New #MissUniverse Catriona Gray proves Filipinos need to GET REAL about poverty

The Philippines’ newly-crowned Miss Universe Catriona Gray remarked that there is “beauty” in poverty in the interview section of the pageant which was held in Manila, Philippines this year. The interview sections of beauty pageants are usually the butts of popular jokes. This time, however, Gray, one of the more widely-admired Miss Philippines personalities, drew mixed reactions and a robust debate around the issue of how Filipinos choose to regard poverty.

There really is nothing “beautiful” about poverty. Poverty sucks. Poor people stink. The idea of “helping the poor” rubs hardworking taxpayers the wrong way. Liberalism — a once noble concept — was perverted beyond all recognition by a misguided clique of extremist shills. It didn’t help either that the Philippines’ army of online “social justice warriors” (SJWs), professional rallyists, and armchair “economists” took a break from their “activism” to follow and issue their two-cent blow-by-blow commentary on this year’s Miss Universe pageant. What could have been an event that all Filipinos could enjoy became a platform for the usual two-bit “debate” that characterises the Philippines’ intellectually-bankrupt political discourse.

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This is, of course, a beauty pageant we’re talking about here. But the baffling obscurity of this fact did not stop the usual screaming SJWs from turning it into their personal platform for propagating their cancerous political correctness. A competing topic, in fact, was the presence of Spanish candidate Angela Ponce who is the first transgender to compete in the event. The idea that a surgically-engineered human would compete in a beauty event evidently rubbed many conservatives the wrong way. And the arguments fielded by the more liberal of Miss Universe fandom revolved more around an entitlement of people with “unconventional” lifestyle choices to participate in any human endeavour. One can easily see right there that there is no common ground for any sort of intelligent debate seeing that one side (I’ll leave it to the reader to work out which one) chose a carrot as a weapon in this duel of wits.

Unfortunately, what could have been a more interesting discussion was eclipsed by Gray’s use of the words “beauty” and “the poor” in the same statement. This, of course, brings back to the fore the fundamentally-flawed way Filipinos regard poverty — that all-too-familiar “blessedness” of the poor ingrained into their pointed heads by the Roman Catholic Church. The trouble with beauty pageants and the crown jewel of this industry — the Miss Universe franchise — is that it triggers a deeply-ingrained guilt-trip in a society conditioned to feel guilty about aspiring to own nice things. In Gray’s statement alone, one can see the effect of this emotional blackmail on a national scale — a patholgical need of an entire society to bring up the “plight” of the poor on any occassion — even in the midst of what is essentially a celebration of glitz, glamour, and the products of the tiny elite cross-section of the human gene pool that expresses exceptionally rare anatomical results in the fortunate individuals who carry its DNA.

The best course would have been to not bring up poverty to begin with. There is a time and place to talk about “the poor”. A beauty pageant where every one of the participants is not poor in the real sense of the term is society’s big vacation from a massive centuries-old guilt trip. The poor can be talked about during election campaigns, or when forcing kids to eat whatever is served to them on the table, or when one needs to be reminded not to complain about their jobs while in the middle of their two-hour lunch breaks. When one needs to apply a bit of healthy perspective to their First World problems is the best time to spare half a second on the “plight” of “the poor”. But to bring up the Poverty Card and wax poetic victim mentality during the Miss Universe pageant is just plain OA. Most people prefer to forget the poor while watching beautiful women strut their equipment on the catwalk. And that is a fact.

97 Replies to “New #MissUniverse Catriona Gray proves Filipinos need to GET REAL about poverty”

  1. UGLY FILIPINOS WON AGAIN? Think again. Is she Filipino? Does her looks represent 99% of the Filipinos? The moment you land in NAIA do you see majority of her or brown-skin punk’d nose non-English speaking Filipinos?




        1. We’ll take that to note [roll eyes].

          If you say so that you are 25 years old even though you know very well you are very sick, then so be it.

          You may never know that funnyman123 may be younger and healthier than you are oralatio imeperialistic, haha.

    1. Careful there. Your precious foreigners were every bit as squalid as those “UGLY FILIPINOS” back in the Middle Ages and even for a while afterwards. They later got to be on top because of something other than skin, that I can assure you.

      Try looking around if there were Filipinos anywhere who have achieved world-class results from COLLECTIVE effort, then you can collectively lump them into any grade of ugliness.

      You may be right about one thing, though. If Filipinos collectively choose to freeload on, as opposed to be inspired to achieve by, the successes of others, it will be their collective fault, alright.

    2. Dude, do NOT use cap locks in every single sentence. It makes you look stupid and it looks like you’re shouting from across the screen.

      1. Oooh, I get it. In netiquette or variation of it, whatever, never use big bold caps … because it is not sane … and this girlie talks like she has everything in CAPS.

    3. Your statement and the way you type letters give us a hints that you need to see your doctor. We are not here to act like animals like what you did.

      1. PSYCHOTHERAPY, PSYCHOLOGIST, MENTAL, RETARDED, GAY, SEE YOUR DOCTOR, and other put downs are typical of Filipino if they got nothing to say or just jealous of a commenter making lucid unequivocal logical statement that should have been said by them but due to lack of words and are english-challenged they attack instead …


        Listen and read carefully, English-is-My-First-Language. Don’t fret and force yourself to think like me. White people are better than anyone else. You are just another brown Filipino that wanted to be White that is why you go gaga over Catriona.

