Why A Smart Gilas Win Means Nothing To Me

Despite all the advantages the Philippines has in terms of basketball it has been 28 years since they were last in the FIBA Basketball World Cup

Despite all the advantages the Philippines has in terms of basketball it has been 28 years since they were last in the FIBA Basketball World Cup. What is wrong with this ad? Answer below.


We got smilin’ politicians
(It ain’t nothin’ to me)
Got songs from rich musicians
(It ain’t nothin’ to me)

Called Tokyo long distance
And the queen came for tea
Might mean somethin’ to you
(It ain’t nothin’ to me)

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers “It Ain’t Nothin’ To Me ”

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As you can tell from my previous rants I am not big on Pinoy Pride. No amount of FIBA or American Idols / or Steve Perry impersonators  will ever erase the fact that we have a convicted plunderer  as the mayor of Manila, a career OJT  as a Senator and a bland mama’s boy as President.


Besides that we have a few advantages in the basketball department that we have not been able to exploit. The best of the best athletes in this country are programmed by DNA to play basketball by default. We can not boast of Olympians, soccer, baseball or tennis players. Taiwan, Korea and Japan all love to play baseball and even produce major leaguers. China does well in every Olympics. All the other Asian countries have their own professional soccer and usually dominate the Philippines with what I assume are home bred players. Other Asian countries athletic leftovers play basketball internationally and they still beat the pants off of us.


As usual the bandwagon is full now. This may come as some surprise but it is OK to make a big deal about the tournament in other years when the pinoys are not contenders or hosts. Since this is the only country where basketball is the dominant sport. I thought you guys love basketball? Or is that love conditional on a pinoy presence? I would feel less annoyed if more people watched this tournament for the sheer joy of the level of the basketball. A level that usually escapes this country in recent decades despite the aforementioned advantages we have in the region. Even the advertisement  for the event (see above) plays up the country, the local team, the slogan  and the sponsors but   the event itself has the smallest representation. Like I said before in the Philippines, it is always more about nationality than it is quality.


I also have no idea why anyone would brag about the Volcanoes. We do not have a thriving local scene nor do the locals pay attention to the sport. They don’t even know the rules. Are we just a bunch of KSP lemmings?


One of the reasons I don’t buy the Azkals and the Smart Gilas as teams going into international competition is that maybe I am old fashioned. I am used to hearing Team USA, Team Canada, the Germans, the Brazillians etc. No other teams in international competition like the World Cup have a nickname ( Azkals) or worse a cell phone network provider. No wonder we can’t focus on winning. We are too occupied with epal even in places where other countries set the decorum.


For those who don’t follow sports in other countries, team names in North American and European leagues (NBA, NHL, NFL, CFL, Premier League , MLB) are devoid of advertising. Unlike here. Jerseys in Europe can have a very conspicious logo like “O2” while in North America there might be a slightly more subtle Nike “swoosh” logo. Even in international competition the pinoy culture of KSP and epal has to stand out among others.


I have loved spectator sports since I was a young boy. Sports is entertainment. I could care less though if Smart Gilas beats the Iranians, the Turks or the Koreans because a win against them means nothing to me and my life. What does matter to my life is the culture of corruption, self entitlement, disregard for law, chaos  and disregard for human life  that is so prevalent here in the Philippines that our children notice it as much as guppies notice water. This will shape their values and their future way more than 15 Filipino  men participating in the 2014 World Championships only to get blown out early in the tournament. I also do not appreciate a government that chooses to use taxpayer funds to covertly hamper citizens dialogue on whatever they want to dialogue on. To me those things define our pride way more than getting an orange ball to go into a hoop ten feet off the ground.

432 Replies to “Why A Smart Gilas Win Means Nothing To Me”

    1. Not bitter, but he has good points.

      I just wanna tell you that although the USA has a great basketball program, they also strive as a society and a nation with a stable government and a stable economy. The Philippines? Nah.

      I’m happy for Gilas’ success since I’m a basketball nut. But as a Filipino? Nope.

  1. I have always been a basketball fan and it has been a long time since the Philippines had the chance to get this far in the basketball scene. I’m happy about it, but I feel sad about your indifference. Pinoy pride is not just about winning against international opponents, it more about the camaraderie among us.

    1. That doesn’t mean mean other Filipinos rooting for Smart Gilas are the same. That’s the point. Genuine sports fans follow the sport because they appreciate it and the athleticism of the players regardless of the team or nationality. If an athlete or team happens to bring attention to their country of origin by winning, then it’s even better and they should be supported. Unfortunately, a lot of Filipinos tend to support ONLY winners, NOT because they love the game. They come out to root for the national team because they want to be associated with winners; you wouldn’t find them in the bleachers if the team were losing. They do it because by doing so, they are filled with an inordinate sense of self-esteem. That isn’t what being “proud” is all about or even camaraderie. That’s self-conceit and vanity.

    2. @Anya: dear, just like the other cheeseballs overflowing in the bandwagon. NOTE: indifference would mean the author not blogging about it. but he did and expressed his opinion. indifference is not even blogging about it at all, not expressing any opinion. get it? seems like your diction may be as mixed up as your sense of “Pinoy Pride” after all.

  2. That’s not indifference! that’s potential activism just waiting for the right outlet. There are three things a higher than average intellectual will do regarding his country a. go with the flow and be a walking dead, b. strive to look for whatever small cracks in the corrupt system and carpe diem c. join them. this post is less basketball and more politics,a true-blue sports fan will appreciate the speed of J.Castro vs. big towers, the driblle-drive penetrations, the rebounding of the small Sakuragi, the trash talking, the emotional weight involved….but the political part of the blog casts a shade to his FUN. I implore you, vent your indifference or critique of the country in the most productive way – combat bureaucratic capitalism!

  3. bitter? typical egghead pinoy comment…

    the article pointed out a lot of what’s wrong with the pinoy character, and all he comes up with is “bitter”?

    time to hit the books and broaden your vocabulary kid. first off, you had nothing to do with the team’s success, so riding on it is bad taste. next time, send the philippine team some money. then you earned the right to say, “yeah, i supported them”. be happy for the team, but don’t make it sound like you had a stake in their success. sigh….

  4. Dude jusy enjoy the game.. Its the only small chance of enjoyment we have despite all of the negative things that occurs in our country.. The olny moment where we can forget the noytards, pork barrel scam, ballsy scandal… Give yourself a little break dude.. I know we cannot erase the fact that our country is in deep shit.. But for the love of sports, just focus in watching our very own team philippines and their road to the fiba asia finals… Am i making sense here?

  5. Count me in as someone who does not care either. It’s fine that some people appreciate the sport and not just out of bandwagon Proud to be Pinoy kind of mentality. For me, I just couldn’t bring myself to care. I’m glad they won but… eh. Life is too shitty here to care.

  6. Hey dude I feel you when you talk some shit about how our country is being govern right now but there is no sense for you to use and somehow degrade gilas win last night just to point out what you are trying to say. You say bandwagons are full? yeah it is coz you’re one of them. More than anything else, Pinoys deserve to have a break from all the shit we are facing, here it is now right in our hands, a proud moment! So please, if you are f**kin bitter in life, deal with it…your own! and not put every single Filipino in your stupid state of mind! Get lost dude!

    1. If you guys actually read the post, the author did not degrade Gilas’ win in any way. What happened was that validation-starved Filipinos latched on to the victory of a group of people who just happened to represent the country.

  7. Don’t blame it on politics brother. Yes, bulok ang sistema natin. Matagal na, pero sana don’t spoil a great moment that the country stayed united and supported one common goal or team. This is a trait Filipinos have of being proud of achievements even small ones. Maybe because from the time we were colonized by Spain and that we were made “indios” even in our own country. To the blogger, I felt sorry you were born a Filipino because in your writings I feel your hate in what the current state our country is in right now. Basta ako, kahit ano ang mangyari, proud ako na maging isang Filipino!

    1. “One common goal?” According to the team uniforms it isn’t even a Filipino achievement, it’s a “Smart Gilas” win.

      Going back to blaming the Spanish IS small-minded. That’s why Filipinos are contented with “small” achievements and fail more often than win on the world stage. If we had the right attitude, we wouldn’t be waiting around for generations before the next great sportsman. Or deluding ourselves that it’s okay to be “proud” regardless of the conditions in the Philippines.

      1. There are bombs going off there and there are bombs going off here. What’s your point? WW II saw the Kamikaze pilots. We see the same thing in Edsa so what’s your point? The Philippine nation is so used to loss of life it becomes white noise and it is hilarious how in pikon mode they call the Iranians “terrorists”. Or maybe War Torn Mindanao is just my imagination. Like I have to go to elsewhere to have a Taliban like experience. We have MILF , the NPA and whoever else. And you want me to worry about a basketball score?

      1. You’re way off the topic man. Before you hit on someone else’s grammar, you better check on yours first. You don’t start a sentence with “But” and you should’ve used the conjunction “of” instead of “on.” You think you’re soo gooood noh? Pffft! Loser!

  8. I couldn’t agree more on the nationalism/ pinoy pride nonsense.. But what’s wrong with the advertisement part?? Would you actually prefer direct full government sponsorship and financing (taxpayers’ money) of a national team whose players and coaching staff are already earning millions of pesos annually?? I don’t have to google to show that there are a lot of national teams of other countries with sponsors/advertisements too..

    1. It’s called naming right sponsorship. I dont get his ‘biff’ with this,this is a fact of professional sports.

      Giving the writer the benefit of doubt, maybe his ‘biff’ has more to do with the PBA clubs who does not seems to have a regional identity or link, their identity is the corporate brand.


    1. False patriotism shall always remain as the refuge of the scoundrels. LOL South Africa’s apartheid collapsed in a combination of social (studenet protests), political (Mandela’s organization had garnered international support) and economic (South Africa’s economy became stagnant during the late 80’s). The football match had little to do with the supposed ‘national unity’.

      Do not ever compare our country to that because our country is in the current state of delusion. A lot of the citizens are contented to escape reality due to the chronic problems in our society, politics, economy and the standard of living.

      The social cancer will still remain because the people have vague mindsets and living in an intellectually bankrupt society. Who is the true patriot? I love my country that is why I criticize its current dysfunctional state? What are you, an ordinary citizen who is contented on riding the bandwagon?

    2. i am actually confused of the falling tears after the game, simply shows how soft they are (not generalizing filipinos) crying on any situations either loosing or winning.

  10. I’m an avid follower of this blog but this one just rubs me the wrong way. I mean it’s just a sport. Lighten up. Personally, I was never really a fan of basketball (or any other sport, for that matter) but I took the time to sit down and watch and cheer for the Philippine team with my basketball-loving(what guy doesn’t?)Mainland Chinese bf (Who cheered for PH, unless China was involved, then naturally he cheered for his homeland) When else have I done this? In high school and college when my school’s team is competing. I have no vested interest unless it’s my team that’s playing. What’s so wrong with that? And yes, of course people will only get the spotlight after they’ve done something noteworthy. Or are we all gonna be sports hipsters now?

    I get the activism and all. We shouldn’t base our pride on a few talented Filipinos. But you know, we’re just happy that they won and we’re celebrating and well, we’ll be proud of our team for winning after so long. I see nothing bad in that.


  12. It can be argued that ‘Pinoy Pride’ is valid this time, as it is a team that suppose to represent Philippines.

    Unlike the times ‘Pinoy Pride’ is shown as a result of individuals own efforts, and people trying to share the limelight based on the share ethnicity.

    Is this a case of a boy who cried wolf (‘Pinoy Pride’)?

    Another thing about this article, the writer seems unaware of ‘Die Mannschaft’ (German National Football Team), or ‘seleção,’ (Brazilian National Team), ‘Azzuri’ (Italian National Team), ‘Three Lions’ (Englands National Team), ‘Socceroos’ (Australian National Football Team), ‘Blue Samurai’ (Japan’s National Football Team), ‘Taeguk Warriors’ (South Korea)… that’s just football, could go on with other sports.

    As part of the Pinoy Diaspora that does not live in North America, don’t get me started on your statement regarding the Volcanoes. By just mentioning Pinoy Diaspora, made that statement moot. Unless you believe that they are not Pilipinos anymore.

    The Volcanoes and the Azkals success of late is because of the Pinoy Diaspora. It also question the sport monopoly of basketball, which like all monopoly has become stagnant and stale.

  13. … And just to add one more point, they’re more actually referred as GILAS PILIPINAS.. dropping that name of telco provider that you seemed to be very annoyed of.. TINGNAN MO NGANG MAIGI YUNG PICTURE.. nakaHighlight ba dyan yung SMART??? Loyal employee ka ba ng mga Ayala kaya bitter ka dahil hindi GLOBE ang sponsor ng basketball national team? … 🙂

    1. Another pathetic attempt at ad hominem. Troll harder moron. So It means that those who don’t support SMART support GLOBE? What kind of narrow mindedness is that? This is just an another pathetic attempt to delude our country from the more pressing problems of our society as a whole.

    2. Ba’t kailangan no magsinungaling? Ang pangalan ng team mula pa 2009 ay “Smart Gilas Pilipinas.” Nagbago ba yun?

      1. actually, it did. di ko lang mahanap yung news tungkol doon, pero tinanggal yung ‘smart’ some time ago. was that in 2011 or 2012?

        1. I stand corrected. Regardless of the name change, it still does not address the central theses of the article. Given the Filipino obsession with basketball it is deplorable that we do not perform better in the sport. Also — the level of animosity expressed against the author is disproportionate given that what he wrote was his own opinion and whatever commentary on Filipino attitudes and culture is essentially correct.

      2. oh, i agree with you JS. the name change is a minor thing. all i wanted to do is give you the right info objectively. i didn’t mean to go out and say “you’re wrong, the name actually changed!!!” and divert attention from the real issue.

        no need to defend the point of the article vis-a-vis my reply or read anything more into my reply. it was just a factual correction, nothing more.

