Sure. #NeverAgain, right? But how EXACTLY is Imee Marcos connected to “Martial Law”?


Spied in a tweet recently that some bozo screeched “Never again to Martial Law” as senatorial candidate Imee Marcos posed for the cameras with her family at some public event. This got me to thinking. What’s Imee Marcos’s connection to “Martial Law” nga ba?

Some (mostly communist and Yellowtard “activists”) may say the answer to that is “obvious”. But, really, is it truly obvious as had once been the national dogma? That Jesus was born of a virgin, died, and supposedly resurrected has become the subject of debate today in light of a more enlightened regard for that narrative. This is so even after centuries of being regarded as “fact”. So one really needs to be careful of regarding something as an “obvious fact”.

To put this question in perspective consider that two men who, without a doubt, are known direct executives who oversaw the implementation of martial law during the 1970s. These two men, despite this fact, went on to pinnacles of achievement in politics in the Philippines. Indeed, we have yet to hear similar bozos shriek “Never again to Martial Law” at former President Fidel Ramos and former Senate President (now senatorial candidate) Juan Ponce Enrile.

Many senatorial candidates today are re-electionists who denounce “Martial Law” in fiery speeches before the cameras. But as senators under the watch of Enrile the Senate President, they had every opportunity to denounce the Chief Architect of “Martial Law” when it mattered. Yet we know of no Yellowtard senator who ever did that — never stood up in the middle of a Senate session, pointed to the then Senate President and scream “Never again to Martial Law!”

This highlights just how shallow a song-and-dance election campaigns are and just how stupid Filipino voters are to lap up all the bullshit on sale during these circuses.

Indeed, this is not to say that it is not just the Martial Law Crybaby rhetoric on sale in this market of bullshittery. Filipinos need to be better evaluators of their politicians than they ever had been over the last half-century since they were granted “independence” by the United States in 1946. Both camps — whether Yellowtard or Dutertard — call out the stupidity of the Filipino voter. So no one or clique of politicians is innocent of the charge of bullshitting Filipino voters with empty slogans and downright misleading rhetoric.

What makes the “Never Again” activist brand particularly good as an example of just how dishonest Filipino partisans, communists, and “activists” are is its standout emptiness and fallacious nature. Imee Marcos is seen to be a “Martial Law” perpetrator simply because her father happened to be president during the “Martial Law Years”. It’s the very same exact logic applied to the notion that one vote for Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III — the accidental presidential candidate of 2010 — because his father was a guy who got shot at an airport in 1983 and then crowned “national hero” for his and his family’s trouble. At least, in that regard, the Yellowtard mind is consistent.

Filipino voters need to think better and choose better than that. Several generations of Filipinos need to ditch the dysfunctional thinking taught to them — more like forced down their throats — by Yellowtard “thought leaders”, religious clerics, their school teachers, their gated-village friends and even their parents. The slogan template “No to [insert “evil” notion here]” should be put in a museum of idiotic activist paraphernalia. Filipinos and a new breed of real activists should, instead, embrace a fresh approach to solving the Philippines’ problems and advocating genuine reform — one that is forward looking and positive. Let’s start with the template “Yes to [insert original and innovative notion of the future here]” and move on to the future from there.