        Why not start now? Love yourself. Love your language. Love your skin color. Love your looks. MY GIRLFRIEND IS A BROWN SKIN PINAY FROM THE “PROVINCE”. She got brain in steroid than students that graduated from University of the Philippines, la Salle and Ateneo.

        (Some of the comments here are done by her. She can be toxic and radioactive. Wait until she gets down to her Tagalog you’d be blown away by her tongue lashing. She said Filipinos can only understand stinging insult if it is spoken in Tagalog. SHE IS RESERVING HER RIGHT TO DO SO. Soooooo WATCH OUT)


    You know, those flared squat punk’ed nose Filipinos ….. THE REAL FILIPINOS NOT THE FAKE FILIPINOS !!!!

    No wonder Filipinos are not Patriotic and Nationalistic because they are too ugly to be ….

  3. OMG !!!! Ohhhh Mmmmm Geeee !!!! Retouched babies ….. Oh, poor Filipinos … NO MATTER YOU ATTACKED ME YOU STILL DO NOT LOOK LIKE CATRIONA GRAY …. YOU STILL LOOK LIKE A Fish-Vending Pinoy …. AHA! HA! HA! Ha! HAR! HAR! HAR! HAR!

  4. MY PINAY GF IS MY MISS UNIVERSE ….. She is brown … she is malnourished skinny …. cute flared flat crawling nose ….. BUT WHEN SHE SMILES SHE LIGHTS UP THE ROOM ……..

    She wanted to get pregnant … BUT NOT NOW … I asked her why? She said she wanted to create a Miss Universe or a Boxer ….


    Ressa is punch drunk Filipinos won the Miss Universe …. that is totally opposite her looks ….. HAR! HAR! HAR!

      1. She is Australian … and those Philippines who wanted to be credited prefer Filipino-Australian.


      2. She was born and raised in Australia and has an Australian father. She went to college in the US. She’s spent a couple of years of her life in Manila.

        Absolutely pathetic that Filipinos claim her as “Filipino” just because she won a pageant. She’s about as Filipino as I am. If she’d been a nobody, Filipinos would be telling her “go back to your own country!”

        1. Marius,
          why the hell did she pick to be represented by the Philippines and not Australia? Maybe the organization should only allow those women to represent a country who only have one passport or who only lived in that country all her live.

        2. @Robert: yes, bit of a mystery that, isn’t it? I would guess it was a PR move. She (or her agent) probably realized that Miss Universe is HUGE in the Philippines, and that she had a good chance of winning just because she’s “exotic”. Even if she didn’t win, it would have been excellent exposure, which would move her career forward. She would have got less attention in Australia, simply because Australians aren’t very interested in such things.

    1. (From Wikipedia; for what it’s worth)
      Gray was born in Cairns, Queensland to a Scottish-born Australian father, Ian Gray, from Fraserburgh, and a Filipino mother, Normita Ragas Magnayon, from Oas, Albay. Gray is reportedly named after her paternal grandmother, Catherine Gray (née Ross), an immigrant to Western Australia from Scotland in 1952.

      Gray was a student at Trinity Anglican School in Cairns. She received a degree in Music Theory from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition, she obtained a Certificate in Outdoor Recreation and a black belt in Choi Kwang-Do martial arts. Furthermore, Gray was the lead singer of her school’s jazz band, and she also starred in local productions of Miss Saigon. After finishing high school in Australia, she then moved to Manila, Philippines where she worked as a commercial model.

      As of 2018, Gray is in a relationship with Filipino-German model Clint Bondad.

      1. YEAH … no right thinking white would want to hang-out with a browned-skin punk’d nose Filipino. Others just got lucky like the mother of this Catrina. If the mother of Catrina married a brown Filipino Catrina would be selling fresh fish in the market.

    2. It’ll be fine for me if she chose to or got recruited to represent the Philippines. She’d be on the same lines as an import in the Philippine Baskbetball Association, I don’t bitch about that either. Still, that throws cold water on the idea that “our Pinoy blood makes us beautiful,” since Gray is more Caucasian than Asian.

      1. My guess would be that she won a national beauty contest, besting other contestants, just my guess. Also, I guess she did it in her own free will as I read somewhere that she was also the PH representative in 2016 Miss World. Pity her if she was forced to do twice and finally gave up on the second try thinking: alright I will never get to the end of this so I’ll just win this right now and get over it.

        Also, I’m guessing that chivalry is dead so I would not be wrong to allocate 50% to the Mother and the other half to the Father. I may be wrong (I may go up to maybe 52-48, taking into account the incubation period of 9months plus the labor that went into her birth, in favor of course of the mother). So yeah, I guess she deserves to be called Filipino.

        And one more thing: I guess there is a saying that goes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. But of course, it’s just a guess. Who knows, maka tsamba ako.

        1. That saying still has basis on reality. In places like the African country of Mauritania, and I think in India or South Asia, despite those places being poor, obesity among women is high because it is a standard of beauty. In other words, fat women are prettier. So skinny Ms. Gray would be considered ugly there, I think. I also wonder if the “body-positive” would like to live in those regions, since they do the opposite of “fat-shame.” Of course, a poor region would not have enough education to realize obesity poses a lot of health risks.

  5. I suggest that creating a lot of white noise around the question was the INTENT of asking it. Miss Universe is 99% publicity and 1% substance. Without the brainless masses expressing their opinions about complicated questions, the whole thing would disappear into obscurity.

  6. The poor are always placed on pedestal in our country; especially during elections. It is the first time that I have heard, the poor is put on pedestal, during the Miss Universe contest.

