, when Libya, Iraq and Syria turned to hell, they started doing a 180 then supporting so called “Moderate Groups” and begging humanitarian aid that went into terrorist groups, while having little investment in creating a stable Government, when this idiot who we should be taking seriously calls for Foreign Intervention and removing a duly-elected President, while gallivanting and supporting a Political Bloc that blew their chance as an alternative in the May 2019 elections, he can be safely called retarded. Robredo on the other hand better choose on doing the job or playing Opposition with the “International Community” as an audience.

  2. Who is this guy, Phelim Kine ? Some sort of “International Sherriff ? They should arrest, North Korea’s Kim Jung Un, who is the worst violator of human rights…I bet Mr. Kine will never set foot on North Korea alive.

    This woman, Lugaw Robredo, a fake Vice President; who was installed by the crooked COMELEC, with the aid of the crook, Andres Bautista; using his HOCUS PCOS, SMARTSWITIK, and other vicious election tricks…this Fake VP, will not stop, because her Puppeteers, the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, keeps pulling her strings from the background.

    This Drug Czar Buffoon, Lugaw Robredo, failed her Law Bar exam , three times…she is born Stupid and has no brain. This is the reason, they choose her to be their Puppet !

  3. Inviting Leni on the committee so far seems to only expose warts. She had numbers during her international slander tours now she has no numbers? Calling for compliance to foreign desk jockeys. Zero regard for law enforcement. A foreigner who we never heard of from an agency we never heard seems to be an expert on Philippine law? Her first two days she was bragging about accomplishments of the department even if the wheels were spinning well before she got there. Not bad for a place she was taking pot shots. Never forget Leni’s roots. Her husband’s plane was missing and her idol’s yes man broke into her husband’s apartment. Puno was the fallguy and what did Leni do? Represent said idol and try to continue his shadiness and incompetence. That is who we are dealing with.

  4. I did a quick search on this guy’s bio on from PHR.

    Prior to joining PHR in ?2018, he was for 11 years with Human Rights Watch, covering, among others,Afghanistan and China.

    Before that ,he was an Asia-based foreign correspondent { who for ? } covering,among others, Cambodia and China.

    He is a long time Myanmar-watcher and long term advocate of democracy and human rights for all Myanmar residents.

    Perhaps he would like to show us his successes in reducing opium production in the Golden Triangle, and ensuring the safety of Rohingya in Myanmar as evidence of the value of his advice.

  5. Is this guy sure he wants to come to a country with an alleged murderer president? Does he want to experience the state of “lawlessness” of the Duterte regime? He should go to Robredo’s territory and do his assessment there.

  6. Thanks for the unsolicited yellow advice Mr. Phlegm. Yellowtards need all the help they can get to install Leni on the throne. May we know your recommendation No. 2?

    Btw, how about all those murderous abortion clinics across America? Last I heard those millions of unregistered babies with beating hearts and functional brains are also technically human as well – unless of course a human rights superhero like you can’t define what a human is. Tsk tsk

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