Leni Robredo’s MOUTH is her worst enemy

Leni Robredo got herself into another embarassing pickle again. Back on the 23rd October, Reuters published the report “Philippine vice president says time for Duterte to halt failed drug war”. Most political observers would agree that this headline pretty much sums up Robredo’s position on the matter. In a subsequent statement translated to English by Interaksyon, however, Robredo seemingly denied taking such a position…

“It’s hard… because headlines are sending another message. For example, I saw headlines that claim I called the drug war a failure so it should be stopped.

“If you review the interview, I said something else. If you look at it, what I said what the government should assess if the counternarcotics strategy being used is still right. Because it isn’t, it should be tweaked. Isn’t that to ‘tweak’ means to massage, to shift it a bit.”

Even translated into English from her native Taglish, Robredo’s statement comes across as utter jibberish. She has long been known for her lack of eloquence and her public statements have been consistently inarticulate resulting in much confusion. Reuters, for its part, stands by its story.

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“Reuters fairly and accurately represented the statements of Philippine vice president Leni Robredo, and we stand by our story,” Reuters Asia Pacific Communications Manager Tyler Thia said.

The problem with the Opposition, however, is not Robredo but its core community of Yellowtards — partisans loyal to the Liberal Party led by Robredo and the Philippines’ powerful Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan. Despite the lack of intelligence evident in the “vice president”, the Yellowtards continue to latch onto every word that leaves her mouth that then gets immortalised on the pages of the Philippines’ top newspapers.

Such rabid loyalty to an obviously incompetent and unintelligent official is what is behind the inbred nature of the Opposition rhetoric. It’s time the leaders of the Opposition take stock and re-evaluate their choice of leaders.

5 Replies to “Leni Robredo’s MOUTH is her worst enemy”

  1. I couldn’t help but laugh after Duterte dropped the ‘metaphorical’ hammer down and said he’d pass the reigns of the drug war to her if she thinks she can do ‘better’.

    Honestly, the drug war has its flaws but it is way better compared to befote where if there were stings/operations, we could see that it was mere publicity stunt leading nowhere. At least now, those in the drug trade have something to fear.

    Regarding the position of vice president, can’t congress just abolish it?

    If it was about succession, we have the senate president, then speaker of the house for the immediate succession should something happen, right?

    The way Robredo acts in the position actually shows the flawed nature of the position when the person elected to the post can’t even work with the administration.

    When we had a president and vice president who came from different parties before, at least they have been able to work together publicly. But Robredo has shown a clear case why it shouldn’t exist anymore.

    We patterned it with the US government before, but since we need to adapt it to what we actually need and work with, i say remove it already for efficiency’s sake.


    Your final recommendation:

    It’s time the leaders of the Opposition take stock and re-evaluate their choice of leaders.

    I know exactly where you are coming from. The problem is these guys continuously use morons as their high profile figureheads since morons make the best puppets. I doubt these guys can “take stock and re-evaluate” like rational adults. Rational adults wouldn’t support a complete imbecile who rather spend time playing video games with his like minded nephew instead of crafting laws and carefully considering what he says in his speeches.


  3. She wants the electoral protest dismissed, despite being given all the favor in the case. Sounds like she’s really confident about “winning twice”. All she can do is entertain with her teleserye kontrabida lines when answering to issues.

    Why is this problem not being prioritized when it’s causing instability for the country?

  4. Lugaw Robredo is a fake Vice President. She continue to cling to her position in the hope that Digong Duterte will drop dead. Robredo flunked her Bar Exam three times, and maybe in her fourth time: it was “pasang awa”….the way she talks; her choice of words; her way of communicating herself to the voters, validates, that the woman is lacking of brains.

    Anyway, she got into the position of Vice President , thru the 2016 election fraud, with the help of the crook, former COMELEC Chief, Andres Bautista, who was found with multi million pesos bribes, and is now a TNT in America, enjoying his bribes.. HOCUS PCOS and SMARTSWITIK did also a good job in putting her in that VP position…There is a recount going on, in the 2016 VP election position. However, inspite of the : spoiled wet ballots; the dead people who voted; the truth that the election returns were submitted before the voting, the pre shading of ballots…etc…the PET, thru the crook, Caguioa, is blocking the true results of the winner of the 2016 VP position.

    Our country is now descending like Mexico, where the Police, is too corrupt ; the Mexican Army took over the duties of the Mexican Police in enforcing their laws. Narco politics is rampant in Mexico…the drug lords have taken over Mexico…

    In the Philippines, we have Ninja Cops….the head of the PNP, Albayade, recently resigned because of Ninja Cop cases. And, Lugaw Robredo has the nerve to criticize the present situation of the war on drugs. She is encouraged by her “Puppeteers”, the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, to do so…

    What a dumb woman, trying to be relevant in her own irrelevance !

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