The TRUTH about St Scholastica kids being recruited into “activist” campaigns

Once again, young students of exclusive Catholic school St Scholastica’s College were seen and photographed gathering in a rally seemingly to protest the “dictatorship” of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. It raises again the question of whether or not it is right to be conscripting minors into “activist” campaigns. The particularly important question organisers of these “rallies” need to answer is this:

Are these youngsters mature enough to form independent political views?

Students of St Scholastica in an anti-government rally: Taught what to think, not HOW to think.

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It’d be interesting to hear how St Scho’s nuns would answer that question considering they are part of an institution that frowns upon independent thought. Indeed, the Roman Catholic Church has a track record of slapping scary labels on ideas it deems inconvenient to its mission to indoctrinate ever bigger flocks. Words like “blasphemy”, “heresy”, and “sin” are words that are so indoctrinated in Catholic-“educated” Filipinos that their mere uttering by venerated men and women in robes is enough to strike fear in the hearts of many Filipinos.

As such, you’d think the fantasy that these St Scho school girls actually initiated these “mass actions” on their own volition within a safe environment in which modern thinking is encouraged would be regarded by most as an implausible scenario. Yet back in late 2016 when this medieval practice was first noted, “social news network” site gushed about this “youth activism” in its article #ThankYouStScho: ‘Please do not underestimate the youth’. The issue being “protested” at the time was the burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani (“Heroes’ Cemetery”). The way “fashion major” and Rappler writer Paige Occeñola (@ohnopaige) “reported” this spate of “activism”, you’d think that a critical mass of independent-thinking students was at the forefront of political thought leadership…

MANILA, Philippines – Students were among the first to take to the streets shortly after the surprise burial of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. In Quezon City, thousands of students from different universities made their voices heard.

“Students were among the first to take to the streets…” The statement gives the impression that it was the students themselves that, on the back of their own personal convictions, decided that the time to “take to the streets” was at hand. Paige goes on to cite how these kids are supposedly engaged in these activities under a blanket of “consent” granted by parents to the school. One quote from a parent was cherry-picked to supposedly demonstrate this “consent”…

“I allowed [my daughter] to join because it is her right. I encourage her to explore issues – not just this one, to ask questions and to seek answers, to form her own opinions, and to take action. I am aware of the risks involved in joining protests, and I believe they are risks worth taking. Also, I went to the school and joined the students in the protest.”

There is, of course, a legal concept called age of consent. Indeed, one of the battles currently being waged by another Filipino “activist” initiative involves a campaign to block efforts of the Philippine government to lower the age of criminal liability to the age of nine. Leading this campaign is lawyer Harry Roque who asserts that “scientific studies have proven that children as young as nine years old do not have full discernment on what is morally right or wrong.” Interestingly, the authors of the bill argue that children “are being used by criminals as accomplices in their crimes, particularly drug trafficking, because these minors could not be held criminally liable.”

Indeed, both sides in this debate around age of consent agree that kids are not of sound enough mind to decide on things that involve risk to life, limb, and reputation.

As most parents who have raised kids will attest to, there is a thin line that separates giving kids space to be “independent” and applying the right amount of adult guidance to their still-developing decision-making faculties. The very reason many parents take out second mortgages to enroll their kids in stratospherically expensive schools like St Scholastica is to ensure that there are competent faculty members implementing this tricky balance in the hours their kids spend outside of their parents’ direct influence.

Have the faculty of St Scholastica properly fulfilled this responsibility of providing balanced guidance to their charges? The jury may still be out “debating” the answer to this question but there is a small handful of indisputable facts that need to be reiterated to help those who want to decide on this from an objective and secular perspective:

(1) The Roman Catholic Church is subject to dogma and “moral principles” that it deems not subject to critical evaluation; as such,

(2) The assertion of St Scholastica College, a Catholic School, that Catholic nuns encourage “independent thought” becomes outright suspect.

(3) It is widely agreed that minors are not of sound or mature enough mind to be given full independence to decide on things that could affect their lives over the long-term; as such,

(4) The claim that blanket consent is given by parents of minors put in charge of a school faculty and administration to exercise their full “rights”, “form [their] own opinions”, and , even more disturbing, “to take action” becomes outright suspect.

