What happens NEXT after Filipinos #StopTheKillings?

By now, most Filipinos will have been familiar with the Philippine Opposition led by the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) slogan “Stop the Killings”. However, what would be interesting to get to the bottom of is how much Filipinos really understand what it means to “stop the killings”.

But to get to that understanding there are several questions that demand clear answers:

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(1) Who or what is the cause of these alleged “killings”?

(2) Who are the “victims” of these alleged killings and what are the circumstances surrounding their involvement in these alleged crimes?

(3) What were the motives of these alleged “killings”?

And most important of all…

(4) What is the precise definition of a “killing”?

Most so-called “human rights experts” and the cliques of “activists” they schmooze with would have ready off-the-hip answers to these questions. But the more interesting responses would be the ones they give when the right follow-up questions are asked of them, like “What do you mean by that term?”, “How exactly did you arrive at that conclusion?”, and “What proof do you have?”

The goal, of course, once the problem of “killings” is properly-framed is to formulate and implement a solution. In other words, the next and most important question to answer is this…

What next now that we’ve clarified the problem

Thing is, no clear and well-defined problem statement that defines what the whole problem Filipinos have with these alleged “killings” has been tabled around which an intelligent discussion could ensure. This means that this slogan “stop the killings” is essentially meaningless.

19 Replies to “What happens NEXT after Filipinos #StopTheKillings?”

  1. Killings are good … more killings are better … here is the problem … THE PHILIPPINE FAKE NEWS ARE COMPLICIT TO THESE KILLINGS …

    WHY? Because simple killing analysis they cannot analyze but can analyze politics.

    Hope everyone here remember the Chinese Bus Massacre. The rescue attempt was every bit comical someone told me should star Dolpy & Pansito. The investigation was lackadaisical and fumy funny. That is why the Chinese government intervened. The Chinese told former President Benigno Aquino to stop investigating until Chinese forensic investigators flew in in violation of Philippine sovereignty. They even told Benigno Aquino not to release investigative narrative until it was ran thru Chinese government which Aquino smilingly acquiesced.

    BECAUSE FILIPINOS DO NOT KNOW HOW TO INVESTIGATE … THEY investigate thru notarized typewritten affidavits not FORENSIC EVIDENCE.

    FORENSIC WHAT? Yes, Filipinos do not know forensics. What they only know is forensic politics thru gossips and suggestive innuendoes. PATHETIC !

    1. smartmatic is another way to kill. it is designed to cheat. Now who’s the filipino taught by smartmatic to operate cheating? there should be one.

      1. Smartmatic PCOS Machines, a yellow weapon. it can be operated in Tibet and any place in the world provided there’s wifi. it ahould not be used in philippine elections.

    ANSWER: The drug addicts and criminals will go out and kill !!!

    ANSWER: The Filipinos. The very same people who stopped the killings


    ANSWER: Everyone are losers in the Philippines

  3. If suicide pills became a narcotic drugs then those activists should take it if they don’t want to help our country to solve the problems in a radical way & do nothing but go to the streets and make a noisy, barbaric & non-sensual protests. And of course that suicide pill would kill you in just an hour & have a greater effect on it unlike other narcotic drugs out there like shabu, cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy drugs, party drugs, etc., etc. No need for Oplan Tokhang there if a druggie or a dumb activist will take that kind of drug.

  4. “#StopTheKillings”, there’s been political and revenge killings since before the Spanish colonized the Philippines, and after that, during the American Occupation, there’s been “democracy” at work where locals vie for the position, and sometimes it gets bloody to the point where the Americans think that the Filipinos were incapable of Governing ourselves in a Democratic Government, one of the most laughable things our education system doesn’t teach the future-eternal-protester is the dreaded “R-Word” and “A-Word”, Responsibility and Accountability, there’s no one to blame but ourselves when weakness becomes strength, or democracy dies when certain Yellow-opportunists aren’t in power. And put this to the point, ask these yellow communists how to stop the killings in the NPA-infested hinterlands or those Muslim separatists or ISIS wannabes, that’s right, they are against “Militarization” and Martial Law while also wanting the Philippines to put out it’s non-existent political or military might against China, because they managed to fool the average and confused Juan to be both against the military and China. Because nothing says 1984 like 2+2=5

      1. Dengvaxia is not covered by RAPPLER.
        No noise from RAPPLER.
        RAPPLER failure to analyze Dengvaxia because Dengvaxia is result of science and science is not the forte of RAPPLER but POLITICAL SCIENCE not based on imperical study but based on gossips.



