Yellowtard propaganda network EXPOSED: Dennis Borbon is the latest piece of the puzzle to emerge!

Alleged “con artists” seem to keep coming out of the woodwork nowadays — perhaps flushed out using the very money trails that motivated their dishonest trade. Recently, a certain Dennis Borbon had been nabbed reportedly on charges of being involved in “an online smear campaign against candidates of the Duterte administration.”

Dennis Borbon, who identified himself as an anti-Duterte blogger, said that [former Senator Bam Aquino’s] chief of staff paid him between P20,000 to P40,000 a month for the adverse online posts against President Rodrigo Duterte’s candidates.

“N’ung election, lumapit sa akin ‘yung chief of staff ni Bam Aquino at pinapatira yung mga kandidato ng administrasyon noong nakaraang eleksyon… Nagde-deposito sila ng 20k to 40k. Iba pa nga po yung galing kay Congressman Gary Alejano,” Borbon said.

“‘Yung mga alegasyon pong sinasabi ni Senator Christopher Lawrence Bong Go, totoo po ‘yun hindi ko naman po kinakaila ‘yun…” he added.

[NB: Borbon’s Tagalog statements translated to English: “During the election, I was approached by the chief of staff of Bam Aquino who asked me to slander administration candidates of the last election… They deposit 20,000 to 40,000 pesos on top of what comes from Congressman Gary Alejano. The allegations of Senator Christopher Lawrence Bong Go are all true.”]

Dennis Borbon (middle) presented to the public by the Philippine police after their arrest.
(Photo source GMA News)

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Borbon is known to be chummy with a who’s-who of Opposition personalities, “thought leaders”, and “influencers”. Most of them now deny any close ties or working relationship with Borbon.

Borbon (in yellow) with Opposition personalities Bart Guingona and Agot Isidro
(Photo source Twitter)

Borbon with top Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio
(Source Twitter)

Borbon with failed Opposition senatorial candidate and member of the now-defunct Otso Diretso coalition, Gary Alejano
(Source Facebook)

Indeed, these same personalities are known to have ties with a variety of other alleged online scammers like Peter Joemel Advincula (a.k.a. “Bikoy”) and “blogger” Rodel Jayme and his seeming business partner Maru Xie, purportedly also known as Maru Nguyen. TV5 broadcast journalist Pat Mangune also reports that Borbon “claims he has met ‘Bikoy'”.

Apparently, Borbon, listed as a graduate of Ateneo de Naga High School, even has an extensive track record of scamming politicians. Former Senator JV Ejercito attests to this citing his own personal experience being contacted by Borbon and being presented a s.o.b. story with the intent to solicit money.

Interesting too that, in apparent inconsistency with his affiliation to the Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition, Borbon is seen in a photo with Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte doing the iconic “fist bump” associated with the camp of current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

Borbon with Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte
(Source Twitter)

Perhaps Borbon’s personal loyalties are not anchored in any real set of principles but simply flow to where the money takes them. There is word going around that Borbon is the person behind the social media brand “Madam Claudia” which has a large following and is a well-known outlet for Opposition messaging. So far, however, the source of this information comes from an obscure source — a meme on Facebook posted by a certain Adolfo Mortera as of this writing. If true, however, this puts Borbon squarely within the elite inner Web of shady “influencers” that make up the well-oiled public relations and messaging newtwork of the Yellowtards.

Back in September 2017, blogger RJ Nieto, a.k.a. Thinking Pinoy, published the report #CocoyGate: Senator Sotto, here’s the guy you’re looking for where he showed how the sites ProPinoy, SilentNoMorePH, and and MadamClaudiaAko as sharing the same Google AdSense publisher ID “pub-8283971809912134”. This AdSense trail ultimately led to Jover Laurio’s PinoyAkoBlog and then to Cocoy Dayao, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of ProPinoy. Dayao has since gone into hiding after “#CocoyGate” exploded in that year.