  14. Although I support SMART GILAS, it means nothing to me. Heck I am not proud to be Filipino because of it. They achieved victory because they are competent enough to face the odds, not with that garbage Pinoy Pride. The writer has some good points. My analysis isit is just an another escape mechanism for a lot of Filipinos to forget reality in the short run

    1. *is it* Sorry for the typo folks, but the main point is I do not subscribe to these bandwagons. Are we too shallow as a people? Are we just contented on being proud for trivial matter that will almost do nothing to fix this country?

      If we shall continue to celebrate trivial achievements, no doubt why our country will still remain a basketcase.

      1. Agreed. It ain’t like it would do anything better to fix this cesspool of a country that’s so embroiled in banality, hypocrisy and jingoism.

        You consider yourselves as a predominantly Catholic nation, yet your actions are anathema to its principles. Is the pride worth it if it’s just an excuse to hide your insecurities? Pride is considered a mortal sin in the Bible, yet all this squeeing reeked more like building the Tower of Babel all over again. Sorry if I Godwin’d, but it’s not surprising if a regime like Hitler’s Nazi Germany went under after years of convincing the masses that they’re the “master race”.

    2. Same here. Even in soccer, I only watch them for entertainment. To all the asshurts, here’s the million dollar question: after all of your pinoy prayd nonsense escapism a lot of times, did our country even progress? Did YOU even move your ass yourselves to solve the diseases of this sick country?

      Like benign0 said, pinoy nga naman parang aso. Matangkad lang kapag nakaupo. Sa tawag lang ng amo tatayo.

  15. Great insight! I agree 100% with the author. How can I enjoy the “success” of SMART Gilas, if I see the poor getting poorer, more people dont have jobs, and the country will suffer for another 3 years because of the abnoy president!

  16. at least there is still something good in our country at least on these segment, or just a while that keeps reminding us there is hope, there is good and there is God!!!!

    1. Hope? Hardly, how can a team of basketball players shall unite us against the social cancer? There is hardly any positive in this country because the positive is always outnumbered by the negative and the people will even side with the negative.

      We can argue about morality and the concept of God all day if you wish. There is no ‘good’ and ‘evil’, morality is relative.

      Nietzsche argued that there were two fundamental types of morality: ‘Master morality’ and ‘slave morality’. Slave morality values things like kindness, humility and sympathy, while master morality values pride, strength, and nobility. Master morality weighs actions on a scale of good or bad consequences unlike slave morality which weighs actions on a scale of good or evil intentions.

      God will exist because the people will keep on speaking his name, but when they don’t he is dead. Can you consider you holding slave morality in your life?

        1. Dachronicler if i were u i will go home and help ur mom get laid, and i will be happy to d same if u have a nice sister!!!! Or simply fuck urself!!!! Now im not talking about god!!!

    2. Either you’re sarcastic or you’re just a religiot who even thinks that a cat’s ass that looks like Jesus will make you believe that there is a God.

      1. Domo fuck u if ur an atheist i think ur born out of samthing only, i was wondering how u express ur satisfaction wenever u fuck ur mom or ur dad fucks u in ur tight ass moaning omg o u dunno?

        1. So you’re proud to be Pinoy? Please, tell me about how it will feed each and every family.

      2. I’m a Catholic and I’m not a katoliban damaso like you who uses God for your selfish desires like those who hate anime only because of tits and sexiness.


    1. Jeez your argument about patriotic is similar to calling OFWs as bagong bayani. Ang hirap sa inyo naghahanap pa rin kayo ng mga bayani para sa “ikabubuti” ng bansang ito.


        1. Yeah right at napakadakila mong inutil at nagpauto ka sa sinasabi ng BS media sa iyo about that “bagong bayani” brouhaha na parang hallelujah. I hope your children will not hate you very much from being always away from them.



    2. May mga tao talagang kulang sa pansin..Imbes na matuwa sa PANALO ng GILAS..Kung ano-ano pa sinasabi…Dapat siguro siya maging PRESIDENTE SIYA MAGALING eh…Baka siya ang SAGOT SA MGA PROBLEMA NG PILIPINAS..Pansinin niyo yung mga KULANG SA PANSININ KAWAWA NAMAN…

      1. Do you know why a lot of foreigners are laughing at us especially the US of A? Ang hilig nyo kasing magyabang ng nakakabobong pinoy prayd na iyan. Puro kayo pinoy prayd pero personally wala naman kayong binatbat. And it’s very ironic that we are the only Asian country with dominated Catholicism yet you hypocrites are committing too much pride, which is one of the 7 deadly sins.

        1. At ikaw may binatbat ka? A lot have been asking you “what have you done para makatulong?” And you can’t answer the simple question. That’s because you haven’t done anything! All you do is rant about this and that! Pride? Eh ikaw kaya ang may pinakamalaking pride dito. If you can’t take what’s happening to the Philippines, then do something about it. Hindi yung puro ka bira ng kesyo ganito, kesyo ganyan. All you posted here is garbage in my opinion. At least the Gilas team won something, ikaw may napanalunan ka na ba? I bet you spend most of your time in GRP because dito ka lang napapansin. Malamang sa pamilya mo balewala ka. At malamang bading ka at hindi mo maharap ang tunay na mundo. Or best yet, baka wala kang sex life. Ang panget mo siguro kaya you can’t get laid. I know I’m way off topic na pero ang sarap tarantaduhin ng mga nagpopost na gaya mo. I personally know someone who posts articles here in GPR and he was a total nobody when we were in highschool. He had his own world back then, I think he still has because I see him often posting here. Kawawa naman. I just came across this article in facebook and it just pisses me reading a nobody’s article dissing a team who recently did something good. I don’t know what’s fucking wrong with that. Kahit mag reply ka pa dito, wala ako pakialam sa ideas mo, dahil they’re just garbage. BTW I’m happily married and I have a great career. I don’t know about you…but I have better things to do than just linger here waiting for another post to attack. Get a life man!

        2. You should get a life, trollfag. Because what you are spouting is noting but empty rhetoric since your EMO is showing full force

        3. GRPBS is in fact a total hypocrite because he loves to put ad hominems to sane people. I’m just stating FACTS. If anything, you’re just an opinionate jackass and GRANDSTANDING is your thing.

          “Small minds discuss people. Average monds discuss events. Great minds discuss IDEAS.”

          Fact is that the nobodies you are referring are anti-intellectuals like yourself who makes emotional outbursts rather than logical thinking.

          Deal with it. 😀

      2. Eh natalo ang Gilas ngayon. Nasaan na yung “Proud to be Pinoy” mo? Proud lang pag nanalo, pero kung talo, di proud? Hipokrito yung ganun.

    3. Its ok to be proud of team phils. The problem is when filipinos count the team’s winnings as one of the whole country’s accomplishment. In terms of collective accomplishments like economy, political stability, infastructire etc……. most of the countries gilas defeated is better in those aspects than the phils so how can we say proud to be pinoy in their faces. Again its ok to say we are proud of team.phils but not proud of the filipino just because gilas won.

      1. And rarely do Filipinos distinguish between the two.

        Being proud of someone is not the same as being proud to be Filipino because of someone.

  18. that’s not ad hominem, just making a point that SMART is not even highlighted on the picture.. can’t you read, sabi ko nga I couldn’t agree more on the pinoy pride nonsense.. Trolling na kagad basta kumontra?? AT KUNG HINDI KA BA NAMAN ISANG MALAKING HENYO, dalawa na lang naman ang major players ng telco sa pinas, either PLDT/Smart/Sun/TalknText or GLOBE/TM subscriber ka.. Edi natural kung hindi Smart edi Globe.. alangan namang BayanTel or Eastern Telecom ang i-mention ko?? 🙂

      1. Hahaha.. Yup, I agree these proud moments are indeed epidemic.. on the brighter side, such moments wouldn’t last that long.. Pag sahod ng mga yan sa a-kinse ng agosto ( or sa ika-20 or 25 dpende sa pagdedelay ng HR ) siguradong back to reality na yang mga yan lalo na pag bayaran na ng mga utang at pag dumating ang mga credit card bills dahil sa pinambayad sa tickets sa MOA Arena at pinambili ng jerseys sa Toby’s.. at pinangkain at inom sa pizza parlor dahil overjoyed sa pagkapanalo..

        Although I still see hope in the growth of secularism in this country.. despite of such epidemic.

        1. PWEDE BA NA MAGING MASAYA NALANG TAYO SA PAGPANALO NILA.?!.kung hindi naman eh siguro manahimik na lang po tayo. .kung maligaya ang iba wag na natin sirain pa db?.!sarilinin nalang natin yung pagiging bitter natin..wala na bang magawa ang pinoy ngayon para pati yangng simpleng bagay na yan ee paguukulan pa ng panahon. .ano ba yan. .


  19. Umarangkada na naman mga idiot na author ng GetRealPhilippines. Sino bang mga bumabasa ng mga article niyo? Kaming mga nagtatrabaho at nakakaalam na ng mga kabulukan dito sa atin??!! Mga tanga!!! Pangaralan niyo mga under-privileged, mga namumundok! Sulat kayo ng sulat ng mga bagay na alam na namin. Work your ass aff, motherfuckers!!! Pati entertainment, may say kayo?? Mga letse!!! Mga bobo!!

    1. Ikaw yata ang bobo. Contento ka na sa panandaliang kasiyahan na to? Tanga ka ba o nag bubulaglagan? Ganito ang majority ng mga Pinoy, mga takas ng takas sa realidad to compensate for their dysfunction.

      Pagkatapos ng game na to, babalik agad ang problema. Killjoy, isa kang dakilang bobo na gustong nakikisakay lagi sa tagumpay ng iba ang pinipilit na ang tagumpay ng SMART ay tagumpay ng bansa.

      1. BOOM! Look who’s talking….Sinong hindi gumagamit ng UTAK dito? Why are you so bitter? Its because you think that “PINOY PRIDE” is bad? LOL Whats wrong with celebrating a won battle? So if you think that “PINOY PRIDE” is bad….Lahat pala ng mga fans ng sports sa buong mundo hindi dapat mag celebrate pag nanalo yung country nila sa isang international competition? Ganun ba? Come on “Mr. I’m a GENIUS”.

      2. Mga tanga talaga!!! Nakikisakay sa tagumpay??? Fucking idiots!!! May nagagawa ba sa amin yan? Yayaman ba kami diyan? It’s called entertainment, idiots! You won’t solve the country’s woes because of your thoughts, motherfuckers!! Keep it to yourselves!! Hindi kayo nakakatulong dahil mga nagbabasa ng sinusulat niyo, alam na lahat ng kabulukan ng sistema kagaya niyong mga bulok ang utak!!!
        DOTA my ass, gusto mo bang bilhin ko ang buhay mo? Anggagaling niyong magsulat e mga katangahan naman laman, puro sulat lang, walang execution! Mga ulol!!
        Gusto niyo lang na kami gumawa ng mga iniisip niyo pero kayo sitting pretty sa likod ng mga computer tapos credit yourselves for sparking a revolution? Asa pa kayo, mga ulol!!! Get a life, idiots!!

        1. Around 100,000? Lol. Your life is so cheap, I’d save you instead. Patawa talaga mga bobo na ‘to.

  20. I’m sure the author has tickets for tonight’s game against Iran..

    They are just after hits on their site after all… Trying to be controversial


  21. your views only reflects what kind of person you are.. I hate being with negative people, mga wla na-aachieve sa buhay.. the win was supported by MVP an achiever.. if Manny is sum1 negative like you then all this would have happened.. crab!!


        1. Nah your argument is so escapist. Tumatakas ka sa tunay na problema ano indio? Ngayon sino naman pala ang duwag?

        1. Oh now. YOU’RE the one who should clean up this country’s mess palamunin because you’ve done nothing but riding on someone’s humble achievements that you don’t really own.

        2. He spoke the TRUTH, nothing else.

          Fact is that you are LAMER because of your stupid one-liners.

          Am I right, uncivilized human being? 😛

      1. Oops I apologize. That was wrong. What I mean is:
        Crab mentality is for CRAB PEOPLE. Taste like crab, walk like people. They have a tough shell but total softies on the inside, resorting to emotional outbursts rather than logical thinking.

        1. But you’re only a supporter for them and not an investor or trainer who gave them great skills pinoy praydist.

  22. “No other teams in international competition like the World Cup have a nickname (Azkals)”

    Let me point out to you that the Spanish are called La Furia Roja, the Aussies are called the Socceroos, the Ghanaians are called the Black Stars, the Japanese are called the Blue Samurai, the New Zealanders are called the All Whites (as opposed to their rugby team, the All Blacks). And that’s just from the top of my head.

    Nicknames are actually very common in football.

    “For those who don’t follow sports in other countries, team names in North American and European leagues (NBA, NHL, NFL, CFL, Premier League , MLB) are devoid of advertising.”

    Do you know about the New York Red Bulls? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_Red_Bulls

    Or Red Bull Leipzig?

    Or how the English Premier League is actually called the Barclay’s Premier League because it’s sponsored by the bank?

    Do you know how big sponsorship money is in European football and that everybody in the big leagues have big sponsors that they put on their shirts?

    While I agree with your point that this win won’t automatically cure the country of its ills, at least get your facts straight.

    Heck, Brazil is hosting the World Cup, and the amount of money spent to host that is causing a shitstorm over there because it could’ve gone to basic social services.

  23. Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. – James Boswell.

    Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious. – Oscar Wilde.

    Since the time it was accidentally stumbled upon, Philippines embraced Patriotism in nearly all aspect of its history.

    Hence, Filipinos are both the scoundrel and the vicious.


      1. Just admit the fact that your mindset is stupid because you hate critical thinking and you always resort to pwede na iyan mentality.