If one will then use the above four simple principles as cornerstone facts to evaluate the issue of minors being conscripted into “activist” service by their adult teachers, it is likely that the real truth about Scholastican kids participating in “activism” will emerge.

27 Replies to “The TRUTH about St Scholastica kids being recruited into “activist” campaigns”

  1. The Aquino Cojuangco political axis, uses religion as a political tool. The Roman Catholic Church is a complicit of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, to brainwash the present and next generation, by Fake News, Fake History and Fake Dogma.

    These young students do not know, what they are demonstrating for; what the true political agendas of these self serving politicians, who are using them. The Nuns and the Priests, are the willing tools of their brainwashing.

    It is sad, that this present generation, is taught, not to think, and research for the truth…but are spoon fed by lies and deceits , by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, and by the Roman Catholic Church…

    Catholic education is garbage and trash, in the Philippines. It is politicized by self serving politicians…

  2. There are so many battles worth fighting for. The ones not worth fighting are the insecure battles that rage in another person’s mind.

  3. Honestly, I just think the anti-duterte group is just getting desperate. Not alot of people within the ‘age of consent’ don’t want anything to do with them anymore. Students are cheap, easy to manipulate, and get the media’s attention easily.

  4. the Nation will know soon who are these yellow communist in the senate and congress when they vote yes or no for martial law extension.

  5. Dear mr benigno,
    I have been following your articles since i started reading grpfor some time now. Now i understand your comments on the idiocy of filipinos. Listening to our congressmen/women interpolate on the extension of martial law have made me conclude that these elected government servants are all idiots. I find it so frustrating, makes me so mad how they can come up with questions that are downright stupid. Mga bobo!!!!. Their minds are closed to anything that is opposed to what they believe in. They don’t think outside of this box where they are holed in. Their comments are based on hindsight. What not think ahead, based on strategic thinking. Nakakainis talaga! I don’t know what to say!!!!! Sobra talaga bobo!!!!!

  6. Philippines hasn’t changed from its stupidity for as long as we have both proles and elites in the country dominating the intellectual, political, and religious scenes. Fuck them. I’m glad I’ve stopped being citizen in that country. When you have these lemmings running the show, you can’t do much about reforming on anything. I hate to be that cynical person, but too many dumbasses there keep pushing buttons, racing towards more idiocracy.

  7. now we see clear what the yellow 87 constitution did to the Nation. president Duterte should follow the way Marcos have done to the country. they should scrapped the 87 constitution for a new one or re-enact the 73 constitution. the Pilipinos were better during those days. and, distribute hacienda luisita to the right beneficiaries ASAP.

  8. In this day and age, it’s pretty stupid for any parent to send their kid to schools run by clueless nuns.

  9. …and now there’s a big chance that martial law will expand throughout the country if terrorism by CPP and its allied MNLF (milf, abg, biff, maute, etc) don’t stop their terror activities and lay down their arms. remember the zamboanga siege??? it’s just a trial and now they did it in marawi for real.

  10. haven’t we notice what the yellowtards throwing at president Duterte? it’s the same ranting of ninoy at Marcos. and de lima still doesn’t know that her case is already done with her pics with the drug pushers.

  11. Rodrigo Duterte has come out and stated that the USA ‘Is a LOUSY COUNTRY’, and my question to Rdorigo Duterte, after being in his country for many years and knowing what a fuckin dump it is: “What does that make the Philippines Roddy ?”, I mean what is left of the few beaches that are not over run with garbage ? NOT MUCH ! and that cesspit of a SHIT CITY, MANILA, how does MANILA stack up to the shittiest of USA cities ? IT DOESN’T COME CLOSE to being a Los Angeles, or NYC or Chicago…….cities with comparable populations, over 5 million people, and we have Roddy Duterte calling the USA a ‘LOUSY COUNTRY’, when almost all Filipino’s with a brain want to get the fuck out of the Philippines and their destination of choice is 9 times out of ten, the USA or Australia or similar Western country……this fuckin guy, Duterte ? He is a FUCKIN MORON !!!

