Goon ni Gov. Migz Villafuerte Hinuli Matapos Pagtangkaan ang Buhay Ni Cong. Nonoy Andaya

Nuong 2016, dineklara ng Philippine National Police na naging “most peaceful” ang elections sa Bikol Region. Pero sa susunod na taon, baka mabaliktad ito dahil sa kagagawan ng kampo nila Migz Villafuerte na desperadong manatili sa pwesto bilang gobernador ng Camarines Sur.

Ayon sa pulis na nakamanman sa CamSur Provincial Capitol, isang security officer na nasa payroll ng mga Villafuerte ang nagtangkang barilin si Congressman Rolandao “Nonoy” Andaya nuong October 16 habang nagfa-file ito ng Certificate of Candidacy para sa pagka gobernador ng Camarines Sur.

Kinilala ang security officer at pinaghihinalaang hitman ng mga Villafuerte na si Ray John Tubana Musa.

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Sa report ng mga pulis, tangkang inumangan ng baril ni Musa si Andaya nung lumabas ito sa Provincial Capitol Building.

Na recover kay Musa ang isang 38 caliber Smith and Wesson na may limang bala. Walang serial number ang baril ni Musa.

Inaresto na si Musa at sinampahan ng kasong attempted murder pati ng illegal possession of firearms.

Ganito na ba talaga ka desperado ang mga Villafuerte na magpapadala sila ng tao para patayin ang makakatunggali ni Migz sa pagka gobernador ng Camsur?

Hindi na rin masisisi kung maghinala ng masama ang mga tao sa Camarines Sur, lalo na’t nitong taon lamang eh ang dami nilang magsasakang inipit at tinambakan ang kalsada papunta sa sinasakang lupa.

Ilang dekada nang hawak sa leeg ng mga Villafuerte ang mga taga Camarines Sur at malayang ginagamit ang kaban ng bayan na parang sarili nilang ATM.

Hanggang kelan ba titiisin ng mga taga CamSur ang paghahari-harian ng mga Villafuerte?

Nakakasukang isipin na sinisikmura ng mga taga CamSur ang asal ng mag-amang Lray at Migz Villafuerte.

Biruin niyo na lang, habang nagdidildil ng asin ang karamihan ng mga kababayan nila, ang kapal ng mga mukha nila Migz at Lray na ipakita sa kanilang mga social media ang pag-iikot nito sa mga exclusive na mga resort at paglamon ng masasarap na pagkain.

Tapos, nung nagkaruon ng kakulangan ng bigas (dahil inipit ng mag-amang Villafuerte ang supply nito sa tulong ng ilang tiwaling opisyal ng NFA), binentahan pa nila ng NFA rice imbis na binigyan na lamang. At ang kaungasan pa nila, pinatungan pa ng 10 piso kada kilo!

Tama nga lang na tapusin na ang mga political dynasty, unahin na sana ang mga Villafuerte ng Camsur!


12 Replies to “Goon ni Gov. Migz Villafuerte Hinuli Matapos Pagtangkaan ang Buhay Ni Cong. Nonoy Andaya”

  1. We can only stop political dynasty only if the ordinary people stop this too much adulation of elite families in their own community.

    1. Filipinos love their pictures taken with politicians … They laminate it … hang it in their living room …
      A slap in the back makes them vote for them …
      A can of sardines and kilo of rice makes them loyal …
      Baptism … weddings … fiestas … AND THEY GOT THEIR VOTES …


  2. Murdering political opponents is a serious crime. They should torture with third degree torture, the guy, who was hired to murder political opponents. Until he will reveal, who hired him.

    Police should file attempted murder charges against those who hired this hired killer. It is also to blame the citizens, who should be concerned, to be intimidated by these people. Fight back, should be the rallying cry !

    1. These politicians are screw-up … why in the freakin’ world they’d hire some amateur simpletons …

      Why this amateur got caught up with the police? BECAUSE THIS AMATEUR HITMAN IS NOT POLICE !!! Next time if they want somebody to rest in peace … HIRE A POLICEMAN. It never get solved !!!

      Let us stand … let us join our hands together … repeat after me …

  3. The wealth of the elite never really came from honest hardwork, it has always been from plunder and corruption, deceit and manipulation, the reason they can get away with these crime is because they took control of the government and legalize their name and some even by the blessing of the church and give themselves an image of the “good family”. The first deception is the act of being benevolent, charity goodwill, and act means just an act, a mere photo-opt, for show, and people fall for it, and then they love the family who now have the political power.

    1. After 5 years in the Philippines I have come to conclusion that A WEALTHY BROWN-SKIN PUNK’d NOSE FILIPINO is a corrupt Filipino. BUT, if it were the last remaining-colonists I CAN KNOW RIGHT AWAY THE WEALTH IS COMING FROM HARDWORK, GOOD COLONIZER BRAINS and ASTUTE ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILLS.

      A WEALTHY BROWN-SKIN PUNK’d NOSE FILIPINO are likely arrogant, demand respect and most likely A POLITICIAN or a SARI-SARI STORE KING.

      These Filipinos usually have a coterie of armed bodyguards just to show-off they are powerful. AWFUL !!! REPREHENSIBLE !!! See those bodyguards of MANNY PACQUIAO? Their looks give them away. BUT WHEN THEY ARE IN THE STATES they squeak like a kitten and so do those POLITICIANS from Dynastic Kingdom.

      1. I remember I happened to be by at Griffith Park in Los Angeles where Manny Pacquiao practice his lawmaking skills: BOXING. The people who watched him do LawMaking Boxing skills were Filipinos. S-C-A-R-Y C-R-O-W-D !!!!

        Well, in boxing and their fans they do not look like those who attend Grammy and Oscar coiffed and glam’ed up. These are the people who come from poor deprived neighborhood.

        We Americans watch Scripps Spelling Bee and National Academic Decathlon. We are not elitist we are what we are naturally addicted to academics instead of brutal inhumane boxing.

  4. Still living in an oxymoron of a “Feudal Democratic System”. Never insult the toilet and health center thief of a nobleman there, and never run against him, and you’ll be okay while living in perpetual poverty.

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