        1. You just don’t know what is critical thinking because you’re an emotard. You always use your heart than your brain.

  24. Bakit kapag may magandang nangyayari sa bansa natin ay meron pa rin negatibong reaksyon ang ilan sa ating mga kababayan? Nasaan ang tunay na pagkakaisa at paano sisimulan ito kung maghihilahan tayo pababa? Ang opinyon ng bawat isa ay mahalaga positibo man o negatibo pero sana ay magbigay din tayo ng karapat dapat na pagpupugay sa mga pambihirang nagawa ng ating mga kababayan. Sana gamitin ang artikulong ito upang maging daan para maipaabot sa gobyerno at sa mga tamang kinauukulan ang magagandang ideya para sa tunay na pagkakaisa at pagsulong ng ating bansa. Ako ay nananalangin na sana ay patnubayan tayo ng ating panginoong Diyos at pagpalsin dahil naniniwala pa rin ako sa kakayahan at galing ng Pilipino maliit man o malaki.

    1. It’s simple really. You “positivism” is nothing but sugarcoating any unsolved serious issues in order to make yourselves feel better.

  25. As much as I enjoyed what the team has achieved, it will have no lasting impact on the nation. Once the euphoria dies down, the problems will be waiting for us. It doesn’t erase the fact that the median income of the Filipino worker is insufficient to build and maintain a quality life. For all the shopping malls sprouting in the country, the income gap is great. The problem with Filipinos as a culture is the inability to look beyond one’s clan. Those that have earned enough or more are content with themselves. It takes a major crisis or media opportunity for whatever virtues to show. True virtues show in good times and bad times. I have yet to see a philanthropist of Filipino (Malayan to be more precise) heritage here in the Philippines. The philanthropists we have are of foreign ancestry (i.e. Chinese or Spanish).

      1. RAG2RICHES is more of the exception than the rule. Most Filipino billionaires end up going into politics and are not above taking cuts from our taxes. If they did have foundations, they are usually to advance political ambitions. No one can be so embroiled in our politics ends up clean.

  26. @dom, @dechronicler, I think you hate filipinos because you were abused by filipinos. sum1 must have ###k your ass where you were young.. beat the crap out of you

  27. And this my friends is how you should write if you suck, shove and masturbate “too much red-politics” in an exciting and orgasmic existence of these so called “political and moral activists”. Is it because you can’t get enough of those “hammers and sickles” eh? Or maybe, you had an unhappy childhood because them Reds molested you? Naughty, naughty you! 😛


  29. Your post ain’t nothing to me until I suddenly read “Convicted Plunderer Mayor”

    Just in case you’re not yet informed. The conviction is a false accusation and they needed to change it to some impeachable offense despite there’s no clear evidence about the offense and even a non-lawyer who uses their brain would know that the trial was so Cook, it shows how Crook the Justice System can be made by those YELLOWminatti. We could argue about it all day you want but I’ll assure you, the only thing you’ll prove is that he was Convicted by a Kangaroo Court made by the YELLOWminatti backed by CIA’s Economic Hitmen to take the Presidency away from Erap Estrada because they couldn’t manipulate him. Here’s my advice you need to stop feeding on YELLOW Mainstream Media, you can smell their Yellow shit to make sure but don’t you eat it.

    1. Huh? Di ba panahon ni gloria nangyari ung kay erap? Yellowminati ba means aquino? Eh si GMA nga ang nagbigay sa kanya ng pardon di ba, ibig sabihin na-convict siya and nabigyan ng pardon before aquino administration? Paanong kasalanan n naman ni pnoy un. Tsaka this is an example of blindly following a politician, o sige sabihin n nating wala siyang kasalanan, but he was convicted, then binigyan siya ng pardon sa usapang hindi na siya tatakbo sa kahit anong posisyon, pero hindi nia tinupad un. If people are analyzing the events, they will come up with a conclusion n walang isang salita ang tao n to at hindi mapagkakatiwalaan. Besides, convicted na nga, and followers are still in denial, kasalanan to ng mga teleserye na laging yung walang kasalanan ang kinukulong eh, pati sa tunay na buhay nadadala ng mga tao.

  30. I applauded the win by Gilas Pilipinas not because they are Filipinos but because they are winners. Against all odds, against history and tradition, they won.

    Be aware of all the real issues and problems the country faces because of the “powers that be”, but don’t let them take away the sense of joy and pride from winning. Don’t let the powers that be steal even that or there would be nothing left to draw strength from.

  31. We won? That’s nice, but not enough for me to wear a huge Pinoy Pride slogan on my sleeve. At the same, I’d like to ask, why spoil other’s enjoyment? It’s just a game.

    I’m not irked, but people have flogged Pinoy Pride ever since taking the opposite stance became something one could do. But doing it over and over again are slowly becoming rather grating to see.

    1. I too, abhor this concept of “Pinoy Pride”. Pride should be derived from one’s achievements and not from the family, race, religion, country, etc. that he belongs to.

      It’s not like we had anything to do with it when we became Pinoys. lol

  32. How to make use of PinoyPride of this recent semis feat efficiently, look for a very cheap airfare via CebuPac or AirAsia.. Visit Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong or other ASEAN countries even just for a short stay.. go to a crowded public place, tumambay sa madali kang mapansin ng mga tao and wear your most dashing PinoyPride apparel.. COUNT the number of f*cks given by any foreigners.. 🙂

  33. Id rather watch The Voice of the Philippines instead of basketball because The Voice brings us more pride, more talent especially Team Sarah, and more episodes to come. At saka babawiin din naman ni MVP ang ginastos diyan sa atin.

  34. sa totoo lang wala naman kinalaman yung laro ng gilas sa kung ano mang kabulukan na nangyayari sa pilipinas. entertainment lang yung laro. wag natin masyado i associate yung laro sa patriotism at crab mentality at kung ano ano pang shit. laro lang yun. masyado kayo apektado parepareho. hehehe

  35. well at least your up to date with sporting events! basketball of course! and maybe millions of Filipino are thankful for you spending some precious minutes of your life WATCHING and writing this peace about gilas team!……………oh come on! I knew you do watch the game!

  36. im sure wala ka maipagmamalaki sa sarili mo. kasi magaling ka magsalita sa ideology ng ibang magaling, fake ka, hahaha, galit kb sa mundo o ndi kalang marunong mgbasketball, sabihin mo yan sa bayag ng diablo!!!!! if u dnt believe in something good u might as well kill utself coz ur hopeless freak!!! wannabe!!!

        1. You are a nobody since nobody will believe your propaganda.

          Go f*ck yourself, you sack of shit.

    1. Whoah, going emo without thinking. The thing is, anong puede mong ipakita nga pagpapatunay na mali ang sinulat ni Gogs? Malamang wala.

  37. Just appreciate what you have.. I you dont care we dont care what you think .. And who the hell are you .. Stop complaining kid! This is the philippines if you dont like it here .. Stay out of eat you murmuring son of a b..

        1. Nah you, her, her son and their merry mafia are the ones imprisoning us with your selfish desires. For 27 years you control all of the ignorant pinoys with your yellow propaganda. But as long as we are not blinded by them, remember this (just mind the character’s message): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgyXyGV4O4c

  38. While I respect your opinion, I have a different perspective on the matter. Para sakin these kinds of victories can serve as an inspiration for individuals to aspire for greater things. While I do not dispute na marami talagang maling nangyayari sa Pilipinas, Yung mga ganitong panalo ng isang team representing our country can make some of us want to do better. Ewan ko pero kasi ang dami nang masamang balita dito sa pilipinas. Siguro para sakin this is one of the few times na legitimate yung feeling of national identity. I agree na medyo gasgas na satin yung filipino pride mentality. Pero this time, in my opinion, tama lang na may pride tayo as filipinos being that the gilas team played precisely for our country. I again respect your opinion. Siguro kanya kanyang pananawa lang talaga yan.

    1. “victories can serve as an
      inspiration for individuals to aspire for greater

      Just like our president’s victory in our economy(GDP always up and good ratings from different agencies). It makes us, the Filipinos, be like him, a good and intelligent man.

      1. Intelligence in your eyes= doing nothing for 50 years then running for president on the back of recently dying mom. Voters used emo not intelligence. It means nothing to me.

        1. Thank you dachronicler. I did check it out and I knew from the beginning you got me. Others just hate me for not agreeing with them without reading why. I bring up points no one else does yet no one contests either. It’s all emo. I love that pic on the blog too.

      2. What? He became congressman and senator before becoming a president of the country. With that, he has achieved something you losers will never have.

        1. Yeah, he has a proven track record of doing absolutely nothing!

          Go back to loser land with your bobo president, bobo kapamilya.

        2. A “track record?”

          Do you mean the one that includes all the dead at Hacienda Luisita? Or the fact that he passed NO laws when he was serving in Congress or the Senate? The dead tourists in Rizal Park while he was sitting idly in Malacañang as an international crisis unfolded a stone’s throw away from his office? What about the conducting his love life in public? There’s the dearth of infrastructure since his inauguration. The increase in the number of poor. That’s a good one. The increase in corruption directly attributable to the Aquinos’ “Kamag-Anak Inc.” And lets not forget the murder of the Taiwanese fishermen under his watch and the failure in Sabah and the fact that he has ceded Mindanao to terrorists.

          Brilliant record indeed.

        3. track record??

          You call sleeping in congress and passing ZERO bills as track record????


          What a stupid sack of shit you are.

    2. Yes, Filipinos have a track record of being “inspired” by the individual accomplishments of their “stars”.

      The ever-present question is:

      Where are the results?

  39. For all you guys who hate me fine, I am not here to tell you what you want to hear. Otherwise I will be working for Ricky Carandang.


    1. I made it very clear in the opening that it might mean something to you it ain’t nothing to me. 2. There is no GRP standard, this is my view alone. 3. After 110 replies to this post. nobody brought my point that the Philippines has advantages when it comes to basketball yet we don’t come to close to setting the standard in Asia. I basically said we are underachieving. Maybe I understand more about international competition than you guys care to admit.

    I am not here to tell most people what they want to hear, I bring up points that may be true that can make some people uncomfortable but may also make them think. THANKS FOR READING.

    1. Indeed. The really simple challenge here is if one does not agree with the view then they should provide a compelling alternative view to it. As for this “win” being “inspirational”, well, as the old cliche goes Genius Is One Percent Inspiration, Ninety-Nine Percent Perspiration. Everyone has muscle, but very few have exceptinal brains — that is why manual labour is cheap and cerebral work is expensive. Any squatter can play basketball but very few Pinoys (if any) know how to invent a longer-lasting lightbulb. 😀

      1. “cerebral work is expensive”

        A good example is the former president of the Philippines. She scammed us all. Never thought of the poor people.

        You forgot something though, dapat may puso. And that is what our president now always had, he has both exceptional intelligence and good heart.

        1. You are amazing! Each time I come to the conclusion that it can’t possibly get worse, you find a way of posting a comment that is that much more stupid.

        2. WRONG.

          Noynoy is more of a perfect example for that. All what you’re spouting is just pure Yellow Propaganda. And a certified murderer because the fact is that GMA cared for the farmers of Hacienda Luisita thabn Noynoy.

          Am I right?

        3. Exceptional intelligence? Hah! He doesn’t even know the difference between millions and billions. Exceptional stupidity is more like it.
          Just go cry us a river since your propaganda isn’t fooling anyone here, you stupid sack of shit.

    2. Looks like this discussion is shaping up to be one of those long drawn out shouting matches about “Pinoy pride,” the president, the economy, pork barrel, political views, and sexual preference. Anything but basketball.

    3. You shouldn’t really expect Filipinos to take well to differing views any time soon. Plus, they’re hung up on who you are instead of rebutting the points in your post.

      Pinoy pride never dies; it merely waits for the next host that the Pinoy leeches can attach themselves onto.

      1. Exactly, all I did was disagree with the “default” thinking here. “Basta Pinoy Da Best”. I put forth points why I am not excited and it is just my opinion. Why should anyone get pissed off unless “tinatamaan”? Why should I conform to them? I was just begging to differ. If anything this just proves emo rules this land.

  40. The comments section prove just how “Catholic” this country is. Haha. Puro dasal kayo, pero kaya niyo pala magsabi nga mga ganyan e! Opinion ito ng isang tao. Kung natamaan ka, tumahimik ka nalang. The difficulties of being born in the Philippines is the fact that almost anyone in this country only wants to hear things that will make them happy, never the real truth.

      1. Just because someone is going through a hard life doesn’t justify being stupid on the internet. Opinion niya lang yan. It’s a blog where he’s allowed to put things on his mind. Also, what’s wrong about pointing out what’s wrong about this country? You want to defend the stupidity of the majority of this nation? Well I want to point it out and have it fixed and I’m sure Gogs wants the same thing. None of us tell you how to live your life so don’t go telling anyone how to live theirs.

  41. Most Filipinos do not know how to disagree and/or argue in a civilized manner. They think that someone disagreeing with their views automatically invalidates how they feel or see something. Instead of digging deeper and arguing in a well thought out manner, they just spew all this macho/palengkera bluster.

    1. They can’t even detach the opinion from the person. They take things personally and perceive differing opinions as attacks.

      And to them, All Filipinos should be fans of basketball. What’s up with that?

        1. Umm, outside of the Philippines and the United States whom your bobo president acts like a lapdog towards, football (or soccer) is more popular, moron.

        2. Eh d doon ka sa other nations mo, in the long run, basketball will be the sport of the planet because when you are in America for a while, you will like basketball.

        3. Fact: American football is much popular than basketball in the US. The Super Bowl is a time-honored tradition.

          Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, European and South American nations would have a word for you.

          HYPOCRITE. 😀

      1. Very true, they cannot. It’s quite laughable to see that when they react to something. As you can see with the cretin below.

        It’s supposed to be simple. You’re a fan of basketball? Okay. I’m a fan of tennis? Okay. Let everything be.

      1. Dear Noytard/Yellow Zombie/Bobo Kapalmukha,

        Go f*ck yourself

        The ones who will kick your ASS.

        You suck, you stupid sack of shit

  42. A mickey mouse win at anything and the little people will be trying to puff out their pidgeon chests and standing tall – well, standing 4ft 11ins!
    Worse than not being able to play sports, invariably filipinos do not understand the principles of sportmanship, the etiquette of sport, and the inherent values such as those instilled on the playing fields of Eton, or the links at St. Andrews. Hence sport and winning is an alien concept to filipinos, and the natiinal sport is a US import. About par for the course. Midgets playing basketball. Only filipinos would be so dumb as to choose basketball of all sports.
    Armchair voyeurs who most probably also watch things like The Voice and think they can sing!