    I think, we have always have many poor in our country: they are good sources of votes. They are also sources of income and revenues in our government. The many OFWs, like me working as OFWs slaves in foreign country, pay taxes also. If all OFW will stop paying taxes; the Philippine economy would collaspe and the government would go bankrupt. There would be nothing to steal by the crooks.

    This maybe the reason the Roman Catholic Church is against birth control. No refuge for the poor in their miseries, than in religions. They are also the good sources of religious contributions.

    Aside from that, poor girls growing up, can now aspire to be Miss Universe someday. However, they must be half breeds. The next time you want to get pregnant Filipino girls, find a foreigner. Improve the race and improve the breed. In breeding of Filipinos is not good. We will all remain flat nosed, and brown skin.

    Maybe, we need more Dr. Bello’s plastic surgery; to make us beautiful people and compete in beauty contests !

    1. Hayden, if Dr. Bello do a plastic surgery the baby product of union of two uglies would still be ugly … i suggest they go to China and do a DNA re-engineering before reunification of the product of sexual activity.

      NOW, THE PHILIPPINES IS IN THE LIMELIGHT … not because of intelligence and life-altering contribution to the world which HAS NONE but for IMPORTED BEAUTIES FROM FOREIGN COUNTRIES and BOXING …

      Don’t mention that puny useless satellites that was sent to space by “U.P. graduates” (maybe those U.P. graduates all they did was lit up a match and off it sent to space)

      1. Dr. Bello plastic surgery and skin whitening, plus reengineering the Filipino DNA, to make us all beautiful people.

        Brown skin and flat nose are beautiful !

          To avoid overhyped overpriced overrated Dr. Bello it would be easier to get impregnated by a foreigner so they can have a ready-made Miss Universe ….

          By the way, Ressa, I know you are follower of this site, WHAT DO YOU THINK RESSA? Are Filipinos pathetically ugly like you? Or, are you promoting racist attitude towards brown skin punk’d nose Filipinos which these country are ran.

          Now, now, Ressa, listen …. how can Filipinos be proud of themselves when PHILIPPINE FAKE NEWS AND RAPPLER ARE PROMOTING WHITE-IS-BEAUTIFUL ?

  7. RAPPLER and PHILIPPINE FAKE NEWS (All news are Fake News in the Philippines) HAVE GONE BANANAS over Miss Australia that won for Philippines in Miss Universe …. AND THE FILIPINOS JUST DON’T KNOW IT BECAUSE FILIPINOS ARE NOT KNOWN TO BE INTELLIGENT SPECIES ….

  8. As long as you raise the Philippines in some discussion, there’s always mention of “poverty.” Like being poor or dysfunctional is already part of our identity as Filipinos. So if you’re very functional, well-to-do, have no or little problems, or have a stable life from working, you don’t seem to be Filipino. Perhaps if the Philippines does become first-world, some people may feel it strange and think, they, this isn’t Filipino anymore. Lol. But that’s possible.

    1. OK, let’s analyse on what Catriona Grey’s answer on her final Q&A portion as the MAIN REASON why she’d won the Miss Universe this year, and she said that poverty is not the main cause on why our country is a Third World country but she believe that the lack of loving & caring to the poor children in the informal settlers like in Tondo, Manila are the main cause of it. So what is that means? It means that the Filipino parents who are living in those informal settlers are just lazy bones, having a thug attitude, little or no work at all and if they have work & earn their income and/or commissions then those hard earned money will spend on buying shabu, ginebra, dog meat & beer, betting on the lottery, majong & jueteng and going to the beer house at night instead of saving it to the bank & use it for food expenses & paying tuition fees & allowances for their children, and those poor children living in the informal settlers or slum areas are either been severely punished by their poor parents or even worst, they become beggars or snatchers in the street. Now that’s the harsh reality of becoming a poor Filipinos. And I know that Ms. Grey is also worked in an NGO that helps the poor Filipino children & she even visit to the informal settlers in Metro Manila like in Tondo, Manila before she’d joined & won the Miss Universe this year, but now here’s the question. How will she gonna deal that problem if she believed that poverty itself wasn’t the main cause of the “poverty” in the Philippines but due to lack of love & care to those poor children while their parents are becoming lousy, lazy dogs, barbaric thugs, drugs & gambling addicts, chismosos & chismosas? And if her pro-poor advocacy will NOT solve the poverty epidemic in our country on a long term solution, then what will be the solution? Do you think that she could handle this situation? I doubt she couldn’t especially if in ten or twenty years from now & Philippines is still a Third World country then her pro-poor advocacy is useless, it’s just only her marketing ploy (aka nag-Eepal lang siya) with no REAL results just like what Senatorial candidate & former Solicitor General, Florin Hibay is dong right now when he used “ako’y isang laking Tondo (I’m a Tondo resident)” as his election campaign on next year’s election (beware Tondonians, YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!!) Well if I where her, she shouldn’t focus more on taking care of those poor children in the informal settlers rather she should focus more on sloving the issue on ending the poverty in the Philippines on a long term effect. I don’t know if she could run in the politics someday, but if she want it or if she’ll become the next Philippine president in the next 20+ years from now, then she needs more brains & iron fist rule to end the poverty in our country rather than being too soft or “pusong mamon” & an incompetent leader just like what Cory & Noynoy Aquino did to our country. This is what former Singaporean prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew did to his country more than 50 years ago in which just like the present situation in our country today, Singapore was a Third World country will many informal settlers, a crime-ridden nation & ruled by oligarchs & corrupt officials but due to his works & geniuses on how his country, Singapore, becoming an epicenter of ecomonic hub in Southeast Asia & one of the least corrupt & crime ridden country in the world as of today:

      And yes it takes 50 years to do that & it’s not an overnight solution but it REALLY gives a GREAT results as the country’s long term solution on poverty by turing Singapore into a giant factory, a strict laws to ease crimes & corruption, turning Singapore’s education into a world class & competitive tools & managing the cultures of his people by becoming a great civilized citizens & stay away from the thug mentality of the informal settlers.

