If Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is sick, then “vice president” Leni Robredo should prepare

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Speculation that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is sick had been the buzz for many months now. The latest news that Duterte had been to Cardinal Santos Hospital on a “midweek day-off” has brought to fore the reality that Duterte may not complete the full term of his presidency.

Of his health condition, presumably in light of whatever procedure he underwent in hospital, Duterte had this to say, “If it’s cancer, it’s cancer. And if it’s third stage, no more treatment. I will not prolong my agony in this office or anywhere.”

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So now all eyes are on presumptive “vice president” Leni Robredo. Her moment is coming. Is she prepared?

That remains to be seen. Talk has so far come cheap with Robredo and walking her talk will be the true test of her chops as a “leader”. The more interesting point would be whether she still enjoys the backing of the broader Opposition. For one thing, the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) that presume to lead it are a spent force. The last remaining Aquino in office, erstwhile Ninoy-lookalike Bam, is seemingly making moves to distance himself from the Yellowtard narrative. The Opposition community has also latched on to one after the next hoped-for leader over the two years of the Duterte administration, demonstrating a fickle desperation for a personality to rally their sheep-like flock around.

If Duterte steps down, he will likely leave a huge power vacuum and Robredo, the supposed “vice president”, will likely be trampled upon in the ensuing rush to fill the void. It does not help Robredo and her Yellowtard cause that her claim to the office is challenged on two issues: (1) charges of electoral fraud and (2) non-compliance of her party to a 2016 election rule.

Beyond Robredo, the Yellowtards find no other viable alternative. They have no strong leader and no compelling alternative narrative to the “Laban” and “people power” belief systems they had been so comfy with over the last several decades. As king-makers, their traditional propaganda arms in Big Corporate Media and the Roman Catholic Church have long been largely discredited.

As with the aftermath of the recent resignation of former Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson, the Yellowtards will likely be celebrating on the streets when Duterte steps down. But true to their form of lacking any ability to think beyond the next circus, they likely come unprepared to answer the obvious next question: What next?

14 Replies to “If Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is sick, then “vice president” Leni Robredo should prepare”

  1. We live in interesting times.

    Realistically, the country is one enormous power vacuum. At ground level, the place is run (insmuch as it’s run at all) by a combination of incompetent, venal nobodies and shadowy figures who can make you disappear if they don’t like you. The guys who are nominally at the top are just window-dressing.

    Should Robredo become president, I’d be prepared to put money on the most likely outcome: nothing. The country will continue to circle the drain at the same leisurely rate that it has done for the last 400 years.

    1. Philippines can be governed if it becomes a vassal state of North Korea. INSTANTANEOUSLY …. the English snob PHILIPPINE FAKE NEWS WILL BE FAKE FOREVER

      1. >> Philippines can be governed if it becomes a vassal state of North Korea.

        I don’t think anyone would notice the difference if it did.

        However you may be onto something. Filipinos love being oppressed. It gives their life meaning if they feel victimized and have someone to blame for their problems. Having NK as the overlord would allow them to blame absolutely EVERYTHING on the government … and for once, they’d be right.

        1. AGREE !!! Because the ‘toopid Filipino Channel lovingly called TFC loves oppression-boo-hoo-mini-series. ‘toopid Filipinos emulate these shows. They want the world to cry with them.

          Instead of TFC promoting success, hard-work it promotes Oppressed-is-Good !!! Just like Philippine Fake News promoting Affidavits-as-Evidences, suggestive innuendoes and gossip-by-witness instead of Forensic-Evidences and Forensic Accounting.

          Filipinos are doomed. Doomed by TFC … Doomed by Philippine Fake News addiction to political gossips !

  2. will trillanes say sorry to the pilipinos for fake accusations on pres duterte, or else he might be arrested by next week?

      1. that’s what rtc 148 wants trillanes to submit till tuesday for the prosecution to review for consideration, a formal offer from trillanes camp, or else he’ll be arrested. i don’t think he’ll do it cuz he knows he’ll be arrested anyway … re amnesty cannot be granted to a military men or government leaders. it’s the law of amnesty.

  3. Lugaw Leni Robredo is a 3 times bar exam flunker. She is a fake Vice President. Her election is very much tainted with election frauds. SMART SWITIK and HOCUS POCOS, elected her.

    To put her on the Presidency, is allowing the will of the electorate, or the will of the Filipino people to be Hijacked by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis; the crook : Andres Bautista; the N.P.A./C.P.P. ; the Roman Catholic church; and all crooks and fraudsters.

    It is like rewarding a cheater/fruadster and a scammer, of her scams, cheating and frauds. There has been many speculations on Duterte’s health. Maybe this is a part of the Red October plot of the opposition !

  4. You reap what you sow. Leni’s party , nothing to do with competence or experience or accomplishments but with proximity to death. Housewife? Pwede na yan. They have to rely on proximity to death because Cory, Noynoy and Leni all achieved nothing in life that they have to resort to the other side when their time came in 1986, 2010 and 2016.

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