    1. You cannot halt our kababayans to enhance talents when it comes to basketball and singing. Nasa gitna na tayo to full performance, tapos pipigilan mo pa?

        1. Right you are, good sir! Most fliptards are willing to ride on any bandwagon that promotes “how good filipinos are”. They fail to see that those outstanding people are only proving how good he/she can be. Why if one filipino is a good singer, all filipinos are good singers? Excuse me, pero may problema ata logical functions ng utak mo.

    1. It’s also becoming a trend in exchanges like this that those who disagree can’t seem to express themselves without profanity. Very crude. (Of course, in bida kapamilya’s case, his mere presence is profane ;-))

  43. The mother of all haters! C’mon Gilas did something good…and if you don’t have anything nice to tell ’em, just shut the fuck up! You’re too hooked up on what’s in it for you…Why? What the fuck have you done for this country? That’s what I thought…NOTHING! I don’t care if this means nothing to you, but your story sure means nothing to me either!

      1. Talaga? Pahawak nga? Hahaha! At least I just look like a fag, but you, you ARE a fag! Parang kayong mga aktibista na rally ng rally, laging pinopoint out yung mga problema ng bansa, pero I’m sure mga sariling buhay nila hindi maiayos! Minetaphor niyo pa ang Gilas. Bago niyo subukan resolbahin ang problema ng bansa, resolbahin niyo muna mga personal niyong problema. Ang matindi wala naman kayong nareresolba sa pasulat sulat ng ganito. And don’t get me wrong, I write too, but not for ranting though. And you people think you are all so intelligent, ang dami niyong sinasabihang bobo dito. Well, opinion niyo yan. Pero sa opinion ko mas bobo kayo. May magagawa kayo? You all say you’re logical and others are just emotional. I see it the other way around.

        1. Obvious troll is obvious.

          Please state FACTS for once and not senseless, empty rhetoric. Very defeatist and delusional ang comment mo, iho.

        2. You’ve just gone full retard. Never go full retard. Here please overdose yourself with painkillers.

  44. I do agree with you Ed. You made me think.

    I am a basketball fanatic and I haven’t felt the joy from the win last night since San Miguel went for a GrandSlam last 89.

    But, if not for the sponsors, would the Philippine basketball team ever be stepping on what they have achieved so far?

    Lets just make a lot of people happy at the moment.

  45. Ang problema rito sa karamihan sa mga authors sa get real philippines, puro reklamo. Puro sita. Puro puna. Bukod sa mga “realistic POVs” at kritisismo, may nagawa na ba kayong productive sa bansang ito? Yung mga reklamo, paninita at pamumuna nyo, may naitulong ba?

    And to the author, can you directly say it in to the coaching staff, the players, the team and those who support the Philippine basketball team’s faces everything you have typed here?

    I don’t think so. You’re hiding in your alias. You don’t have the guts, the dick and the balls to tell this in our faces. In fact, you may even be a eunuch, just because you’re hiding in this blog.

    By the way, that’s my real name.

    1. Aside from your obsession with other people’s penises, a complete ignorance about the points raised in the article, and the petulant tantrum over GRP, what does Andrei Bernal contribute to the world?

    2. Ha ha! Someone is feeling helpless in the face of the TRUTH about Pinoys. Too bad, Mr Andrei Bernal (real name noted), all you can do is comment on the personal circumstances of the author you speculate about and not the point of the message. As a result you highlight yet another typical trait of Pinoys which is the way they consistently miss the important point of most messages staring them in the face.

    3. Kaso, tama yung mga reklamo dito eh. Kung walang kang katunayan na mali ang sinulat niya, eh di ikaw ang lalabas na mali.

  46. I think it’s a matter of perspective. As a sports fan and a Filipino I truly appreciate what the Philippine Gilas has done for us. It’s because of their heart that showed the quality of the Filipino people of never giving up. If you watch all the games they played, you will see the pain (Physical and emotional) they endured to fight for our country, and all the sacrifices they did. This is what makes their victory for our country

    1. Of course, we appreciate the Gilas teams’ dedication. We don’t appreciate the racist die-hardness of the fans. If Gilas wins, it’s not because of being Filipino. If Gilas loses, it’s not oppression by the “foreign devils.”

      1. Tama ka, Chino. Same goes for some obsessed fans of Charice and Pacquiao.

        The problem is, since we’re so bereft of achievements as a nation, we desperately grasp at straws, turning trivial achievements into attention-grabbing headlines.
        That’s why the term “___tard” (as in Pactard, Chastard, Noytard) was coined.

  47. I have no idea why I inspire so much hate? Hehehe I don’t revere this win as a national accomplishment for reasons I already said in the post. People who hate what I said want me to conform to their view when I make it very clear this is how I feel which may be different from how you may feel. Ricky Carandang and MQ3 and Noynoy have no use for you if you don’t see things the way they see it. I point out things in this blog that you will get nowhere else that happen to be TRUE. Yet you hate me for it, I talk about our cultural dependency on basketball yet we rarely win internationally and none of you care to argue that. I just give sports observations mixed in with cultural observations and tell me where I am lying. None of you so far can so you just resort to personal attacks of wish me dead. That is the sign I know I am getting to you . Point out the falsehoods or admit that you can’t handle the truth.

    There is no country in the world where basketball dominates the consciousness like in the Philippines. Nothing wrong with that . It’s just that how come this is a once in a 28 year thing? Simple question. Not sure why you hate me for that . I just find pride in the weirdest places considering what we ourselves have turned this country into. Since you let it all out of your system that is exactly why I wrote what I wrote. You guys just want me to agree with you yet none of you argued many of the points I mentioned here. You just hate me and yet I am the hater.

    Read the subtitle of this website . It says “we beg to differ”. Assuming you guys can read more than you hate,

    1. And now for something completely different…

      I miss the basketball of the 1960s. Critics deride that decade’s style of play as brutish and lacking in defense. I’m more inclined to the position that high scores mean the pace of the game is fast, not a low level of defense. More importantly, these guys knew how to play as a TEAM. The emphasis wasn’t on flashy performances by individual players. Something today’s players would do well to emulate.

      And this era produced perhaps the greatest number of stars in the league. Jerry West epitomized basketball so much he became the model for the NBA logo. Wilt Chamberlain was probably the greatest athlete of the decade. Bill Russell, Boston’s center at only 6’9″, was all about the idea of team play; he redefined the role of the NBA big man. Without Elgin Baylor, there would be no Dr. J, or Michael Jordan, or any other high-flying stars today. And who can forget Bob Cousy, Nate Thurmond, Walt Frazier, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe or John Havlicek? And my all-time favorite — “Pistol” Pete Maravich.

      I’m still looking for players who can live up to these guys.

        1. I don’t care about beating a comment record. What I do care about is that the comments are full of exactly what I was talking about. Point missers. If Gilas missed as much as them they would never sniff the final game. The one team I do care about it Team GRP. It is an honor to be here like I said some 50 blogs ago and I still believe that even more. I am proud of the online company I keep and I can honestly say some of my favorite creations made very small waves if that but they are mine. Though it feels good to once in a while open up a can of butthurt.

  48. Madamimg magaling dito kapag pulitika pinag uusapan hehe…e basketball naman ang topic….sobrang talino nyo puro angal lng nman kayo ……therefore mga wl pa din kayong silbi…..therefore again pilipino pdin kayong ms wlang silbi hahha!!! Its better to be alone doing one good deed than nothing!!!! Mamatay na mga hopelesss!!!

      1. Ikw nga santo kn ata ung my sungay pa haha!!! C author akala nya alam nya lhat ng problema ng bansa, talo mo pa si mar roxas sa famous line nyang RAMDAM KO KAYO!!!!!! Hhahaha!! Wannabes!!!

        1. Oo! Malaki at mahaba at matipuno ang sungay ko! 😉

          Wala ritong nagsasabi na GRP lang ang tamang sagot sa mga suliranin ng Pilipinas. Ngunit siguradong makikita ng taong nag-iisip nang kahit kaunti na ang malaking bahagi ng problema natin ay nagmumula sa gaya ni “Qsr.” Kulang sa pag-uunawa. Di kayang mag-isip o maibigay ng opinyon na may diwa kaya pinupuno n’ya na lang ng pekeng tawa ang komentaryo n’ya.

    1. Mamatay na mga hopeless?

      Eh di mauubos mga Pinoy sa Pilipinas. Wala sila talagang pag-asa, paano panay mga walang alam nilalagay sa gobyerno, at hanggang sakay na lang sa panalo ng mga indibidwal nilang kababayan.

      Halatang di mo napagisipan mabuti ang kumento mo, no?

      1. Correct mauubos tao s pinas pr makasimula ulit ng panibagong kasamaan not bad db, Sino ky hopeless magsalita stin? Kayo? Oo nga merong bang hopeless na positive? Sasaludo ako snyo kung mababago nyo sistema sa kakadakdak nyo!!! Kesa kumilos kayo, btw napaghahalata na pinapahaba nyo lng wlng kwentang article nto pr kunwari patok at magaling ang gmw ng blog!!! Sino kayang makakapgsulat kng wlng emo, ano kayo zombie! Ulol! Feeling nyo alm nyo lhat wlnman kayo solusyon! Meron man wlnman kayo magagawa puro puna lang at reklamo!!! We are all involved in this neverending cycle history of pinas bcoz we are bad and good citizens of dis country!!!

        1. The solutions are already here. You are just BLIND and IGNORANT, that’s all.

          If anything, you’re the one who is EMO here. Your comments are a proof. Please cite reasons why CRITICAL THINKING is not important.

        2. qsr is a certified utak squatter who hates critical thinking because he’s a moron and very proud of it and that’s a fact.

  49. No doubt Pnoy, who thinks that chain smoking and video games constitute sport, or playing hide the sausage with his bff puno will be quick to get on the bandwagon, but slow to do any real work. What a spastic.
    In fact it is clear to me that onoy aquino has never done anything in any aspect of his life, ever!
    Most of our CV’s are chock a block by 50. Pnoy’s is a blank page.

  50. “No other teams in international competition like the World Cup have a nickname” – LOL if you’re gonna write a hate article, at least get your facts right! La Furia Roja? The Socceroos?

    1. Please be specific on why this is a hate article. Ang hirap sa iyo yung puso mo ang palaging ginagamit hindi ang utak.

      Filipinos don’t think. They react.
      – Dick Gordon

  51. hindi ko binasa na ang article mo, sayang lang sa oras. ni-hindi mo nga mailagay dito pangalan mo eh. ayan ang pangalan ko, nilagay ko ng buo. wala kang bayag!

    1. Then don’t read . This forum is more for ideas than the people who post them. I said what I said and I supported what I said . People still come at me, Attack the ideas as they are presented. You don’t agree with me fine but say why you don’t agree. Where in my essay am I off base? Kung kaya mo sir.

      1. Wag ka na lang Crab sir Gogs. In my opinion basura din essay mo. Di ka rin lang nakakatulong…

        Maging masaya ka na lang and wag na ma-issue.

        1. LOL We are in fact in a constant state of happiness that we are angry at people who wants to pop our bubble and bring us back to reality :P. I am proud for the GILAS because they did a good job, but it does not justify that being a Filipino helped them.

        2. I bet you’re one of those entertaining racistfags at the FIBA Facebook page who are bitchslapping the Taiwanese racistfags by using the Philippine-Taiwan dispute brouhaha.

      2. um, yung spanish national team is called la furia roja, the nigerian team ay eagles, yung autralian team ay socceroos so whats wrong with the azkals? or bobo ka lang at di alam ang sinasabi mo. wag ka na mag essay essay kung katangahan lang sayang sa effort.

        1. Hindi naman iyan actually ang punto ang article na ito e. You just don’t understand it because you hate critical thinking and you’re being too emotional. Ngayon sino ang dakilang tanga?

      1. An article of namecalling and not a single bit of substance? Why would I want to be associated with that?

        Just because it’s in English, do you think you’re better than anyone? Please.

        1. Your article has no substance far leftie. You are just an another pathetic example of a nationalist who still delude himself that his ideology was not dead. You are an example of a butthurt pinoy number 1 the “Anong ginawa mo” type. Cheers LOL 😛


        2. It has substance because it is true. The Philippines is intellectually bankrupt. The people are repeating insanity over and over again by electing idiots in the government. They let the Church dictate their twisted view of morality.

          We like to attack the social cancer of our society by using unorthodox methods. The country needs to wake up from its delusion.

          We are a basketcase? Dangal? diba tayo na din mismo ang sumisira ng ating dangal sa kabobohan ng nakakarami? Tayo mismo ang nag eenjoy sa mga katarantaduhan ng bansa natin, kaya hindi mabago bago eh dahila yaw mismo ng mga tao magbago. Gets mo? 😛

        3. I support Gilas for the sake of sports, not national pride or other horsehit. The only pride that I will support is if this country will change. Isa ka mga taong mga tarantado na gusto ang mediocrity.

        4. Oh and your article is nothing but ultranationalistic hate. Do me a favor and stop using and buying any foreign made products especially the PC you are using and get only those 100% pinoy made ones then hypocrite.

    1. That same question, “what did you do to help your country?” It should be turned back to the country, what did you do? If you do something, then you have more right to ask that question.

    2. Before anything else… @domo, your posts are not helping the cause of your comrades in any way whatsoever. Give me a concrete argument and maybe you can be taken seriously. Until then, I’m talking exclusively to Dachronicler and, hopefully, to Gogs.

      @Dachronicler: I’m sorry but your article contained too many cuss words and namecalling that it was a sore to read. The the only positive thing that MAY be gotten out of it is, well, that you wrote it in English? I dunno. That’s why I was asking.

      I was about to dismiss you like I did to @domo but your comments here made me think twice.

