Neri Colmenares Caught On Video Beating A Dead Horse

Just in a manner of speaking, senatorial candidate Neri Colmenares is engaging in a futile fight against the established clamor to change the 1987 Aquino Constitution and his only argument against it is to demonize House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Isumbong niyo sa ilong ko

The video titled #SabiNiya Neri Colmenares on Charter Change is nothing more than an attempt to draw attention to his tractionless candidacy at a time when the “leftist struggle” that might have made him popular has been unmasked as nothing more than just another mercenarial agent of foreign interests and a racket that provides Joma Sison with a lifestyle approximating that of Kim Jong Un’s.

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Shame on Colmenares for using House Speaker Arroyo as a punching bag to prop up his flaccid candidacy.

At the start of the video Colmenares displays passive aggressiveness and deceit when he says he is says he is for constitutional reform but in the next breath says he has always been against charter change.

Huh?! How can one be both for and against charter change?

Well, this is the sort of talk that comes from someone who feels they can credibly ride two strong and mutually opposed sentiments.

In Colmenares’ mind, he thinks he is winning points with those who’ve been fighting for genuine political reform through constitutional amendments since the Cory constitution was hurriedly ratified more than 30 years ago and winning points with those who are absolutely against any attempt to change the constitution.

However, it is plain to see for either side of the charter change issue that Colmenares is just engaging in slick double talk and this is really just a smokescreen for his real political agenda, which is to act on behalf of House Speaker Macapagal Arroyo’s political enemies.

This is easily seen in the rest of the video featuring Colmenares where we see the senatorial candidate accuse the House Speaker of using the current iteration of charter change as a vehicle to return to the Presidency and wield power indefinitely.

Colmenares says, “She’s back in power and the cha cha she passed recently in the form of resolution of both houses 15, ang laman noon eh term extension na naman.. pangalawa, cancellation of election…

House of Representative records on the deliberations on the move to change the 1987 constitution exposes Colmenares as nothing more than a liar serving his own narrow political interests and the agenda of his benefactors.

House Speaker Arroyo’s sole and direct contribution to the Resolution of Both Houses 15 is to require a mechanism for the formation of federal Philippine states.

The other provisions were created by other congressmen and these were approved by the House as a collegial body.

So this makes Colmenares look like a fool by insisting that House Speaker Arroyo wrote RBH 15 all by herself. He is desperately trying to force a similarity between Arroyo and former President Ferdinand Marcos who is accused of single handedly writing as well as forced the ratification of the 1973 Philippine constitution.

Moreover, how can Colmenares even accuse House Speaker Arroyo of using RBH 15 to return to power as President indefinitely when SHE IS RETIRING FROM POLITICS when her term ends in 2019?!

Besides all this, RBH may not even pass the current congress! No thanks to people like Colmenares and others who have been sabotaging any as well as all attempts to change the Cory constitution.



7 Replies to “Neri Colmenares Caught On Video Beating A Dead Horse”

  1. the 87 constitution is the battleship of the enemy of the state. it should be completely deleted. it’s why the pilipinos miserably suffered poverty.

  2. Colmenares is a political opportunist and a double talker. Do not vote for this idiot. He is the Traditional politician who inhabits our political system.

    The Cory Aquino Constitution must be scraped. It was written for the Aquino family; and the Aquino Cojuangco political axis.

    The new constitution must impose term limits; remove political dynasties; and prevent future lection frauds, like electing the fake Vice President Lugaw Robredo.

    All people must of any belief, political ideologies, and ethic origin must benefit the new constitution ..

    Ou present political system sucks !

  3. FILIPINOS LOVE TO BEAT DEAD HORSES … They even resurrect and quote famous dead authors. 1stWorld OP-Eds do not. They got over it because they believe in themselves and what they wrote is rational and makes sense. U.P. Ateneo la Salle graduates just love to resurrect dead horses and quote from the horses mouth because they do not have confidence in what they wrote.

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