A subsequent article by Nieto in October 2017, #CocoyGate: Senator Villar, let me link Cocoy to Bam and Kiko, presents some facts that potentially link this network of influencers to top Yellowtard leaders former Senator Bam Aquino and Senator Kiko Pangilinan. Key amongst these links is a certain Niña Terol, co-founder of ProPinoy and, presumably, a close associate of Cocoy Dayao. Terol, Nieto shows in his report, held top positions in the communications and PR machinery of Aquino and Pangilinan.

Much as the top “thought leaders” of the Opposition dismiss the brouhaha surrounding Dennis Borbon, the fact is, he is in police custody, facing charges, and will likely be subject to due process within the Philippines’ criminal justice system. This system, imperfect as most human systems are, remains the better forum for discovering, evaluating, and interpreting the information surrounding this case. Unless those who seek to wash the stain of their association with this character off their person can provide a better alternative, they serve themselves and the Filipino public well by allowing the system to run its course. It is certainly better than the trial-by-publicity the Yellowtards have come to be addicted to as an option for resolving their personal problems.

5 Replies to “Yellowtard propaganda network EXPOSED: Dennis Borbon is the latest piece of the puzzle to emerge!”

  1. The “Bikoy” conspiracy has now evolved to Dennis Borbon conspiracy….people being paid to put down the Duterte administration. The conspirators who paid these people are known YellowTards. From Bam Aquino to Gary “Alegago” Alejano, to well known YellowTard bloggers…

    These YelowTards are really Stupid… Blogging is still a new field, by which you write your opinion; and the reader will evaluate, if what you write , is true or not. Your credibility , is the content of what you write, or the gist of your opinion and information.

    A Fake Blogger or a Paid Blogger can be easily determined, by blog readers who have common sense. Unless these YellowTards still think that all Filipino Blog readers, are Stupid, as they had believed in the Fake News and Fake History of EDSA…then, they are willing to use the Blogosphere as their venue of political propaganda.

    I have been blogging for many years ; I am still learning this new field. The truth of your information and the contents of your opinions, are your only Credibility … it is the readers who Decide, if they believe or not !

  2. Well if you have business where you don’t have to pay taxes, and the income just keeps on coming indefinitely,like a private school owned by the church perhaps, that will be good enough to support the yellowtards campaign propaganda, I mean, how deep really is the pocket of these people? There must be an outside source where they get the money from.

  3. president duterte cannot make a change if he’ll not declare martial law the whole philippines cuz it’s the enemy of drugs, corruptions, and communism. we already saw that during marcos era. don’t let these bad people hide behind democracy. they should be prosecuted for the crimes they did or else they’re still around waiting for opportunity to take over again.

    1. Ninoy Aquino and the Aquinos are ardent supporters of Maoist type of communism. They financed the CPP and the NPA, that made them very strong financially and militarily today.

      Look at the new generation cadres of CPP and NPA today. They come from U.P., from the Roman Catholic Church, and from various kinds of leftist organizations, masquerading as “human rights” advocates.

      This was the tactic that Cory Aquino, the U.S./C.I.A., the Roman Catholic Church and various “rightist/leftists/political opportunists”, used to bring down the late Pres. Marcos. The tactic is a replica of the EDSA coup d’ eta. Only this time , they have : the corrupt COMELEC; the crook Andres Bautista;
      the HOCUS PCOS and the SMARTSWITIK election gadgets. They have also the Fake Vice President Lugaw Robredo, awaiting to be President in the background; the PET Supreme Court crook: Caguioa; the CPP and NPA partylists in Congress siphoning our taxpayers’ money to finance their cause…

      Now , they don’t have a political opportunist, like Enrile; a turncoat crook like, Fidel Ramos…They still have the prostituted media and Fake News media advocates like Maria Reesa. Also, they tried to corrupt the social media, thru their paid bloggers, like Borbon and company.

      Last of all, they don’t have the support of the U.S./C.I.A. But, have support to various international organizations and leftist groups !

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