      I did say that I agree that there are things in our country that need to be reformed. Our country’s political system is a breeding ground for corruption and oppression. Our nation is divided now as it has always been. But these matters should be resolved in another venue outside of sports.

      And for the record, I hate the concept of religion as much as you do. And I certainly do not condone mediocrity.

      But I do applaud excellence. And in Gilas’ performance in this edition of FIBA-Asia Championships, they excelled.

      And I have no qualms in saying that, yes, I love my country and I’m hoping against hope that we’d change for the better.

      Sports and nationalism has long been tied up with each other, whether any of us like it or not. Events like the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup has caused national pandemonium (http://sports.yahoo.com/news/national-pride-runs-olympics-now-182838596–oly.html). Taiwan was very ecstatic when its basketball squad won against China the other day (http://sports.inquirer.net/113911/taiwan-overjoyed-at-victory-over-china). A loss in a particular sport has caused many a nation great grief (http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/opinion/what-damage-does-sporting-failure-do-to-national-pride.20635158).

      So what makes our country different from the others?

      There are many sources of national pride. Why can’t sports, which in this country has been painstakingly trying to rid itself of corruption that so plagued our culture, be one? Why does it bother you so much?

      “Our national basketball team is better than your national team.” – Doesn’t this instill some sense of pride into you?

      Heck, even in the college level, the UAAP and NCAA has bred a sense of school pride. In a broader concept, does that not just mirror what sports does to a country?

      The country does good in one of the many aspects of a nation that makes its citizens proud, albeit backed (sadly) by the private sector, but you guys hate it, loathe it, call it names… That I cannot understand.

      @chinof: I have done nothing as of yet. But I do support those that do well in the name of country and because, as I’ve said, I have done nothing close to what they have done, I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO TAKE THEIR EFFORTS FOR GRANTED.

      I don’t believe I can convince you to have a change of heart. But I do hope I can somehow make you question some of your beliefs. And with that, I have said my piece. I now bid you guys adieu.

      1. They just want to correct you about you’re mistakes and you’re now playing the victim card?

        Typical spineless Pinoy.

  52. I have watched, live few international games here since the Manila SEAgames in 1991, World Softball Championship just can’t remember the year, Asian Youth Basketball maybe that was in 1995. World Volleyball, World 9 ball few years back and the ongoing Fiba Asia like last night and not sure if i missed a few more. Hence, all of those losses and heartbreaks, there’s still joy in watching, especially when we made it to some point, In as much as i want a victory, i also understood that it is not just all that matters, but the struggles, as well that we go through. Having said that, people may think i may be sick in the head thinking i have been wasting my time and effort patronizing those similar international events being held here but it will never replace whatever amazing feeling or may it be the opposite, worst feeling that i have ever experienced. And i hate people who are just riding on it and wasn’t there from the beginning and doubted every step of the way. Shame on them! And appreciation to those who have worked hard and sacrificed hence there were such haters. I heard PNoy will finally come to watch the Finals, what for? He sucks, anyway! We don’t need him and the government gave nothing to this meet. Boooo!!!

  53. i am so deeply sorry for you…how sad your life could be…trying to picture a perfect environment, cannot feel simple joy on simple things…as majority of the filipinos unite on a day of celebration, here you are trying to draft your statement and post it on the net…i wish you will be happier even a little bit than what you are now..because those people you are trying to put down here, dont care a damn about what you feel…you are just one out of a countless…my prayers are for you, i feel for your unhappiness…

    1. LOL do not ever use a prayer you Catholic hypocrite. Gusto nyo lang kasing marinig ang gusto nyong pakinggan dahil mga certified tanga at bobo kayo. Celebration daw, mga uto uto kayo.

      I support GILAS purely on sports not as a national pride bullshit. Sabagay napakaraming beses na din tayong nategok sa basketball.

      We are cynics yes, but we are also realists. A lot of us love our country that is why we criticise its defects to change for the better. Sasabihin nyo na naman opinyon mo lang yan pero you are intolerant of this opinion. Di ko talaga maintindihan ang mindset nyo, masyadong anti intellectual and utak bata 😛

      1. hello dear sir. from what i understood, gogs is referring to the people WHO SUDDENLY are fans of GILAS JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE PINOY. If you’re not one of them and you just purely, simply appreciate the group, then what’s the problem? it doesn’t make them any less effective. it’s like MoS, i loved it while my one of my bestf. bashes it like crazy yet I don’t get fazed by it. it’s his point. no need for name calling nor be butt hurt about it.

        @gogs looks like you’ve hit someone’s vein there hahahah!!

    2. Congratulations for commiting pride, one of the 7 deadly sins, too much katoliban hypocrite.

      Ipokrito ang pari pero may ginintuang puso ang puta.
      – For Adults Only by Jose F. Lacaba

    3. no one is saying a perfect environment.

      no one puts gilas down.

      someone’s just putting a reality check.

      here’s a thought. if without Pinoys, would MAJORITY of the “so called” fans still watch FIBA?

      i don’t think so.

    4. Feeling joy only for a Gilas win is really shallow. It’s like clinging on to the edge of a blade. Kapit sa patalim.

  54. i am actually confused of the falling tears after the game, simply shows how soft they are (not generalizing filipinos) crying on any situations either loosing or winning.

    1. Well some of them are understandable especially the coach of Philippine team but those who are with their dysfunctional pinoy prayd? They’re no different from the north koreans when kim kong il died.

        1. Exactly. Ang hirap sa kanila masyadong nakababad ang mga mata nila sa mga telebasura na tinuturan silang maging immoral na drama queen.

  55. “Other Asian countries athletic leftovers play basketball internationally and they still beat the pants off of us.”
    – wow, i wonder how members of other national teams that participated in FIBA Asia would feel about this statement, that they’re just “athletic leftovers” 🙂
    “No other teams in international competition like the World Cup have a nickname ( Azkals) or worse a cell phone network provider”
    Yeah I don’t like the nickname Smart Gilas but the team really did not have much choice since it’s funded by MVP. Good thing they changed it to Gilas Pilipinas

  56. I love this article. It is like a cold glass of iced tea in the middle of hundred degree weather in the desert. When I turned on my phone and saw my facebook and twitter feed filled with cheesy things like “LABAN GILAS, PUSO” or “MANALO, MATALO I AM STILL PROUD TO BE PINOY”, my annoyance meter just went through the roof. There was just so many of them that it’s a good thing I found this article to relieve my irritation. Da Pinoy has this annoying tendency to wager their entire sense of being on something as silly as a basketball game. For me, if that Gilas shit wins, it won’t add to me and if they lose, it won’t subtract from me. I am still proud of who I am for all the bad and the good that constitutes my self. Why does everyone like to depend on others to give or take away their pride or any other crap they think a boxer, Steve Perry impersonator or sports team can give. When they lost people kapt saying “still proud”. Who says you can no longer be proud of yourself? Why so defensive? It is just a stupid basketball game folks. I do not understand why Filipinos are such fanatics of that sport when we would always have that height disadvantage. Ang hilig magpumilit.

    1. I love those two words laban and puso. Like it is exclusive to pinoys. As for height disadvantage well even in the Asian bracket it’s not like the Koreans (North or South) have any distinct advantage and they were the Philippines nemesis. This blog piece was quoted in both GRP Facebook and ShowBizGovernment and Benign0 could not have quoted a better tagline .

      “As usual the bandwagon is full now. This may come as some surprise but it is OK to make a big deal about the tournament in other years when the pinoys are not contenders or hosts.”

      Nothing in there bashes the tournament or the team or the country. Still I am a magnet for venom. The fans themselves are only turned on by the pinoyness of it all. Even they don’t really like this whole thing if not for nationality. That is my point. Hardly anyone mentioned that.

      1. Some are even keeping it classy with comments like “ang baho kasi”. So predictable yet so sad. They use the word “filipino” too so they speak for us and misrepresent those filipinos who shun jologsness.

        1. I call it the “cope by patawa“, and it’s not even funny. More than anything, it’s pathetic.

  57. I love it that my recent comment doesn’t get through moderation while domo’s comments full of homophobic remarks just sit there making a laughing stock of your readers’ intellect.

    That says something, doesn’t it?

    Well then, I wish you a good life. 🙂

  58. You complain too much. And, this is all bullshit hypocrisy. What can you really do to change what you’re ranting about? We all have the right to say our opinions, but who really has the balls to act on them?

  59. well, as my prof in pol-sci used to say: everyone is entitled to his wrong opinion.

    if the win is nothing to you. well, i just feel sorry for you.

    though ur socil-political leanings puzzles me.
    a bit of liberal left, free thinker, a dash of right, but the rest is “No idea” = means nothing. which is a sad thing.

    1. So everybody has to gain meaning from this win? Yet I enumerated several times things that mean more to me that this society seems less united on. Yet you want my priorities to match yours? This is a society that takes human life for granted. I do not see the collective outcry for that that I see when people felt Jessica Sanchez did not “win” American Idol. I will not chest beat and I explain why. If that makes me worthy of contempt in your eyes who am I to argue?

      1. Finally…a Filipino with some common sense. Your article was 100% spot on, and I support your view. It’s very encouraging to see that not everyone in this nation of extortionist and plunderers is corrupt, and thinks only of themselves. Salute.

    2. Apparently you couldn’t formulate your own opinion either and had to borrow it from your Political Science teacher.

      Still can’t get the topic of the post I see. You lot are sad.

  60. Both this article and the Gilas win mean nothing to me, I’m just bored today that I had to write this comment.

    1. Ok, read this now that I’m a little more awake.
      Good points, especially on putting nicknames/ads on our players, no wonder they can’t focus on their sports when they have photoshoots for the company, for their sponsors, and sometimes, their paramours’ sponsors.

  61. hehehehe andami nasaktan sa post na to…sad but true…though masakit pa rin yun pagkatalo natin sa iran hahaha

  62. Why can you be just happy for once that we achieved something. I recognize your rants about the “rots” of the Philippines but come on man, for one moment, try to be cool about what we or our team has achieved.

    Any “normal” thinking Filipino would be happy and elated about this achievement because at one point of our so called “rots” as you imply it, we have something to be happy, joyful, or inspired about..

    On the other end, I am not surprised that it means nothing to you.. because you are not “normal”.

    1. And why can’t you stop riding someones achievement that is not yours and claiming we are far more superior than any other countries palamunin? And that you nut-brained point misser is not “normal”. No wonder why the whole world are laughing at us thanks to diseased showoffs like you.

    2. @kit i’m happy without gilas. i’m happy without charice. i’m happy without jessica sanchez. my achievements are my own. i did it because i struggled. i’m happy that they do what they love to do. but it doesn’t make me any less of a pinoy if i don’t really care about them. i don’t need them to define who i am.

    3. Uhm… let me correct your comment a bit ok?

      You claim the Gilas achievement is something “we” achieved? o.O Who? The Filipinos? Why? Is the achievement of the Gilas team also the achievement of every single Pinoy?

  63. bakit kayo nag babangayan! may mga opinyon ang mga nilalang, pwedeng mag salita o mag bulalat ng saloobin ang isang tao, karapatan nya yun, pero kahit ano pang sabihin natin may punto rin naman ang nagsulat nito… ang pagkakamali nya lang sinasabi nyang wala syang pakialam sa pilipinas o kahit ano pa ang tagumpay na nakamit nito.. masasabi ko lang na kasalanan din ng taong bayan kung bakit merong mga politikong wala namang alam at kasanayan sa politika na nanalo,, ang iniisip kasi ng tao kahit sino namang umupo sa pwesto ko ay kurakot.. pero kahit ano at sino pa ang nakaupo sa pwesto at kahit ano pa ang nangyayari sa bayan mo, wag mong ikakahiya na ikaw ay pilipino.. i’ve been living in the U.S. for half of my life, shit i even serve in the US Navy, but i never forget where i came from, i still get goosebumps everytime i hear LUPANG HINIRANG, ang bayang kinalakihan di dapat ikinahihiya yan! ryen tubong Caloocan lumalaban para sa PILIPINAS….

    1. Halatang bobong tarantadong jejemon ang nagsulat nito. Go shoot yourself or jump off a cliff. Ang hina mo boy, hina ng I.Q mo nag reresort ka sa pambatng pang aasar? Hindi ka yata tiniruan na mag isip 😛

      1. hoy! buhay ka pa? d b sabi ko maligo ka ng makatulong ka sa bansa? kulit namputa. hahaha nagmamatalino ka pa eh pagbuhat lang ng tabo di mo magawa. hahaha

  64. You’re entitled, of course, to your opinion. But for billions around the world, spectator sports is more than just entertainment. It’s a source of pride for the community and the nation. Win or lose, rooting for a team gives one a sense of unity and community among the fans. Look at how exultant Beantown was when the Red Sox finally broke “The Curse” in 2004. Or how England came together in the ’66 World Cup in the “Two World Wars and One World Cup” finals against West Germany? If anything, our reactions to sporting events are a lot more subdued than most nations. We don’t see the rioting in the streets or defacement of property that usually follows heartbreaking losses. Even the usually staid Canadians took to the streets of Vancouver the day the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup finals.

    1. I give everyone gives spectator sports too much value. I personally never had interest in it. Better to be a player in sports, and get exercise, than be a spectator who gets obese.

      1. That’s the equivalent of saying, “Something isn’t important to me, so it shouldn’t be important to anyone.”

        I enjoy typical geek pursuits like sci-fi/fantasy novels, comic books, anime, and video games. Many people would consider my interests frivolous and childish. They definitely have no bearing on our culture of corruption and impunity, nor on the many ills that plague our nation. But we don’t chose what we love. My passion for my hobby remains undiminished. Just like my support of our sports teams and individual athletes, win or lose.

  65. the only people i know of being genetically programmed by default to play sports are the blacks..

    sure Alzkals have been sensationalized by the media far too much for a fluke but dude, our national basketball team and all other FIBA teams… you seriously think we played against LEFTOVERS? you call Iranian Team leftovers? Where the hell have you been bro?