  5. The very idea of hero-martyr- saint is killing, just take a look at those suicide bombers, what do you think they have in mind, and what do their “thought leader” call them after accomplishing their mission? Killing will never stop, because the moral idea that Pilipinos are clinging to is base on sacrificing life, after all the advances civilization had gone through, we never really got off to this barbaric ritual of sacrificing human life. We call ourselves civilized, what a shame.

    1. For civilization to succeed … killings must proceed.
      ELSE, leave the country and apply for re-colonization to other countries.

  6. The “Stop the Killings” slogans of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, the Liberal Party; the Liberation Theologist Roman Catholic Church priests and nuns;the NPA/CPP and all groups of leftist oppositions are just unproven claims, to pin the blame to Pres. Duterte. They just want to impeach him, and replace him with that fake Smart Switik elected Vice President Lugaw Robredo.

    During the time of Aquino era, there were many killings and massacres. Like the : Hacienda Luisita massacre; the Mendiola massacre; the Mamapasano massacre; the Luneta Chinese tourists massacres; etc…There were tremendous graft and corruption, like the : DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, Typhoon Yolanda Fund disappearance…

    No one was interested in these evils in our midst, because these evils were committed by the same people who are now demonstrating and shouting against these apparent evils !

    We did not find any leftists or opposition groups, demonstrating and shouting: “Stop the Killing”…the murders and killings are there. However, nobody initiated to rally and shout against the murders and the killings!

    1. STOP THE KILLINGS !!! So the killed survives to kill those who wanted to stop the killings.

      KILLINGS ARE GOOD this is Filipino justice the just way.



  7. KILLINGLING should be the new term that refers to these ill-defined “killings” (in double quotes) that the opposition and associated activists love to fly up in the air like a white flag of surrender, hoping some UN-sponsored hero would swoop in for their salvation.

    If they can’t even get to first base with basic problem definition, how can we hope to see natural self-correcting cognitive dissonance theory in action kicking in to spare the rest of PH society of all this clanging STK noise?

    (Well I do understand some people are simply making a killing selling STK shirts, banners and wristbands – anything to get by these rising-rice-prices days.)

  8. What’s after stop the killings?

    Maybe focusing on the economy which is being ruined by inflation and slower growth would be nice.

    How about attracting non- CHINESE aka non-sand trap loans aka good quality foreign investments that were scared away by bad tax policy and the deteriorating safety situation

    How about getting rid of BUK BUK rice ?!?!

    Maybe focus on nation building instead of DRAAAAUUuuuuggggsssssss which I maintain is a personal lifestyle choice. Europe doesn’t kill junkies but gives them needles. Let them shoot up all the drugs they want. It’s their life

    Focus on the nation instead of small scale issues

    1. I don’t know, but you’re grasping on straws on this one.

      The government is already focused on the economy, good foreign investments, dealing with the supply of rice…. or did the media just BARELY reported on that.

      Oh yeah, you literally have NO IDEA about how illegal drugs work. In Europe, only marijuana is legal for recreational or medical use and not other illegal drugs like cocaine and crystal meth. Or perhaps you want to legalize shabu. Seems you’re clueless about terms like narcopolitics, etc.

      If anything, they’re already focusing on the nation. It’s the autistic screeching, elite-laden, Yellowtard-led opposition who thinks this administration is focusing on the small-scale issues.

      1. LOL. Exactly WHAT has the government done to “focus on the economy” and attract good foreign investments? Name one thing. Just one.

        Drugs is a problem in the Philippines for a whole load of complicated reasons, but it would be LESS of a problem if people weren’t raised from birth to be idiots and had something constructive to do. Nobody can have any sort of life goal in this benighted country because anyone smart will be mocked by the idiots; anyone with a job will be pounced on by leeches. In that context, frying your brain with shabu is a rational choice.

        As for the killings: meh. Filipinos, God-fearing Catholics that they are, are always killing each other. There have been four murders (that I’ve heard of) in my locale in the last two years, and this area is a flyblown shithole with a population of a few thousand. There have probably been another two dozen that nobody even noticed.

        The killings won’t stop. Only the reasons will change.

  9. All of these so-called “human rights experts” and “activists” are experts at practicing virtue at a distance.

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