      And now I could show this blog of @benign0 to the official facebook or twitter account of Catriona Grey and I wonder what will be her reaction to this after she’d won the Miss Universe this year, and I hope that she won’t gonna block me & ignore it & she’ll understand what’s the REAL situation in our country right now.

    2. @Chino: Filipinos may have simply stopped altogether aspiring to becoming a First World country. As you said, the notion may now be just too alien to form part of a collective ambition.

    3. I AGREE WITH YOUR CHARACTERIZATION … Filipinos are Asia’s Biafra ….
      Lucky those who surrendered to former colonists and apply for recolonization and was accepted …..

      Those who shirk colonization, like Philippines, from power colonists are now begging on their hands and knees to take them back ….

  9. One can continue lambasting what one considers “romanticization ” of poverty. But its a fruitless task.

    I simply have no pity for these “hardworking filipino taxpayers” who also voted for free education, free healthcare and dole outs.

    1. Come on. At least some things should be free, such as those that develop human capital in the first place. If poor people that could barely afford anything be denied such basic things as health and education, that would be strangling the baby right in the crib, I think.

      The Phils. is nowhere near the Nordic welfare states where the government gives free housing and money (certainly greater than the comparably paltry CCT) to freeloading migrants. If it were like that, there might not be any overseas Filipinos to begin with.

      1. The “free” things those poor are getting, someone else is paying for that.

        Those Nordic nations, they did not started those stupid socialist policies when they were still 3rd world nations. They only started such program when they are already 1st world nations.

        Philippines? Nah! 3rd world nation spending like a 1st world nation because “kawawa naman sila”.

  10. There are many ways outside of the pageantry to understand what she said. Helping the younger ones get out of hardship is a necessity that has consequence for the whole society. The country has so many unemployed resource and talents. People have to take control over their social situation, not the other way around.

    1. I presume she has a right to express an opinion in the same the way this blog is expressing its own. She wants to do something in her capacity that this blog can only talk about. Whatever that might be.

  11. Stijn,
    (if this is your real name, it looks and sounds very Dutch to me. So in case you want speak/talk Dutch here, be my guest).

    As for the Ms. Meat contest: I really dont give a fuck who comes from what country. I dont watch it either. I even think it is not televised/aired here in my country. What I always do like is what those women answer to the questions posed. In most cases, it makes me laugh out loud.

  12. Marius,
    that was exactly what I was thinking too. But to make that sure, I first had to ask that question to see if my mind was fucking with me..

    1. MISS UNIVERSE WILL SOON BE LIKE N.B.A. …. to the highest bidder …. they go where the money is ….

      ***WANTED AD ***
      Democratic Republic of The Philippine Islands is looking for Miss Universe Contestant. MUST HAVE THE FOLLOWING QUALIFICATIONS:
      1. Must be White
      2. Brown Filipino MUST NOT APPLY to avoid embarassment
      3. Must be mixed breed
      4. Must think POVERTY IS BEAUTIFUL
      5. Must eat Adobo and describe it in the contestants mouth. If cannot descri be promoter will feed it to her.

      Please send beautiful color studio body shot or Apply in Person

      Winner of Miss Universe or Miss Philippines will appear in ShowTime!!!!! and drama series in tele-novelas

  13. LOOK …. poverty, women rights, and, race are usual questions in Miss Universe and beauty contests … IT IS A GIVEN … THE ANSWER IS ALREADY THERE …..

    WHITES ARE GREAT !!! IF CATRIONA mom did not marry a white … catriona would have been walking the streets in the evening trolling for 500 pesos blow jobs

    Why do whites only marry brown Filipino female pygmys?

  14. EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT …. here are comments from the brown Filipinos …..

    Overjoyed Pinoys poured out their jubilation on Miss Catriona Gray’s title victory at this year’s Ms. Universe

    Quilaquil Brye commented on Cebu Daily News’s Facebook page, “After 3 years, the crown is back to us! Yeheyy”

    Jael Infante Garing also wrote, “Lahat nalang ng swerte dinala na ni Duterte sa bansa… #CongratzPhilippines”

    Jhoj Trevenio also said “Thank you GOD… thank you to all the people who helped her journey, to all the supporters and prayer warriors!!! PILIPINAS atin ang MISS UNIVERSE!!!… MABUHAY and congrats CATRIONA!!! THE FILIPINOS ARE PROUD OF YOU!!!”


    1. What is that Garing fellow trying to say even? Is that person putting Gray over Duterte? If so, that fellow, I think, does not deserve any future prosperity for this country. Duterte (fully Filipino) has done so much more for the country (like, say, laying the infrastructure for a prosperous Phils. for everyone) than Gray ever could in millennia.

  15. “POVERTY IS BEAUTIFUL” – Miss Universe Catriona Gray (a Fake Filipino)

    FILIPINOS SHOULD THANK Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino Jr III for making Philippines POVERTIFUL …. And they should also thank Catriona Gray for easing Filipinos poverty pain …. THERE IS BEAUTY IN POVERTY ….

