Meltdown of Brand Kris Aquino is dragging the Philippine Opposition to electoral oblivion!

Like it or not, Kris Aquino is the face — and voice — of the Philippines’ Liberal Party which is widely-regarded as the “leader” of the broader Opposition to the popular government of incumbent Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. More importantly, and, like it or not as well, the Philippines is a democracy; which means what is popular is what determines who and what wields power.

Thus, like it or not, the real battle between Kris Aquino and her former business manager Nicko Falcis is being fought on the airwaves, on social media, and in blogs. There is, of course, that inconvenient detail of the legal aspect of all this. As the latest factoid surrounding this circus — recordings of a woman making death threats against Falcis which Aquino had recently owned up to — explodes and as Aquino, perhaps advised rightly so by her lawyers, points out, much of the information on the matter that is going “viral” is largely “inadmissible” in court.

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Interesting enough, the lesson in all this is lost in the Yellowtard community that the Aquinos lead. The very same strategic initiative to mobilise the media to bear down on the late former Chief Justice Renato Corona and crush the puny voices within the legal debate surrounding his case won them the day back in 2012. Indeed, considering that the epicentre of that circus was an actual “court” hosted by the Senate makes that win on the back of engineered public opinion all the more remarkable. In the case of today’s Aquinio-versus-Falcis brouhaha, there is no court drama that precedes nor underlies this “case”. Even more unfortunate for the Yellowtard-led Opposition is the fact that they are in the midst of the campaign homestretch leading to the mid-2019 congressional elections.

This drama is nothing short of catastrophic for the Opposition bid to dominate Congress and put up a significant challenge to the direction the Duterte government is taking the Philippines. Threats of violence and libel lawsuits issued by a mega-celebrity leader of Yellowtardom severely waters down the already tired “extra-judicial killing” and “assault on press freedom” rhetoric of the Opposition. Indeed, having invested what could likely be millions of dollars on a PR campaign to elevate to martyrdom postergirls like Rappler CEO Maria Ressa and Pinoy Ako Blog wordsmith Jover Laurio, the Opposition find themselves exposed to enormous loss of political capital as a result of this fiasco.

It cannot be emphasised enough that an unheeded call long long ago to ditch the Yellowtards is at the root of the disaster the Philippine Opposition face today.

That, plus an over-reliance on a single mediocre blogger, a discredited CEO of a “news” ogranisation of dubious qualification, and a Big Corporate Media industry focused on profits over and above doing the right thing is what is doing the Opposition in. The aura of hypocrisy, OA “activism”, a lack of ideological coherence, virtual-zero consistency, and the utter intellectual bankruptcy that fatally afflict the core of today’s Opposition are, with the benefit of hindsight which hopefully their “thought leaders” would learn someday, the outcomes of the gross strategic failure that is this two-year long effort to oppose the Duterte administration.

Is there time to rescue the Philippine Opposition from the Yellowtard cancer that is hollowing it out from the inside? The only options left are an emergency amputation and a brain transplant. And it needs to be done now. Not tomorrow. NOW NA!

12 Replies to “Meltdown of Brand Kris Aquino is dragging the Philippine Opposition to electoral oblivion!”

  1. We need an actual, genuine Opposition. Worse is that no matter what color you are in as long as it had the Yellowtard stench, you’re irrelevant. Another scenario is that they will successfully get out of this if there are no social networks exists. Now they never tread carefully and this is the result.

    There is something you people need to know about Kris Aquino: along with her mother Cory and his brother Noynoy, they allowed the Filipino people to suffer. Because to the them, “The Filipino is worthy dying for” quote means that every Filipino should suffer, because the world owes them big time. And that’s bullshit. And with the said audio recording, it goes with the description perfectly.

  2. As long as the ordinary people remain captives of the elite system of society, the opposition elite can always bide their time, until such time will come that the ordinary people grew tired of the present elite that rules them, and that will be the time that the opposition elite can gather all the ordinary people back on their side again. It’s a circle game where the elite always win and the ordinary people always a loser.

    1. FILIPINOS LOVE ELITE. THEY WANT TO ACT ELITE LIKE THE ELITES. The Filipinos can never grow tired of elitism. They wanted to be like them, Elite. Elite Filipinos are arrogant. They are white. Has colonizer-mentality. They wanted to be given preference over brown Filipinos. And brown Filipinos go down on their hand and knees and bow to the Elite.

  3. The “tulo” of Kris Aquino has infected her brain, that she is no longer thinking right. On the other hand, Falcis, her former “Manager Lover”, must watch his back.

    Kris Aquino, can put a “murder contract” on Falcis, with her tons of money, and previous political influence.

    The opposition has been politically bankrupt, ever since the mentally retarded former President Pnoy Aquino took over. They did the 2016 HOCUS PCOS /SMART SWITIK national election fraud. Making the fake Vice President Lugaw Robredo win. Until now, there is no result of the recount of the 2016 Vice Presidential election. The crook, Caguioa of the Supreme Court, an avowed running dog of Aquino is holding back the results of the recount. They are hoping that Pres. Duterte will drop dead any moment; so that they can take over…

    The face of the opposition is now , Kris Aquino. Her minions are : Maria Reesa , Jover Laurio, Jo Ma Sison, the Roman Catholic Church Liberation Theology advocates and other avowed YellowTard remnants that inhabit the social media.

    We are tired of these YellowTard stupidities. When will the real opposition become relevant to us ?

  4. here comes the Ninoy Aquino Movement for Free Election (NAMPREL) again and said they’re ready for the 2019 midterm polls. originally that’s their first name when they walk out in the middle of the ballot counting during marcos and cory electoral. what are they going to do this time at the midterm polls…walk out again that they see cheating again like before?

  5. Kris Aquino is a dumbass celeb.

    But your obsession with her (and Maria Ressa) is laughable benign0. You sound like a lover scorned. That’s because ,despite what you claim , you are no different from the rest of the pinoys. You also have your idols and your devils. It’s only that you worship at the altar of MARTIAL LAW and dictatorship (while living abroad like Joma Sison, how convenient) and receive grace from the fake tits of Mocha Unson.

    Same same.

    1. Says the actual dumbass who loves to shove his own anti-Martial law/dictatorship rhetoric on everyone’s mouths and a closet avid fan of Kris Aquino who loves to make it all about you evn the topic isn’t about you just to gain attention. I mean, only 1 cared about My Little Bossings and 30 people cared about Spider-Man.

      I mean, seriously, do you WANT to get banned again? I never thought you’re such a sadist. And that’s what TROLLS are, son.

      1. Lol!

        Benign0 hates me cause he knows , deep down, I am right (“the wise!”). He doesn’t want to ban me again cause I bring in the VIEWS

        All you circle-jerkers don’t move the needle!

        1. That’s where you’re wrong, son. That kind of arrogant, self-righteous attitude is the reason why you’re banned in the first place. And since you learn from the Kris Aquino playbook of seeking attention, it’s like gonna happen again if you keep going in your rampage with your same old boring shit all over again.

          You keep on doing and you’re likely gonna be banned once again. Thanks for proving me right that you’re an actually TROLL who spams on this site.

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