House Speaker GMA Ignores Calls to Sack Majority Leader Nonoy Andaya


Camarines Sur 2nd District Representative Lray Villafuerte might as well stick his head in the sand after embarrassing himself with a FAILED call to boot Camarines Sur 1st District Representative and Majority Leader Nonoy Andaya.

In a news article, House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo dismissed Villafuerte’s call to sack Andaya saying, “Well I don’t know how many congressmen shared that sentiment, as far as I can see the majority still supports the incumbent.”

Perhaps to further emphasize her trust and confidence in Andaya, House Speaker Arroyo said, “I am only one vote, I’ll vote for Nonoy. I think Nonoy can take care, I am not an interventionist person on political matters.”

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While Villafuerte claims his call to remove Andaya as House Majority Leader is because the latter is allegedly delaying the passage of the 2019 national budget, the more obvious reason for his tirades against Andaya is that he is desperately seeking to protect his political dynasty in Camarines Sur.

Andaya is running for governor against Lray Villafuerte’s son Migz, whom friends in Camarines Sur have branded as a “bakasyonistang gobernador” or a vacationing governor.

Some say he is only seen at the provincial capitol when there are events but otherwise has his people do the actual work of governing the province.

The lack of health care, a recent artificial shortage of rice (which the Villafuertes engineered), the continued financial bleeding of the province’s renowned watersports park, countless cases of corruption and missing government funds, and decades of unabated, stark levels of poverty are driving people to throw out the thirty year old Villafuerte dynasty.

With people tired of the thirty year dynastic of Villafuerte, friends in Camarines Sur say that Andaya has emerged as the sole credible candidate that can change things for the better in the province.

Andaya has been credited for leading the Arroyo administration’s budget department and people in his province who support his impending run for governor believe that he will be able to finally get the province’s revenue to fund much needed social services long neglected by the Villafuertes.

This is the reason Lray Villafuerte, the estranged son of the first Villafuerte governor (whom some people say he had crossed in order to become governor), has been lobbing all sorts of wild accusations and taunts against Andaya.

3 Replies to “House Speaker GMA Ignores Calls to Sack Majority Leader Nonoy Andaya”

  1. We have crooks running against each other in our elections. Our country’s illness are : traditional politicians, family political dynasties, irresponsible and crooked politicians, etc…

    I do not trust traditional politicians, who promises to do better. They are all liars.

    Kick these rascals out and jail them…this is the solution !

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