Is The Mayweather/ Pacquiao Rematch A Simple Outbreak Of KSP?

If you recall back in July there was a clamor from some, that GRP writers should refrain from writing about  sports topics.  Which I find ironic since the bar for pinoy sports writers is set so low they might as well spend their research time in the bar with a Weng -Weng or two.  They can’t bother to look up the word ‘dugout’ in the dictionary.  They also  exhibit all the critical thinking of a press release. Let us take the case of the sole  pinoy export in terms of sports: Senator Manny Pacquiao.

Besides pinoys and the Floyd camp, does anyone else care for a rematch?

Chris Mannix covers both the NBA and boxing for Yahoo Sports . He was a guest of the Dan Patrick show (Sept 26 2018) which you can listen to here. At ( 10:13) he said a second Mayweather Pacquiao fight was not worth going to even for a boxing journalist. He also said that Floyd made the announcement on the day of the last big bout between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, just to mess with Oscar De La Hoya who Floyd doesn’t like.  Mannix thinks the fight will not happen since Mayweather does not fight outside the US. At (11:12) Mannix said that Manny owes the Internal Revenue Service (U.S . equivalent of our  BIR) 32 million dollars based on his sources.  Chris then states ” he ( Manny) will never again fight in the US .”   Mannix concludes there are too many obstacles to get a fight like this to happen . In other words, KSP is the root of all evil .

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Floyd Mayweather is who he is. He loves money and attention. In this particular instance he seems to be using a certain high profile pinoy who also loves attention. Boxing has always been the theater of the absurd. Pinoy sports writers it seems are too starstruck by Manny to ask critical questions of anything involving Manny . GRP more than any other FIlipino website will never be accused of being starstruck by pinoy superstars. In fact not being starstruck by pinoy basketball seems to be held against us every now and then.

Chris Mannix is already a boxing writer and he does not see much appeal in the rematch. A point echoed by a British news outlet.  Pinoy sports writers are too beholden to the one pinoy athlete that non pinoy sports writers cover to question anything he does. Just like their readers, they are addicted to pansin (attention). When Manny finally hangs it up in the year 2035 who knows when the Philippines will conjure up another pansin magnet like him. So why not just worship the goose that lays the pansin eggs? I doubt any of the local writers even have the C word (concussion) in their radar in the context of Manny but GRP does.

Considering no Filipino has made so much money in the public eye, it is weird certain questions about money were never brought up.

Mannix doubts the rematch will go off as stated because Floyd does not fight outside the US and it seems Manny can not fight in the US because of tax problems that seem to be under reported by pinoy media. Wouldn’t that be fair game to report to explain why Manny fights only in Australia or Malaysia now? Manny’s high profile fights were in Las Vegas and in Dallas.  Both in a country the Senator is unlikely to return to. According to both Mannix (Yahoo Sports) and Black Sports Online.


Never mind the sports press but should the local press in general report that an elected senator owes millions of dollars in taxes to another country?  Isn’t that part of  the public’s right to know? If my elected senator’s actions might be compromised by a debt in the millions of dollars, should I have the right to know that? Real journalism is reporting something that somebody does not want reported.   BSO even goes as far to say that Manny will continue to fight to earn money for himself and the country.   He can’t even pay the taxes of one country and he is talking about all this earning for another country? Since when does somebody declare that they are making money for a certain country? Maybe the first lesson of Nationalism 101 should be pay all your taxes.

Manny Pacquiao is a comet in the Pinoy sports scene. Who knows when the world will ever care about an athlete born on our soil ever again? Well we know pinoy voters do not care about his absentee record. Does Manny’s unicorn status exempt him and his proposed boxing moves from critical scrutiny? If the points brought up by Chris Mannix about the only famous athlete we have (before you say Diaz, I doubt you can name other famous weight lifters from either gender) are new to you then the answer is yes.

13 Replies to “Is The Mayweather/ Pacquiao Rematch A Simple Outbreak Of KSP?”

  1. Can’t believe the Philippine Fake News is promoting education-optional boxing “sports” which skills are honed in prison rumble and street fights. They get into this “sports” because they have nowhere else to do to put food on the table.

