Should Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte resign?

But of course the Philippine Opposition thinks so. Led by the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards), the Opposition has done nothing but call for the end of the Duterte administration. But really, in the bigger scheme of things, is the resignation of the president really that big a deal?

The bigger question the Yellowtards fail to answer is simple:

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What happens next if or when Duterte resigns?

In essence, all the Yellowtards are really doing is insulting the intelligence of the Filipino people. They are proposing that the state be plunged into turmoil following the premature termination of a presidency (which they continuously howl for) and yet offer nothing by way of a path forward to mitigate that likely scenario.

This proves that the Yellowtards apply a scorched earth approach to acquiring power. They do not mind if the Philippines is destroyed in the process of achieving their ends. It is therefore hardly surprising that the Yellowtards and the communists are now in bed together to achieve their ends. Because the key strategy they share is the demolition of an entire government in order to put up their own envisioned regimes.

The Yellowtards together with the communists are the loudest factions of the broader Philippine Opposition. Yet one wonders whether there are people within this broader group that actually offer a more productive, more level-headed and more intelligent approach to opposing an incumbent administration. It would, indeed, be a huge tragedy if the Filipino people are deprived of the opportunity to embrace such an Opposition — one that seeks to build rather than destroy.

The question really is not about whether Duterte should or should not resign. The question is about what the path is forward given all plausible scenarios. Led by the Yellowtards and infested by communists, the Philippines Opposition is not up to the task of providing that guidance.

7 Replies to “Should Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte resign?”

  1. The opposition wants Pres. Duterte to resign, to make way for their puppet and fake Vice President Leni “Lugaw” Robredo, to become President.

    On the beginning of Pres. Duterte’s term; Leila de Lima, the crook and the drug dealer; and her co conspirator partner: Trililing Trillanes, were working together for the impeachment of Pres. Duterte. It reached its crescendo in the recent coup d’ etat attempt of Trillanes.

    We wait for the “Red October”….JoMa Sison of the N.P.A./C.P.P., the Liberal Party, Trililing Trillanes, fake VP “Lugaw” Robredo, the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, and various leftist opposition groups are working hard to make this to happen…

    All these crooked people want is: Power. The Aquino Cojuangco political axis lost their more than 30 years of power. And they want it back, by hook or by crook.

    This was the reason, they cheated thru the SMARTMATIC HOCUS PCOS in the 2016 Vice Presidential election. To put the fake VP Leni “Lugaw” Robredo, in office. Their sole purpose is ; impeachment of Pres. Duterte.

    It is important to abolish the COMELEC; do not use the SMARTMATIC. Declare Bong Bong Marcos , as the real Vice President; Change the government as Federal…Do not vote for any opposition candidate. And support Pres. Duterte; to give stability to our government !

    1. if they change to federal, what will happen to those crimes committed under the 87 constitution? those crimes not yet heard?

  2. Duterte is, as far as I’m concerned, a standard-issue Filipino. He has no grasp of economic reality (as he freely admits), steams ahead based purely on whatever random thought pops into his head at the moment with no consideration for the next 24 hours, and has a massively inflated opinion of his own talents and a correspondingly low opinion of everyone else.

    His opponents are also standard-issue Filipinos, with no grasp of economic reality etc etc etc.

    Thus does the country lurch from one incompetent administration to another, run by the same mass-produced idiots with one hand on the Bible, one hand down their pants, and a prehensile-toed foot dipping into the cookie jar at every opportunity. The most stunning feature of the Philippines is its cultural homogeneity: there are very few people (politicians included) who aspire any higher than a day-to-day existence of stealing, fighting, humping, and sleeping.

  3. the basis why trillanes amnesty is invalid from the start is: you cannot grand amnesty to a military men and to a government leaders. i think that explains why?

  4. I could imagine if President Duterte will resign & the Liberal Party will go back to their powers in Malacanang & then they’ll ban all of the political parties in our country & the LP will the ONLY sole political party in the Philippines & nothing else like PDP-Laban, Nacionalista Party, LDP, NPC, etc., etc. then do they call that a “democarcy”?

    I do believe that those LPs or Yellowtards are creating a “Yellow Fascists” in our country & that’s what they want! They’re power hungry people with no clear national agendas that should solve our country’s problems like crimes, corruption, poverty, environment, etc., etc. Just they’re own interests & political greed [hey, that’s a new term which is very similar to corporate greed!!!].

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