Why I stopped believing in the “Filipino Race” and the Philippines

Warning: This contains a lot of aggressive statements born out of frustration and anger from the writer’s experiences, snowflakes and overly sensitive individuals are warned that there will be a lot of butt-hurt.


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Unpopular Opinion by C. Seamus Hermoso


This article will probably stir up hate, ridicule and another negativity towards me. I am also expecting some ad hominem insults. Before I start though, please read through, understand, have an open mind, and don’t take this unpopular opinion too personal. The whole point of this write-up is to disturb your peaceful acceptance of the status quo, to start a meaningful discourse and hopefully to plant a seed, an idea that the future generation can harvest.

Since we were kids, we were brainwashed by the school system to be patriotic. To respect the so-called “heroes” and past presidents who did everything “for the country”. As I grew older and after observing the countless mishaps of this country’s government, the ridiculous decision-making of the Filipino majority, and how stupid the usual response a Filipino will retort to some circumstances- I am now at a point where I question this race’s intellectual capacity. Sadly, I am part of that race.

How come we just took this idea of patriotism and lived our lives thinking that this current government we have and this country we have, are the result of valiant sacrifices and unwavering love for the nation? It’s about time to think otherwise and start questioning this false patriotism and lessen that god-awful “Filipino Pride” that often does more harm than good.

History will show us that even Rizal and his Illustrado colleagues in Spain didn’t really want separation from Spain from the start. They wanted social reform. They initially wanted the Philippines to be treated as an annex of Spain and its inhabitants as co-equals to those born in Spain. In time, that ideal was lost when wealthy benefactors and influential families funded the revolution that would ultimately put them or their businesses in power. The “for independence”, “for the motherland” ideal isn’t genuine from the start. Even from the early formation of this nation, it was “Para sa Sarili” or “Para sa Pamilya”, there was never a “Para sa Bayan”.

The power grab of Aguinaldo and cohorts from Bonifacio, those supporting Aguinaldo and those who blindly followed the man only further proves how stupid and incompetent the inhabitants of this land were. Yes, there were the greedy, scheming masterminds behind it, but those efforts wouldn’t succeed without the support of the zombie-like masses. The stupid, non-thinking masses. The masses who prefer being bought so that they can have something for their family regardless of the repercussions.

The succeeding mishaps such as the political scandals of Quezon, allowing greed and cronies dictate a dictator, up to the CIA-backed “People Power”, and then electing an under-qualified housewife, electing an action star for a president and soon electing the housewife’s son out of sympathy, all the way to 16 Million Filipinos blindly voting for a dirty old man with rape jokes just proves how insanely stupid this race is. Sometimes we have to be reminded of these mishaps and dumb decisions since Filipinos have a short-term memory when it comes to history or political affairs.

This country didn’t experience a true bloody revolution hence there’s no passion or deep-rooted emotions that something must change. The masses are too stupid to get the idea of revolution. The rich and educated are too comfortable and scared of a shift in power. The few successful attempts for change often end up self-sabotaged by the same folks. Articles such as these are ridiculed and free-thinkers who try to spark an idea are bashed.

At first, I just shook my head in utter disbelief on how stupid the overall population is especially when watching the evening news. From government probes and public interviews, I cringe at the sad mental capacity of the general public.  One of the things I hate most was this “Filipino Resiliency”. I was among the few who thought that “Filipino Resiliency” is a sad and stupid excuse that we are just doomed to keep repeating the same mistakes, experiencing the same calamities and tragedies, yet still manage to smile and laugh about it. That attitude to me is plain idiocy. I kept preaching to people and friends that it’s OK to be angry, the logical thing to do is be angry, because it sparks meaningful change bought out by a consensus of emotions like how Western countries become angry and rally for change.

Yet in the Philippines, it’s as if we act as a retarded race, laughing and saying “ganun talaga ang buhay” (life is just like that) “manalig nalang sa Diyos” (let’s just have faith in God), etc. despite being in waist-deep water every year because of lack of urban planning resulting to flood; despite living in improvised shelters because some idiot left a candle in the night that led to burning a whole block of wooden shanties; despite a convicted plunderer being elected into office again. This country’s resources are getting stolen in a massive scale, yet to the masses, there are more important things to fight for and invest emotions- like collegiate basketball fanaticism, beauty pageants, or the NBA Finals.

