Opposition Yellow narrative again proven a LIABILITY after failed #NeverAgain rally and 2019 election winnables shock


The names topping the list of potential “senatoriables” for the 2019 elections released by Pulse Asia recently shows just how ineffective the Philippine Opposition has been at converting voters to their “cause”. Led by the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) the Opposition has focused on inciting sedition through street rallies, demonisation campaigns, and shoddy hijacking of historical narratives rather than on crafting a viable election winning strategy underpinned by a compelling vision for Filipinos to hang on to.

Most interesting of all, six of the top ten most “winnable” candidates are women. This too throws pie in the face of the Yellowtards who claim ownership over the Philippines’ “feminist” movement which they slapped with their hashtag #BabaeAko (“I Am Woman”). This further tests just how consistent and coherent their ideological framework is considering they have so far exhibited a track record of taking laughable self-contradictory positions over many years of pushing their emotionally-laden poltical narrative of “heroes” and “martyrs”.

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Not surprisingly, most of the names on this latest “winnable” list are those of people inconvenient to the Yellowtard agenda.

The information delivered from the ground and from third-party disinterested observers provides a reality check to the chatter within the Yellowtards’ vacuous social media echo chambers. The shrillness of their chatter and the generous mutual assurance and back-patting the Yellowtards give each other within their cliques masks a reality that is all but too “inconvenient” for their addled minds to come to terms with. It also highlights their failure to understand what they are up against as evidenced by their stubborn cling to an obsolete narrative of “tyranny” and “dictatorship” fear mongering that they pepper their rhetoric with.

The Philippine Opposition is severely crippled by their continued beholdenness to the Yellowtard way. Under this brain-dead leadership, they have failed to read the writings on the wall, failed to take on board alternative information, failed to clearly evaluate the facts, failed to reflect, and failed to evolve.

One wonders then when the Opposition will finally get it. The 2019 elections are just around the corner and whether they screech bloody epal or not, politicians are ramping up their campaigns.

The call to action is simple.

Ditch the Yellowtards.

Really, it can’t be any simpler than that. They are way past their expiry date. It’s about time they are expired from Philippine politics so that Filipinos can finally move on.

7 Replies to “Opposition Yellow narrative again proven a LIABILITY after failed #NeverAgain rally and 2019 election winnables shock”

    1. Isn’t it somebody’s job to make things so good that you forget what Marcos did? Oh yeah all they are good for is playing the victim card. They have no capacity to make things good. Just story tell about who is bad. Remember, to this day it seems Ninoy Aquino shot himself all over his own body since nobody has yet to be even charged with the crime.

  1. Typical political power-play strategy of using your own Political Mythology and attributing all your enemies to the “Devil” of your own myth-making, while having the propaganda machine and useful indoctrinated idiots, while crying that you are constantly the victim and you’re fighting against an abusive bully.

  2. Pilipinos(indio masses) are not heroes, martyrs, and saints, these are just ideals we want to think they have or want to impose on the Pilipinos. The principles of the ordinary people by which they have an “informal unity”(meaning, without “formal” acceptance) are with the three basic principles, “be not a burden!”, “be independent!”, “be practical!”. Yes there seems to be no semblance of heroism that will distinguish “greatness” and “glory” on those principles but who needs greatness and glory but only those with ambition for power and domination.
    In order for the elite-led yellowtard party to make a breakthrough with the ordinary people, they must try to break that (informal)unity, they must convince the ordinary people that idea of hero-martyr-saint are better than their own three basic principles. But since it’s only an “informal unity”, it does give the yellowtard elite led party a bit of a chance(just a bit), because unfortunately, the idea of hero-martyr-saint is true for all elite of society regardless of political parties and families.

  3. The opposition, with the YellowTards at the forefront, still think that the ‘magic of EDSA” will bring them to power again. This is the reason, they do the “politics of destruction”. All they do is: rally against all kinds of issues – real or imagined; initiate the criminalization of Duterte thru the ICC; point the blame to Marcos Sr. – who has been dead for more than 30 years; try to bring out the phobia of Martial Law; bring back the heroism and sainthood of Ninoy Aquino, Jr. and Cory Aquino ; do a failed “kudeta” against the Duterte administration; shove into our throats, the Presidency of the fake VP, Lugaw Robredo…

    We , Filipinos are tired of these idiocy. Instead of us, doing nation building; these opposition groups are doing these useless things. That crook, Hontivirus, who is addicted to rallying is wasting our taxpayers’ money, by not doing her job….Trilling Trillanes,the “kudeta addict”, is still TNT (tago ng tago), in the Senate. Alaga ni Sotto!

  4. Their scare-mongering narrative has long been ditched by the people. The Yellowtards are still living in the past forgetting that even some information from places several light years away is just a clicked away!

  5. Every game is winnable if you change your mind about what the prize should be and your perspective about the players at the table.

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