    I agree with Catriona Gray … because if Filipinos are in poverty … they have less to eat … less to eat makes them skinny …. Hollywood Skinny. FILIPINOS SHOULD BE THANKFUL because Americans are struggling with their weight …. THEY WANTED TO BE SKINNY LIKE MALNOURISHED FILIPINOS.


  16. WITH ALL CATRIONA BASHING and FILIPINO BASHING please do not forget ….

    … people are bashing Catriona and the Filipino people, I, ORATIO IMPERATA, in behalf of the FILIPINO PEOPLE, thank the AUSTRALIANS for allowing her to run under PHILIPPINE FLAG in Miss Universe contest.

    I ALSO THANK Australians to allow one of their citizen to run against their citizen … I ALSO THANK Australians for being a sport not bashing Catriona for unpatriotic and unnationalistic character and behavior the country that sired her, fed her, schooled her ……

    I AM EMBARASSED IN BEHALF OF THE FILIPINO PEOPLE … Please accept my humble apologies.

    I REMAIN … oooops! I AM OUT OF HERE.


      Actually he said it towards Time Magazine Person-of-the-Year Ressa … it relates to Miss Universe, too !!!


  17. Is there a whitewashing in Miss Universe? Not really but surely there’s a whitewashing in Miss Philippines but then again there’s also a whitewashing on poverty in our country as well just buy a cheap gluta tablets or soap at Divisoria or Baclaran & you’ll have a white silky skin in your body. And you’re no longer a pulubi looking gal.

    1. 1st Off … Industrial Strength Eskinol Skin Whitening Lotion with Papaya Extract !!! Skip Lunch-&-Dinner for Eskinol Skin Whitening Lotion today. Skipping meals is good. Filipinos would be Hollywood Thin.
      2nd … Whitewashing Fiesta beauty contestants. They got to be mestizas and mixed-race with foreign last names! Works all the time. It worked in Miss Sinulog contests. The winners always have European last names instead of Aquino, Robredo, Napoles … They are always last named Wurtzbach, Young, Gray,
      3rd … Tagalog & Bisaya are dowdy dialects … got to be English & Spanish … lingua franca of the Elite ….

      1. Always carry umbrella to protect whitened skin …
      2. Pop umbrella open as the sun rises like devils scurry away to the nearest caves ….
      3. Eat plenty of beef & pork feet because that is where the collagen can be found. Collagen can also be had at SM Pharmacy in tablet form. Collagen cause the ageing skin not to loose its flexibility and elasticity.
      4. Tomato, carrots, beets and other vegetables that carry anti-oxidant …
      5. Salmon heads. Eat plenty of them. Its fats are anti-cholesterol. It also contains plenty of omega-3. Do not eat Tilapia. Tilapia is also known as “bacon-of-the-sea” . Taste good but deadly. It got Omega-6 that cancels out omega-3.
      6. Goat meat is also good. You think it is a poor man’s meat? Wrong again. Goat is known as lamb. If you inter-change goat as lamb so-called classy Filipinos would eat because it is lamb actually goat is lamb and we can argue over it overnight. Goat Meat is better than wagyu kobe beef and pork. Its milk is more expensive, too !!! Wanna beat? Go to your local Trader Joe’s ask for Goat Milk. Please, Filipinos, do not faint because the price would make you faint.

      If you follow my rules of beauty maintenance you’d be Miss Universe. But do not rely on it. One of your parent has to be a caucasian. If you do not have a caucasian father forget about running for beauty contest.

    2. DO YOU KNOW THAT I GOT A CRUSH ON NANCY BINAY? I find her prettiful. I like her even brown skin tone from her legs up to her face. Smooth silky brown skin. Brainiac. U.P. graduate. MOST OF ALL SHE CAN TEACH ME THE TOOL OF THE TRADE IN CORRUPTION …..

      SOMEBODY ASKS ME ABOUT JANET NAPOLES … is she pretty or not? My answer is, I respect people’s faces. If Janet Napoles has children … she must have a husband …. if she has a husband …. her husband find her pretty …. so give it up …. BEAUTY IS IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER …..But Filipinos beauty is measured by the color of the skin ….

  18. It’s nice to visit here at GRP since I haven’t even been on this site FOR AGES. I used to be Jane Doe.

    Anyway, I NEVER truly cared about beauty pageants and this is coming from an actual Filipina. Ever since I was a kid, I never understood Filipino’s obsession with beauty pageants. Personally, I find them to be very boring to sit through. You’re just watching a bunch of girls parade themselves on the stage. I would rather watch a fashion show than sit through hours of a beauty pageant.

    If it weren’t for my family, I wouldn’t even have HEARD of Catriona Gray because that’s how little I care about her. She doesn’t mean anything to me because I don’t know her.

    This is probably all over the news in the Philippines. We have TFC installed in our cable but I rarely watch the shows on that channel. My aunt, my grandma, and sometimes my mom, watches TFC. I barely even watch TV anymore.

    I see Filipinos haven’t changed a lot and are still into beauty pageants.

    1. Zurina Alvarez,

      This is coming from an actual Filipina who NEVER truly cared about beauty pageants, but would rather watch a FASHION SHOW???!!!

      And I suppose, declared in a fashionably strong conviction!

      Hmmm… interesting… it says a lot.

  19. When an American TROLL can utter words like…

    “catriona would have been walking the streets in the evening trolling for 500 pesos blow jobs.”