How can you explain that ousted Presidents due to graft and corruption manage to still have people vote for them and still hold offices either in the local government or in Congress? How can a convicted plunderer whose family is also known as a corrupt clan in the province, who just secured a TRO can just dance with no solid campaign platform and still get a seat in the Senate? The Philippines has the longest history of Elections in Asia, yet until now, it is still a popularity contest. A sing-and-dance competition. This nation isn’t ready for elections. If a group rallies for change, they are mocked as destabilizers. This nation will never be ready for democracy or for self-rule because of that collective stupidity.

Maybe it’s time to accept that we are destined to be ruled over by a foreign power. Maybe it’s time to set aside that stupid “Filipino Pride” that only becomes useful if Gilas Pilipinas is wining or if Manny Pacquiao has a fight. We are too proud to accept that we need a foreign power to rule over us to bring prosperity. A hundred or so years of “independence” is like allowing a 3-year old to play with knives. It’s a recipe for disaster. I for one, don’t want my future children to live in such a sorry state of a country such as this.

We aren’t ready, or in my opinion, will never be ready for self-rule as long as majority of the people are those believing in “aswang” when a stray fruit bat wanders in the neighborhood, those who line-up for a free jacket in Willie Revillame’s charity show, and those who don’t follow a simple one way rule in mall parking lots.

We get angry or ridicule the Chinese just because they are (strategically) everywhere and involved in all types of business as we shout patriotic nonsense- but for what? Because we prefer Westerners running their businesses here instead? We become passionately infuriated when we see “For Koreans Only” stores in the city, yet we will gladly work and be corporate slaves for an Australian BPO?  We proudly wave the Filipino flag, yet at the same time 90% of us would trade a limb to live a life in the U.S. or in Canada with their loved ones. We say “support local” yet we are the first in line when Tim Horton’s or Shake Shack opened.

People in the comfortable class will say- at least they practiced their right to vote and that they take part in educating the less fortunate to vote wisely for better governance. That same excuse is a loser’s sad excuse because each election, the most logical and qualified candidate just doesn’t get elected.

The thinking class’s vote doesn’t hold much weight because at the end of the day, the ignorant and shallow masses, those who prefer to take Vice Ganda’s advice over a political analyst, those who lost their homes in the war in Mindanao and just smile because a politician hugged them and took a selfie with them, those who hog the overtaking lane in expressways or drive in the shoulder lane, those who voted for Bong Revilla- these people who make up majority of this nation, their votes have more weight.

Now what does that say about this nation then? This race is just too stupid to run a country. I’d be the bad guy to shout it out because maybe we need that realization. For me, I’d had it with this country and its people. Even simple “don’t cross” signs right in business districts can’t be followed. Motorcycle riders with helmets on their elbows instead of their heads. It’s a harsh truth that we are like dogs eating our own shit not because of poverty, but because of stupidity. The talent is there. The resiliency is there. But when it comes to self-governance? I’d rather bow to China and be part of their massive industrial strength. I’d rather be a U.S. colony or a military base. I’d rather be under Spain again.

For now? I feel ashamed to be called a Filipino. There is nothing to be proud of this nationality as long as the overall population is that stupid. I’m calling myself a citizen of the earth instead. I won’t be saluting to that flag anytime soon.


Inspired by “3 Big Reasons Why Filipinos Will Always Be Dumb” an article in www.getrealphilippines.com written by “Grimwald”


23 Replies to “Why I stopped believing in the “Filipino Race” and the Philippines”

  1. It’s more of a lack of honest and introspection, when you ask a Bong Revilla voter why they voted for him, they’ll either answer that the stupid TV ad was funny or they’re diehard supporters on him and said that the PDAF scandal on Pork Barrel was a trap by the Yellows, even though he was one of those who sold out Corona for that piece of the pie., an opposition Senator along with Jinggoy and Enrile who didn’t think that this would bite them in the back. Two of them are out, but this one got in.

    1. Bet ya if jingoy and enrile did their own stupid looking gyrating stance as bong, they’d get it, these puddenhead pinoy voters will.

  2. I’m truly sorry for your awful lack of self-esteem. Those rants coming from you are the equivalent, in Tagalog, of “mabahong utot”. Don’t you think it’s about time you dash to the toilet and disgorge all the rotten things in your body? But I respect the way you verbalize your thoughts and disappointments. The masses of our people may look stupid to you, but the need to fill the stomach is greater than the concept of your other blah blah blah, thus they succumb to dole-outs from politicians, among others. The likes of Bong Revilla should not even be accorded your elitist respect but he’s adored, unfortunately, by many people who voted for him. Same with the Aquinos, the Estradas, the Cayetanos, etc. By the way, I consider the dirty old man you referred to as a gift from heaven. Without the foul mouth, without the gumption, without the will, without the honesty . . . this country will forever be in its place since we severed relations with Spain. And that means you’ll forever be ranting like a mad dog.