    1. Please be specific on what in spaghetti monster’s name are you talking about. Or does your emo prayd of yours showing full force troll?

    2. Absolutely no regrets whatsoever about leftover statement. If you are in a big city in the Philippines and a decent male athlete what sport will you be coaxed into? Every other country in the world it is football/ soccer where all the best athletes of any country are in. I am sure every country except the Philippines that played in that FIBA tournament cares more about FIFA. Every single one.

      Again I believe like what you like. But if leftovers beat you and you are one country on Earth where there is basketball and there is no second place, fine. Not sure where the pride comes from if this is a once in a 28 year event.

      Iran cares more about soccer. That is why Americans are still in awe over Lake Placid 1980. I can not explain in five blogs how the concept of how leftovers beat the greatest team in the sport. I won’t say what sport though. That’s part of the fun.

  66. Who gives a fuck about what you think you asshole? You typical talangkas should go to hell. If you don’t like what’s happening on our country then GTFO! You always criticize our country but you ain’t doing anything. All fucking talk. Gogs, Fuck you and PUTANG INA MO starting from your mother up to your family’s first generation. Now give me a favor and kill yourself with cyanide you dumb ass fag!

    1. Cry me a river utak squatter. Sobra na kasi iyang panonood mo ng telebasura kaya masyadong immoral na iyang ugali mo. Now please overdose yourself with marijuana drug addict.

    2. If you really don’t give a f*ck then WHY the hell are you here wasting our time, utak squatter?

      Your comment pretty much says one thing about you: You are a butt-hurt fliptard/crab.
      Go f*ck yourself.

    3. Uncivilized human being. 😛

      The likes of you are killing the Failippines. That’s the whole TRUTH.

      Accept it or go home. 😀

  67. So you’re saying that because the country’s in the shithole, we have no right to be happy about anything? Take a look at those 500 or so Iranian dental students that filled a section of the bleachers at the MoA Arena. They are proud of their team and its achievements, and rightly so. Those young men beating on their drum and cheering lustily in Farsi know that they, until recently, had a Holocaust-denying nutjob for president, who was the laughingstock of the world. Those lovely Persian beauties in their tank tops, skinny jeans and immaculately coifed hair are all too aware that when they come home all that loveliness will be forced back under headscarves, baggy pants and long sleeves. They all, men and women, remember what happened to to Neda Agha-Sultan back in 2009. But Iran just won the FIBA-Asia Championship. For the moment, that’s what matters. At that moment, they are proud to be Persian.

      1. I don’t see how that’s showing off. Their team worked hard to be where it is today. Their team proudly displays the name and colors of the I.R.I. on their jerseys. OF COURSE THOSE STUDENTS ARE PROUD TO BE IRANIAN. Do you think they would shouting “IRAN!”for a solid two hours if they weren’t. For a brief moment, they can forget about the brainfart soundbites of Ahmadinejad, the slowly tightening restrictions on women’s education, the brutal suppression of any opposition to the mullahs and their junta. Not everything has to be taken in context with everything else.

        I know we’re saddled with an economic upturn that doesn’t trickle down to the masses. I know corruption and the culture of impunity are deeply entrenched. I know our president is an ineffectual moron. I know that our voters are capable of electing people to office solely on the basis of their last names. But I’m also genuinely happy for and deeply proud of the achievements of our athletes.

        You sound like the kind of person that wouldn’t rejoice at his biopsy results coming out negative for cancer because his cholesterol was still high.


    1. Haha not everyone who enjoyed watching the game are “Pinoy Pride Nationalists”. I for one watched to see how far Gilas can get against overwhelming odds.

      Truth be told, given the odds, I say Gilas did very well. I congratulate both Gilas and the Iranian team for a good final game

  69. The writers choice not to support the national team is completely his own. While I am obviously in the opposite end of the spectrum, I have no choice but to respect his decision.

    That said, this article is poorly written, as poor as the writers reasons for not supporting the national team. This article just shows how ignorant the writer is about the sports.

    On national teams having nicknames.
    Gli Azzurri (Italian National Football team), Les Tricolores or Les Bleus (French National Football team), Springbok (S. African national Rugby Union), All Blacks (New Zealand national rugby Union), Opals (Australian Women’s national basketball team), Seleção (Brazilian National Team) and even Dream Team (USA 1992 men’s Basketball team). The Philippines is not unique in having a team name other than Team .

    On uniforms not having sponsors…
    FC Barcelona has Qatar foundation, Real Madrid has BWin, Manchester United had AIG/AON, LA Galaxy has Herbalife, etc etc. NASCAR and F1 uniforms are studded with sponsors. And the NBA is now even considering having sponsors on jerseys. These aren’t national teams but the writers statement that uniforms of teams in European and US leagues are devoid of sponsors is rubbish.

    On sports in countries with big problems
    N Korea has an accomplished football team. Iraq has been to the FIFA World Cup. Why can’t these countries take pride I their athletes achievements? Why shouldn’t we Filipinos be proud of our athletes?

    1. Several people brought up different nicknames for national teams. I will stand corrected on that. Still it is by choice and by no means uniform. I like it better when every team from the University of Oklahoma is known as the “Sooners”. There are just too many sports.

      Still let me say I was wrong and I have never edited a blog of mine once it was written. That is the Pontius Pilate in me. Of course our president could learn a lesson from that. But I digress.

      As for uniforms not having sponsors statement. I did mention O2. I did mention the leagues I was referring to. I did not mention MSL. I mentioned the team names were devoid of advertising. When I was younger I did watch a handful of NASL games. Again North America does have a lot of sports. I did not watch them all.

      I make no apology though bringing up society’s ills because a lot of them continue to exist because we don’t have a Manny/ Azkal/ Jessica Sanchez type unity towards tackling them. That is pinoy culture and GRP is both loved and hated because how many of us choose to comment about pinoy culture. I appreciate you telling me where I am wrong and I did own up to it. Most other reactors here have to be reminded of the Col. Nathan R. Jessup line.

      1. Point. You did mention premiere league and last I looked ManU is a premier league member team. Nonetheless lets not nit pick.

        On your point that sports is “just” entertainment. Yes, to most of us that is. But tell that to the players, to the coach and to their family and children. It’s their livelihood.

        It is appreciated you own up to your ignorance. These oversights however show that your disdain for Phl sports teams influence the information that you put out in the web, albeit inaccurate or wrong. I respect your opinions, only because they are purely yours but misinformation has no place in journalism especially if they are used to support the writers positions/case.

        The issues facing our beloved country has so many facets, so many characters, so many stakeholders. In contrast, in sports, the characters are just the team/athlete wearing the Ph colors and the other teams/athletes wearing their respective flags. The only thing at stake is the game’s outcome. If Filipinos cannot come together behind something as simple and uncomplicated as a team of athletes representing the country, with no other sides other than them and the other athletes from other countries, and not much at stake outside the 4 sides of a basketball court, how can we expect to come together to face far more complicated issues, where stakeholders are Filipinos on one side and other Filipinos on the other side.

        Basketball will not solve the countries problems. Even the most ardent Gilas fan knows that. But belittling Gilas’ achievement will not help either.

    1. It is just a game. I say so in this blog, ” sports is entertainment . ” People want Gilas to define their manhood or their self worth, I choose not to go down that road and of course I am crucified. Let them, just gives me more ammunition to mock the same people who elected Noynoy.

  70. too much negative bro, try to look at the postive side of life bro, u are a biggerproblem urself than others, too much negative maybe what surround you are too much negative too, try to take a vacation smell the air in the sea side beaches or just the rice land in the valley, or maybe 100% sure you did not go to MOA to appreciate what the GILAS does or you dont know the history why the players & coach are crying for.

    Chill out bro u have problem urself ur mind is not balance as of this moment, maybe u never read the BIBLE, u got just fine reading FHM.

    Cheer up theres more to life that what ur blog is saying, hope i can wake u up on this……..

    1. So bottom line , I should like what you like, end of story? No I don’t believe in Pinoy lemming mentality. Worship Noynoy , worship Willie, worship Kris and basketball is only spectator sport worth watching . While we are at it praise Manny Pangalinan. Enjoy your moment or don’t enjoy it. Not sure why I have to get suckered into the same culture that elects Nancy Binay and accepts loss of life needlessly and regularly . No , this does not make it ok,

  71. “Other Asian countries athletic leftovers play basketball internationally”

    I wonder how you feel about a Filipino kid dreaming of playing in a world cup final, since doing so would make him an athletic leftover is a basketball loving nation. I wonder how the German Dirk Nowitski would have developed into a great basketball player if he listened to you, labelling him an athletic leftover because basketball isn’t as popular as soccer in his country. I wonder how you would label Steve Nash who loves both basketball and soccer equally while growing up in South Africa and Canada, where basketball is not that popular.

    I understand your point that the team is overhyped and had brought bandwagon fans along the way. But if you have no idea of why people brag about sports you do not enjoy watching, like for example arm-wrestling, kite-flying, or rugby football, then leave these guys alone. No need of bashing please. I have friends who are fathers but still collect toys and comics, but I do not bash them online or blog about it. Let them have their fun.

    I agree that supporting an imperfect basketball team will not solve our problems as a nation, but it does help us unite as a nation, and make believers in us.

    These overpaid overhyped Filipino(?) basketball players sacrificed time away from their families, for less money, all for the dream that one day this country can get to play in the world basketball cup again. If that is not a dream that we could be proud of, what should be? I stopped watching PBA along time ago, but when I watched this grown men crying after they won against Korea, I felt sincere joy. Shouldn’t we be happy for them? I support them in their dream of playing against the likes of USA and the basketball powerhouses. And I would cheer for them because I want to believe even the impossible is achievable if you put your heart to it. Puso. It’s not an empty slogan. If you do not believe these athletes put their heart into the game, then I think you should find other things to write negatively about.

    1. Maybe , maybe if pinoys can make me feel happy after elections with their choices of leader then I will have enough care left over for Pinoy basketball. But pinoys don’t take pride in their vote and support the most baduy politicians and the most baduy celebs possible. No I don’t like Noynoy, Kris, Willie, Nancy, Erap, Bam. Go ahead elect them all, buy the products they endorse . It might mean something to you, it aint nothin to me. Dont tell me personally what to like and what not to like .I hate epal out there in the streets and there is epal in the name of a national team. There are pinoys out there bombing other pinoys yet you guys are so worried about some blogger not supporting the basketball team you support. OK!

      1. “Dont tell me personally what to like and what not to like”

        I would like to throw the statement back to you. Don’t lump me together with other Filipinos with bad manners and stupid lifestyles. I hate the government and the way the system sucks up any positive thing I can think of Pinoys right now. But leave sports alone. If I love the Spurs more than the Heat, or support the UP basketball team despite its mediocre performance, it is none of your business. I have enjoyed other FIBA games (Europe, Americas etc) and have supported the national team’s other stints as well. If you think that the coverage given to this team is too much then blame the MEDIA not the ordinary fan.

        So don’t tell me that these other Asian athletic leftovers didn’t have the sufficient training and sacrifice to increase the level of Asian basketball competition. Don’t tell me what sport to cheer for. Don’t tell my children not to brag about their national team, whatever sport it is. Stop insulting ordinary fans just because we care and feel happy when they win games.

        Just as a win will mean nothing to the current system of corruption we have in our government, insulting the national team or the fans will not help either. So I suggest you stick to insulting politicians,Kris Aquino, and people who would vote for them; that is something we can agree on.

  72. I disagree with Smart being labelled as epal. FYI, the brand Peak had its logo printed on the lower half of Iran’s jersey. Is Smart deemed epal because it is a local brand? IMO, sponsorship should not be misconstrued as epal.

    1. You had to look at the Iranian jersey to know that. The Iranian team is simply known as the Iranian team. The Philippine team is known as Smart Gilas. Brand name has intruded into international competition with the baduy nation leading the way. EPAL CULTURE!

      1. Uhmmm Smart Gilas? Didnt you notice the letters PILIPINAS boldly (bigger than Smart logo) printed on the team’s jersey? I guess we should also refer to other teams as Peak Iran, Taiwan Beer Chinese Taipei and TCL China since the logos of those brands cant be considered conspicous and subtle by your prejudiced standards.

  73. Philippines is a culture devoid of intellect and efficiency. Whose people always crave for clamour and attention albeit undeserved. Such pathetic excuse of a Country.

    1. Pretension is not my strong suit matey. I just happened to previously live in this Country and I saw the perils of ‘yer ways.

      I don’t pretend to be perfect but whatever blunder I make my Country still progress.

      The Philippines, on the other hand, is a lost cause, a cul de sac if ‘ye like.

      Like any parasite it is best to eliminate the lot.

  74. @Gogs, Pilipino ka ba? Eto lang ang hamon ko sa iyo. Gawin mo kung ano satingin mo makakabuto sa bayan natin. Huwag ka manisi, wala ka magagawa doon, nagbibigay stress ka lang. Kung gusto mo galangin ng iba ang opinion mo, matuto ka gumalang ng opinion ng iba.

    Marami na nagbuwis ng oras at dugo para makarating kung saan tayo ngayon. Hindi perpekto si Erap, Nancy Binay, at Noynoy. Pero may mga naniwala sa kanila, galangin mo yun. Kung sakaling nagtataka ka kung bakit nanalo sila, eto ang tanong ko, may nagawa ka bang paraang para hindi sila manalo? Kung wala tumahimik ka na lang ang sumuporta ka para sa ikauunlad ng bayan.

    Tama na ang utak talangka. Pinasin mo mag iwan ka ng 3 talangka o alimango sa balde, wala makakalabas ni isa, ngunit mag iwan ka ng isa at makakalabas iyon.

    Huli sa lahat kung hindi ka nakakaintindi ng Pilipino, mag hanap ka na lang ng mag sasalin nitong sinulat ko para sa iyo.

    Kung sakaling hindi ka Pilipino, huwag ka na makilaam dahil problema lang ito ng mga Pilipino.

    Salamat po.

    1. James,

      Argumentum ad misericordiam

      That’s what you are doing here. Did you not take Philo 101? This is a red herring blunder for people who live next to train tracks.