    (Indeed, a directly unashamedly rude reference to Catriona by only someone with a sick mind!)

    … in a self-styled, self-proclaimed progressive Filipino blogsite like GRP, then its silent ignore is a welcoming indication of its apparent acceptance and readiness, so to speak, to sleep with an enemy!

    It’s just an opinion, of course!

    If a foreigner can have this free license without moderation, perhaps any Filipino can too, like in translating the above with no deviation in malutong na tagalog, just to see how that sounds like:

    “si catriona, di sana, ay umiikot-ikot sa gabi para humagilap ng masusubo o matsu-tsupa na mga tarugo sa halagang limandaang piso.”

    (It could be tamer, but then missed its point!)

    Mr. Oratio, obviously and single-handedly, has effectively, triumphantly broken and escaped GRP moderation limits with ease. He changed the once GRP landscape of intellectual discourse without much opposition. Apparently, the Webmaster isn’t bored as of now and the community of bloggers themselves have embraced and swallowed the re-colonization program. Again, it’s just an opinion.

    I have a proposal to Mr. benign0.

    Why not provide these neo-colonizers an invite to write something for GRP… so we can test their mettle, if they really have something to say beyond an expertise… of their trolling extraordinaire!

    Whereas, an opinionated Indian national like Marius, one time has been invited, but cowardly chickened out, that he can’t be taken seriously on that account, this American Nobody, who turned out to be an IMPERIALISTIC TROLL KING, might be of a different breed.

    You might want to include the Dutch Atheist Robert Haighton of that Triumvirate, if he so wishes to discuss anything, because he seems to always offer questions about a lot of things here that he can now address himself.

    I am certain GRP Twins, ChinoF and Gogs, with their burning REVERSE FILIPINO PRIDE, will be beyond ecstatic!

      1. Nah, Marius is a Martian from the Red Planet. Wow, an alien being wants to post his messages here on GRP and I wonder, what will the alien beings gonna say to the Filipinos & also why they’d abduct & making experiments to the Americans rather than the Filipinos for years? Is it that the Filipino DNAs are weaker than the American counterpart? ?

      2. No, it isn’t accurate. Although if it were, how is that remotely relevant to the discussion?

        You know what, I can’t even figure out what @Change Me and @mrericx said there. Lots of words and no apparent meaning. I get the impression of chest-thumping and grunting, but that’s about it.

        1. @marius
          its the standard filipino call for a pissing contest
          eg “lets see how long your dick is”
          if you show it and it is actually impressive, they reply “e di wow” and walk away
          but if it is smaller than (or even equal to) theirs they heckle and call you names for being a “less”

        2. @T: I know. Totally predictable. Every argument with a Filipino goes off the rails in exactly the same fashion. Well, unless he pulls out a bolo and threatens to kill you, of course. Same difference.

  20. THERE IS A QUESTION FROM ROBERT up there ! Why is Catriona not running for Australia instead? If Catriona ran for Australia SHE’D LOST BIG TIME …..

    Running and representing for a small poor country of brown pygmies gives a bump in SYMPATHY score … Yes, they do have sympathy score … and another bump in MINORITY score … and GIVE THEM FEEL GOOD SCORE FOR POOR DISADVANTAGED DEPRIVED PEOPLE S-C-O-R-E …. and most of all ….. drum roll please ….

    1. They got plenty of foreigner Miss Universes that run-&-represent Philippines in the like of Wurtzbach, Megan Young, the lamented New Zealand Miss International, Catriona Gray and many others
    2. They got boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao a sport that is EDUCATION-OPTIONAL skills honed from prison rumble and street fights. Do you know Manny Pacquiao is a doctorate of Humanities without getting into college? He is also a General without ever serving in the military? If you want to be a doctor and a General go BOXING. BOXING IS GOOD. Boxing is also good for Manny Pacquiao’s English. THANKS TO AMERICAN COACH … IF THE COACH WERE NOT AMERICAN MANNY PACQUIAO WOULD HAVE RECORD SLEEPING ON THE MAT

    Now that Filipinos feel good about themselves AFTER GIVING LIFE-ALTERING CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE WORLD Boxing, Azkals and Miss Universes, NOW HIT THE BOOKS … STUDY …. STUDY …. STUDY …… Tell Ressa he is not the Supreme Court …. he has no law degree …. wait for judges decision ….

    *** but U.P. hit the books right? they top board exams, right? Still they covet the most multi-million corruption and never hit the slammer …. SO ….. I STAND CORRECTED … NEVER MIND THE BOOKS …. check out your FACEBOOKS INSTEAD, THANK YOU ***

  22. The “pissing contest” is on, here at GRP. Piss the politicians’ trolls and all the foreigners putting us all down. Piss whoever you want, from the “hiding Yellowtard Trolls”, to the “hiding Aquino Cojuangco political trolls…Piss those people giving nonsense blogs… Piss everybody to your hearts’s content.

    Brown skin and flat nose are beautiful…

    Be kind , do not piss Hyden Toro !

    1. BROWN IS BEAUTIFUL … flat pig nose is beautiful, too !!! Still, Miss Philippines promoter prefers IMPORTED NON-FILIPINO HALF-BRED HALF-WHITE HYBRID beauties than beautiful flat pignose Filipinos ….

      DO NOT PISS HYDEN TORO, Miss Philippines promoter …..