    At least Filipinos have a distraction from their perpetual mini-series of miseries without let-up. Another distraction to Filipinos, to their enjoyment, is SCIENCE. Yes, SCIENCE, which they are very very very good at. It is called POLITICAL SCIENCE. No need of advanced mathematics. All it requires are Latin Laws like:
    – Fiat justitia et pereat mundus
    – Prima Facie
    – fieri facias
    – ab initio
    – mucho impkato

    One good thing about boxing is it does not require a degree. Education is expensive.

    1. Thank you Oratio. Funny you brought up education since Manny loves to glorify just about every other role ( actor, singer , basketball player , politician ) except student. He has all the pakisama qualities without the pragmatic qualities it takes to be a success long term. It is not how much you make but how much you keep. I bet he can’t even spell due diligence. The guy eschewed education and although education as you said expensive , ignorance is expensiver . 🙂

      1. It is Good the Philippines have Manny Pacquiao because it showed glaringly the intelligence of Filipinos.

        BIR Commission Henares graduate from Harvard vs Manny Pacquiao graduate from … (where did he graduate from…?)

        What so funny about the tax situation of Manny has come down to comical. Kim Henares asked for Original copy of Pacquiao’s tax return !!! …. IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !!!

        Is she nuts? A Harvard Nut? A Harvard Filipino Nut?

        Pacquiao submitted his tax return … Kim wanted the original …. Pacquiao American lawyers said original return goes to IRS. A copy would suffice. Since Kim is a Filipino and in the Philippines when asked for copy of their tax return it has to be notarized…. certified true copy …. stamped … signed …. sealed … and delivered ….

        American tax preparer was scratching their head. They went to IRS and asked what Harvard Kim asked for. IRS were laughing …. really ? certified true copy …. stamped … signed … sealed …. AND NOTARIZED ? WTF !!!

        We never do that here. We submit our tax returns on-line. When asked for a return … we go back on-line … print a copy … and submit without notarization … without certified true copy … without stamped … without seal …. without SIGNATURE !!!!

        Geeeez …… I just wonder what Harvard teaches Filipinos about taxes …. Wheeew !!!!!

    1. It is Bread and Circuses to Filipinos but to American we mean business. When Boboy came after that photographer … he was stopped by Las Vegas Police and MGM Detectives. HE WAS BANNED …. HE APOLOGIZED …. TO LAS VEGAS … AND TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ….

      But in the Philippines … ONE SHOULD NOT … REPEAT … SHOULD NOT APOLOGIZE if you are the one next to Manny Pacquiao …..



  2. High-School Drop-out Two-Time Senator DOCTOR COLONEL MANNY PACQUIAO !!! *** Yes, Manny Pacquiao is a DOCTOR !!! A PhD !!! *** Manny Pacquiao was awarded a Doctorate Degree in Humanities …

    MANNY PACQUIAO was promoted to ARMY COLONEL !!! *** Yes, he was an Army Major before he was promoted to ARMY COLONEL !!! ***

    Because of MANNY PACQUIAO life-altering contribution to Philippines and to the world FILIPINOS BESTOWED him with their votes to become two-time Senator.

    BOBBY PACQUIAO, professional boxer brother of Manny Pacquiao is a councilor of General Santos City after Manny Pacquiao won fame

    ROGELIO PACQUIAO, is a representative of Sarangani province

    DIONESIA PACQUIAO in showbiz !!!

    JINKEE PACQUIAO ? She is the perpetual customer of Vicky Belo

    Not bad for a family that came from the lowest of the dirt-poor low class, first on the island of Mindanao and later in General Santos City.


    PACQUIAO DYNASTY !!! GO! GO! GO! WHO SAID DYNASTY IS BAD !!! If you hate Dynasty you hate Pacquiao Dynasty …. If you hate Dynasty … you hate Pacquiao … If you hate Pacquiao IT IS YOU AGAINST FILIPINOS !!!!


    He spent most of his senate time boxing and in the gym … while getting paid …. WTF !!! And Filipinos just let it slide … and no furor FROM PHILIPPINE FAKE NEWS …


    1. Mayweather loves Filipinos. Mayweather will make Pacquiao retire with a knockout so Pacquiao can serve the Filipinos full time without gym time.

  4. I am not surprised why HBO in the USA has dropped professional boxing.

    Boo hoo hòo Manny, there goes your payday and your chance to wave that tarnished, stinking flag called “Pinoy Pride”

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