By admitting all politicians lie, Sara Duterte became the most honest politician

At first I thought, what the heck is she saying? And then I realised Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio could be history’s most honest politician after admitting that all politicians lie. She said this in defence of Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos who is being hit with allegations that she lied about having a Law degree from the University of the Philippines and graduating from the Ivy League school Princeton University. The jury is still out on whether the late former President Ferdinand Marcos’s daughter did graduate or not from the said universities, but it is safe to say that President Rodrigo Duterte’s daughter makes a good point.

Carpio was simply telling the truth, particularly after she clarified that she was referring to the members of the Opposition specifically since they have been known to lie. She singled out current Vice President Leni Robredo and reminded everyone that there is still an election protest underway against her and until the outcome of that is finalised, Robredo cannot speak with authority about “honesty” and “integrity”.

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It is a fact that Robredo turned a blind eye to irregularities in the 2016 Presidential Elections especially when her numbers went up and overtook that of former senator and rival in the Vice Presidential race Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr after a Smartmatic personnel inserted a script into the system software in the middle of vote canvassing. Most of us were shocked as it was happening, but Robredo’s camp acted like there was nothing unusual about someone interrupting a vote count.

Robredo is still turning a blind eye to reported irregularities during the recount of votes being conducted by the Supreme Court acting as Presidential Electoral Tribunal in response to Marcos’s protest. There were reports that some ballots that were brought in were wet or missing. Robredo was not even worried about them, giving the public the impression that she is okay with that information. One would think that Robredo would be the first to react considering her position is the one being questioned. One would think that Robredo would be showing concern and calling for an investigation, but we only read about her accusing Marcos of inventing things.

Robredo and her camp are also defending the ridiculous idea that it is okay for ballots to be shaded less than fifty percent of the space provided for selecting candidates. Again, her indifference to the Commission on Election (COMELEC) rules being broken is giving the public the impression that she is okay with allegations that those ballots were pre-shaded.

Robredo also lied in her 2017 pre-recorded video addressing the United Nations about Duterte’s war on drugs policy. She claimed that there were 7,000 killings as a result of summary executions conducted by the Philippine National Police. Her statements were not even backed by data from the agency or an objective source. In her effort to put down the President, she also painted the police in a bad light and inadvertently humiliated the entire society by giving the international community a negative impression of the Philippines. That is enough proof that Robredo is one of the politicians who have a habit of lying.

Leni Robredo: Is she being honest in her claim to being the vice president of the Philippines?

Going back to Carpio’s statement about honesty and lying, the Mayor is actually helping educate the members of the voting public. Carpio is basically saying that the public should take what politicians are saying with a level of scepticism – a very high level of healthy scepticism.

It’s like this; politicians make a lot of promises during elections. We don’t know for sure if the candidates are going to keep thier promises or not. If a politician has experience in public service, we can look at his or her track record and see if his or her promises were kept in the past. That can be our basis in choosing to vote or not to vote for that candidate. It’s tough luck for newbies in the arena because the voters have no basis in assessing if they are worth “trusting” or if they will end up like the rest of the bozos in government. And this is essentially what Marcos supporters are saying in their defence regarding her degree – that they don’t really care much about whether she has a degree or not because they are happy with her performance and track record as a public servant. Meanwhile, a lot of her detractors from the Liberal Party particularly those who are also running for a seat in the Senate don’t have a track record to boast about, which is why they focus on negative propaganda in an effort to bring her and the rest of their opponents down.

While all politicians overpromise, some of the promises that get broken is a result of being too idealistic and not doing enough analysis to check if their advocacies are realistic or would pass the “So What?” Test. I suppose we can say that Duterte’s promise to solve criminality in three to six months was a promise that wasn’t thought through. He may have wanted to keep his promise but underestimated the criminal syndicates operating within the police force and government itself. It’s hard to tell who the enemies are when some are in the drug lords’ payrolls. But the reason why Duterte still has a high satisfaction rating even though he did not fulfil his promise to solve criminality as soon as possible is because he is honest enough to admit his mistake and the people see he is doing something about it. More importantly, he has kept a lot of his promises during his campaign. He is a far cry from the previous President BS Aquino who pretended everything was peachy in the country. He was lying of course.

And that is why the Ocho Derecho candidates from the Liberal Party are not very popular in the surveys. They are being dragged down by the appalling track record of their party mates who were previously in power. The voting public still remembers their incompetence and criminal negligence because they still affect Filipinos today. It’s only right that Carpio highlighted them. Politicians from the Liberal party tend to believe their own lies.

18 Replies to “By admitting all politicians lie, Sara Duterte became the most honest politician”

  1. More accurate to simply point out that all Filipinos lie (as per Benign0’s article), as a matter of routine.

    Filipino politicians are Filipinos, ergo …

  2. You do have a point with honesty and integrity being one of the many factors needed in the elections.

    But we still have a voting public who is either:
    1.) too lazy to care about the issue
    2.) there are still others who could still be bribe or overpromised
    3.) have so much popularity that there flaws are ignored.
    or one common answer
    4.) So butthurt that they would attack first without thinking to stop and think that what the other person has a point.

    I recall a quote that: “If you make the voting public stupid enough, they will vote for stupid people.”
    Remember we have a track record of having a mere ‘housewife’ elected as president (being factual here) . An actor who has no political experience nearly won a presidency and a politician who couldnt even do anything right just because of his lineage, when in fact he is still the worst and ineffective president we had so far.