      MISS PHILIPPINES PROMOTER should promote brown pig-nose Filipinos …. IT IS ABOUT TIME TO REVOLT !!! And the Politicians should also …. so the Filipinos can be patriotic and nationalistic and be proud of their looks ….

      If Filipinos cannot be proud of their looks how can they be patriotic and nationalistic and die for their country? There are now more Filipino men who are single than Filipino women because Filipino women prefers white men so their children becomes Miss Universe.

      BE PROUD, FILIPINOS. BE PROUD OF YOUR SKIN because beauty is not measured by its color. BE PROUD OF YOUR LANGUAGE because intelligence is not measured by the English spoken.

      Always remember no matter how many caucasian beauties they import IT WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR LOOKS Filipinos will still be brown.


  23. Catriona Gray is a Filipino Australian. She is the Miss Universe winner for 2018. She is as native, as me, a fellow Filipino… . She has a slight brown skin,”natural sun tan”…not to much flat nose; and very smart.

    We Filipinos are proud of Cartriona Gray, 2018 Miss Universe…. Foreigners who wanted to put her down, are envious, because they are not Miss Universe; their wives or girlfriends are not Miss Universe.

    The more we win in beauty contests…the more these people are dying with envy…they cannot attain what Catriona Gray has attained.

    Mabuhay ang Pilipino !!! Mag celebrate tayong lahat…we are beautiful people..


    1. Yeah proud to be a Filipino but if a Filipino have violated a law like beating the red light or throwing a garbage anywhere or pissing on the corner of the street, etc, etc. then that will be a different story. Its a shame why we couldn’t follow what the former Singaporean PM’s said that the Filipinos should priorities more on discipline rather than democracy or even this Miss Universe pageant. Haay, kaya pala hindi pa rin umuunlad ang Pinas.

    2. “We Filipinos are proud of Cartriona Gray, 2018 Miss Universe…. Foreigners who wanted to put her down, are envious”

      Sino kaya sa mga ito, pati na sa kabilang nina ChinoF at Gogs, ang susuwag sa bangis ni MR. Toro?!

      Maligayang Pasko na lang sa inyong mga seloso at inggitero!

    3. “We Filipinos are proud of Cartriona Gray, 2018 Miss Universe…. Foreigners who wanted to put her down, are envious”

      Sino kaya sa mga ito, pati na sa kabilang blog nina ChinoF at Gogs, ang kakasa at susuwag sa bangis ni MR. Toro?!

      Maligayang Pasko na lang sa inyong mga seloso at inggitero!

      1. You fail to realize that Hyden is just bluffing and you fell for the bait.

        Yeah, keep on clinging on your false sense of pride, son.

        1. @Killer Queen:

          No…I am not. We celebrate a victory of our own. This is a World contest for Miss Universe, 2018.

          Miss Catriona Gray, a Filipino Australian won the contest. Not all become Miss Universe for 2018. This is the reason, we are very happy for her …

          Mabuhay si Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018, kababayan natin. Mabuhay ang Pilipino ! Mabuhay tayong lahat , mga guapo at guapita !

          We are proven in this world, that we are beautiful people !

          Brown skin and flat nose are beautiful !

        2. Oops…

          Well… it turns out that he isn’t… and the bait fell on you!

          You realize that now… that you fail to realize… dear father?!

        3. HYDEN, DO NOT FORGET TO THANK CAUCASIANS for hooking up with Filipinos … if we did not there wouldn’t be Miss Philippines winning Miss Universe …

          … just saying … you are a good man Hyden. I know you mean well … BUT I STILL DO BELIEVE Miss Philippines promoter should pick Filipino looking than Australian looking and Australian citizen at that ….

          Also thank Australians for being sport losing out to an Australian that ran for Philippine Flag.

        4. Why is an American seeking entitlements for something they have no significant contribution to speak about other than falling for the charms of Filipinas?

          Why is an American trying to dictate how things should be run in this country when The American Occupation has already ended?

          Why is an American advocating thanking the Australians but ignoring the Scottish people even when the father is originally from Scotland?

          (If he commends the Australians for being sport then why can’t he do the same?)

          Why is an American NOT trying to explain why his Miss USA candidate wanted to represent the world of diversity but looks upon other candidates of countries who has problems of proficiency speaking her language?

          But, by now, as the world knows it, Miss Vietnam managed to reach TOP 5 while Missed USA did not and went back home with a much lower self-esteem…

          Poetic Justice has been served!

  24. This is donated to Oratio, Marius, Robert, ChinoF and Gogs so they can move on. It’s all over now!

    According to Catriona, she did not choose to be born in Australia but she chose to live in the Philippines when she was a teen so she wants to be known more as a Filipina-Australian rather than Australian-Filipina.

    Let The Cat have her say!

    “Even though I was born in Australia, that’s not my choice. It was more of my parents’ choice.

    “My decision to come to the Philippines at age 18 just after I graduated high school was like a self-discovery journey for me. [It was] my first step into figuring out who am I — what do I want to do with my life? — and just putting myself out of my comfort zone.”

    “I chose to come here, and I came over on my own money. I wanted to prove to myself na kaya ko ‘to. I can do this.”

      If you are the reigning queen of fake Miss Universe Miss Philippines … YOU’D SAY ANYTHING TO HAVE THAT CROWN ON YOUR HEAD …. You are one typical illogical Filipino who think with your heart than with your brain …. I FEEL FOR YOU …. AND I FEEL FOR CATRIONA THAT GAVE YOU AN ANSWER SO SHE CAN CLING ON TO HER CROWN …..