    1. Dude, you simply added icing on the author’s descriptive cake of how puddenhead the pinoy voters are for lodging in a plunderer actor and almost together with two more plunderers.

      The foul-mouthed president indeed a gift from heaven, yes, coz he wouldn’t have made it with the heavy cheating of the yellow supported riding-in-tandem syndicate.

  3. This article will make Winston Churchill so proud of it & he said that the best argument about democracy is to have a 5 minute conversation with the average voter. In the Philippine’s case that “average voter” is also known as BOBOTANTES!!! There are so many dumb voters here & it’s in their political DNA unless if that kind of DNA is gonna be injected by a dangerous dosage of nuclear radiation in order to change that through mutation & I don’t know if the Filipino voter’s DNA would have a greater effect on it. ?

  4. The Website Article is excellent; however, it will do nothing to awaken most of the Filipinos. Most of us have turned into “EDSA ZOMBIES”…believing that the Cory Aquino EDSA Revolution is the “cure all and be all” panacea for the ills that we have in the country.

    We have laws…but it is a “two tier” system of justice. One is applicable to the politicians and their cahoots. The other is applicable to most of us, ordinary Filipinos.

    On the upper tier of the Justice system; the politicians and their cahoots, are immuned to punishments , if ever they violate the law. So, the DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery takers and Bribe givers are never prosecuted or jailed. They can even cheat in elections, by bribing the COMELEC Chief, like the crook Andres Bautista, who is hiding in the U.S.; and enjoying his loots. The corrupt politicians and other kinds of thieves, are never bothered or prosecuted. They are also enjoying their loots…

    We also renamed Squatters as: “informal settlers”. It is not against the law to squat on other peoples’ properties , possess them and finally own them. It is a stupid law, and we accept it.

    The crooks run for public offices over and over; and are elected and re-elected over and over. We have Fake News…Fake Journalists; and prostituted Journalism. Journalism in our country has turned into political propaganda…source of disinformation…

    On the other hand, most of the ordinary Filipinos are addicted to melodramatic TV shows; WOWOWIN shows that give lotteries a good competition. Filipinos are addicted to hand outs and mendicant mindsets. Easy money, no sweat in getting rich, are the purpose of most Filipinos.

    We don’t know what kind of awakening tool, we can jolt to awaken most of the Filipinos. But, I believe most of us are born Stupid…I may be wrong. but it must be in our DNA …and most of our politicians are taking advantage of this ‘Filipino Derangement Syndrome ” !

  5. Grimwald, unless you translate your little essay in the language where majority of Filipinos can understand, in Tagalog, your message won’t reach them. You can try.
    To be honest, I share your frustrations. But change will not happen very soon, not in our generation or even our kid’s generation. But we can do our share by indoctrinating our kids how to behave like a human. How about telling our kids repeatedly “If you see the traffic light in red, it really means stop. Dont be an idiot like those people who cannot follow a simple rule”. Simple things like that, we can create a breed of brainwashed super soldiers (kidding), i mean disciplined individuals. This government should be the one teaching discipline and penalize violators, but since they are too lazy to do anything and just pass the blame to us people and dismiss it as “lack of discipline”, then we as parents should take matters in our own hands. I stopped envying Japan and Korea long ago where the government programs their children at a very young age in school about the value of discipline. In the Philippines, the word discipline is just lip service.

  6. What a title for an article. Even the concept of patriotism here is distorted, which explains the line of thinking. Are you seriously saying that “stupidity” is the main problem of Filipinos? There are some in the “thinking class” who think Trump is the American equivalent of Duterte. Would it be fair to call them stupid?

    1. Yeah…pinoys are truly truly stupid. They’re everywhere here or abroad. Not Filipinos at all. Yeah, they’re stupid puddenheads.

    2. “There are some in the “thinking class” who think Trump is the American equivalent of Duterte. Would it be fair to call them stupid?”
      Or the other way around? Either way Yes! Stupid to the bone! Both!

  7. A typical response ng takot sa pagbabago at tanggap nalang ang current state ng kabobohan ng lahi: “e di lumayas ka dito” “e di umalis ka ng bansa” ??

    This is what I get when I share my opinion online.