      Enjoy your blunder.

    2. Um, you’re totally missing the point.

      “Marami na nagbuwis ng oras at dugo para makarating kung saan tayo ngayon. Hindi perpekto si Erap, Nancy Binay, at Noynoy. Pero may mga naniwala sa kanila, galangin mo yun. Kung sakaling nagtataka ka kung bakit nanalo sila, eto ang tanong ko, may nagawa ka bang paraang para hindi sila manalo? Kung wala tumahimik ka na lang ang sumuporta ka para sa ikauunlad ng bayan.”

      How about NO? That is also the people’s fault about why idiots like Nancy, Erap and Noynoy are elected in the first place. Eto ang dahilan: ang daming BOBONG botante; most of them are uneducated. Those people treated the government as a spectator sport, putting celebrities and last names in office then when s&&& breaks out, they react as if they weren’t aware of the repercussions.

      Those people voted those idiots because they were POPULAR, and not based on track record.

      Eto ang magagawa ng mga tulad ni Gogs: keep writing and posting these interesting blog posts until Filipinos see the light that will bring them to a brighter future. That includes myself. I hope in the near future we SCRAP the stupidity that is the 1987 constitution and favor a form of governance that ACTUALLY favors efficient leaders. Besides Noynoy and former president Estrada, there was Gordon and Gibo who actually had something Pinoys could wish they can buy; a concrete vision. Nothing is going to change if we still run a system where familial last names matter and celebrities/athletes who get popular and pitch money to the poor to make things better.

      And crab mentality is for people like you, who are CRAB PEOPLE. Taste like crab yet walk like people. They had a tough shell but total softies on the inside, always using emotional outbursts rather than logical thinking.

      May payo ako sa iyo, iho: Manahimik ka na lang dahil puro EMOSYON lang ang pinapakita mo at wala nang iba. Pinahalata mo sa lahat na WALA KANG ALAM.

      Salamat po.

    3. Ironic that Filipinos speak of others respecting their opinions when they can’t even do that consistently with those who have different viewpoint from theirs…

      And the ultimate loser’s retort: “huwag ka na makialam.” Once again, ironic that Filipinos scream “huwag ka makialam” when they go around meddling in everyone else’s business, and making other people’s affairs theirs…

    4. I question the intelligence of the nation and you question my nationality.Not sure where that comes from since I understand what makes the nation tick. Ignorance. The nation gave us Nancy Binay, FPJ, Noynoy and Erap. Not exactly a cerebral dream team. You guys go ahead idolize them. Just don’t expect me to agree with your choices. Don’t shovel the manure in front of me , I won’t step on it.

    5. Makikisawsaw na ako, James, pero pag ako ang tinanong mo kung ano ang ginawa ko para sa minamahal kong bansa, eto yun:

      Hindi ko binoto si Nancy, si Grace, si Bambam, at lahat ng anak ng mga politikong iyan. Higit sa lahat, hindi ko binoto si Noynoy noon, dahil hindi sila kwalipikadong magpatakbo ng bansa ko. Iyun lang malaking bagay na yun, at tiyak sasang-ayon sa akin ang mga manunulat ng GRP.

      Mahal ko ang Pilipinas, pero pagdating sa mga ibang Pilipino…ewan. ^_^

  75. Medyo agree ako dun sa author. Kanya kanyang opinion lang yan diba. Pero sa sinabi nya na it’s more of nationality than quality totoo yun. Yun talaga tayo eh, hindi tayo sanay mag excel. Pag meron satin na nag excel sa isang particular na sport or kung anu man laging na didirect sa “i love being a filipino” tse tse bureche. Nakakapika eh. Kelan nga ba tayo masasanay na magkaroon ng quality sa ating mga buhay na ang mga ganyang pangyayari eh hindi masyadong magfofocus as “bayani ng bansa”. Palibhasa utak pulpol talaga mga pinoy pro salita kulang sa gawa? Kaya namamangha tayo pag nageexcel tayo eh. Pag nasanay na tayo sa kultura ng excellence i doubt na papasok pa yan sa ganyan. Wag tayo mawalan ng pagasa darating din ang panahon nayun.

  76. “Why A Smart Gilas Win Means Nothing To Me?”

    “BECAUSE YOU MEAN NOTHING TO FILIPINO PEOPLE” Bwahahahaha!!!!!! papansin sayang lang bandwidth sayo.!


      Well by my reckoning you know who means everything to the Filipino people ? Kris Aquino, Noynoy Aquino, Willie Revillame, Ricky Carandang, Erap, Jingoy, Vicky Belo, You can have them.

  77. Be a patriot! We as a nation will only succeed if we love our country. Don’t just complain, do something for our country. I’m proud to be a filipino simply because i have to, who’s going to be proud of us anyway if there’s none… love yourself! Love your own!

    1. Point missed which makes you normal in this post. I love my country in the sense I find many many things need to be addressed in this country to move forward. One of those things is not the outcome of ANY basketball game. People need to vote smarter and not support the baduy and the corrupt. People need to respect human life more. There are pinoys bombing and shooting pinoys. You believe basketball erases it . I do not.

    2. We are indeed doing some patriotism. By criticizing this country and its people’s flaws like yours, the authors of GRP can provide some solutions for the betterment of the future. I mean hahayaan mo na lang bang lumubog sa kahihiyan ang bansang ito dahil sa mob mentality mo?

    1. Noynoy goes to other countries and represents us. He makes wheelchairs jokes. He doesn’t even wear the flag but that stupid yellow ribbon. That means more to me than a basketball score ever can. The country voted him . Like I said in a previous blog the country as a whole hands one gold medal every 6 years. A gold medal is supposed to go to a champion. Noynoy ‘s track record suggests somebody who was on the team with zero playing time and he gets the gold medal? And you are telling me Gilas beating Korea means more? The country has to act like a winner in things that matter. Read what I said again.

    2. No, Gilas won because they are true Filipinos training smart and hard. At least they are reaching to be the best in their talent, just like Gogs tries to be the best in pointing out the flaws of this society. I am the best in having an open mind and a rational head about matters that concern me as a person and a s a citizen. How about you, what are you trying to be best at?

  78. wow. I can’t believe this article. It’s one of those type that will go against the current with a front saying it’s all about opening the eyes of us moron Filipinos. Instead, what I see in this collection of words only intended to demean and lambaste anything Filipino. While I agree to some points, it should also be pointed out that some of the things said in this article are carelessly raised therefore erring. Anyway. if this was Team USA with a moniker, I am sure this twat will have nothing bad to say. have a nice day.

    1. You can’t believe it because you did not read it. Team USA wins the Olympics and they win FIBA. Routinely. Basketball is not even their #1 sport. They don’t have some moron in their White House whose only claim to fame was that his mother died. Not that I don’t have issues with Obama either but this is an entirely a pinoy story. If you guys worship Erap, Richard Gomez, Noynoy, Kris , Nancy Binay, noon time television then don’t expect me to worship your basketball team. You can’t even make it out of your region every twenty years and it is the only sport the locals care about unlike other countries. Why should a basketball score mean anything to me when pinoys bomb other pinoys?? A twat is somebody who thinks a basketball score is more important than that. Sorry if you find it lambasting. I was merely pointing out the truth. One hint for you. Read, comprehend, read again.

  79. Even a mouse can win against a cat.

    If you have nothing good to say, then shut up. Instead of helping you are critizing. Cant you say “thank you, Good work, Nice job”. You are a filipino aren’t you?

    1. 1)What mouse and what cat?? If you think Philippines is a mouse, what cat did they beat??

      2) It already means nothing to me unlike other things in this country that are so wrong that you guys find normal. You and I have different priorities and you want me to conform to your emphasis of the trivial.

    2. “If you have nothing good to say, then shut up.”

      Who the fuck are you quoting, Nicki Minaj? I believe we have different ideas of what words are good and what words are bad. For us, good words are frank, no-nonsense ones that describe things the way they are. But for you, good words are comfort words. Para kang pusa na pinapainom ng gamot. Gusto mo, ihahalo pa sa masarap na cat food–kahit na dapat walang laman ang tiyan mo pag umiinom nu’n.

      The next time you read GRP, remember the cliched glamor girls’ maxim: “I’m not insulting you. I’m describing you.”

  80. Don’t mind this article. It’s just a waste of time. This guy is suffering from delusions of grandeur.

    According to the DSM-IV-TR diagnostic criteria for delusional disorder, grandiose-type symptoms include grossly exaggerated belief of:

    exceptional relationship to a divinity or famous person.[6]

    For example, a patient who has fictitious beliefs about his or her power or authority may believe himself or herself to be a ruling monarch who deserves to be treated like royalty.[7] There are substantial differences in the degree of grandiosity linked with grandiose delusions in different patients. Some patients believe they are God, the Queen of England, a president’s son, a famous rock star, and so on. Others are not as expansive and think they are skilled sports-persons or great inventors

      1. Yeah, simple lang naman ang gagawin mo Carlos: Kung pussy ka at di mo ma-take yung kaprangkahan ng GRP, edi huwag ka nang dumalaw dito.

        Kumbaga kasi sa Facebook, ikaw yung nagrereklamo sa statuses ng mga tao kung nakakain na sila, anong ginagawa nila. Kasalanan mo iyan, hindi ka marunong maglinis ng news feed!

        Don’t mind ka pang nalalaman diyan. Ikaw na lang ang mag-don’t mind. Hindi ka naman nagko-contribute sa intellectual toughening namin eh. 😛

  81. Why should we listen to a virtual nobody who’s claim to fame is being a juror and a witness? Are those even accomplishments? Seriously, you find that being a juror is a worthy accomplishment in life? And you can’t even finish your MBA? Sick bastard.

    You try to lecture us that OUR country must think of our priorities when you can’t even get your priorities straight.

    Do me a favor. When you get to achieve something laudable. Don’t go to our country as we don’t need any more sick pedophiles like you. Ass.

    1. Go ahead and deny that this country is a basketcase. That is why you stick to basketball as your source of identity. Nothing else works. What claim to fame? You complain I am a nobody, I give you no face or name and you complain I am a nobody. Take or leave the idea. Either way you were butthurt when you came in and you are even more butthurt now. All I said is I don’t care about a basketball score. What is it to you?

    2. Strawman argument, Roy. Dr. Phil used to say, may mga tao na may wisdom na walang highbrow education. Meron ding mga tao na sandamakmak mga Ph.Ds pero sobrang hipokrito naman. Para mo na ring tinaggap sa sarili mo na bawal kang mag-apply sa isang prestihiyosong kumpanya dahil may bagsak kang isang subject sa transcript of records ten years ago in the university, kahit madiskarte ka naman sa trabaho at marami kang work experience.

      Do me a favor. Man up ka muna bag magbasa dito, ah? Dito kasi sa GRP, emotional and intellectual toughening ang nangyayari dito, kasi alam namin that the world preys on pinoy iyakin casualties like you. >:D

  82. What a coward, Why not put your picture, your location, your cell number, Complete name. If you have a complains against the government then there are departments who are willing to entertain you. I hope you have the evidence to support your claims ( What does matter to my life is the culture of corruption, self entitlement, disregard for law, chaos and disregard for human life that is so prevalent here in the Philippines that our children notice it as much as guppies notice water). You should be ready to back your accusations and insults Mr. Author

    1. God will give me justice for not caring about a basketball score??? Where in the Bible does it say that? I know this may come as surprise to a quasi literate like you but if you notice in the blog you may click those exact words ” culture of corruption, self entitlement, disregard for law, chaos and disregard for human life ” in the blog itself and it leads to a separate blog I created here in GRP talking about all those concepts. This country is a basketcase and to escape you turn to basketball. Civilians get blown up in restaurants. Journalists get massacred for doing their jobs and you want me to be proud of a basketball score?? Your hostility is proof that I hit a nerve. Hard to hit a nerve with 100% BS.

    2. Blog nina Gogs ito, and he will say what he wants to say, just as you comment what you will. Tingin ko naman si Gogs, nagsusulat sa gobyerno iyan, eh–complete name and all. Dahil diyan, hindi niya kailangang gawin dito iyan para sa iyo.

      Kalalaki mong tao, pikon ka na kaagad sa kaprangkahan ng GRP at opinyon ng mga manunulat nito? Heheh, kawawa ka naman.

  83. It has been three weeks and there is residual butthurt. Once again, underscores what GRP does. People can get violently massacred in this country most of the time civilians, pinoy cyberspace does not bat an eyelash. Tell them you don’t pay attention to a Manny Pangalinan advertisement that just happens to have 10 legs on the court and they wanna kill. They don’t wanna kill because what I said here is false. They wanna kill cause what I said here is true. What the hell is wrong with saying it like it is???

  84. For winning games, I guess the Gilas team got the ire of Gogs who seems to hate seeing anything positive that would more or less give joy and thrill to the game fans.

    I mean, nothing’s wrong with expressing dislike for a team sport that entertains a lot of people but I don’t get it when the dislike do not emanate or caused by the team/players itself but by other factors the team has nothing to do with.

    1. It amazes me how you continue to miss the point. Try understanding the article before falling in with the rest of the shallow misguided condemnation of it.

    2. As usual I start with read it again. It says right there “it might mean something to you , it means nothing to me”. Lots of things in this culture draw my ire. How life is taken for granted , how dumb sells etc. No idea why I have to also buy into an underachieving national team, I explain that in the blog too. A point nobody brings up, Philippines only nation on earth where basketball culturally dominates and is in rarified air so rarely.

      1. That’s the point , Gogs, it means nothing to you. You are clear on that, everybody gets it but not everybody have the same understanding of it.

        Something that means nothing to you do not merit a space in the blog much less explain to some why you spend time talking/elaining about it.

        Again, don’t get me wrong, I respect your thinking of disliking the team but I cannot stop myself in sharing my own thinking on what you wrote.