      1. Hey MR. TROLL of STUPIDITY & IDIOCY, it’s now widely known in this community of the Intelligent, that you openly confessed, that the reason you came to The Philippines is that you’re an American LOSER, a NOBODY… You’re even afraid to show your face back there at home ever again…

        In other words, it is you who SUCK!


        Bawal ang BASTOS dito! ‘Wag ka dito magkalat ng TAMOD mo!

        “I KNOW WHEN I AM GOING TO COME. I yank it out and let it come out.” (Oratio’s Words of Wisdom are his!)

        1. Hey MR. TROLL of STUPIDITY & IDIOCY, it’s now widely known in this community of the Intelligent, that you openly confessed, that the reason you came to The Philippines is that you’re an American LOSER, a NOBODY… You’re even afraid to show your face back there at home ever again…

          In other words, it is you who SUCK!

          GET REAL…. GET A LIFE…. GET LOST…..

          Bawal ang BASTOS dito! ‘Wag ka dito magkalat ng TAMOD mo!

          “I KNOW WHEN I AM GOING TO COME. I yank it out and let it come out.” (Oratio’s Words of Wisdom are his!)

          Well, look who’s talking… you only resort to personal attacks because you’re afraid to make a discussion.

          Your loss…

        2. What sort of discussion are you talking about?

          I’m not discussing with anyone when he came out of nowhere… and with what exactly? And I did a statement to a make a point!

          You perceive things with your one eye open and one eye closed! You did it to me, I did not to you!

          Yours is just an opinion but I’ll give it you… end of discussion.

      2. Oration Imperata:

        The Caucasians have nothing to do with Catriona Gray, winning Miss Universe , 2018. Otherwise, all Caucasian women entries, would have been Miss Universe. And no other race became Miss Universe…

        Get hold of your “white supremacy” mindset. The Miss Universe contest, is about; poise, intelligence and natural beauty.

        It is now proven, that we are indeed beautiful people !

    1. To Filipinos WHITE-IS-RIGHT … FILIPINOS have this feeling that white is beautiful … white is right ….. brown is frowned ….


      Who made Filipinos to think WHITE-IS-RIGHT? Those University of the Philippines GRADUATES !!!!!! THAT ARE GOOD FOR NOTHING …. NADA !!!!

      1. Oration Imperata:

        The whites are dying with skin cancers, sunbathing to imitate our beautiful brown skin. We are natural “suntaned”.

        One of these days, the whites will have plastic surgeries at Dr. Bello’s clinic to have flat noses…

        Mabuhay tayo !

  25. Oration Imperata:

    The Miss Universe contest will not make a dumb ass woman to win and become Miss Universe. The winner must be smart; can “think on her feet”, with good poise ; good personality and with natural beauty.

    We are not only beautiful people…we are also smart people, because we are winning the Miss Universe contests !

    1. HAYDEN, FILIPINOS DO NOT THINK OF THEMSELVES AS BEAUTIFUL. They think White-is-Beautiful. That is why they import non-Filipino looking to run for Miss Universe under Philippine Flag.

      AFRICAN COUNTRIES ARe patriotic and nationalistic than Filipinos. They have black Miss Universe candidates. They did not import whites. They gave the best. They are proud of their skin color. Proud of who they are. THEY PICKED A CANDIDATE THAT REPRESENTS WHO THEY ARE …. GRAY DOES NOT REPRESENT THE LOOKS OF FILIPINOS …. it only represents that FILIPINOS HATE THEIR LOOKS.

      1. @Oration Imperata:

        Miss Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018 is a Filipino. She is a Filipino Australian. She choose to be a Filipino.

        I don’t believe that because, you are a half breed…you are no longer be a Filipino. It is her choice , to be a Filipino. Being a half breed is not her fault.

        If we are looking only for “true Filipinos”…then, we can pick an Aeta, as our Filipino representative. The Americans must pick an American Indian, as their representative. And the Australians, must pick an Australian aborigine as their representative.

        Almost all of us, Filipinos have mixed blood. I may have a malay, aeta, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc..blood. Because , I am a mixed blood, am I disqualified as a Filipino ?

  26. After watching the video below, I now understand what people have against Mother Teresa. She is quoted to have said that there is something beautiful in people suffering. It’s comparable to what Gray said. It’s basically saying, “I think evil is beautiful.” That is twisted, and it means such people don’t understand that poverty is a result of people’s wrongdoing. It would lead to them thinking, “let’s keep poor people around because it’s beautiful.” The Catholic Church is thought to have that mentality, which is why it is so heavily criticized.

    1. SUFFERINGS OF POOR PEOPLE IS GOOD !!! Sufferings is necessary evil. Without sufferings people lose touch of their religion. Without religion people kills unnecessarily. UN-NECESSARILY? Yes !!! There are necessary killings like those drug addicts and drug dealers and there are un-necessarily killings just for the heck of it.

      LET US THANK EVE for eating that Apple. If Eve had not eaten the Apple we wouldn’t be here and it would be a boring place.

      See, Adam-the-hunk and Eve-the-only-Miss Universe at that time were romping in Eden naked without malice. They did not have sex because it takes malice to have sex. After eating the Apple they covered themselves up. What they covered-up Adam peeked. What Adam saw was something to behold and partake. Thru that, they had sex. Out of their carnal activity came a child. AND THE WORLD WAS NEVER THE SAME AGAIN.

    2. Keeping the poor people around is what makes saints and martyrs still relevant even though saints and martyrs are mostly not around.

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