    “Eh di umalis ka sa Pilipinas”- Response yan ng taong comfortable at ok na sa kinalalagyan nya ngayon.
    and you say, “para sa bayan” ginagawa mo? nope. para sa pamilya mo yan at sa para sa sarili. kahit nga sundalo na mas malaki ang sacrifice na binibigay kumpara sa pagtype mo sa comfortable keyboard mo, sasabihin ng sundalo sayo na para sa pamilya nya ginagawa nya.

    wag na tayo maglokohan na willing ka mamatay para jan sa katabi mong nagyoyosi sa tabi ng no smoking sign.

    willing ka ibahagi kayamanan mo para sa mga senior citizen na magsusugal at chichismis sa gabi?

    willing ka pa tirahan sa bahay mo ang “kababayan” mong street kids at nanakawan ka pagkatapos?

    willing ka mag give way sa mga nakawangwang na pulitiko sa daan kapalit malelate ka sa trabaho mo?

    willing ka mag quit sa trabaho mo at mag organize at lobby ng mga bagong batas?

    willing ka kunan ng pictures ang mga “kababayan” mong nagbebenta ng laman sa red light district para magka customer sila ng dayuhan kase nagpapatulong sila?

    willing ka makita pano ginagamit yung buwis mo pangbili ng kotse ng kerida ng mayor nyo?
    kababayan mo sila di ba?

    that’s a defeatist response or someone who’s in a comfortable setup would say- “e di umalis ka dito”
    it means you are ok living amongst stupid, unthinking zombies, and accept that life’s like that.

    1. Why change when you can vote someone to change it for you? It’s really depressing to think this is Philippine Democracy in action.

    2. I’d let them write and speak the way they do. They can either add into the stats of stupid punks or give out a more intelligent observation based on sound reason…or maybe just wanted to sound off their cuckoo’d kukutes…hahahaha.

      You, sir, mirrored my longtime observation of how so so stupid pinoys today are, not Filipinos at all…it is what I call The Zombie Effect.

      You can see their stupidity everywhere…mostly in the streets, the markets, malls, schools, workplace, churches…and surely their homes.

      Guess how many times I honked on some of ’em crossing the street while on their phones or walking out of the sidewalk?

      Ey, Duterte’s cool, ha…let the foul-mouthing go. The man’s doing his best to clean up the deep filthy dirt left by the housewife, the tobacco man, the actor and the cuckoo son of the housewife…hehe.

      What’s you next essay? 😉

  8. Every now and then a man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.

  9. I want the masses to vote further for useless politicians, see if it drains the country further. Oh wait, they don’t even realize that happening! The masses will always be stupid! Per Men In Black: “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.”

    If that doesn’t awaken the Filipinos in general, perhaps a great catastrophe should happen. Will that awaken their minds over their stupid choices in life?

  10. I admire how you construct your arguments but your defeatist and elitist attitude is the main problem of someone who has more privilege than the ordinary Filipinos. Just the fact that you received a better education than the others, it doesn’t mean that you have the right to degrade these poor Filipinos. You need to understand that every democracy in the world has also its systemic oppression and faults. It is not only unique to Filipinos. Just look at America, despites if well functioning democratic ideals, many voters still voted for Trump despite his incompetence and allegations. You need to understand that when voters vote, they don’t normally consider on a collective status of their nation, they only considered it as a secondary measure unless you are a person born in a privilege family. This is why most platforms of this politicians run on socialist and populist platforms,”ERAP PARA SA MAHIRAP”,”TUWID NA DAAN””PARA SA MASA”, This is also true even in America, this is why trump won because he run on platforms that directly answer the fears of the American people which are losing jobs and terrorism fear despite the data that show its only considered a negligent factor if you are going to look the country as a whole

  11. The other reasons the Filipino people and country will not make progress it plain to see. Rather than getting up and fixing the problems Filipinos will make excuses why nothing is their fault. They will also put a lot of effort in finding ways to blame everyone else for what they themselves have created.

  12. Here’s the better title for this piece:

    ‘How A Third-World-Thinking, Non-Achieving Filipino Idiot With Zero-Contribution To The Philippines Decided To Bow Down And Identify With The First World That Cannot and Will Not Reciprocate The Same To Someone Like Himself As Belonging In A League of Champions and Winners And Still Be In Denial Of A Given Recognition.’


    ‘How Posturing A la Gogs (or the milder-type, ChinoF, some of the times!) As A GRP Poseur Will Change Nothing.’

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