Sister Mary John Mananzan is a big LAUGH speaking about “gender equality” and the SOGIE Bill

What were Philippine senators thinking inviting a Roman Catholic nun to be a resource person to consult with on the issue of “gender equality” and the controversial proposed Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity or Expression (SOGIE) Equality Bill? Sister Mary John Mananzan is a famous nun because she was one of those photographed “heroically” standing up to Marine tanks in the EDSA “people power revolution” of 1986. As expected, she is revered by the Old Guard of Philippine politics whose members remain beholden to the long-discredited Yellowtard rhetoric.

The bigger point, however, is what the Catholic nunhood stands for. It is a persistent vestige of the way women were regarded going way back to Medieval times. The nun’s habit which Mananzan still wears is no different to other symbols of female garb crtiticised as tools for female subjugation. Yet, it seems, Filipinos’ LGBTQ+ movement have latched on to a nun’s quaint words as a rallying point for their progressively-degenerating cause.

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Step back further and we will find that the Roman Catholic Church as a whole is hardly the sort of organisation a “progressive”, “liberal”, and “inclusive” sort of “movement” like the LGBTQ+ mob should be consorting with. The Catholic Church is an absolute monarchy with hardly any semblance of a democratic process with checks-and-balances to keep its officialdom honest. Indeed, as I pointed out in some previous articles, they continue to epitomise the stereotypical Big Bad Wolf that every card-carrying “progressive” liberal rile against. They, in fact, espouse exclusiveness rather than inclusiveness.

Mananzan, herself, heads an all-girls private school which, as the category suggests, excludes male and people who cannot afford private chi chi education. Indeed, a Catholic education, in general, is an expensive premium service that even the wealthiest of Filipinos clamber over one another to partake of. Yet none of the Philippines’ Catholic schools are taxed — which means ordinary Filipinos get nothing out of the enormous profits these businesses generate for Rome. One wonders how much of the profits the Church earns from its education services get remitted to the Holy See.

This is actually a disturbing thought. Catholic schools (and God knows whatever other profitable businesses the Church runs) take money from wealthy Filipinos and then have a chunk of that remitted to a foreign government. The Church, indeed, has it good. It can make truckloads of money off the Philippine economy tax free, consume public infrastructure and services paid for by other industries and the ordinary Filipino taxpayer, and be exempt from any kind of regulatory oversight. They don’t call them the Italian Mob for nothin’.

Mananzan said while issues on sexual orientation are highly debatable and would entail “unending discussions”, no one can argue that many people who have chosen to freely express their gender identity have been victims of discrimination.

She explained that heterosexual men would not normally demand equal treatment because “it is a fact that they are not discriminated against as gender.”

“Therefore, it is really the one that is discriminated against that is the focus of our attention,” Mananzan said.

“Even if we are really against the discrimination of anybody, sometimes you have to focus on groups of people that are actually suffering discrimination and violence.”

What a crock of shit.

The Philippines has long been renowned for the voodoo flavour of its Catholic practice — something the Catholic Church has done little to change (and, in fact, has encouraged it). As such, the Catholic influence in Philippine society has long been recognised as a significant contributor to the backwardness of Philippine society. It panders to the poor, does not encourage self-reliance and personal accountability, and emotionally-blackmails the rich to dole out their hard-earned surplus wealth to the “less fortunate”. Such is an environment created by Catholic teachings that encourages mendicancy and mediocrity to thrive and personal excellence and focus on achievement to take a backseat to these.

Sister Mary Mananzan should step back and take a good look at what she saying and how it contradicts everything about who she is, what she is, and what her organisation stands for. More importantly, the LGBTQ+ mob should re-evaluate who they choose to get in bed with (in more ways than one) lest their “movement” continue to be undermined by the bad contradictory behaviours they continue to exhibit.

8 Replies to “Sister Mary John Mananzan is a big LAUGH speaking about “gender equality” and the SOGIE Bill”

  1. Nice topic that you’d wrote it benign0 & now I hope that you should show this one to that sister granny & make a public debate like morality of the Filipino people, Marcos, Duterte, homosexuality, etc. Etc. That would be fun. 😉

    1. Thanks! Back in the old days, this sort of topic would spur a lot of vigorous debate. Nowadays, the Yellowtards and snowflakes habitually retreat from any such whenever they are called out.

  2. “What were Philippine senators thinking ………….

    What all these senators have in common is that they were all “educated ” in catholic school as such, beholden to that school, “they love and respect their alma mater”.

  3. The whole thing is lunacy. Although it should be settled for the sake of moving forward.How is she being allowed to misrepresent the faith? Unless the church is ready to accept “gay sisters”? There’s nothing progressive about the SOGIE “equality bill”. It’s reverting back to ignorance at a time when the topic could be better understood. All this talk about identity and discrimination is BS without regard to the law of function and form.

  4. Following the Socialist Pope’s lead I see, at least instead of preaching and teaching “True Faith” in these times, they’d rather “Virtue Signal”. What is she just said, is utterly stupid and contradicting.

  5. “Professing themselves to be wise, they become fools”, this is from the Epistle of St. Paul the Apostle to the Romans, in the New Testament of the Christian Bible…

    Kindly read the St. Paul Epistle to the Romans, Chapter 1, Sister Mananzan to give you more education to your faith, regarding this homosexual issue of our times…

    EDSA was a Fake News, that become a Fake History, that is the work of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, who are Feudal Oligarchs. ..The Roman Catholic Church, owns Friars’ Agricultural lands, is also one of the Feudal Oligarchs in our Country.

    In the old Spanish Colonial times; when an ignorant Filipino Indio, like me, is nearing death. The Spanish Friar went to him; encouraged him to give/donate his agricultural landholdings to the Roman Catholic Church; so that he is “assured a place in Heaven’…. it was religious scam…and it worked for them for many centuries.

    Inviting this ignorant Nun in the Senate, to contribute her ignorance to the stupid and ignorant Senators, is deplorable…. I have never seen such foolishness in my life !

  6. Wouldn’t be surprised if one can be a Yellowtard, transgender, communist and Catholic all at the same time.

    Also not surprised to see “Mary John” supporting the cause of gender-confused lady guys.

    Birds of the same feather pretty much know the Philippine national chemical reaction:

    Oppressor/Dictator + Victim ==> Fabricated Hero (aka immortalized glorification)

    Everyone wants to be a “Ninoy” – it’s just that only this guy was “lucky” enough to be in a bullet’s path.

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