    1. Asshole read this!!!
      Five Breeds of Duterte Haters and Why They Are All Equally Ridiculous

      Written by Adam Garrie on 2018-05-15
      Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is subject to many varieties of slander from all sides of international media and from various political/ideological groups. What all of these otherwise disparate groups have in common is that they universally ignore the fact that Duterte won a fair and democratic election in 2016 and remains not only incredibly popular but far more popular than most elected leaders, including the Presidents of the United States and France, as well as the German and British heads of government.

      In this sense, one is witnessing a perverse experiment in the colonial mentality wherein most Filipinos both in The Philippines and the millions of Filipinos who live abroad support Duterte while his mostly non-Filipino detractors have crowned themselves neo-colonial masters who will “save” the country from a President that most Filipinos either approve or, support or love.

      The sanctimonious left

      One of the biggest myths proffered both by liberals and the sanctimoniously alt-media far left is that Duterte is a “fascist”. Not only is this outright slander of the Filipino people and of Duterte himself, but it is slander of the real victims of real fascism including those in the Donbass republics who are being slaughtered by those who have openly pledged loyalty to fascist leaders.

      In actual fact, Duterte is a man whose primary goal is to reduce his own power and those around him. Duterte’s proposals for a federal republic would reduce the power of the central government/imperial Manila and give more democratic control to local people over their own political future. Duterte has further stated that if anything he’d like to retire early, so long as his major reforms get implemented. Duterte views on issues ranging from taxation and labour regulations to health and safety, the environment and infrastructural investment are neither left or right. They are rational problem solving policies based on the logical needs of a developing country with immense potential that has been held back through decades of ineffective rulers. There is simply nothing remotely extreme, let alone fascistic about this. If one is in any doubt about this, one only need to examine the Communist government of China which unlike the corrupt, blood-soaked and malicious Communist Party of The Philippines, is more like Duterte when it comes to finding successful solutions to real life problems.

    2. Joe Blow you are such a stupid ignorant American who does not really understand what made our beloved president angry and for saying that USA is a lousy country! He was only expressing his anger at OBAMA in response to the laters intervention, and unfair criticisms on his war on drugs! This fiasco started with the presidents number one political enemy, the previous Aquino administration together with his LP senators who launched a campaign thru the media in spreading lies using EJK false accusations against Duterte in the hope of destroying his reputation to the world thru the Commission on Human Rights to which OBAMA believed hook line and sinker feed to him by the yellow opposition! His anger hightened when the US government refused to sell him the arms that he wanted to buy to upgrade our police forces and military’s arsenal! This is the cause why he diverted to China and Russia! STOP BEING AN IDIOT RANTING AGAINST OUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT AND BLAMING HIM FOR THE STUPIDITY OF YOUR EX PRESIDENT OBAMA AND YOUR MISFORTUNES WHILE STAYING IN OUR COUNTRY!!! FYI you are the only foreigner we know who badmouths our country! Majority of world travel bloggers are saying niceand wonderful things and great appreciation for the Filipino peoples friiendliness and hospitality that you cant find anywhere in the world! If thats really what you think of our country, go ahead and never come back anymore! We dont need your kind anyway to be in our country! We are sorry for your unfortunate experience being scammed but this problem is going on around the world and even worse here in the US! I know because I live here in NY! Do more research and educate yourself regarding our political history to understand the problems of corruption, becoming a narco country, and who and what started it!

  12. The poor/developing country like here in the Philippines doesn’t need democracy, we need a GOOD GOVERNANCE to discipline our people & to give way for a better change in our country instead of having a useless protests just like these poor St. Scholastica students who are protesting against President Duterte. You could read this link & it needs a registration there in order to read it.

    All I know that St. Scholastica College was once enrolled by our former president Cory Aquino & studied there for her law degree but didn’t finished it, and you’ll know the story.

    1. @JOE BLOW Then tell me, have you ever been into US? Guess you judge the book only by it’s cover by seeing TV shows, or movies and still believe it was the “Greatest Country in The World”(In reality it’s not)makes you think it’s not as shit as Manila or Philippines as a whole, perhaps US could be just as equal or worse.
      Those filipinos who vote 9 out of 10 is nothing because it’s quite obvious that they only judge what they have seen in media about the image of US so it’s easy for them to say that it’s way better than to live in Philippines until they really experienced it.