  3. Degree or no degree, if you want the track records of Imee Marcos; vote for her for Senator. Just examine her accomplishments, as a politician. We need to judge people, who are running for office, for what they had done for the country, their constituents and for us.

    Look at who are running in the Liberal Party. Mar Roxas, who stole the Typhoon Yolanda Fund. Macalintal, who is the lawyer of that fake Vice President Lugaw Robredo. That Alejano, who is an Alegago, is a fraudster, and is the running dog of Aquino. All of them are crooks, fraudsters and scammers. They are all beholden to the Aquino Cojuangco political axis…

    Lugaw Robredo, talking about honesty ? It is like a prostitute, talking about virtue. She should be ashame of herself. However, she has no shame, because she wants to become President. This imbecile woman is trying to insert herself into the Presidency …

    Politicians lie, because they want to be elected. It is as simple as that !

    1. …or there’ll be a reboot, and Robin Padilla will be the main actor for the Pinoy version. LOL!

      Anyway, I’d saw this meme from social media just a few years ago where 3 different officials/politicians, one is an American, the other one is a Japanese & then a Filipino and both of them are corrupt. If an American politician have a corruption case, he’ll immediately step down. If a Japanese politician have a corruption case, he’ll kill himself thru harakiri (or divine suicide). But if a Filipino corrupt politician with a powerful political clan and a bunch of private armies and he even bribe the judge to dismiss his case, then it is only found in our country. There’s no such thing as “honesty: in the Philippine (aka Maharlika) dictionary especially on political side. That’s a sad fact. 🙁

  4. Transparency might be less of a motherhood term. Although it doesn’t help when dealing in a world full of Leni Robertos. If the performance match the expressions then that could be a good sign.

  5. You Ilda, a paid hack of Marcos/Arroyo and Sara Duterte-Carpio are trying to justify the incorrigible liars Marcos family. Imee Marcos is like his brother who did not learn any lesson from him when the latter lied about his “degree” in Oxford University and Wharton School when he ran for VP position yet Imee Marcos is still using his brother’s tactic as if it can escape public scrutiny. They are a fraud to begin with. And when you purposely lied especially about a degree to boast your supposed status that means you don’t have noble intentions to serve the public. All you have is pure graft and corruption agenda which the Marcos family in 21 years are famously known for until now.

    1. Yes! Frauds indeed! Unlike Noynoy, who is the holy begotten son of Ninoy the Hero and Sta Corazon Aquino of the Congjuaco-Aquino dynasty who have ruled the Philippine islands for 30 years turning it into the utopia which was destroyed by the vile Rodrigo Duterte! Pray for the Philippines! Ninoy died for your sins!

    2. Spoken like a true Yellow NPC.

      As if the post-Marcos presidents are good and even the two Aquino presidents are not corrupt and not liars, right?

      Man, you’re so predictable that your thinking is pure NPC. Go figure, kid.

  6. The pathetic arguments of Pinoy NPC aside, this is true, everyone who denies this is either naive or just plain stupid, really made Leni quiet down for a few days.

  7. The article of abias cbn source was written by raissa robles who is an anti marcos, getting,source from froilan bacungan daw,bacungan died may 2014, did raissa robles really ask froiland bacungan before he died 5 years ago?Eh bakit ngaun lang lumabas ung sinabi ni bacungan that imee didn’t gradute,is it because election is near?is raissa robles really telling the truth about froilan bacungan statement?we all know the butiki raisa robles is a paid troll and she hates marcos and Duterte!yellows should give us a concrete evidence that imee didn’t graduate!

  8. i just want share something that I recently discovered,there are so many rumors about governor Imee Marcos educational backgrounds.
    The article of abias cbn source was written by raissa robles who is an anti marcos, that says getting,source from Froilan Bacungan, a former UP dean who died may 2014, did Raissa Robles really ask froiland bacungan before he died 5 years ago?Eh bakit ngaun lang lumabas ung sinabi ni Bacungan that imee didn’t gradute,is it because election is near?is Raissa Robles is really telling the truth about Feoilan Bacungan statement?we all know that raisa robles hates the Marcoses and Duterte!yellows should give us a concrete evidence that imee didn’t graduate! Prove it first!!!
    And in addition to that,Raissa Robles source in her article is a yellowtards book, which is obviously written by the yellows, “THE TURNING POINT” .How can we be sure it’s legit and is telling the truth when u can obviously see it biased cover!

    1. There’s a video of Ms. Imee Marcos where she said she took and studied the course (Law?) but did not intend to take the Bar exams, so maybe it was incomplete. As usual they’re making it a big deal because she’s a Marcos. They’re not really after the truth, just sowing useless intrigue.

      1. Are you really that fucking stupid? Just for intrigue? What a fucking twat. She took the course but never intended to take the bar exam. Spoken like a true revisionist and fucking twatwaffle of a DDS.

        1. And? You’ve spoken like a true NPC. Your post says it all. About your pettiness, that is.

          Take your bullshit to somewhere else.

  9. One has to be able to understand what their insecurities are if a person want to change them. In order to do this, they are going to have to be very honest with themselves.

  10. All PH politicians are frauds and I have not seen a single competent one yet. I cant even imagine what the PIs will be like after BongBong. I am sure he received his marching orders from Henry K and the boys.

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