  85. Don’t argue with this guy, its a waste time. He is delusional. People with a delusion of grandeur often have the conviction of having some great but unrecognized talent or insight. They may also believe they have made some important discovery that others don’t
    understand or appreciate.
    At least Filipinos love basketball. Ikaw? Cartoons. U want us to believe in you, a grown up who loves cartoons. U should wrote your name not fictional characters. Your picture shows that your ant man. U dont care about gilas and azkals. U must have been a waterboy at the canadian league. If there are athletes that left overs that is you GOGS.

    1. Exactly . Filipinos love the following more than anybody in the world: Erap , Noynoy, Nancy Binay, Jeepney Drivers, Wilie Revillame, basketball. Maybe your idea of world class taste. Not mine. I am merely pointing out the lameness of loving basketball more than anybody else in the world but the inability to focus that love into beating anybody else in the world. Wow! Represent the region for first time in 28 years and you are only playing leftovers. You say I am irrelevant but this is your third post here. Do me a favor , read the title of this website and the sub title . I am not here to please the baduy. Although it is kinda cool to be read by the baduy and get ’em enraged. Nowhere else do you find anybody questioning corporate epal on a national team . Which speaks of the KSP of this country which you seem to agree . Find a website where you agree with people . Get Real relishes in challenging the default Filipino mentality and not sucking up to it. People like you shows that kind of thinking and worship is not dying soon.

      1. Guess it wouldn’t make any difference to explain the references to the surrealist nature and absurdity of the Philippine condition vis à vis the “Tick?”

    2. I put that pic there because my face was disfigured by acid. I knew people like you would hold it against me in the event I write something truthful that would result in emo butthurt. Oh, that situation is upon us. Now you accuse me of only liking cartoons. Just read the post and argue from there. Oh, can I get grammar lessons from you Carlos? Btw Canadian Football League players are leftovers but you don’t see Canadians use them as an excuse for “Canadian pride” that is what McLean and McLean are for.

  86. I don’t care about grammar lessons. I am a Filipino, We talk Tagalog here. I do not care about English language, It is not our national language.

    Based on the the rankings of most corrupt countries the Philippines is at number 60, Are you telling us that we are the most corrupt, there are no laws here, We do not respect human rights. If you do not like the government then go to the mountains and join the rebels or stay in Canada. Askals, Gilas, Volcanoes has nothing to do with the government.

    I have been living in the Philippines for 35 years, I say its a peaceful place, a lot of God fearing citizens, nice to retire, good to invest money, abundant natural resources, has a good location which is in the middle of the asian tigers such as japan, china, singapore and many more. Good beaches and tourist spots, the people are nice and friendly. They are very hospitable even to you GOGS.

    This country will be on the top 14 economic tigers 20 to 50 years from now because of its location and abundance of resources. As of now Pilipinas is at the top 40 economies in the world.

    1. da pinoy ultranationalists like you are such a disease and needs to be eradicated.

      “I do not care about English language, It is not our national language.”

      “If you do not like the government then go to the mountains and join the rebels or stay in Canada.”
      Once again you’re using that stupid excuse to justify da pinoy’s mediocrity and moronism you failipino. You’re implying that you want this country to be like somalia in the next few years thanks to your dysfunctional attitude.

      “This country will be on the top 14 economic tigers 20 to 50 years from now because of its location and abundance of resources. As of now Pilipinas is at the top 40 economies in the world.”
      Who told you that garbage? Your precious president’s propaganda and his merry BS media? Ang tanong naramdaman mo ba talaga ang epekto? Actually that will only happen if that 60/40 rule on the constitution will be abolished for more FDI in this country that more foreign investors will come here to make jobs for Filipinos. We will never be the likes of Singapore if we have that bullshit restriction.

      1. Btw if this country IS a God-fearing country then how come there’s still a lot of failipinas even young ones letting themselves work as a whore for foreign perverts and pedophiles visiting here?

        1. All I am saying George is the country thinks an epal basketball team defines their pride but for some reason there is no passion in getting rid of ills of the society. You know in things that affect quality and length of life. Trivial things like that compared to a basketball score. That’s all I said is a basketball score means nothing to me. So that is prison rules?

    2. Huh? You do realize I write a lot here in GRP. Last week another journalist was killed just for being a journalist. Pinoys bomb Pinoy civilians. Bus drivers drive with reckless abandon totally inappropriate in a civilized place and of course encouraged by law enforcement. Sorry but this society has so many ills , and you rather be steamed at me for not caring about a basketball score. Btw , where do I sign up for the economic lessons. It seems the people in the poverty line also missed that lesson.

    3. “This country will be on the top 14 economic tigers 20 to 50 years from now because of its location and abundance of resources. As of now Pilipinas is at the top 40 economies in the world.”

      No, the Philippines will be a economic tiger as soon as the majority of the Filipinos will stop living in denial of what is happening to us. In a positive note, dumadami na sila–no wonder umuunlad na tayo. Ang tanong ko lang sa iyo, Pajares: Isa ka ba doon sa mga Pilipinong nagigising na sa katotohanan?

  87. this is a biased article. No wonder journalist are killed. You are biased, u keep comments that are against filipinos and erase who go against it.

    Very biased….descrimination

    1. pinoy nga naman oo ginagamit muna palagi ang puso hindi ang utak kaya basta na lang sinabi na BS ang article ni Gogs. Next time be very constructive on what you are whining trollfag.

    2. Biased?? I am talking about what I like which in essence is bias.You like chocolate, I like vanilla. That is bias. Now slapping a corporate name on a so called national team that is not bias that is fact. I decided to call it corporate epal. So you are proud of epal culture??

  88. I must say i enjoyed reading the pieces i was able to read and for sure i will be returning to your blog to read up some more when i have more time.

    I agree with your points that we seem to be putting our pinoy pride on things inconsequential in the long run like beauty pageants and sports and get outraged at the mere mention of manila as the gateway to hell.or if some foreign celebrity makes a joke/observation about the country in an interview, or follows a script. I agree that we should fix the bullshit that we have in our political system, the corruption, the stupidity of the electorate, i get all that. I get that for us to be truly proud, all these have to change.

    I love sports though. And somehow i understand how we filipinos would revel in a win even if it’s inconsequential in the big picture, because we’ve been stuck in this quicksand, this morass and stench that any win, any win at all is something to hold on to and savor, because those wins in real life come so few and far between, sometimes not at all for the common man.

    Btw, you spoke of monickers for national teams, in other countries, they do have those. The albiceleste, the azzuri, the rojas, les bleus… These are monickers for national football teams argentina,italy,spain and france.

    Also, not sure if you’ve been following euro football but check out their jerseys, tmobile, quatar airways, bwin etc.. These are all company sponsored kits for the biggest football clubs here.

  89. Old fashioned ka kamo kaya di mo gusto ang azkals or gilas? Dahil sanay ka sa TEAM USA, TEAM CANADA or ano pa man na tawag at hindi monickers?

    Narinig mo na ba ang all blacks and tall blacks ng New Zealand? Ang Cedars ng Lebanon? Ang Boomers ng Australia? Yang mga yan, monickers lang yan and parang words of endearment lang para makilala. Kasi kung Team Pilipinas lang. Team ng anong sport? At least malalaman mo agad.

    And yung logo kamo? O2? Nike? Yun lang nakikita mo? Di mo napansin yung malaking san miguel logo sa jersey ng Spain team? Or yung VISA logo sa jersey ng Argentina?

    Ok na sana eh. Puede mo tirahin yung bandwagon. Pero yung mga detalyeng ito na obviously, di mo naman talaga niresearch e pinatos mo pa. Nagmukhang ikaw tuloy ang butthurt at hindi yung karamihan ng Gilas fans. In short, nagpapansin ka lang, sablay pa.

  90. Since you care about our government the title and the content of this blog must be change !. You should excluded the Smart Gilas or Philippines Basketball and talk more about on our government . In order to feel the presence of the pride , you must have the passion on something that’s why you didn’t care on the qualification of Gilas in the world cup .

    Joseph Portillo

    1. You’re missing the point of this article, sir.

      Gogs wants to point out why being ‘epal’ and ‘KSP’ can be degrading to our culture. Including this one.

      You’re making yourself stupid, sir.

  91. Every sporting accomplishment the Philippines have is a reflection of triumph in the face of adversity. Instead of downsizing these accomplishments with your un-patriotic notions, why not use it as a rallying battle cry for Filipinos to step and strive to be better in our respective endeavors. Yes, we should be concerned about the cancers of our society and the ineptness of the government, but it does not mean relating these ills with the kind of passion we have for sports. Can you even hear yourself? There is a big difference between being a conscientious and concerned citizen to being a blabbermouth that mistake pessimistically-flawed arguments to actual reality.

    1. Obvious point-misser is indeed obvious. There are a lot of problems this country is facing that needs to solve and you Gilas fanboys are doing it wrong by praising those Filipino basketball team’s performance as if they are our hope for our country’s progress instead of an entertainment. I mean ilang panalo na ba ni pacquiao nagkaroon ng totoong progreso sa bansang ito ha inutil? You’re just like those showoffs doing the ice bucket challenge brouhaha. Btw look what the hell you Gilas fanboys are bitching with your retarded “genius” comments in FIBA’s Facebook page. You’re making ourselves an absolute embarrassment to the whole world you utak squatters. And like i said before, pinoy nga naman oo ginagamit palagi ang puso hindi ang utak kaya iyan tuloy cheer kayo nang cheer ng “puso” na parang hallelujah nyo pero in fact masyado na kayong nakikisama sa uso at kinalimutan nyo na ang nangyayari sa bansang ito, SHUT UP YOU ARE!

  92. I wrote this a year ago. I find it fascinating that people seem more angered at me for my apathy towards the results of a sporting event I never follow (FIBA Tournament) than our president who disregards the constitution. Weird how the same people who are offended by Noynoy treating the Constitution as slight suggestions also agree I can give the Smart Gilas as little relevance as I choose. None of them have a good answer why the team name itself is corporate epal. Nobody in a year has convinced me this is the dignified way to go. Then again pinoys could care less about dignity which is my point all along.

  93. I quite agree. I don’t really care much about Gilas or Askals or even Pacquiao’s fight for that matter. I don’t get it why filipinos have to be all pinoy pride about every sport we come to participate. Why the need to suddenly defend our nationalism when at the end of the day, filipinos are still ethnically divided and racist towards one another? What is there to be proud of in a country run by fools, voted by brainwashed populace, represented by athletes with a hint of filipino blood but didn’t actually grow up here or lived our culture. Filipino Pride is flawed.

    If some bloke or gal with a hint of filipino blood becomes famous, pinoys are so quick to cheer on and exclaim “Proud to be Pinoy”. What has it got to do with being pinoy anyway, it’s one person’s achievement not a nation’s.

  94. “I have loved spectator sports since I was a young boy. Sports is entertainment. I could care less though if Smart Gilas beats the Iranians, the Turks or the Koreans because a win against them means nothing to me and my life. What does matter to my life is the culture of corruption, self entitlement, disregard for law, chaos and disregard for human life that is so prevalent here in the Philippines that our children notice it as much as guppies notice water.”

    If you can’t enjoy a basketball game because the government is crappy just means there is something wrong with you mentally. You have OCD.

    1. You make it sound like I can’t enjoy games period. I will admit I can’t enjoy a game when baduy people over react and are given too much screen time.

  95. who cares? reading this article wont improve the country either, I’d rather cheer for pacman, gilas and azkals. This is article did not convince me either. These guys has no names on the comments and they idolized cartoon characters. The gilas fans are better at least they idolized real people. Go gogs the cockroach. Is this article for the mentally retarded?

    1. If someone here is mentally retarded, it’s YOU bro. And your lack of logic and intelligence is showing it.

      Or maybe you never knew about the Tick. Go forth “GAY man.” 😛

      1. I already ask your where abouts for the past year instead you all are good in hiding in your computers. Why not meet up. Let see who is gay. Sister.

  96. I just got this now from FB from someone called Isaac Reyes. I will try to provide a screen shot.

    This is the current medal tally at the Asian Games. We are ranked 22nd out of 30. We are doing worse than Macau despite having a population 168x as large.

    Who or what can we blame for our consistently poor showing in both the Asian Games and the Olympics?

    For me, placing blame is very simple. I blame basketball.

    Seriously, the Philippines and basketball go together like an Amish community and PHP web development.

    Basketball is a tall person sport made for tall people. And this obsession with a tall person sport (in a country where the average male height is just 5’4) is costing the Philippines medals. Hundreds of cold hard medals that could be raising our international profile.

    In Rio 2016, PH bagged just one Olympic medal – a lone silver, ranking us in 69th place. Thailand bagged 2 golds, 2 silvers and 2 bronze, ranking them in 35th. Our neighbours have no trouble bagging Olympic medals, because they concentrate on the right sports.

    The grim reality is that there are gold medal winning Filipino gymnasts, shooters, archers, figure skaters, golfers, divers and tennis players out there. They just never got a chance to make it because the coaching, programmes and funding they may have gotten went into basketball.

    So, I propose that we completely let go of basketball and concentrate on sports that we have proven we can win, like boxing and weightlifting.

    A clean break is best. Corporate sponsors, cut funding to the PBA and divert those funds into sports that we can excel at on the world stage.

    I’ve also developed a detailed plan to phase out Philippine basketball that we can implement at the individual level. This plan is straight forward, much like the MRT. But unlike the MRT, this plan hopefully won’t be a complete screw up.

    What you can do to help:
    • Physically walk onto street courts during the game and deflate the ball whilst it is in play
    • Change the channel in public restaurants when the PBA or NBA is on TV and then reprogram the TV so that channel is scrambled
    • Share this post – spread the word that basketball in the Philippines is over and that it’s time to start winning some medals

    If we make these changes now, I estimate we could have at least 3 Gold Medalists at the 2028 Los Angeles summer Olympics.

    I’ve run this idea past a bunch of basketball fan friends and they insist that we just need more basketball funding and better facilities. I disagree. It’s time we recognize basketball for what it is – an imposed sport that is a remnant of American colonialism, that is costing us success on the world stage.

    Image source: ABS-CBN

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