    2. MRERICX, Who told you that we are still a poor and developing country?!!! Dont you know that we are no longer a third world country under PRDs present government! Its obvious you are not updated and listening to the news! ????????????

  13. @ RONALD, I am a U.S. citizen by birth, I have a Filipina partner and my partner could not wait to get out of the Philippines. The only reason I stayed in the Filippines was that I could live on the beach, on Camiguin Island for $2,200/month, something I could NEVER do in the USA, but everything else from getting robbed by everyone I did business with to the LTO, when registering a car, the Immigration Bureau, when applying for a 13A Visa, the scumbag got me for $500 and never even applied to Manila for the visa,I KNOW, because I went to Manila and asked! and every time I bought something, SCAMMED/ROBBED/CHEATED, the Vet that treated my Dog, poisoned my dog so I would keep coming to the office every two days and spend money, to the insane traffic jams, to the NPA blocking remote area roads and threatenng to kidnap me….I could go on for an hour why I hated the country, but living on the beach for 25 days out of every 30 was the best thing I ever did, everything else in the country was among the worst things I ever did. The logic I saw employed in the country was idiotic, a Filipino Man wanted the water to come out of the hose he spent his entire weeks salary on, what did he do? He ruined the hose by cutting the hose in half, WTF?

    The age of ‘UPWARD MOBILITY’ in the USA is gone, because there are no jobs left, but if you have a skill you can make a much better living in the USA than you will ever make in Philippines, and the USA, still, is the best country in the world, even though it has changed dramatically in the last 30 years. TRUST ME KID(you will not listen because Filipino’s can not be told anything, their esteem is too low to accept that they may not know something), I’ve been to many, many, countries: The Philippines is a SHIT-HOLE DUMP compared to the USA and many other 1ST world countries and even most 3RD world countries as well…the place is fucked. I have a little different situation than most in that I can live in countries and not have to work, taking a job from a local, and yet still contribute to the economy. Countries like people like me and give me a visa on asking. Right now I live in Lithuania, and the place is really interesting, but not as good as the USA, cheeper, yes, to live slightly better though….I do it because I like to travel, see different places.Itssa BIG PLANET,and I am going to see as much of it as I can…..

    1. … all the people you encountered are products of the yellow dynasty. that don’t exist during marcos time. we are happy and peaceful during those days ‘cuz we’re protected against terror. inquire your parents/your girl’s grandpa.

      1. @ SALAMAT BUKID, I DID, and they said MARCOS was a TYRANT, (they did not need to tell me, I KNEW!)they hated his guts and think he and his family are the scum of the earth….and they are.That IMELDA, she is one High Falutent BITCH, bragging about her wealth that she stole from each and every Fiipino, she openly brags about it, THAT BITCH ! and its was never even taken back !!! She admits stealing it, and doesn’t even get thrown in jail,GEEZ -ZEUS !!! FILIPINO’s, whatta bunch of idiots.

  14. …maybe those to have inquired about are those who still now are hoping for compensation. go ask your king for that ‘cuz he’s the one who send them to hell.

  15. Miss Mocha please relay my post to our beloved PRD when you get the chance. This is in connection to our young innocent students who are forced by the school administrations to attend rallies against the present PRD government. It goes this way;
    This is at St. Scholastica College in Malate!
    “This is absolutely unacceptable! These students are still so young and easily prone to be influenced and brainwashed! This is an outrageous manipulation and exploitation of children that is seriously punishable by law here in the US and other countries! This should not be allowed and tolerated by our government more supposedly should not even be allowed by the Department of Education!!! The DOE is doing nothing about this!!! ????????????Congress and senate should pass a strict law disallowing this ridiculous practice and must implement harsh punishment against the school administration who allows this kind of abuse!!! These CCP/NPA infested rallying group, Bayan Muna, Kadamay, Gabriela & etc, has to be stop for inciting rebellion against the government using and influencing students! They should all get arrested! They poses serious threats of destabilization against the government, also destroying the future lives of our young generations and a threat to the security and safety of our nation and people! I don’t understand why PRD is so lenient on these criminals and scumbags!!!” ????????????

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