Will the Yellow flag still be waved to commemorate Ninoy Aquino’s “martyrdom”?

The anniversary of the late former Senator Ninoy Aquino’s “martyrdom” is coming up again. Unfortunately for his fans, things are not as simple as they used to be. The colour Yellow which had come to symbolise everything he supposedly stood for is no longer the election-winning collateral it used to be. The Opposition in at least two of the most recent elections practically shunned the colour altogether — not that it mattered as they still went on to suffer catastrophic losses at the polls.

This presents a quaint conundrum for the Opposition. The Philippine Opposition continues to be led by remnant “thought leaders” of the Old Order beholden to the Aquino brand. The key bloc within it, the Liberal Party and its circle of adherents (a.k.a. the “Yellowtards”), is led by its highest priests and priestesses who preached the Yellow narrative to generations of hapless Filipinos for three decades. Indeed, it is evident, as such, that the very DNA of the broader Opposition continues to be bathed in a Yellow shade.

And yet, Yellow is now regarded as a poisoned colour. Strange. Not too long a time ago, the colour yellow was worn by Yellowtards with pride in their political events and protest rallies. Suddenly the practice stopped. In fact whenever leaders of the Opposition organise and call for a rally or some sort of political action nowadays, they even issue clear instructions to “wear white” or some other colour — except yellow.

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The change in choice of political colour amongst Yellowtards seems to have been driven from within their ranks. Yet, because they have long shown an inclination to externalise the perceived causes of their problems, they fail to consider that, perhaps, there is something about their very nature that contributes to the failures they’ve been experiencing in recent years. In their monomanic focus to find the roots of their problems elsewhere they fail to find the solutions that could easily come from within them.

The colour Yellow is no longer seen in Yellowtard rallies.

How then will the current crop of Yellowtards honour the death of their venerated political saint? If the Opposition were truly committed to the ideals and principles they say are singularly represented by Ninoy Aquino and his “martyrdom” in 1983, then they should be committed to his political brand. Then again, if the Yellowtard brand, as it had been shaped back in 1983, truly stood the test of time then we’d still be seeing big flags in bright Yellow proudly fluttering amidst massive commemoration rallies and Catholic masses across the Philippines today.

The fact is, we no longer see these flags. We no longer see the iconic “L” hand gesture. We no longer hear about the “martyrdom” of Ninoy in election campaign rallies either — not even in the rallies of the most rabidly-Yellow factions of the Philippine Opposition.

How do we solve a problem like the obsolete Yellow brand then? This is where the brilliance of the top strategists of the Opposition should have stepped up to in order to mitigate the flatlined political value of the Yellow brand. It’s either they weren’t up to the task or no such “strategists” exist within the Opposition ranks.

And that is why the Opposition continue to fail to be the Opposition Filipinos deserve today. Only an intelligent Opposition can contribute to a healthy democracy. The cancer-stricken Yellowtard-led Opposition of today merely contribute to the destruction of the “democracy” Ninoy Aquino’s “martyrdom” supposedly “regained” for his people.

4 Replies to “Will the Yellow flag still be waved to commemorate Ninoy Aquino’s “martyrdom”?”

  1. Will any yellowtard ever admit that their idol B.S. Noynoy Aquino (who truly did no wrong in the eyes of MSM for six years ) ran that party and that movement into the ground?? That weasel Lacierda claimed that Noynoy’s endorsement was worth something. It was definitely worth something to Mar Roxas since he cried when he officially got it. Even though his BFF teased him for months. Noynoy did not nothing before he ran for president, while he was president and after he stepped down as president. At least we can praise him for being consistent. Noynoy in the last elections campaigned for the precious Ocho Diretso in Cebu. A move that amused Atty Darwin Canete since he knew that was actually a curse for the slate and not something that could impact in any positive way. Noynoy’s incompetence, lack of vision and his penchant for AIDS (As If Doing Something) paved the way for the bottom falling out for that “party”. Six years of Noynoying made people elect the anti Noynoy. The remnants of the yellows in 2019 doubled down on the memory and “legacy” of Noynoy and you can see how that worked out for them.

  2. “An ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free”, these were the words of Jesus Christ, as can be read in the Christian New Testament Bible.

    The Filipinos were dumbed down with the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, mainstream media political propaganda machine for 30 years. All we can listen to, and saw on TV, were the Heroism , the Martyrdom, the “worth dying for” sacrifice of Ninoy Aquino for “democracy”.

    We have to admit, we were all dumbed downed and mesmerized by the political propaganda.

    The Aquinos showed what they can do for us, and for the country for more than 30 years. All we had were: massive corruption, like DAP, PDAF,Pork Barrel Bribery, Typhoon Yolanda Fund Theft, etc. We had also incompetence like the : Mamapasano massacre, the Luneta Chinese tourists massacre, the lazy do nothing President Pnoy Aquino, etc. We saw the backdoor dealing in the sale of the Scarborough Shoals and the Philippine mountains used as landfills to the Chinese, as ordered by Pnoy Aquino with his complicit, his running dog: Trililing “Stella” Trillanes.

    People were awakened by the social media bloggers, and they were really fed up…so, they elected an “outsider”, like Pres. Duterte. They put the YellowTard Senatorial candidates, “otso diretso” into the inodoro, and flushed them in the recent election…

    The Aquino era is gone, and is now History. Their trying to struggle to gain back power thru: the fake Vice President Lugaw Robredo; thru the failed Bikoy coup d’ eta and the recent Dennis Borbon social media bribery episode are just Exercise in Futility…

    The Filipino people has awakened, and they can not do anything about it !

    1. Agree to the Yellowtard Oligarchs comments of Madpnoy Abnoy kulangkulang99 dumbing down Bobotanteng Pilipino of fifty years of yellow communism of Marcial Bonifacio aka Ninoy Aquino Co founder of CPP/NPA?NDF and Communist Party leader of the Philippines JOMA SISON, who was first release by late Santa Corykot lantarang Pangagago ng Pilipinas for thirty five years of Hacienda luisita you are not a Pilipino but a Malaysian Traitor who bombed Plaza miranda.

  3. The only way for the yellows to gain any semblance of credibility again would be to publicly declare that they line up one by one under the people power monument, including the new generation of yellows now claiming ownership of the “people power trademark”, and confess that they themselves have failed the Filipino people and have bastardized what they call “ang diwa ng EDSA”.

    Then they should sing “handog ng Pilipino sa mundo” and then stand in front of those murderous EDSA buses.

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